Erase tool behaves like a fat grey paintbrush

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2019-05-13 13:51:03

I have been using Pixelmator to do some pencil sketches on my iPad. I cannot get the eraser to behave. I see a lot of people having fun with it so clearly it is a very powerful thing, but I just want it to erase, as in remove the “pencil” lines and leave me with a white surface, like an art gum eraser on paper. Right now, when I select Erase, it behaves like a fat sable brush overcharged with light grey ink., which is not what I am after.

I have selected Rubber Eraser with settings 51/100. It looks like the eraser is set to erase with grey rather than white but that does not seem sensible.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your help,
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2019-05-13 17:34:35

Hi Lightly Peated (Single Malt?),
Pixelmator of iOS supports multiple layers and transparency. My guess is that you have a single layer with pencil lines as well as white and when you're erasing you're erasing both. I think that the grey you are seeing is the base of the image that indicates transparency.
If you want to put in a white layer behind the layer you are working on, try the following:
1. Click in the + on the top line and add a white layer (2nd tab, bottom left item).This should add white layer above your current layer turning everything white.
2. Swipe in from the left-hand edge of the canvas. This will reveal the layers panel.
3. Tap, hold, then drag the white layer behind your sketch. Your image should re-appear with the grey holes filled in.
4. Tap to select your drawing layer so that future drawing/erasing happens where you expect it to.
You can hide the layers panel at any time by swiping it off-screen.
If this doesn't work or if anything is unclear, come back and I (or someone else) will be sure to help.
Also, have a click on the question mark in the top right. There's a whole load of info behind this.
Hope this helps.
- Stef.
P.S. Alternatively, if you're most comfortable working in a single layer and you're always working with a white background, use white paint instead of an eraser and paint over things with that. That works, too.
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2019-05-14 15:18:32

Just add another layer below the one you are drawing on and make it white. What’s great about drawing on a transparent layer is that you can color beneath it. I illustrated a children’s book with Pixelmator iOS and it worked perfectly.

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2019-05-14 16:05:13

That’s a really nice example of colouring underneath a layer. Love it.
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2019-05-16 13:16:13

Thanks st3f! We’ve got some great tools to work with.

I hope the OP found the answer he was looking for.
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2019-05-18 04:28:08

The Original Poster is delighted. Thank you all for your help.