Will Pixelmator Photo work "better" on the new 11" iPad vs. 10.5" pro?

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2018-12-12 21:23:24

I purchased a new 10.5" iPad Pro last week when Best Buy was having their big Apple sale ($499 down from $650). I love it and will most likely buy Pixelmator Photo when it is available. However, I started wondering if I should return the 10.5" iPad and go with the 11" instead. I know the 11" has a much faster processor. Is the difference noticeable in normal Pixelmator Photo use? I'm also wondering if the USB-C connector will prove to be a much easier way to work with photos? Any thoughts?
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2018-12-13 08:51:40

Most things are definitely faster, so anything that intensively uses the chip (ML Fix, opening large RAW photos, repairing areas) is around 2 times faster if I'm not mistaken. For other editing tasks — adjusting colors, cropping, straightening, you probably won't notice as significant a difference. Overall, you should obviously still have a great editing experience on a 2nd gen iPad Pro.