Retaining Transparency

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2018-07-25 04:44:57

I have an image with a transparent background. When I choose to open my image in another app (Procreate), it offers format options; I choose png, and it retains the transparent background. If I choose to copy it to Photos, it does not offer format options and does not retain it. Is there a trick?
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2018-07-25 17:34:40

Select 'Send a Copy' instead and you will be presented with options (Pixelmator, PNG, JPEG and Photoshop).
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2018-08-05 17:05:31

In the case of photographs in .JPG format, the program sometimes spills out
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2018-08-06 08:10:58

This is more of a peculiarity with the Photos app — it tends to prefer sharing JPEG versions over PNG and doesn't deal all that well with transparent images. I reckon it would be better to save your PNGs to the Files app to make sure everything works a little more smoothly.
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2018-11-24 17:40:40

I am trying to share an image and preserve transparency from my MacBook Air to my iPhone. It worked when I saved an image that now has a PNG in the name under the download section. Any ideas how to do this? Also, when I pull up the successful image I am able to see File Info under the file tab, but there is no file info in my unsuccessful attempts.