Working with Adobe Fireworks PNG files

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2017-02-11 20:59:03

Does anyone know if you can open Adobe Fireworks PNG files in Pixelmator and retain the layers andindividualobjects in each layer? I don't have Pixelmator yet, but I'm thinking of getting it. Adobe no longer makes Fireworks (bastards!), so I have it on my PC at work and am waiting to hear back on this before I purchase Pixelmator. I can eMail someone a Fireworks PNG file if they want to test it for me.
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2018-06-15 01:38:31

same problem, who can help us?
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2018-06-16 20:57:54

Hi Mia.

There's a thread about it here (it's not good news): ... 12&t=15792

Adobe's support page is here:

- Stef.