Feature request: Editing with pencil only

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2021-07-14 19:03:40

I love using your apps and they are some of the best. I actively use Pixelmator Photo and Pixelmator for iOS. In the Photo app you have a feature that when turned on allows you to make corrections using only the Pencil instead of touching. To perfect Pixelmator for iOS, I just miss having that feature here as well. In the Apple Pencil settings on my iPad I have selected - editing only with the Pencil, but unfortunately the app doesn't respect this, which is a terrible shame.

Otherwise, thank you for the apps, I've already tried probably all the others that the App store offers and none suits me better.
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2021-07-21 12:54:36

Hi! When it was first introduced, the "Only Draw with Apple Pencil" feature was available in Pixelmator for iOS but we had to drop the support because it wasn't working very smoothly due to some technical issues. There's a chance we'll be able to bring it back in future Pixelmator updates but I wouldn't want to make this a promise.