Apple used Pixelmator Pro on iPad today on the keynote!!!

Discuss Pixelmator for iOS and mobile image editing.
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2018-10-30 17:17:39

So what’s the deal with it? When will it come out? It’s a shame Adobe got so much stage time with a product that will be released some day in 2019 and no official word spoken about Pixelmator Pro. at about 5:05 (can’t copy with a certain starting point on ipad)
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2018-10-30 17:32:44

I don't think that is Pixelmator Pro (it's labeled Pixelmator Photo). Perhaps it's a step towards the Pro version? It looks awesome!
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2018-10-30 17:42:07

The lady called it Pixelmator Pro and also the Symbols are different compared to the classic Pixelmator.
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2018-10-30 18:50:58

Hey gang, super excited about the event, will post something on the blog about this in the coming days, the jetlag's starting to kick in right about now.

Jeff's right, it's an app called Pixelmator Photo — it's running on the Pixelmator Pro engine more or less, but we'll be bringing the nondestructive color adjustments, Repair tool, Crop tool, RAW support, ML image enhancement, brand new ML cropping, and a few other things. So the app focuses on the photo editing aspect of things, rather than layer-based editing. We wanted to bring the best possible editing experience without making compromises on performance or functionality and that's why we chose these tools.
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2018-10-30 20:43:34

Love it and I want it all! But please don't forget about all of the awesome drawing tools and brushes. Pixelmator iOS is my 'go to' drawing app!
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2018-11-01 21:38:03

I see this has its own page and is coming soon. Excited for this one but please enable this as an extension for Photos - will make a world of difference for photo editing on the iPad.
In the future, would love to see brush or masking support so we can isolate the changes.
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2018-11-02 10:51:07

If I could request a feature it would be perspective shift. This would be very important for me. Most of the times I’m just moving a lot of color/exposure/similar sliders and just need to correct the perspective a bit. That would help a lot. Otherwise I would just stay with Snapseed which also can do raw.
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2018-11-02 17:05:04

We wanted to bring the best possible editing experience without making compromises on performance or functionality and that's why we chose these tools.
This is disappointing. I keep reading that in benchmark tests, the new iPad Pro is rivaling 2018 MacBook Pros. So, don't you think the iPad can handle layers and all that? I was hoping for a more direct port of Pixelmator Pro and definitely thought we'd be getting that after seeing the new iPads in action.
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2018-11-05 12:21:49

It's definitely not a case of the iPad Pro not being able to handle it — it's actually more a manpower issue, at least for the time being. It's not something we're burying forever, though.
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2018-12-07 09:16:34

I have to say that for now i really appreciate that decision. I am currently jumping onto the iPad Pro train and am really positive suprised about how many developers are starting to get "pro" apps onto the iOS market. We all new that those devices were capable of running more dedicated apps than what we often got so far and its great that developers are now, I guess thanks to the advertisement of the iPad Pro as being a "Pro" device, companies are also starting to see the potential we all have been hoping for.

I already own Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro (and also many other design apps) and i am really looking forward to the photo editing features the new Pixelmator Photo will offer. I hope that I will be able to completely ditch my macbook/desktop computer for most stuff in the future