July 14, 2022

Pixelmator 2.7 for iOS brings refreshed design and initial support for Pixelmator Pro documents

Pixelmator 2.7 for iOS has just been released, bringing a refreshed, more modern design, initial support for Pixelmator Pro documents, and improved performance thanks to a new Metal-powered graphics pipeline.

Modern Pixelmator for iOS design shown on iPad and iPro.

Refreshed Design

A refreshed design matches the fresh and modern look of iOS 15 and makes Pixelmator for iOS easier to use than ever before. These changes touch pretty much every part of the app in some way. We’ve added handy new features, usability improvements, and updated the design of menus and buttons to feel right at home on the latest versions of iOS.

Initial Support for Pixelmator Pro Documents

Pixelmator for iOS can now open and export Pixelmator Pro documents! We’re calling this initial support because a number of different things aren’t fully supported, but it’s now much easier to use Pixelmator for iOS in workflows with Pixelmator Pro.

Performance Improvements

Thanks to now using the powerful Metal graphics technology for its graphics pipeline, Pixelmator for iOS is now even faster than before. You should notice performance improvements across the board, although they’re most significant in the painting engine.

What’s next for Pixelmator for iOS?

So what’s next for Pixelmator for iOS? More great updates is what! We plan to add big new features, continue working on improved support for Pixelmator Pro documents, and generally make it an even more amazing layer-based image editor on iPhone and iPad alike. Stay tuned for news.

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