February 24, 2021

The most epic tutorial we’ve ever made – an all-new guide to Pixelmator Pro

Hello everyone! We’ve just released an over 20-minute long tutorial about getting started with Pixelmator Pro – the longest and absolutely the most epic tutorial we’ve ever made. You can check it out below or you can also find it on our YouTube channel.

We wanted to condense all the basics of layer-based editing into a relatively short video to help those new to apps like Pixelmator Pro get a good idea of what layer-based editing is all about. And the long-form video format seems to be totally perfect for this! We hope you’ll enjoy it and learn something new, even if you’re a more experienced Pixelmator Pro user.

We’re also thinking of creating more in-depth tutorials on more advanced topics in the future – let us know if that’s something you’d be interested in. And if you have any suggestions about what you’d like to see, we’re all ears!

P.S. If you have a keen eye, you might be able to spot a very cool unreleased feature in the video.