June 19, 2020

Major Pixelmator Photo update now available

Pixelmator Photo 1.3 is out today bringing a whole bunch of great new features and improvements. We’ve added all-new shortcut menus all around the app, the ability to choose an accent color for buttons and other elements, preset management, and improved batch editing. Read on for the details!

Shortcut Menus

New shortcut menus make all kinds of actions much faster and easier.

Accent Color

Customize the color of buttons in Pixelmator Photo.

Preset Management

Create and customize color adjustment preset collections.

Improved Batch Editing

Quick actions, improved workflow editing, and more.

Shortcut menus to speed up your workflows

Shortcut menus (also known as context menus) are the menus that appear when you touch and hold an app on the home screen, for example. And in iOS 13, it’s now possible to put these menus in new places, like our Photos library browser. With that, we were able to add all kinds of handy functions that make the browser even more powerful. For example, when you touch and hold a photo, you can quickly share, favorite, duplicate, revert, or delete it. What’s more, you can even copy and paste adjustments or apply your favorite batch workflows to it, too! And that’s not the only place you’ll find these great new menus — they’re also available in the Files browser and in various places when editing photos.

Add a touch of color

Giving your apps a personal touch is always fun and we really like the accent color feature on macOS. As Pixelmator Pro shows! So while this feature isn’t available on iOS, we thought we could at least add it ourselves to Pixelmator Photo. In Pixelmator Photo 1.3, you can now change the color of buttons and other elements in the app by choosing an accent color.

All-new preset management

Pixelmator Photo has a great set of color adjustment presets for a range of different photography styles, which are organized into thematic collections. And it also lets you create custom presets, which is pretty awesome. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to create your own collections or delete some you don’t need? With today’s update, you can do just that! The collections you create are fully customizable, so you can even write your own descriptions and color-code custom collections!

You can also rearrange the order of preset collections and the order of the presets inside them. You’ll notice that all these great new actions are in those shiny new shortcut menus.

Even better batch editing

It’s probably fair to say that Pixelmator Photo might have the best and most full-featured batch photo editing experience on iPad. But there’s always room for improvement and we think we’ve made that experience even better! We’ve added quick actions for batch editing — these are your favorite batch workflows — and these appear when you select multiple photos and tap Edit. This will save you at least a few taps when batch editing. We’ve also made improvements to how batch workflows are edited and you’ll find handy shortcut menus here, too.

The update is now available and is free for all existing Pixelmator Photo users. Visit the App Store to make sure you’re all up to date and enjoy the awesome new features!

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