November 14, 2019

Pixelmator 3.9 Classic now available

Did you know the original Pixelmator turned 12 years old a couple of months ago? Crazy! The fact that lots of people still love and use the app every day is a real testament to its quality. While Pixelmator Pro is its successor (Pixelmator 2, if you will), we’re planning to support the original Pixelmator for a while longer. And today, we’ve released Pixelmator 3.9 (codenamed Classic) with macOS Catalina support, including support for Sidecar and Apple Pencil.

macOS Catalina


Apple Pencil

Along with some optimizations for macOS Catalina and a few fixes, we’ve also added support for Sidecar, so you can extend your Pixelmator workspace using your iPad as a second display. And with support for Apple Pencil, you can paint, retouch, and illustrate with ultimate precision!

This free update is out now on the Mac App Store, so head on down there and make sure you’re all up to date.

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