May 28, 2015

Pixelmator for iPhone Is Now Available

We’re extremely excited to let you know that the hot, new super-powerful Pixelmator for iPhone is out now in the App Store.

And it’s great — it’s a complete photo editing, painting and layer-based graphic design app for your iPhone.

Pixelmator is a universal app that is every bit as powerful as Pixelmator for iPad. It even comes with exactly the same magical Repair tool that we demonstrated at the Apple Special Event last October — and it works just as amazingly on the iPhone.

Pixelmator for iPhone brings not only all the powerful Pixelmator for iPad features to your iPhone, but also some cool new stuff such as Metal-powered Distort Tools and a new Clone tool (long anticipated by our iPad users).

Pixelmator for iPhone is available on the App Store for $4.99 and it is a free download for those of you who already have an iPad version.

Go ahead and download the world’s most powerful mobile image editing app — we are eager to see what you guys create using the new Pixelmator for iPhone.

P.S. As for the near future, an in-depth Pixelmator for iPhone ibook and a bunch of awesome video tutorials are in the works. Stay tuned.


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  • Marc Jeffrey Driftmeyer

    Just bought it. When I get a new Mac I’ll get the desktop version. Great job folks, from one ex-NeXT/Apple Engineer.

    9 years ago
  • Mario

    Weird… I was able to update on my iPad, but on my iPhone it’s asking me to pay… I do have the same account, but different OS version (iPad 8, iPhone 7).

    9 years ago
  • toondrome

    Editing photos (not making photo sources based images) is a joke in this app. You will lost all the extra data in EXIF (dates, location infos etc.).

    9 years ago
  • Marc Jeffrey Driftmeyer

    Or you could keep your raw files local as a back up. Or with a tiny amount of intelligence on a RAID based NAS.

    9 years ago
  • Stevie Jobes

    Removed from iPad and iPhone. The example of an app, where design just sucks. There are many other and better apps, with no need to use local backups and extra servers, desktops, laptops and other dinosaurs.

    9 years ago
  • Lief

    You are really great.
    I use your program, both on mac and on iphone and it is the best.
    Honestly though if I ever leave apple I cannot find a viable alternative for Windows that it is not the odious and expensive photoshop ….
    I understand that your software is designed for mac but I would be really happy to see it on other platforms (windows and maybe, why not, linux).

    Mine it is just a suggestion … personally if I abandoned apple I would build a hackintosh just to be able to continue using Pixelmator. For now I am fine with them too.

    8 years ago
  • Andreas

    What about desktop version? It has been long since the last major upgrade…

    8 years ago