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Pixelmator for iPad 1.1 Sneak Peek

The first awesome major update of Pixelmator for iPad 1.1, codenamed Aquarelle, is coming.

Codename Aquarelle pretty much says it all about the release – it is beautiful, colorful and, well, you guessed it: in addition to many awesome new features and improvements, it also includes a fantastic watercolor painting technology.

We prepared a short sneak peek video of watercolor in Pixelmator 1.1 Aquarelle.

Watercolor painting is magic. It takes advantage of our new super advanced blending techniques to paint watercolor on your iPad as realistically as in real life. The new watercolor brushes that come with 1.1 Aquarelle are also simply amazing. Even if you are not that much into painting, just by simply playing with the new brushes, you will most definitely create some awesome artwork. And, if you are good at painting, you will create magic – that’s for sure.

Watercolor brushes alone make this update super awesome, but we have some more goodies packed in Pixelmator for iPad 1.1 Aquarelle. Stay tuned for more, or subscribe to the Pixelmator Newsletter to be the first to know about this awesome new update.

Oh, and by the way, Pixelmator 1.1 Aquarelle is going to be a free update for all existing Pixelmator users.


  • StudioDorgs

    That looks really wonderful! Are you going to incorporate the same brushes & painting mechanism into Pixelmator for Macs? (Hoping so!) :o)

  • Jeriel

    Wow! Now this is what will make me want to start using Pixelmator as a digital drawing and painting canvas besides photo editing.

  • Lukas

    I’d love to have this on Mac and I’d love to have Pixelmator on iPhone 6 plus.

  • Lara S.

    I would REALLY LOVE IT on the Mac as well. Please, please, please do not forget the Mac users and make an update for us. PLEASE …

  • Lara S.

    PS: for Mavericks users too (not only Yosemite). thank you. xxx

  • Eric

    Yes. Can’t wait for this feature on iPad. Can it be released now? πŸ™‚

  • Justin

    Ready for this and a Mac update to drop!!! Come on with it πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Can you please update the OS X icon to match the iOS icon?

  • Greg

    Can it be that hard to port pixelmator into an iPhone 6 (plus) version?!
    Pages, keynote etc. and other application have shown how fine it will work..
    So what are you waiting for?

  • June

    Hope the new update will include support for Adonit and 53 Pencil to take advantage of the new painting features!

  • Ausra (Pixelmator Team)

    Hey June! Yes, this Pixelmator for iPad update will add Adonit support. Pencil will be added later, though.