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Pixelmator for iPad Launch

These past two weeks were absolutely overwhelming. Just wow! The Pixelmator for iPad launch was incredible. It was featured on the App Store as an Editors’ Choice and hit 2nd place on the Top Paid apps list. And the press didn’t forget to give some praise for Pixelmator for iPad — not to mention the demo of Pixelmator for iPad on Apple’s keynote stage. It was a developers’ dream launch. We wouldn’t have even dared to think about anything like this at the very start of Pixelmator development.

Average user rating on the App Store worldwide.

Also, we have received tons of emails and shout-outs on Twitter. It’s incredible. And the pictures you have created with Pixelmator are gorgeous! Thanks a lot for sharing, giving your suggestions, and for all the praise. And thanks a lot for all those stars on the App Store.

“Pixelmator for iPad is the best image editor I’ve seen yet on iOS. It’s loaded with features usually found in pro-level image editors like Photoshop, but the interface makes it easy to do advanced edits with your photos on the touch screen.”


“If you still think tablets are consumption-only devices after using Pixelmator, seek help”


We couldn’t be happier or more proud of the work we do here on the Pixelmator Team. It’s been a fantastic launch of an amazing app. Thank you all for supporting us.

We’re more than excited to release new and outstanding Pixelmator updates for iPad and for Mac.


  • John C. Randolph

    I was working in Apple WWDR when Pixelmator first shipped, and I often pointed to it as an example of what a small development team could do on the Mac platform. You took full advantage of Cocoa, CoreImage, and the Accelerate framework, and the results speak for themselves. Great job, and I wish you even more success in the future.


  • Sajid Nawaz Khan

    Loving the updates, both to OS X and of course now for iOS. Perhaps not the best place to ask, but would love to see a Mirror facility similar to the Sketch and Skala applications for iOS. And of course, Pixelmator for iPhone 🙂

  • Josef

    read in a review that there is no clone function. Which is essential for me. Is that planned? to make an app worth paying for one need to offer what other (free) apps dont have. Was about to buy it when I read the review about the missing clone tool because it seemed to be a great app until then.

  • Tonypop

    Just got Pixelmatr, fine , but cannot find “revert” in the edit menu, have to keep hitting the undo button for every action I do on a photo that I don’t like.any help ??.my main gripe…No Magnetic Lassoo.

  • Ausra (Pixelmator Team)

    @ Tonypop, you can also tap Cancel instead of Done in any mode. You won’t have to tap Undo, then.