October 31, 2014

Pixelmator for iPad 1.0.1 Update

A quick Pixelmator for iPad 1.0.1 update is out now. Here’s what is coming with it:

  • The Repair tool is now available on iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad mini.
  • Updated brush previews so you can get a better idea of the stroke shape.
  • Improved brush parameters so the strokes are even nicer.
  • Improved localizations.


PS We’re back to work on the next Pixelmator for Mac update. It shouldn’t be much longer before we release it.


  • dharrisphotog

    Are we still on track for “early November” for the Mac 3.3 release? What’s on the menu for 3.3?

  • Dave

    Sounds fantastic, we cannot wait for the update, anything new at all?

  • Thomas

    Great work! Amazing GUI!
    – no iphone version – ($20 and i still would pay)
    – too cheap

    Can’t Imagine a redesign of Pixelmator for Mac?

  • justin

    Fingers crossed for adjustment layers in 3.3 🙂

  • Brian


    Adjustment layers are a must!

  • Arnie

    Please can you just sort out the zoom in and out slider on Yosemite it is driving me nuts!

    Other than that I love Pixelmator

  • Victor

    Can you add paper-like gestures to undo/redo?

  • SKR Imaging

    hoping for Pixelmator 3.3 to finally include pinch to zoom using multitouch trackpads on my Macbook Pro..

  • john

    can we finally adjust brush size in retouch tools, like darken, brighten, saturation etc ?

  • Den

    Hoping for redesign and more optimized support for psd. files.

  • Simon Gross

    Does pixelmator on the ipad air 2 open RAW files?

  • younky

    Adjustment layers and single window mode would be the great 2 things I expected for next update on Mac.

    Thanks for the great work.

  • Huynh Nhan

    Need you add function that can undo all step(as undo all Soft, Undo lighten…)beside undo step by step as current/ Thanks

  • Diane Fields

    Simon, its apparent to me that Pixelmator for Ipad is not working with a RAW file. Upload some RAWS and some RAWs + jpegs and check the resolution of the files. If was obvious that Pixelmator was working with the embedded jpeg. i found for one of my cameras to have resolution I wanted to work with I needed to set it for RAW + jpeg, the other has a nicely sized embedded jpeg. I would much prefer for it to process RAW as some of the other apps but for now it doesn’t.

    Diane Fields

  • Greg McLaughlin

    I know I have lower expectations than most above, but first and foremost I just want a version that is optimized for Yosemite. I haven’t noticed anything not playing well, but that warm and fuzzy feeling that everything is working properly makes this creative very happy 😉 thanks guys!

  • Stefan Steinbauer

    I could not believe it, that I will get my beloved Pixelmator for the iPad. Please do not spend all your love on the iPad-Version 😉 keep some for the Mac. I really want to thank everybody at Pixelmator: From the developers to support. You do a great job. Thx

  • John

    Nice job with the update for 3.3. As has been said, adjustment layers was a must. Support for added file formats, like PSD is essential for anyone with images in those formats already. But… absolutely HATE the pitch black working space!!!!! Don’t you understand one of the reasons Adobe offers the GRAY workspace? It’s a good reference neutral tone, for one; much easier on the eyes (mine, at least). This could be a deal breaker for me.

    Now that new versions of PS are off the table for me, I AM deciding on one, good replacement. I have little use for more than one program for image processing and retouching – unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for listening,


  • Monica

    The iPad version don’t support RAW files….

  • John Smith

    Thank you for this product.

    Just in case it matters, I am on IOS 8.1 on an iPad mini with Retina display. I am using Pixelmator 1.0.1. I have taken a lot of pictures on an iPhone 5s using iOS 7.x, and 8.x.

    My issue surrounds the possibility that Pixelmator may be removing some exif data. If I pull a picture taken from my iPhone into Pixelmator, I can use the repair tool as I intend. When I save it back to my Photo Library, the location data is missing and the date of the picture is the present date/time. I assume that data was deleted or changed. Is there a way to prevent that? In the Photos app, I can use the Pixelmator extensions. But they do not include the repair function (a many other functions). So I have no idea if the relevant data would be retained if I did it that way.

    Is there any way to currently deal with this situation? I do not see good options (heavily used; good reviews) of any exif editor in the App Store, and I would rather do this in Pixelmator or the Photos app anyway since they serve most of my current needs anyway. And I would rather not have to use a desktop tool for this kind of thing.

  • Graig

    Loving this on my iPad mini. Thank you.

  • J.

    Nice, but completely useless. It will not open a raw image file. Not even the embedded jpeg preview. They should have been clear in the description that they do not support raw files.

  • john

    will you be making this product for windows?

  • John Smith

    It looks like the new update that was just released fixed the issue(s) I describe above (exif data being removed, and how this software works with the Photos app). This is great, Pixelmator team. The cadence of meaningful updates and fixes is why I really like this product and Company. I hope it continues. And I hoped Apple figures out a way to allow some Companies to charge for meaningful updates (every two or three years or something; I am not sure) so that you continue to put effort into it and do not feel you have to let it die and work on something else to keep the Company going. It seems silly to me to pave to do something like Pixelmator2 (even including the use of different app/data containers) like some other products seem to have resorted to. I have no problems paying $5 or $10 every couple of years for you to keep releasing great and reasonably frequently updated product like this. On the other hand–maybe Apple buys you for a good chunk of money, makes the software standard as part of the iLife suite for free, and everyone wins. That works for me, too. 🙂