October 23, 2014

Introducing Pixelmator for iPad

Designed from the ground up for iPad, Pixelmator puts powerful image editing tools right at your fingertips.

The Pixelmator Team today announced Pixelmator for iPad, a groundbreaking image editor that gives everything you need to create, edit and enhance images. Pixelmator is loaded with powerful creative tools for painting, retouching, color adjustments, effects and many more. Designed from the ground up for iPad and engineered to harness the full power of 64-bit architecture, Pixelmator puts fast and powerful image editing tools right at your fingertips. Pixelmator is available today from the App Store for just $4.99.

“We are super excited to introduce a powerful, fast, yet very easy-to-use image editor that has everything you need to create, edit, and enhance images on iPad. It looks amazing, and it’s a real iOS 8 app,” said Saulius Dailide of the Pixelmator Team. “We think everyone, creators at home and professional image editors, will find Pixelmator for iPad incredibly useful, capable and fun.”

Pixelmator for iPad brings full-featured painting tools, outstanding brushes and an impressive painting engine. You can choose from a range of brushes, from realistic to stylized,of all sizes and shapes to subtly enhance photos, sketch, draw, paint, spray, color, and so much more, even create breathtaking masterpieces from scratch. And every stroke you paint on canvas blends in and responds naturally, thanks to a state-of-the-art painting engine built right in.

Featuring innovative color adjustment tools, Pixelmator makes it easy to do precise or artistic color corrections. Use one of the single-tap color sets to give your work a quick enhancement or a more creative look. Or play around with advanced controls like levels, brightness and contrast, color balance, curves, white balance and so much more. Live histograms provide real-time color values so you know exactly what you are doing. And unique color adjustment technology combines all adjustments non-destructively, so you can apply as many color adjustments as you want without losing image quality.

Pixelmator comes with a set of top-quality retouching tools so you can easily make every picture absolutely stunning. With the innovative repair tool, quickly and easily get rid of unwanted image elements simply by painting on them or, with just a simple tap, fix red eyes, brush away blemishes, smudge to smooth out hard lines, paint to boost the colors, bring in some light and so much more. Advanced technologies used in retouching tools make them incredibly fast and accurate, so that you can seamlessly bring an image to perfection.

Loaded with dozens of breathtaking effects, Pixelmator for iPad gives even more ways to enhance pictures. Add gorgeous effects like blur, vignette, vintage, black & white, light leak, bokeh, miniaturize and many more – in an instant. You can even combine different effects for unique, near-effortless artistic creations and see the stunning results in real time.

Pixelmator for iPad features advanced image editing tools, like layers, non-destructive layer styles and a collection of professional-grade selection tools, too, so you can quickly and easily combine several pictures into one, remove image’s background, apply a frame, get rid of distracting objects, rotate and scale, straighten slightly crooked pictures, copy elements from one picture to another, create wondrous photo manipulations and so much more. Best of all, doing it all is remarkably simple, even though the features are anything but basic.

Additional Pixelmator for iPad features include pixel-accurate layout tools, shape tools, a type tool, dozens of templates, an image gallery to store and access images and full iCloud support so you can access your images on any device. Fully integrated iOS 8 features and technologies, like iCloud Drive, Handoff, Document Picker and Photo Editing extension, support to apply Pixelmator effects without even leaving the Photos app, and many others. Pixelmator is compatible with most popular file formats, like PNG, JPEG and Photoshop images with layers.

Pixelmator is meticulously thought through and created from the ground up for iOS 8 and iPad. Designed to take advantage of iOS 8 features and technologies and engineered to leverage the full power of 64-bit architecture, ARC, Grand Central Dispatch, OpenGL ES, Core Image and Core Animation, delivering state-of-the-art performance and responsiveness.

Pixelmator for iPad is available from the App Store for just $4.99.



  • John

    Great job! Hope it will be as great as the Mac app! As soon as it hit the Dutch Appstore I’ll buy it!

  • Stephan

    The Waiting is the hardest part… (at least here in Germany)

  • Jeff

    Is it compatible with iPad 3rd Gen?

  • Jeff

    …. Just bought and found out. YES, it is compatible, and it’s truly amazing! 🙂

  • Stefan k

    Just wanted to buy and it says ‘no longer available’ in the UK Store?

  • Ivan

    Hey there,

    Will there be an iPhone version? or make the current one to fit universal?

  • L2M2

    UK Apple Store says this item is no longer available.

  • John

    Your email told me it’s available on ipad, showing as no longer available on the uk App Store ?

  • Joey

    iPhone 6 Plus version PLEASE!

  • Csaba

    Great job! Works perfectly, quick, intuitive ui, thanks guys! 😀 (only thing the Repair tool is missing from the retouching set, but maybe it is just a bug…) Never mind, I love it, stylus feature also great, I guess more devices will be added later on. Thanks again, you made my day!

  • Peter

    Same here – showing as not available.

  • Ich

    No longer available in the German AppStore… Why? If it is a mistake please fix it;-)

  • Darren

    Cannot see it in the UK app store either?

  • Charlie

    Also getting ‘no longer available’ on the UK store. Not a promising start…

  • Chic

    why cant i get this on the app store uk

  • Wheybarr

    Awesome job !
    Now I am only hoping for a Pixelmator 3.3 on the Mac with parts of the UI refreshed !

  • Johnnybhoy64

    Was looking forward to this since watching the keynote, click the link no longer available in the UK, inauspicious start folks.

  • Gustav

    You should have charged $24.99 – it lowers people’s expectations of what good software should cost. And you’re “leaving money on the table.”

  • Blomert

    Still unavailable on the German App Store…

  • Hmmm

    Tried to buy, but says no longer available in UK Store. What a joke.

  • Frank

    Why dort you guys dont answer???? Dort want to earn money????

  • Pixelpusher

    ‘Item no longer available’ on UK AppStore. Tried 5 times now; hope I don’t get charged for each attempt.

  • Kokolores9

    Your HP says “Pixelmator for iPad is compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 support. For best performance, we recommend iPad 4 or later.”
    But on Twitter you say that its only available für iPad air (2). So what???

  • Pixelpusher

    Ok, all good for UK download! At least for me:)

  • Charlie

    Still telling me “no longer available” on the UK site…

  • Dragonhh

    Very bad expierence. try to load the app in german app store aince 5 hours. Article is not avaible. Never get such a bad expierence.

  • Neil

    Not working in the uk store for me still

  • Dragonhh

    And pixelmator team is goong to sleep?

  • Chris

    I’m also unable to download from uk App Store. I’ve been trying all night but still says unavailable.

  • Dragonhh

    Ok, no download, no help, going to spend my money to Affinity Designer.

  • John

    Great job, it works fine on my iPad mini Retina French version, hope to see á iphone 6+ version soon,
    what kind of blutooth pen can I buy to use with ? Do you have a link ?

  • Dragon Breath

    It has been removed completely from the UK store, after appearing as an Editor’s Choice. Nothing now.

  • Dragon Breath

    And now it appears again, but when trying to purchase says that it is no longer available…

  • Shane Roc

    Most likely App Store tech issue/s

  • Antonio

    Hi. Just bought pixel actor for iPad and it works just fine for me. I’m using and iPad 3 and it just works fine (some lag, but nothing important for small images).
    I’m using Pixelmator for OSX for a couple of years and it is my image edit/retouching app! it just works.

    I noticed that in my iPad some of the features are not available, like retouch for instance. Is there a iPad version limitation or will it be available latter on?

  • Chris

    Just managed to download in iTunes on my Mac. So must be an App Store issue

  • Richard

    I do not see the Repair tool.

  • Stefan k

    Finally available in the UK store. Downloading now.

  • Ausra (Pixelmator Team)

    @Dragon Breath, I’m afraid not much we can do there. Waiting just as much as you are for Apple to fix downloads on UK App Store.

    @Richard, the Repair tool is available on iPad 4, and up.

  • Disappointed

    I purchased the app because I thought it would have repair from ipad 3 on up. I was told it would. Even reviews from a reputable website said it is. So disappointing.

  • Disappointed

    i mean the repair tab is missing.

  • Paul B

    I find it curious that all the really good tools Apple included in iPhoto (vignette, color balance, and a truly great repair tool) were purged from their “make do” Photo editor they introduced for iOS 8, and now here are all those tools magically appearing in Pixelmator! I doubt this is a coincidence. I’m not saying Pixelmator isn’t really, really good, but I’m growing cynical of Apple when they bring excellent tools to iOS, ask for you to pay for them and then kill the product two years later. Or in this case, gut the product of its best features and then hand the best bits over to a third party developer to be reimagined as a new product – one we have to pay for again.

    It’s not the cost that bothers me nearly as much as this rapid cycling of products that require me to reorient my workflow to accommodate changes every 6-18 months.

  • Sameer

    Where the fuck is the repair tool? You thieves, give me the repair tool on my ipad mini!!

  • Paul B

    It’s under Tools > Retouch – choose Repair.

  • Sameer

    @Paul B these crooks aren’t giving the repair tool to anyone with less than an iPad Air. And they very conveniently didn’t mention that on the App Store. I’m so pissed off! That tool was the only reason I bought this damn app!!

  • Dragon Breath

    @Sameer: No doubt it’s because of processing requirements that the repair tool is not available on older iPads.

    @Pixelmator: Your website and documentation should be more explicit about limitations like the repair tool availability. Also, the number of layers in a file is limited, which is not clearly highlighted anywhere that I could easily see; I did find a maximum of 18 almost as a footnote. Files from the Mac version of Pixelmator that have dozens of layers won’t appear in the iPad version, only a single flattened image of all the previous layers.

    Not saying that we don’t understand the iPad limitations, but Pixelmator should be more clear and explicit about the limitations. Manage user expectations and no-one will be surprised.

  • Robby Berman

    I would like a refund since the Repair tool is not available for my iPad 3. Incredible that this isn’t mentioned pre-purchase.

  • Dragon Breath

    @Sameer: Also, don’t be such a foul jerk with your comments. For USD 5 they’ve created an astounding app for the iPad, even with the limitations. They just need to be more transparent. If you had paid USD 30 for the app your arrogance would be understandable, but for five bucks be civil.

  • Robert Goldberg

    iOS8 only.

  • SKR Imaging

    I bought the App the second I received an email that it was released. I am using it on an iPad 3. Love the app and the effort the Pixelmator team has put into this release.. I have to say though, that the limitation (repair tool) should have been more clearly mentioned in the App Store description to correctly inform customers. I have apps on my iPad that can remove unwanted objects by painting over it with no issues (ex: TouchRetouch) ..so am perplexed as to why this was a limitation. I trust the devs had great reason to do so.. Maybe the implementation of selective deleting in Pxelmator is much more advanced than the other apps on the App Store and require more processing.. Maybe the limitation will be lifted in future releases as the devs find more efficient coding for this feature.. We need to remember that all the features packed in this app are in version 1.0!! that is a great feat in and of itself!!

  • Evan Kooyer

    Absolutely love the app, Works faster than most apps on my archaic iPad 2.

  • Jman

    Love the app on both Mac and iPad.

    Wish list:
    More effects such as HDR for both platforms
    iPhone 6 or next years iPhone support (assuming it has the ram…)

    If those two wishes could be fulfilled this could be the only photo app I’d ever need. Regardless happy to support an amazing and talented team and look forward to the incredible things to come. Heck of a first release! Been a crazy year for you all.

  • Red

    Please make it easier to open images. If I have an image on the clipboard, the “Create Image” flow should allow me to choose that data for my new image (just like on the desktop) instead of just blank or templates. And please make a plugin (the whole point of iOS 8) so that when I’m in another app, I can share an image straight into Pixelmator as a new image.

    Forcing me to save images from web pages and emails into my camera roll before Pixelmator can open them is very tedious (especially since I also have to go delete them later). My desired workflow is 1) receive image in an email or browse to image on website 2) open it directly into Pixelmator 3) do my edits 4) save it to iCloud drive. Absolutely no Photos app involved!

  • Red

    Followup: Create New from Clipboard seems to work now. I wonder why it wasn’t showing up for me before. This makes me much happier.

  • Painter

    Nice release, will there be support for 3rd party stylus from Wacom or Adonit?
    Would also be nice to have an iPhone 6 Plus version.

  • burmayank

    Here is the (2-star) Review I left on the AppStore for the iPad Pixelmator.app, under the heading, “MAL-ORGANIZED! & almost lacking basic image-editing abilities, e.g. incremental rotation” (& Please note – this is a HUGE disappointment for me who, like many others (http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/pixelmator-for-ipad-hits-apples-app-store), was overjoyed to hear that Pixelmator was coming to the iPad):

    “My first test of Pixelmator/iPad, comparing an image-editing task (incremental image rotation) which I had easily (& excellently) performed in iOS 8’s Photos.app on my iPhone, immediately after shooting that photo, was an agonizing horrible frustration, for several reasons.

    Incremental rotation seems to be extremely buggy, & apparently requires very patient & exact repetition of the necessary procedure to establish the very chancy & intermittantly-available script-connection necessary for recognizing & initiating your command.

    I was only able to get incremental image rotation to work just ONCE, after several dozens of attempts at following ONLY these instructions, exactly (& then I was never able to repeat it again, in dozens more attempts):
    “To rotate an object at any angle, tap an obejct, place two fingers on it, then turn your hand in the direction you want to rotate the object. After you start rotation, you can continue by dragging with a single finger. A guide appears to indicate the angle of rotation.”

    And the Help options are a disorganized disaster.

    If you seek help in performing incremental image rotation by opening the menubar/gear-Settings-icon (after selecting & opening an image), it will lead you down a rabbit’s hole of steps to a very misleading set of final steps, the first three of which must be ignored if you are to find & follow the relevant instruction (quoted above) for correctly attemptingincremental image rotation. (& GOOD LUCK with that!) Here is that rabbit’s hole sequence of steps after selecting & opening an image & then opening the menubar/gear-Settings-icon:
    – select/open the “Help” option, then
    – select/open the menubar/list-icon on the left, then
    – select/open the “Arrange, resize, rotate and align” option, then
    – select/open the “Resize, rotate or flip an object” option, then
    – select/open the “Rotate a shape, text box or image” option, then
    – ignore these first three instructions (which will apparently only give you 90° or 180° rotations)
    – find below them (finally) the relevant instructions you need (quoted above).

    Nor will it work, apparently, to give you incremental rotations if (after selecting & opening an image) you instead then open the menubar/paintbrush-Tools icon & select “Format”, then select “Arrange”, then select either “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Left” or “Flip Vertically” or “Flip Horizontally”. Doing that will also apparently only give you 90° or 180° rotations.”

  • burmayank

    Apple’s Maps.app is still hobbled by the stigma that was hung around its neck by its disastrously premature release.
    This release is obviously similarly premature – I dearly hope prompt attention to correcting all these major defects ASAP can divert this prematurely-released Pixelmator/iPad from an immanent similar disaster (which it could never weather as well as an Apple product can).

  • David Rohr

    I feel really betrayed and cheated, i just bought the app to use the repair tool. Not cool at all to not mention in the AppStore description, that there are certain IMPORTANT limitation when it comes to iPad Hardware versions.

    [irony on]
    Please let me thank you for tricking me and many others into spending money for a great feature we won’t be able to use.
    But let me also say thank you Apple for supporting this by using it as sort of a deal to boost sales on new Hardware.
    But i’m sure we all do fully understand that it is so devastating to add a function to older hardware which may be slow because of cpu power, its much more user-friendly to just hide it right?
    Must have been a very intelligent and smart move to add such an exception rule into the software and knowingly safe numbers of letters in the description and money for translating resources for other regions when it comes to mention those limitations in the App Store description, since every single letter has it’s price as we all know and does impact general revenue if people would know right?
    [irony off]

    Only reason why i won’t put any resources into undo the the purchase is that once i really buy new hardware i won’t be able to ever download and buy it again. A convenience rule of Apple if you would ask me.

    I’m really terribly sorry for everybody else which had to find out about this after spending the money and spending time for looking for something which simply is not available.

    Best regards,
    David Rohr

  • Alex

    This could be a great App for Photo journalists, But i cant see anywhere to write in our captions !!
    Would it be that difficult to incude somewhere for IPTC info ??
    Disappointed !!!

  • Huynh Nhan

    I just spend 5USD for buying this app for my Ipad Air. The retouch function work really like Brush tool on Iphoto but some slower than Iphoto (This is the function I’m looking for since Apple kill Iphoto). I hope on the next version you can add more Filter as Iphoto have. Thanks

  • Mite

    Why not release an iphone version?
    I know that the screen is smaller but damn not everyone can buy an iPad just for Pixelmator.
    Sit commitment and a well organized UI adapts and you will see that you can release a Pixelmator for iphone 4S if you’d like.
    iPhoto is not there for iphone?
    Take a lesson and also released a version for iPhone.
    With universal binary apps for ipad just should not even exist, is a new “fashion” made ??only to get money from money. If you want to do serious work I use Pixelmator on the Mac, if you want to do a little something I have to do well on the iphone.
    The ipad, you can keep it there.

  • Prashant

    Bought the app but cannot seem to have the option of removing/ deleting items from photo as show in the event. Does it work only with selected models of ipad

  • Marty Zechman

    Will this work with .cr2 files?

  • Heath

    Nice app, however…. Only one tiny problem is no repair tool for ipad 3. I can see that ipad 3 can do repair tool, though.. Please add repair tool for older iPads ASAP! Since I paid 5 bucks for this if you can’t do it then would be nice to get refund back and buy this app for my MacBook Pro. Thanks!

  • Martin Gauchard

    I’ve just purchased the App from the french App Store and it works perfectly fine for me. The app is rally nice, it has fantastic editing features. The user interface is really user-friendly and touch-friendly.
    However, I’m quite worried about the Pixelmator Mac app, there is no information available about the next version a

  • Martin Gauchard

    I’ve just purchased the App from the french App Store and it works perfectly fine for me. The app is really nice, it has fantastic editing features. The user interface is really user-friendly and touch-friendly.
    However, I’m quite worried about the Pixelmator Mac app, there is no information available about the next version, the iPad app took all the room on Pixelmator website. Will the mac app be abandoned in favour of the iPad one? I’m really worried about that, I know that iOS is a very big opportunity for developers, iPad apps can reach much more customers than Mac apps but the OS X Pixelmator app is far beyond the iPad one in terms of features, capabilities, compatibility, usefulness…

    I hope we will have more information soon about Pixelmatore 3.3 for OS X.

  • Albert Kinng

    People please, don’t wish your old car behave as a new car just becasue you put a new GPS on the dash. if it’s not an iPad Air don’t expect all the whistles! iOS7 and iOS8 don’t offer the same animations, transparency or features in older iDevices… so, deal with it!

  • Greg

    I have a large collection of RAW images. Will this new Pixelmator let me edit them? iPad Air 1 and 2 here.

  • Rory Usher

    Hi there

    Great app but was wondering how you load up RAW files for editing. My canon cr2 files cannot be uploaded into the pixelmator folder on icloud drive. Helped needed

  • Bill Booz

    like others who have commented, I am very disappointed to just find out now that the repair tool – the main reason I bought the app – doesn’t work with pre-iPad 4 models! Agree with others that any such limitations should be made much clearer in the description on App Store. Haven’t experimented much with all the features as that was what I had a use for, but see that it is, indeed, an awesome app. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading my iPad any time real soon to take advantage of some of the power features.

  • Marcel

    Hi Pixelmator team. Can we *please* download high-res versions of that artwork in the gallery? It’s gorgeous and I want them as wallpapers! Thanks in advance!

  • Hilda van gestel

    Ik Zou graag Pixelmator willen installeren op mijn iPad ,
    En nog het liefst op IOS 0.8
    Maar als dat niet kan op iCloud ,
    Groetjes h v gestel .

  • Hilda van gestel

    Ik zou graag Pixelmator willen installeren ,
    Het liefst op IOS 0 8
    Maar als dat niet kan ,
    Dan op iCloud ,
    Groetjes h v gestel

  • Nick

    @Hilda van Gestel
    Het is geen Nederlands bedrijf. Vragen kan je dus beter in het Engels stellen. 😉 Om op je vraag terug te komen (al is het mij niet helemaal duidelijk wat je bedoeld): Pixelmator kan gewoon via de App Store op iOS 8 geïnstalleerd worden. Documenten delen tussen Pixelmator op OS X en iOS kan dan via iCloud.

  • Dr.Strangelove

    I would like to see in the settings the possibility to switch off functions. THEN it will be a nice and useful app.

  • Pappy Jack

    What is your equivalent to Snapseed HDR Scape tool?

  • Caleb Clark

    I was very excited to download this to make pixel art on my iPad, however I am very disappointed not to find the “pixel brush” on “pixelmator”…. Will the pixel brush not come to the iPad version?

  • SnowyB

    Pixelmator has been working beautifully on my iPad 4, but suddenly has stopped downloading photos from my Photolibrary. It seems to be able to get them from Photostream, but that’s no good when WiFi is not available.

    Any help anywhere?

  • Ausra (Pixelmator Team)

    @SnowyB, have you got the Optimize Photo Library turned on? If yes, only the recent photos are available on your device. All others are in iCloud Photo Library, which needs Internet connection.

  • Pedro

    Opacity control for light leaks please.