A while ago

Terrific Creativity Apps Promotion

Apple has launched a Terrific Creativity Apps promotion where you can get a whole slew of wonderful apps at discounted prices. Our favorite image editing app – Pixelmator – goes on sale for limited time, too, as part of the promotion! Head to the Mac App Store to grab your copy now at a discounted price while the promo lasts.

Update: The promotion has ended.


  • Mite

    I buy it.

    Remember to introduce text modifing (shadow, light) without pixel convert

  • Simply

    I missed it :

  • Tomas Eriksson

    Has the sale ended? I was just about to grab it, but Im not going to buy it the days after it was on sale 🙁

  • Alan

    It is ridiculous to buy an app for the full price if you just lost the sale price. Not happening at all.