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Pixelmator and OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite

All of you must have heard by now about the new OS X called Yosemite. It’s coming this fall along with other incredible things Apple announced during the keynote. We are absolutely thrilled to see new features as Apple fans, but we’re even more excited as developers.

That’s right, we are going to work on a new Pixelmator version for OS X Yosemite right away. So I suspect that you’re going to see some user interface changes. And, of course, we’re absolutely itching to dig in and have a look at what we can do with the new Swift language and Xcode 6. Boy, this is going to be sooo exciting!


  • Patrick

    Very exciting! Cannot wait to see what you guys can do. Please please bring EPS export back!!

  • Jason

    Exciting stuff, but let’s get some of the basics right and get TrackPad Gestures support implemented 🙂

  • jw

    I’d love to see better integration with vector graphics, import and export to .svg would be a fantastic feature!

  • Rob

    I’d suggest 1) the ability to scroll past the edges of document 2) Lighter colour for the UI (or at least an option for it)

  • PsykX

    UI CHANGES ! My wishes have been granted 🙂
    I cannot wait to see.

  • Rgrclem

    I would also vote for a lighter (maybe larger icon possibilities) in the UI. Love Pixelmator.

  • CorkyO

    OS X Yosemite looks promising.

    Glad to hear the team is planning on moving forward. Please keep the app lean and mean! Apple looks to be keeping to a task focused design with minimum clutter.

    If possible, it would be nice to see docking palettes for customizable, task- focused workspaces ( hopefully with ‘TAB’ – or other – keystroke hide/show function for palettes/tools).

    As others have stated; a UI other than the current black would be great. Even the OS X Yosemite UI elements with a single window and customizable workspace background color would be nice.

    Apple is certainly supporting fast-moving release cycles, so I would imagine using their UI kit combined with developers’ program specific tool icons would be a nimble way to go?

    Keep up the good work. I love Photoshop for it’s toolset, but the bloat and cost since Photoshop 7 is a bit much. Please don’t get caught up in adding too much bling!


  • Ivan

    Draw a huge smile on my face!

  • Ruby

    Happy developing on the new version.
    By the way, any new language supporting plans? It would be better if I can use it in my native language, that would be more comfortable. Please add Simplified and Traditional Chinese if possible. Thank you 😀

  • chris

    CMYK abilities? 🙂

  • Geoff

    Oh yes pleeaaaase CMYK abilities for the print workers lot…
    Love this app so much!
    Keep doing the great job guys!

  • PsykX

    An option to switch between dark and light interface would be great and would fix the major part of the interface for now.
    This is what Apple plans to do with Yosemite, we’ve all seen it in the WWDC, but the DP1 build doesn’t feature this yet. Maybe DP2 next week will have it.

    Dockable palettes and windows, and unified window frame like every other Apple application now would be the cherry on top.

    The fact that we’ll be able to see our drawing in a blurry effect below the toolbar is definitely awesome. In some way, it’s a gain of screen estate.

  • hamsta

    I remember back when pixelmator was but a wee tyke. Then, the message area was filled with hope and praise. Commenters would actually have conversations. Now every new blog post is filled with grippers and complainers & gotta have it now feature demands. Ah the good ol days. Snif.

  • hamsta

    Pixelmator team, thanks for the awesome work and can’t wait to see what you do with Yosemite!

  • Franco

    @hamsta, you are right, for me pixelmator is perfect, I would like to have a better UI, the actual one is killing my eys. Anyway even if perfect I’m sure that THE TEAM will be able to make it “MORE PERFECT”.
    @ Pixelmator team, thank you and keep innovating the software

  • Nick Goodenough

    Thanks for the hard work guys! Unfortunately I can’t use Pixelmator for any professional work until it has a non-destructive workflow (smart objects, clipping masks, smart filters). Keep up the good work.

  • oscar

    -smart objects (= photoshop)
    -pages and master pages (=fireworks)

    Pixelmator team, thanks.
    hopefully they are not bought by adobe. (fireworks R.I.P)

  • Fabio

    What about integration with iOS? Have you ever mind an iOS app? 😉 for iPad for instance!

  • Julie

    Hi, I am a beta tester for Yosemite – and here are the issues I have experienced w Pixelmator and Yosemite.

    1. Once a current project is open .. I click to share for mail – and no image appears.
    2. sometimes after I export / save those options are “grayed out” and can not be selected again.
    3. ALso, it has closed several times too.. after several spinning beach balls

    If you want more info- please feel free to ask.

  • Ryan

    If you can bring single window mode and docked panels to Pixelmator

    I’d be so happy

  • Pat Campbell

    I am a photoshop user, but also a Mac user and as such I’m really intrigued but Pixelmator. I work in a company where we have quick turn around and a lot of changes.The main feature I use constantly that photoshop has that Pixelmator doesn’t is Smart Layers – which are basically nested Photoshop files within a photoshop file. Is this feature – or something similar – on your radar?

    Regardless, I love how you’re embracing the Mac. You have an awesome product!

  • AZguy

    Just to second Ryan’s request for an optional single window mode and docked panels. Optional larger icons would be nice.

  • Kim

    Might be a good time to work on a DAM as well. With Aperture put to the sword there’s a nice niche there for something other than the subscription-ware that Adobe is throwing up. You guys seem to ‘get it’ so it would be great to see you come up with something super-cool.

  • Jeroen

    +1 for a single window mode to avoid moving pallets out of the way constantly. Undocking / minimizing like Photoshop would be great.

    – the ability to simply click a spot on the layer window to un(lock) a layer would be. This way you can ‘paint’ several layers between lock/unlock state by holding the mouse button down while moving between layers.

    – CMYK I don’t use but will attract a whole new audience in the long run.

    – Removing all destructive filters and replacing them with non destructive ones. Why have destructive filters if the entire app is powered by hardware accelerated calculations? Maybe have “bake filters and effects” as option.
    Don’t care if it breaks PSD compatibility. Maybe warn the user if they do something PSD doesn’t support natively.

    – Node view for layers, clicking them to adjust parameters as advanced mode.

    – right click in canvas to suggest layers to select based on where you click

    – assume when opening a PNG that when saving it, the user only wants the loaded PNG to be overwritten – not saving a Pixelmator. Maybe preference setting?

  • Julie

    @Ausra I just emailed you my first update…. hope it helps. Any questions just ask

  • Siyamak Hejazi

    You should design new Icon as a professional Icon for that too.

  • Zaphodz

    @Ausra – With the announcement that Apple are ceasing development of Aperture, are you guys thinking at all about doing a RAW processing app, or even buying Aperture from Apple? A lot of photographers who don’t want to be involved with Adobe are using the Aperture + Pixelmator combo, taking Aperture out of the equation breaks a really nice workflow, do you think it will affect your sales?

  • Mateo


    Any plans to add extensions / plugins in Pixelmator now that Apple built-in extensions in the system? Note that I’m not talking about Core Image filters, but “real”, “full” plugins, optinnaly with their own GUI.

    If no, I think it should be on your list 😉

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Shmoo

    @oscar ( June 12th, 2014 at 9:54 pm )

    If you’re an Adobe Fireworks user you should def. give Sketch 3 a try..

  • Zaphodz


    +1 for Sketch. It’s a fantastic App, only thing it doesn’t do is CMYK output, otherwise Illustrator would be in the bin 🙂

  • Götz

    A new icon would be nice.

  • PsykX

    @ Zaphodz :

    As I said, it would be a HUGE mistake to buy Aperture or to start developing an alternative, when we don’t even know what Photos is capable of and how it is priced (free maybe, since it is free on iOS ?). From what I have seen so far, a lot of features in this app are directly borrowed from Aperture. Users shouldn’t be deceived all that much.

    The Pixelmator Team already said they would support Photos by developing extension filters for it, and this is the safest decision they can take as we speak.

  • Morten

    Yes, please add -> “the ability to scroll past the edges of document”; that would be so nice. A frequent source of frustration to me, at least.

  • WonderWarthog

    My wishlist for Pixelmator

    1. Scroll past edges of document
    2. Make all filters non-destructive
    3. Unclutter the UI: consolidate all those palettes in a more streamlined UI
    4. Get rid of all that black in the UI

  • WonderWarthog


    5. More Keyboard shortcuts for things like: font resizing, line height, kerning (Photoshop has keyboard shortcuts for all of those)

  • TheMasonian

    Thanks, please make a public beta soon, or just give us Yosemite beta support on crashes, I cannot make pretty much any sort of thing with pixelmator, as it crashes in Yosemite’s beta.

    My Wishlist:

    New and improved UI
    use some better uses of trackpad shortcuts maybe? something to maybe switch between layers, etc
    The UI is a bit cluttered
    Get rid of all black in UI
    More keyboard shortcuts, to make it more like photoshop

  • Denny Stanley

    Biggest wish: Changes to UI including getting rid of all the black and larger icons
    other wish: Maybe unclutter the UI a little, it seems a bit much at times.

  • Sam Carlile

    Awesome! Excited! Would love to see pixel perfect resizing in this version!

  • Sam Carlile

    Oh and not all black UI maybe option for white…Kills my vibe sometimes