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Pixelmator 2.2.2 Quick Update

We have put together a small update squashing some minor flaws in current version of Pixelmator. The update is now available to download, and comes with improved Pixelmator file format compression when saving to iCloud, as well as other tiny improvements and bug fixes (you can check the full list here). The update is so small that I think it should be called a supplemental update, although the number 2.2.2 is nice too.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for bigger news to come!


  • Franco

    I think small but frequent updates are welcome, they show that you are listen to our requests. Please keep issue small update frequently. Take care

  • Garrett McGilvray

    Franco makes a good point. Small updates are especially good for squashing bugs as they come to your attention, instead of waiting to fix the little bugs only when the next major feature has been developed. Thanks for this update.

  • Steve

    PLEASE tell me one of the fixes is for the command-z shorcut. In your latest version, it didn’t simply go back to remove just the most recent change made to the file but all the way back to when the file was opened… removing every change and wasting much time and effort. Obviously, I’ve now learned to not use it anymore but it certainly would be a valuable tool to have once again.

  • Tomas

    Franco says truth. Pixelmator rules and you make it great!

  • Tomas

    Steve: I’m not sure if i had such problem but i don’t have it now.)

  • Pixelmator Team

    @Steve, nobody else has reported similar problems, nor did we see something like this. Can you email the details at bugs@pixelmator.com? We’ll have a look what’s happening.

  • Christian Cortet


    Après la mise à jour de votre application (2.2.2), je n’arrive pas à ouvrir l’application en cliquant directement sur l’icone
    Un clique sur l’icone ouvre le Finder et l’application est grisée, mais en fermant la fenêtre du Finder, l’application finie par s’ouvrir…Est-ce un problème lié à la mise à jour ???

    Sinon, l’application est extra et pratiquement équivalente à Photoshop mais en beaucoup moins chère…
    Bravo aux développeurs !!!

    Dans l’attente d’une information au sujet de mon problème d’ouverture de l’application…


    Christian Cortet

  • Pixelmator Team

    @ Christian, can you email us at bugs@pixelmator.com? We’ll see how we can help you with this. Thanks!

  • Shawn

    I’m having the same problem as Steve with the command-z shortcut. Whenever I use the command it jumps way back to an earlier edit (not the most previous like i would expect). I use pixelmator everyday and I haven’t had an issue until the most recent update.

  • Colin Wirz

    I’m miss the toggle function in the newest version of Pixelmator. In an earlier version it was possible to blend out the tools with the TAB key. This is not working anymore. This makes it very hard to work with, especially on smaller screens (e.g. Notebooks). Is there a possibility to bring this function back very soon? Thanks a lot!

  • Hades

    You guy’s are making an awesome job! Keep the good work, thanks a lot for this piece of software!

  • Charilaos

    I smell a degradation of your blog quality. With the newest post about 3.0 being just a link to the MAS, how can we ever comment on how exciting it is?

  • rei yash

    hey guys,

    i cant seem to update my pixelmator to 2.2.2, it keeps saying error encountered. am using OSX mountain lion, macbook pro 13′ retina. kindly help


  • Moritz

    same problem as “rei yash” here, upgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 fails saying “An error has occurred” and “Upgrade Failed” …

  • Francois

    Same Problem for me, the update fail every time I try (iMac – Mountain Lion). thanks for your help.