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More Custom Shapes

Inspired by your creations with the new shapes in Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry, we had some fun as well and created a few more custom shapes for you to play with. You have probably already seen the new Shapes palette, and in case you missed this, you can add, save, and share those custom shapes with others.

Adding, saving, and sharing custom shapes is easy. Everything essentially works with drag and drop. To add a shape, drag the shape layer to the Shapes palette. To share shapes, drag them from the Shapes palette to your Desktop or even to your e-mail message window. Adding new shapes is just as simple–drag the shape file to Pixelmator.

Download and try the new shapes pack here. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

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P.S. Thanks to the Pixelmator community, there’s now a website dedicated to Pixelmator shapes. You might want to check it out for some cool and trendy shapes or even add your own shape collection.


  • Peter Storm Michaelsen

    Thanks for a GREAT application that keeps getting better.
    The ability to work with shapes and fonts like that, saves me for a few other apps. i have been using…my workflow just got more efficient 🙂

  • sh33t5

    I accidentally deleted a default shape (the iMac). What’s the best way to get this back?

  • sh33t5


  • hamsta

    Great! Now I have a compulsion to create and share awesome shapes. ^_^
    Thanks Pixelmator.

  • SKR Imaging

    Thx.. I now have many shapes thx to this great feature.. Would be great to be able to organize them by categories.

  • GreyGhost

    Great work guys!…

    Any chance of getting a “Rotate canvas” function in future release?

    Thank you.

  • ben

    Great feature!

    Since you did a plus sign and a multiplication sign it would be great if you provided the rest of the basic keyboard shapes like an equals sign “=” and a dollar sign “$” etc…

  • PsykX

    @ben : Can’t you make a $ sign with Text Shapes already ? Same for multiplication sign, but a lot of people use the x letter instead of the true × character. As odd as it seems, the existence of this sign out-of-the-box on the keyboard is uncommon knowledge.

    Other than this, great little add-on here 🙂

    As much as Pixelmator gets better and better, don’t get me wrong about this, I continue to say that it gets messier and messier though. On my 27″ iMac, I have way too many windows floating around. If you do this for the upcoming release, you’ll have me in your pool, ditching Photoshop completely :

    1. Layer Styles (we all know it’s coming in 2013 though, it’s just a matter of time at this point)
    2. Unified window interface (or an equivalent solution that will fix all the clutter)
    3. Possibility to change the color of the interface, because Black is and will always be hurting my eyes

    BTW, about the black interface, it is possible for anyone to create a little 3rd-party add-on to fix this. See this link, Coen took my suggestion and had time to do some great work on it : http://support.pixelmator.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7630&start=50

  • hamsta

    @PsykX – 27 inches? I had no idea you were so well endowed! (I’m a measly 20 inches.)

  • Roel

    Any place where we can recover accidentally deleted shapes? I saw the iMac one. Don’t know where else to download other shapes.

  • PsykX

    @ hamsta : Yeah, I always go for either everything or nothing :p

  • ofir mor

    hi, any way to find more speech bubble’s shapes?

  • hamsta

    @ ofir mor – August 10th, 2013 at 8:28 pm
    If you have samples of what you want, I can make them for you.

  • Schaef

    Anyone have any advice to offer on writing text on a curve (i.e. beer label, ribbon)

  • Claudia

    I accidentally deleted the circle shape. How can I get it back?

  • David

    I am so confused in how you can add for example a circle on top of another shape and make that area of the shape transparent? This is used in the eye default shape, where the iris is making the middle part transparent. I have also found that if I double-click that shape, I can move the rest of the eye, but the iris stays put, this results in a weird look to the eye. So my question is, how do you add a shape and have it make another shape transparent in that particular shape?

  • Dusty

    Opened the shapes palette and it has the basic shapes such as line, star, rectangle, polygon BUT it has NO CUSTOM SHAPE or Custom Shape pull out folder (such as the one in the tutorial) within the Shapes Palette. Tried dragging a custom shape to the Shapes Palette.. and….. nothing.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Robin

    Hi there, trying pixel mayor at the moment and all the features look amazing! I’ve had photoshop for ages and am thinking of swapping, however i have one question: how can i turn an image (i.e., photoshop layer) into a shape? i have a logo i wish to convert? thanks

  • Jrunner


  • Susie

    Hi there, I downloaded the shapes and now I can’t find the original shapes. Have any ideas for me? 🙂 Thanks!

  • Susie

    Feeling silly… found them!

  • M.M.

    How can I make an arrow head on the end of a line (in vector mode), without to drawing it from scratch?

  • Pietro

    Hi there
    I’m trying to drag and drop shapes from my desktop to the palette but nothing.
    There is any specific format or file extension the software required?
    I tried .eps .png and .ai .
    I know photoshop works with .csh but I don’t know how I can save a “logo” in csh.
    Help please.
    And could you tell me how I can download the shapes the Pixelmator customers share?I cannot find any download button.

    Thank you very much

  • Daniela

    thanks for this help for the shapes
    this app is good but not always better because sometimes it doesn’t`t work fine
    the advantage I have with this is that, I can make my banner for my youtube channel