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Pixelmator 2.1.4 Now Available

As promised, we’ve wrapped up a Pixelmator 2.1.4 update for you just before the holidays. It’s a minor update, but we couldn’t be more proud of the quality and performance improvements we’ve made.

Here are just some of them:

  • Improved Auto Save support
  • Enabled layer Auto Select for painting and retouching tools
  • Improved effect’s responsiveness when working with large images
  • Improved Adobe Photoshop CS6 brush collections support
  • Fixed important stability issues
  • And much more

And, as always, the update is free and available for immediate download to all of you who already own Pixelmator 2.

Have fun!


  • Jacob Bordieri

    Thanks for all of the improvements and bug squashing over the years. Pixelmator has certainly come a long way since I first downloaded 1.4 Sprinkle! I look forward to more great releases to come I’m sure. Thank you.

  • hamsta

    Been a customer since the beginning and appreciate all your hard work. Being able to dump Big Brother has been wonderful.

  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    I’ve not been an user per se of Pixelmator but I’ve been following the stuff you’ve been doing for quite sometime. Pixelmator was one of the first true image editors for OS X in a way that nothing else could compete. I always seemed to think that you were the only guys who’d probably compete and may be overtake Adobe Photoshop (esp with the feud between Apple and Adobe). It’s nice to see much more new features being added to the app. One of these days I hope I turn into your customer 🙂

  • Coen

    Looks steady and speedy so far. Good job!

  • Garrett McGilvray

    The fourth update since 2.1, and still no return of filters and color adjustments to the menu. I’m starting to think you just don’t care. I really like the idea of the new effects browser, but that doesn’t mean I want to have to go through it every time I want to make an adjustment to levels, color balance, etc. I’m about ready to give up on Pixelmator. It’s not that I want to, but it’s that I’m getting frustrated that in your eagerness to change the program in ways you think we want, you end up taking away what was not broken that we actually used.

  • Kyle Prometheus


    I have a (full license 😉 copy of Photoshop 7. I got caught between PPC/Intel Mac os9/Mac Os X transition. I can’t upgrade. Price of Photoshop 6CS is £600+. I’d like Photoshop. But not at that price.

    I have a new iMac (sexy thin 27 incher coming soon…)

    I have admired and watched Pixelmator from afar. Hungry, slick, sexy and growing in power.

    What I want to know is…

    1. Does Pixelmator offer the functionality of say, Photoshop 4-7.
    2. Twain acquire for scanners.
    3. Handle 300 DPI scanned images at 11×17 inches ok?

    I guess for $14 you can’t argue…and I will be following it’s progress with great interest.

    Best wishes, Pixelmator developers and fans,


    PS. I’ve even thought about partitioning Tiger to run my PS7. But I doubt the new iMac will boot it?

  • Kris

    @kyle Having an iMac27 model previous model, tried to make a partition and run Snow Leopard. Had a Gray Screen of Death! Luckily after erasing the partition everything went back to normal.

    So I would say, ‘don’t try this at home’

  • Jim

    And still, no foreground-background palette, nor any discussion of its return.

    @Kyle – Pixelmator is interesting, but it lacks serious color correction controls, buries controls into menu bars (you have to expand everything to see them), and seriously lacks simple, basic palette controls (not my above line and the previous post from Garett). They had existed but they’ve been removed and after 1+ years no word on why they’re gone or if they’ll ever return. Worse, communication from the company over user-perceived problems is almost non-existant, hence the high levels of frustration with the product. This also explains the disparity between some high ratings and many, many grunblings – looks great, but once we’re deep into the product, no support.