November 8, 2012

Color Perfect Pixelmator 2.1.3

This update adds entirely new color management: Soft Proofing, ColorSync, full sRGB support, and more.

We are excited to announce the Pixelmator 2.1.3 update. It has completely redesigned color management and a ton of great new features that will help you keep all your image colors in perfect shape.

In the digital world, colors can be defined in many ways, and when it comes to precision, a feature called Soft Proofing comes in handy. Soft Proofing lets you quickly apply different color profiles to your images so you can get an idea of how the outcome, such as the printed image, might look. That’s right, CMYK lovers, now you can preview and work in CMYK colors.

On top of that, thanks to the sRGB standard, the image colors inside Pixelmator will also look better. The sRGB color standard is widely used on most devices you come across every day, such as digital cameras, scanners, or even your iPhone. This means that the colors of images you edit in Pixelmator will look absolutely perfect outside Pixelmator and across all of your Apple devices.

Here are some more highlights for this update:

  • New Color Management look
  • Enhanced PSD file format support
  • Improved Automator actions
  • Ability to reset gradient presets or brush collections quickly
  • Spanish and Italian languages added

View more of what’s in, or just go ahead and download Pixelmator 2.1.3 now.


  • Stefano

    Great fantastic version 2.1.3 finally in Italian!!!!!
    You’re the best! Congratulations!

    Just a small thing, in the Preferences window “Tools – Selection” translated as “Strumenti – Selezionamento”, maybe “Selezione” is better and shorter and more commonly used than “Selezionamento”.

  • Klaus Major

    Yeah, cool! 🙂

    But please put the effects back into a menu, or additionallly to the palette, if you like.

  • Jonas

    I love you guys! Thank you so much!

  • pefi

    At some points Pixelmator was codes really careless. I still have to use other tools like Gimp to do my work.
    How is it expected to use the cloud generator without any parameters? The clouds are either to big or to small. You should be able to change the sharpness, the size and the seed. It’s a joke that most effects are suggesting parameters when you move the cursor over their preview in the effects-browser.
    Or when transforming or scaling something, why can’t you choose some other interpolation methods?
    When zooming into the picture, why is it so slow and delayed?
    There are many other issues and missing details, just look at for Windows.
    From the description it feels like Pixelmator is supposed to be a professional picture editing tool but when I use it it feels like it’s just for editing some holiday photos.
    I like the concepts of Pixelmator but I’m missing some improvements.

  • Behnam

    Yes I second Bob Rockefeller comment.
    Any hope of 16-bit PSD support? (or TIFF?)

  • Anon Cowherd

    So what did you break this time?

    I was mildly amused to read about the new Healing Tool.. “Hey we made a new super-fast Healing Tool .. that doesn’t work!” .. “Then we spent like three weeks fixing it and released a new Glorious version!”

    Layer Styles, anyone? :p

  • Simone Vitale

    Healing tool is still broken for me : /

  • publius

    so sad i can able to download this pixelmator on my laptop… bcoz im using windows vista.. not mac huhuhuhu

  • meggie

    I love Pixelmator. Sadly, I just downloaded the new version and I can’t seem to do any of the things it used to do. What happened? My eraser tool is broken!!! The effects have changed, which is causing big problems since I was half way through a project where I was changing a series of images to the same effect for a website I’m working on.

    Is there any way to go back to the version before the update???