A while ago

Pixelmator in Apple Keynote Again

Wow! Everyone’s favorite worldwide marketing executive Phil Schiller mentioned Pixelmator at the Apple keynote event. Again!

It is truly a great feeling to be in Apple’s keynote alongside such amazing products as the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, the incredible iMac (boy, we can’t wait to put our hands on that!), and the new iPad mini.

P.S. We also have some sweet news coming up about Pixelmator 2.1.3. Stay tuned!


  • Yoosuf

    Congrats, I am using the Pixelmator alternative for Photoshop

  • Armi

    I like the idea that we live in a world where everything is sophisticated, truly amazing, wonderful and incredible.

  • Io

    @Armi ma stai zitto!

  • Dear Apple

    Sweet news? Are you bringing the color boxes back?

  • Paul Trott

    Sweet! I can’t wait for 16 bit support in pixelmator. Then I will buy this app and finally ditch photoshop. Have been waiting for years.

  • Klaus Major

    We stayed tuned for about two week now, so come on and tell us someting exiting now! 🙂

  • billy bob

    Along with all the other 30+ Apps shown in the picture – yore so special and awesome and blah blah blah – whatever. I guess if no one else is patting you on the back you can do it yourself.

  • Ed Glasheen


  • Ashley

    Will there be ipad support?
    At the minute I’m using photoshop because I can use it on my ipad, but I would rather a simple and powerful ipad app of Pixelmator to go with the desktop version!