September 18, 2012

All-New Healing Tool in Pixelmator 2.1.1

The Pixelmator 2.1.1 update is out! But this is more than just another maintenance update. We’ve packed in a little treat for you: This update brings a radically improved Healing Tool. Now you can easily remove image imperfections or just about any image element you want, so your pictures look their absolute best.

Pixelmator Healing Tool Performance
Up to 20x faster than previous version

We are bursting with pride to tell you that this is the best and the fastest Healing Tool in the world. Pretty sophisticated algorithms and the latest OS X technologies have allowed us to create a tool that performs at an incredible speed. We hope you’ll be as excited about it as we are.

A lot of other good things are here, too: the ability to temporarily hide the Alignment Guides with the Command key, significant performance improvements, the effects you’ve missed, and much more.



  • Mark

    Really impressive work. This is something that was very time consuming to do by hand, will save lots of time.

  • Michae

    Wow! This is a real bonus to touch up areas quickly. I wonder what I’ll be doing with all the extra time I get back.

  • Pawe? Kata

    I really love the quick hide of alignment guides 🙂 Thanks! 😀

  • timeimp


    BRB. Buying Pixelmator. This has convinced me to switch! Woo!

  • Rob

    Thanks for the Tutorial, never knew it would work with the other selection tools.

  • Sean

    The healing tool is EXTREMELY buggy now. I try to remove a small blemish on the right side of the image and it replaces it with something on the far left. It’s indeed faster but the accuracy is way off. Used to work fine before. Hoping this gets fixed ASAP as I used this functionality often and don’t have a backup of the old Pixelmator version to revert to….

  • Joe

    I’m hoping that I’ll someday be able to replace an Adobe product with something much better. I’m not talking about Photoshop but Flash. Please consider changing your video player. 🙂

  • Auston

    I’m wil others who have already said it, but this new update has caused the healing tool to be extremely buggy. Yes its much faster but it doesn’t work at all! Please fix this!

  • M4v3R

    I got a response from the Pixelmator team. They kindly provided me with a beta version that works much better, and they’ve said that it will be on the Mac App Store very soon. Now that’s a customer service!

  • PsykX

    The new Healing tool is FAST ! But what’s a fast tool when it doesn’t work at all ? :-/

    I hope what M4v3R said is true.

  • Klaus Major

    I am missing a “Duplicate” (document) or “Save as…” menu item?
    What am I overlooking?

  • pixowner

    I purchased pixelmator about a year ago and about the only thing i’ve tried using it for is the healing tool,
    and its been less than good for my cases . Gimp’s resynthesize plugin has faired much better and i’ve never looked back,
    2.8 version is a native OSX install, its free if you have the time to try it.

  • Edward Glasheen

    Just installed 2.1.1 (fresh install). Healing Brush worked fine for me. No issues at all. 2011 13″ Macbook Air

  • You've got to be kidding me..

    Video takes forever to load via high speed DSL. And you want me to buy your healing smart pixielmstor app?

  • Manabu Miwa

    The new healing tool works relatively well (but not perfect) on my MacBook Air mid ’12, on the other hand, it is more buggy (especially about its hue) on my iMac mid ’11…

  • Garrett McGilvray

    The Pixelmator team is usually good about listening to user feedback when it comes to fixing things that worked well in previous versions. That’s why I am surprised the the filters and adjustments aren’t back in the menus instead of only the effects browser. I still recommend users stay with 2.0.5 until this and the new healing brush are fixed.

  • Paul

    Upgraded to 2.1.1 and healing tool is no longer any good for the types of retouching I do. Fortunately I had a backup of 2.1 so I have reverted to 2.1 until the healing tool regains its functionality. It may be that for some kinds of retouching, perhaps on a more powerful Mac, that the new healing tool is better, but for fixing small areas on a Mac Mini the tool in 2.1 is much better. Perhaps you should have a “Basic Healing Tool” that works like the one in 2.1, and also an “Advanced Healing Tool”, either as separate tools or as different configurations of the Healing tool.

  • Henry

    After the latest update, the healthing tool is worse than before, cannot peform “content aware fill” completely, too bad.

  • hamsta

    Hearing about the problems with the new heal tool, i’ve got to agree with Paul. Bring back the old heal tool that was working and make the new heal tool and additional sub choice.

  • Al

    Someday Pixelmator kill Photoshop and I’ll love it!
    For a long time Adobe stop using great Mac OS X technologies and how Photoshop is slow, useless and ugly.

    Thanks Pixelmator team for your work!

  • norma

    Hearing about the problems with the new heal tool, i’ve got to agree with Paul. Bring back the old heal tool that was working and make the new heal tool and additional sub choice.