August 29, 2012

The Most Successful Release Ever

Pixelmator 2.1 has been the most successful release ever. We’ve been overwhelmed by the incredible feedback and sales. Pixelmator 2.1 Cherry–the major upgrade that adds a bunch of new features–hit the Mac App Store tops and its downloads exceeded 250,000 in just two weeks. This is an astonishing number that we’ve never seen in our history before.

We put our hearts into Pixelmator. And the reward could not be more staggering. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that people are enjoying Pixelmator, talking about it to their family and friends, and sharing their excitement on Twitter and blogs. Thanks to all of you guys who stick by us and believe in our work.

The Pixelmator Team


  • Mateo

    Congratulations! You guys deserve it.

    I hope that with all this money you will bring layer styles to the next update :p 😉

  • Marco

    I suggest it very often but PLEASE WE WANT ITALIAN LANGUAGEEEEEE

  • Chris Long

    congrats on success. you deserve it! HATE the @Adobe softwares!

  • Asecon

    Great news!! You guys deserve this!! I love this app!!

  • Marco Moroni

    Wow! But your app is not perfect only because there’s not italian language! 😉

  • Stefano

    Congratulations, but as other people said: ITALIAN LANGUAGE as soon as possible !!!!!
    Can’t be that in version 1 it was present and disappeared from version 2…
    Never happens with no other software company, I think.

  • David

    Love u girls n guys!!!

  • Marco Moroni

    HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!!! LISTEN TEAM! I think that you can work whit Italian people for add Italian language. Maybe you can add a page in the site with the words that have to be translate, and I think that Italian users will be happy to help you!

  • Francisco


  • Jacob Bordieri

    Well done. Keep the great updates coming, it’s like getting fun gifts to open!

  • Pixelfreak

    There are many comments about poor performance (the infamous beach ball) in the app store. Any updates about that?

  • Jørgen Eriksen

    I totally agree. Pixelmator 2.1 is running slow when I use layers. It is so slow that it is unusable. Aside from that, it is a great program, but something needs to be done about that problem

  • Garrett McGilvray

    Pixelmator 2.0.5 was great. Something else great is Time Machine, because now I’m enjoying 2.0.5 again. No more fills that won’t work, scrolling that won’t work, offset selections, and my filters and adjustments are back in the menu where they belong. When these things are fixed, I’m sure 2.1.x will be wonderful, but until then, I’m back to stable bliss. I guess it’s just a matter of “growing pains.”

  • John Blommers

    Let me weight in with Garret McGilvray regarding the proper location of filters and adjustments. It took me quite a while to realize a radical interface design change had been visited upon the user head and shoulders. I would request that they be made available in the menus again as well.

    Let me welcome our Italian colleagues.

    Let me congratulate Pixelmator on temporarily reducing its price to attract more users. IMHO the lowered price does not reflect the product’s value, but marketing is marketing.

  • Lake

    I just bought Pixelmator and I love it, but please, in a new update, put the option to rotate freely all the canvas like photoshop! It will be very useful for us, illustrators!
    Keep the good work, and congratulations!!!!

  • David


    Well done PIxelmator people. : ) I just given you some of my hard earned cash as I’ve got a shiny new retina mac and sadly the Adobe lot are a bunch of lazy b*&**!!!ds and haven’t updated photoshop yet – it’s borderline unusable. I’ve used pixelmator before, now you’ve officially become my new “deciphering my designers designs” app.

    Congrats on all the downloads!

  • Damian Santillan

    Congratulations! I love it!

  • phil_0203

    I’m still unable to work with pixelmator – beach balls all the time –

    most annoying: undoing effects and working with layers !

  • Bourdieu

    I need a version support chinese! Thanks

  • Did

    I’m agree with a lot of comments (here and in the Mac AppStore). This version is almost unusable !
    Layers and Undo are sooooo slow.
    At least, I think you should communicate you are aware of this problem and you are working on it.
    250000 disappointed customers is it ever seen in your history before ?

  • John Doe

    Layer Styles = 250.000 * 100

  • mer

    Thanks for this insane piece of work! 🙂 Love the design of the website aswell