July 12, 2012

Least Secret Feature in Upcoming Pixelmator 2.1 Cherry

The ever-busy Pixelmator Team is about to release a new major version of Pixelmator: Pixelmator 2.1, codenamed Cherry. We’ve been working very hard on it for a few months now, and Cherry is one of the best major Pixelmator updates we have ever put together.

Today I am very excited to unveil the least secret feature of Pixelmator 2.1 Cherry: complete Pixelmator support for the new Retina display on the MacBook Pro. Yep, Pixelmator 2.1 Cherry is already fully Retina-ready, including all of the user interface elements as well as the image editing engine itself. And, what can I say—Pixelmator on the new MacBook Pro with Retina display (we’ve got a few of those around the office) looks totally incredible.

The Retina display is, of course, a brilliant fit for image editing using Pixelmator. But we’re also impressed by the MacBook Pro’s speed and power, HD graphics and video support, beautiful looks, and so many other great features. Apple did a phenomenal job on the new MacBook Pro. It is very likely the best Mac that has ever been made, and surely the best laptop on the planet.

The new Pixelmator 2.1 Cherry includes Retina support and some other fantastic new features, and it is coming your way very soon. Those of you who want a peek at what’s ahead can click here for a glimpse.


  • Maciej Tarmas

    Yey! Great news for both Retina MacBook owners!

  • Michiel


    Will please, above all else, implement a decent main/secondary colour picker/changer? How is such a trivial feature not implemented? I don’t understand why there is no fuss about this! I paid good money for Pixelmator, but can’t use it because it lacks such a basic option.

    Hope you’ll implement this soon,


  • Yury

    Well done guys! Can’t wait! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Anthony Underwood

    For a first post on the new upgrade this is disappointing. I hope there is a good deal more to Cherry. The number of Pixelmator users with retina macbooks will be very small.

  • POC

    Very fast reaction… Thanks Guys!!!!

  • anon

    Sounds like Anthony does not have a Retina MacBook Pro…

  • Patrick

    Indeed rather meh, but I guess why not… Hopefully there’s more to it thought.

  • Duffman

    Hahaha, so funny video. So all that is new is the Apple’s new hardware. And PM team speaks like they created it lol.

    6 months to provide @2x pictures of PM, this is a lot of work lol !

  • Jacob Bordieri

    Hello… a new drag and drop effects browser that’s organized and saves favorites, yes please! Looks like some new effects will be included. That and the updated retina stuff are the smallest updates? Awesome, can’t wait to open this present. Thanks Team!

  • Matt

    “Image editing for the rest of us….” The “rest of us” don’t have a cool $2,500 for the Retina love. But good work!

  • Castle

    Sorry to say that, but @Duffman is right and the same way @Matt.

    I just hope that Retina is not the only ‘big’ improvement to next release. Anyway, good work guys!

  • test321

    I only hope that zoom, pan, and rotate pinch gestures are included. I love the app but this omission is very frustrating.

  • Benjamin Crozat

    Hope to see improvements for UI designers. Like in Photoshop CS6.

  • usualemi

    La lingua italiana verrà reintrodotta???
    The Italian language will be reintroduced???

  • Drew

    As rMBP owner…..i just have to say Thank you!

    Awesome update as always and can’t wait to download it!

  • Rowan

    Can’t wait for the update guys – rMBP is about a week away till mine arrives. Sure won’t be using photoshop, guess it will take them six months to update.

  • Jøanes

    Hope we’ll see the introduction of a liquify-like tool(s) in the new version of Pixelmator. 🙂 One is able to buy a liquify-like “photo-distortion” standalone app from the Mac App Store. So why this function couldn’t be in Pixelmator as well?? 🙂

  • hamsta

    Yay! Can’t wait for 2.1 ^_^

  • Johannes Lietz

    How about a “copy merged”? Many times that I use Pixelmator I miss some basic function and I think “how can this be missing”. And taking screenshots an re-importing them to PM can’t be the right solution.

  • Karlo

    How about the full list of updates? 😀

  • Augustin

    Looks like PM implemented something really obvious during last *months*. It’s like saying “we are releasing a major release because we just added support for keyboard and mouse in our software”

  • Dan

    Looking forward to another great version.

  • PsykX

    For a first post on 2.1, this is weak. But 2.1 isn’t just about Retina graphics. Haven’t you seen the new “Effects Browser”, like in Photoshop ? This is a good step forward.

    Next up, we’ll hear about Layer Styles, and the possibility to change the color of this hideous black interface, and we’ll be all set to ditch Photoshop.

  • Oleg

    You guys follow the OS X change.. well done.. But ofcourse I would be even more happy to see usability fixes for the primitive functionality first. One line dialogs 1980px wide are not usable to export formats, selection tool bug and in general… Pixelmator could be ultimate tool for the web design before all fancy photo processing features. Please focus on the practical functions and you will make everybody happy user.

  • Drew


    Read the title…..Least Secret Feature…. i know it’s the first post and there might be more important things to say about 2.1…..but i think people should not take themselves too seriously..

    it’s ment to be a funny way to introduce 2.1!!!


  • PsykX

    @Drew : I think you misunderstood me. My post wasn’t just anger. It was a mix of anger for not actually knowing a god damn thing about Pixelmator 2.1 except a blog post written by Captain Obvious in person, and a way to calm those who think 2.1 is just about going Retina. The effects browser is rather obvious and people didn’t bother watching the video, they only read the title.

    That being said, the Pixelmator team should take example on Panic and the OmniGroup. They cannot be as secretive as Apple. Not at the moment. Because their product does not yet compare with the competition. In a few months or years, when the product will compare, they can be as secret as they want, people won’t bother them.

  • Drew

    As much as I agree with you PsykX, I have to say that they have chosen this line…and it seems to work…being secretive can be a negative things as you suggest, but it keeps also people interested, and while their product do not match in popularity their competitor’s people seems to be curious enought to check this pages often like you and I……hence the strategy seems to work, their consumer base is solid and allows them do to as they are doing, apart from BIG company, it’s hard to find “small developers” that can keep so many people interested without saying much about their next release as the Pix team.

    I do wish myself for more communications, but i understand why they are not giving it 😛

  • Jos

    Looking forward to this update!

  • Ant

    will the 2.1 Cherry be free as an upgrade if i buy Pixelmator now ?

  • Onur

    This is my second comment on Pixelmator Blog. On the first one, PM was about to be updated to 2.0 and most of us shouted out begging for the vector shapes and layer styles. We had the vector shapes with 2.0! And I was this close to ditching stupid Adobe PS to my trash can. Only if PM also had the LAYER STYLES.

    I know I’m one of the many asking, so please; most of us are capable of doing the bitmap effects, with a very good, professional quality and I would beg for you to take your time on improving the layer manipulations and professional tools instead of adding amateur end user features.

    I’m not complaining or dissatisfied with Pixelmator in fact I think we have the best app on mac for the price. Yet, I really so badly want to kill PS on my macbook pro and for me the only thing I need with Pixelmator is Layer effects as is on PS.

    Please, take my money 10 times for the update but have us layer effects as soon as possible 🙂

  • Jonas

    Pixelmator rocks!!! All our developers use it every day! It’s great to have a powerfull image software on every computer…

  • Tom Morgan

    I would like to say, it’s absolutely wonderful. Pixelmator is pushing out a retina update while Adobe are still floundering trying to mimic Pixelmator’s beautiful interface. I adore your software guys, keep it up.

  • Charles

    Any news on adjustment layers?

  • Benjamin Altpeter

    Reading this from the new MPB Retina and can’t wait for this release to finally come out 😉

  • ED

    Adjustment layers! the only thing keeping me from using Pixelmator 100%