April 24, 2012

Pixelmator 2.0.3 Is Out

Not long ago, we brought you the biggest maintenance update in Pixelmator history. Today, we’re excited to bring you Pixelmator 2.0.3, our second maintenance update this year. It’s all part of our work to make Pixelmator the image editor for the rest of us.

Here are just a few of the many improvements we built into this update:

  • For starters, with Pixelmator 2.0.3, most users will see their memory footprint cut in half. That should sweeten performance noticeably and make using Pixelmator an even faster and smoother experience.
  • The Export for Web feature is vastly improved, with fixes for both stability and compatibility issues.
  • We also fixed a few nasty crashes, worked some magic in cases where PXM files were going corrupt, and topped off the update with dozens more enhancements.
  • And, if you’ve wished for a return to the old Deselect shortcut—well, we listened. From now on, Command-D is for Deselect again.

Last but not least, users who don’t get along entirely with the Lion OS X Autosave feature can now turn it off in Pixelmator by typing this command in the Terminal:

defaults write com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator "disableAutosave" -bool YES

We’re very happy with Pixelmator 2.0.3. And, along with the recent maintenance updates, we are on track to release the next major update: Pixelmator 2.1.


  • Chris

    Thanks for giving us an option to avoid this auto-save nonsense…

  • David Chartier

    Thank you, *thank you* for returning ?-D to us. We were worried sick about where it had gone!

  • Michaël Perrin

    Pixelmator was fast, it’s now even faster. Thank you for taking performance into account as much as you do!

  • Mark Rushton

    Command-D is back as Deselect? Thank-you, Pixelmator Gods.

  • Jim

    Listen to the first post – bring back the foreground/background color box. Without this necessity, Pixelmator will continue to hardly be used.

  • AJ

    Thanks Pixelmator Team! – I am a relatively new Mac user (11 months) and the first application that I used was Pixelmator. I really can’t believe how good this application is and how low-cost it is. This has to be the best value Mac app out there,

  • Klaus Major

    AHHHHH, “Save as…” AND CMD-D for deselect, I just love you guys 🙂

    Big thank you from germany!

  • killperucita

    ¿y el idioma español para cuando?
    ¿where are the spanish traslation?

  • Jacob Bordieri

    Love the update, thanks! I’m currently punishing the vector shapes and layers panel and it’s taking it with ease, cool.

  • Bryson Holland

    Can’t agree with the color box comment enough.

  • Arroyodorado

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Pixelmator Team for letting me disable this autosave nonsense. Now I can start using this app again. Really, thank you. I hope this is an example to other developers. And no, thanks, I don’t need to be convinced why autosave is good anyway – I know why I dislike it… 😎 Thanks Pixelmator Team.

  • JonathanJK

    Thanks guys, I was having some weird memory problems with small simple jpegs, hopefully it will be cleared up now.

  • Syd

    Any chance of adding a preference for changing the interface colour scheme and sizing – it really needs sorting out.

  • Carmelo

    Hi, I just bought Pixelmator. I wanted to know if you plan to put the Italian language, or should I resign? Thanks expect an answer.

  • Joe

    Great update. Thanks for listening and for continuing to optimize it. Please don’t lose this focus. Thanks!

  • needz

    Please add interface customization (colors, size), can’t read the small letters.

  • Rob

    Autosave should have been a user option, not the default, from the start! (I blame Apple, not you guys.)

  • Mckouil

    Thank you for this amazing update ! I experienced very poor performance with thirty layers 2600X1600 files and this is much better now : great work. To me, autosave is great and saved my life a couple of times. Like many others I’m now looking ahead for a better integration of coulours within Pixelmator interface, not the actual OSX dialog… I guess that the way colours are assigned to types, gradients and other tools may be improved. Thanks again for everything, I spend more than three hours a day using pixelmator and really love it.

  • PsykX

    Good update, there’s a lot of long awaited fixes in this one.
    Now I cannot wait until you guys fix the black interface and add Layer Styles in 2.1 !!!

  • raf

    Thank you for allowing to disable Autosave/Versions! There’s hoping Apple come to their senses one day about forcing this feature on users.

  • Christopher Grant

    Thank you gentlemen,

    The regular work you’ve put into Pixelmator has steadily encouraged me to ‘ditch the beast’.

  • Anon Cowherd

    OMG Thanks so much guys for this wonderful update! It’s just *soooo* awesome how you’ve managed to un-fuck *some* of the things you fucked up with 2.0.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this lovely and *supremely swift* update you’ve issued!

  • hamsta

    I agree 100%. Thanks for the wonderful update! Looking forward to 2.1…. 😀

  • Anon Cowherd


    Managed to lure out the Chief Apologist, eh? :p

  • apaulio

    Hurrah for the update, had found versions so much out of my work zone had gone back to the competition when I needed a quick and simple job done. Save As is a wonderful thing to see back in the pallette (and, like other posters, I blame Apple for that. They’re an excellent company when they’re excellent but a horrible and mean spirited bully when not).

    Anyhow: lovely to see Pixelmator back in the dock and look forward to getting back to playing with it from now on in. As always thanks! Love 90% of the program. Save as brings that back to 92% 🙂

  • Alexander Maier

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, relief! Autosave B#[[5#!T Off. Forever. Thank you.

  • starfx6464

    I love the update and the options you’ve added. However, where oh where has my pinch to zoom gone? I swear it was there in 2.0 but ever since has vanished. Maybe I’m the only one, but I do miss it.

  • billy bob

    If you force us to go thru the Apple Store to get this – you have lost a customer. Back to PS I go.

  • JustMe

    A great update, thanks you brought back save-as and deselect.
    I’m eagerly waiting for 2.1

  • Oliver

    Just why put ‘user-select: none’ into the css so one needs to type the command to disable the autosave.

    This css rule also prevents all mouse usage in textfields. Try it in the comment box, it’s particular annoying, at least with Firefox.

  • BvG

    cmd-d doesn’t deselect for me, it duplicates, that’s so annyoing, to have that one single app to behave differently then every other app.

    I understand that photoshop-escapees want cmd-d to be doublicate, but why do i need to put up with their craziness. Your settings windows is very small and featureless, and this would be a great addition to your gui.

  • Klaus Major

    BvG (Björnke? 🙂

    CMD-D DOES indeed deselect in version 2.03!

    Please make sure that this behaviour has not been modified in the “Keyboard: Shortcuts”
    section of the OS X System Preferences!

  • Windows User

    Windows please…

  • Dave Miers

    This auto switching to the pixelmator file format is no good for me at all. Pixelmator for me is great..or was great for a quick edit on things that generally were not complicated. The saved version or lack of the save step in the workflow increased that speed. However to date I HAVE NEVER SAVED a file in the native pixelmator format. Pixelmator was not replacing Photoshop where major editing is done, but reserved for quick edits working through large quantities of files. The workflow for large quantities of files is totally shot in the ass!!!

    Somebody please how do I get version 2.03 back?

  • Fabrice

    Disabling autosave via the terminal didn’t work for me. It’s an incredibly stupid feature and no “easy to access” setting in the software, this is getting worse and worse…

  • resting

    The terminal command didn’t work for me too. Checking System Preferences->General->Ask to keep changes when closing documents worked.

  • Ausra (Pixelmator Team)

    The command line was for OS X Lion. Since this blog posts, Apple has released OS X Mountain Lion, where “Ask to keep changes when closing documents.” appeared.