March 21, 2012

Pixelmator Tutorials Video Podcast


We’ve got some sweet goodies for you. Starting today, you can subscribe to and view the Pixelmator Tutorials video podcast from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (the new one is yummy) and, of course, from iTunes on your Mac. The new Pixelmator podcast is the quickest, easiest way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your favorite image editor. Even better, each episode is brought to you in full HD to let you catch even the smallest details of the action.

Just as in our awesome Pixelmator Tutorials website, each episode of the Pixelmator Tutorials video podcast will walk you through a different feature of Pixelmator, showing you just how easy it is to create, enhance and have fun with your images. You’ll learn how to work with the most useful tools and apply the most popular effects—quickly, expertly and on the go. And with new tutorials planned for the immediate future, this is one podcast subscription you won’t want to miss.

The Pixelmator Tutorials video podcast is immediately available in iTunes or by clicking here.



  • WTL

    Fantastic! Subscribed and downloading as I type.

  • Olaf

    On AppleTV it’s looking good.

  • René

    I love the idea of putting these videos out on iTunes, but they download just as sluggish as on the Pixelmator site itself. And with all respect…. 1 minute podcasts that only show the buttons and tools? Why not hire those other Pixelmator Podcast makers? At least they are able to be more informative.

    But please continue focusing on pixelmator 2.1. I hope you will bring back some of the things we are missing from version 1.

  • PsykX

    @Mark Rushton : The problem is not that Pixelmator has a dark interface. It’s that it’s WAY too dark. WAY too dark.
    Plus, have you taken a look at Photoshop CS6’s preferences ? You can still choose the light gray colors from before if you want.

  • Ausra

    @René: It’s just the beginning. We release new tutorials each week. Once we cover the basics we’ll move on to more advanced ones.

  • René

    @Ausra Okay I see.. Good to know more advanced and i hope longer podcasts are coming. Hope they download faster as well. Right now it takes 3 minutes to download a podcast that is not even a minute via broadband. I guess that you indeed work together with some of the other pixelmator podcasts creators and not going to use your own recourses on this as I would really like to see focus on what we as users want (back) in the app in stead of trying to do things that others already do for you for free. Like this site for example why is it still hard to read for everybody except yourself? I make websites for a living and changing the color scheme of a site like this takes 10 minutes max if you’re slow. Focus please…. Focus on what you should do listen to your customers.

  • PsykX

    Has anyone noticed the posts on the website has gone down drastically since the new awkward black interface ? I thought it would have been rectified by now.

  • ipoly

    I try to download video podcast in iTunes, but I get this:
    The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.

  • Ausra

    @iploy: The podscasts are temporarily turned off.