December 13, 2011

Mac App of the Year

Just think about this: For an entire year, Pixelmator has retained its standing as one of the (1) most highly rated, and (2) top-charting apps on the Mac App Store, with (3) incredible, massive sales that we never dreamed of. Also, just a couple of months ago, it won a gorgeous (4) Apple Design Award, and just a month ago, our (5) most successful (in terms of everything—feedback, sales, downloads, updates, etc.) update—Pixelmator 2.0—was released.

I’d say that’s quite a year for a tiny Mac developer like the Pixelmator Team. Quite a year…

…but just when you start to think that the most incredible year in Pixelmator’s life (to this date) is coming to an end—boom—it happens: As if those five huge reasons above weren’t enough, Pixelmator is named (!) the Mac app of the year! Yup! THE MAC APP of THE YEAR.

Wow. Just a huge wow. That is a big honor for us.

And again, thank you so much, everyone, for helping us to get where we are today: closer and closer to creating the best image editing app in the world. We know we are not there yet, but we are also confident that we will get there.

I would also like to say a big thanks to all of those people at Apple that showed us how to get where we are today, and thanks for giving us all of the stuff that everyone uses, loves and knows about. In our case, too, we’re grateful to Apple for creating the Mac App Store which is hugely responsible for successes of all those developers like us. Thank you, Apple!

P.S.—My quote, together with quotes from Philip Schiller (everyone’s favorite Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing), Amar Hanspal (of Autodesk) and Karim Morsy (of algoriddim) made it into Apple’s official press release describing the incredible success of the Mac App Store. The press release was noticed by almost every popular magazine and blog out there. It is amazing to be at least a teeny, tiny part of something that big and that great.


  • Andy M

    Congratulations Pixelmator team! You guys deserve it.

    I love the App and use it for my small freelance business. It is everything I need and more.

    Look forward to being one of your long time customers. 🙂

  • TJ

    congrats! love the app, the design, everything is fantastic. the one small but important beef i have with it currently is that in full-screen mode you cannot pan passed the canvas, making the toolbars get in the way, so you’re kinda force to opt-out of full-screen

  • Sebastien

    Thank you for such a great application!

  • Rob

    Unfortunately 2.0 was a step backwards, the new UI is too hard to see and there aren’t any really useful new features. Still waiting for layer styles.

  • Mark

    Amazing how far you’ve come in such a short time… keep pushing and it will only get better.

  • Mike

    I would possibly agree for it to be mac app of the year. However as you have noted it does have issues.

    One for me was that vector stuff was pointless for me.

    I ended up buying iDraw for vector stuff… One thing I noticed is that they seem to be very much into copying your style. I actually though I had opened Pixelmator the first time I ran it.

    Well done.

    Still waiting for a vector app on mac that can compete with cheap apps like drawplus and xara.


  • Noam Entity

    Well done. You’re living the dream.

  • Mockman

    Well done.

    I am not heavily into image editing so it was great for me when you made your App Store offer. It was a great opportunity to try Pixelmator out while keeping costs down and securing the future. So your work is much appreciated.

    Keep it up and I’m sure that 2012 will also be a great year for you. I wish you all the best.

  • hamsta

    Yup yup, congrats on yet another award.
    Pixelmator team, living the dream! 🙂

  • Damon

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Pixelmator is the BEST! People use to say Pixelmator is not the mainstream editor and can’t be compared to PhotoShop, well clearly now its not only the mainstream editor. It also won the love of the customers. You guys are the only company outside Apple that has such large customer base with people who are truly passionate about your product. You deserve it. Keep up the great work!

  • Lollo

    Congratulations Pixelmator Team!

  • Almarma

    With a ton of sales, and you cannot afford to translate the interface to Spanish? 1.x release was translated to Spanish. Now, with 2.0 we’ve lost that. Well done. The third most spoken language on Earth is not supported!

  • Franco

    Pixelmator is a REAL software, so is time act accordingly, release the sw in ALL the languages available for 1.x version along with the user manual in all those languages. You ask for money, we pay the money you ask, now do your home works.

  • Jo

    Bravo à l’équipe de Pixelmator!

  • Bilt


    Šaunuoliai vyrukai. Taip ir toliau laikykit?s J?s? sunkiame darbe.

  • PsykX

    Congratulations about Pixelmator’s success, but ARRRRG my EYES HURT when I read this article !!!

    Now even the new weblog suffers the same problem as the application itself : the all-black interface. It could not be more annoying to the eye, and it could not influence your drawings more than that.

    Please, revert to the old dark gray colors ASAP both on the site and in Pixelmator or at least let us choose which background color we want.

  • Thomas Bennett

    Great app but please fixbugs! I haven’t heard anything about a new release? Keep it up though. AND I agree with this guy about the colors. ^

  • Kevin Packard

    Doing b&w graphics for embedded development, and Pixelmator’s export produces nice, tiny PNG’s. Photoshop and Acorn fall short. Hooray for Pixelmator!

  • Tom Chaffer

    I second that Bravo! Great to hear this! I certainly enjoy this app and am looking forward to streamlining my video workflow with it. It’s my GO-TO app for storyboards, ideas, sketches, etc. It’s so light and yet strong! Beautiful code deserves a party once in a while. Happy new year, Pixelmator.

  • Kissinger

    That is very cool

  • Kissinger


  • MHazell

    You guys should make a Windows version. I would get it if it was available. That would be way better than MS Paint.

  • Hamsta

    Finger painting with my poop would be better than using MS Paint.

  • Tom


    Please make more frequent updates.

    There are things that need fixing. Perhaps you have already fixed them. Small stuff.

    Even small things can be a pleasant surprise for your users, no need to have a revolution with each release.


  • Bram

    Way too much honor for you guys. You have to pay the full price to upgrade for pre-Appstore users and all you get is a lousy update with a lot of bugs…

    – Pixelmator keeps getting slow if I use it for more than a few minutes
    – A lot of UI elements render totally incorrectly
    – Export for web feature is becoming kinda useless because most of the times the UI doesn’t render at all

    Seriously guys, I love your product and I had great fun with it in the past. Nowadays I can’t stand it and I’m thinking about using another product for the time being. I’m waiting for an update that doesn’t arrive, what are you doing out there?

  • Andy

    Well Deserved!

    Even Adobe seems to appreciate it (perhaps too much) As this video sneak peak of the upcoming Phtotshop CS6 shows.

    Oh! how I hope you guys have a PixelmatorTouch up your sleeve to beat Adobe’s (perpetually coming soon) App for iPad that they’ve already released on Android.

  • WOLF

    WOW – CONGRATULATIONS … you deserve that. Absolutely.
    I have been working with a bunch of programs. Photoshop, FIreworks, Acorn to just name a few. But this application rocks them all! It’s by far the steepest learning curve I have ever had with a new program … Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

  • Duffman

    “Even Adobe seems to appreciate it (perhaps too much) As this video sneak peak of the upcoming Phtotshop CS6 shows.

    Lol yeah. The multibillions dollars and with thousands of devs and high tech engineers corporation Adobe is “following” the 5 man -not so good we you see the numbers of bugs and missing features- pixelmator team.

    Nice joke, I laughed.

  • pl_svn

    … ok, great but now, two months later… can we also have at least a bugfix *please*? or you moved to a tropical island and spend the whole day sipping mojitos? :-p

    *bugfix*, please!!!

  • Andy

    God, the second pixelmator is such a disappointment! Amateurish UI, crashes all the time. I can see why Adobe can appreciate your “product” – it will make people start saving some money to buy the real product rather than lose their brain cells trying to do something with your cripple app.

  • lee

    A bit delayed but a big thank you, pixelmator really deserved all the praise it receives i am not an artistic person but i am thoroughly enjoying following the tutorials and applying my own designs. so a big thank you and keep up the good work.

  • JonathanJK

    Well done guys. I can’t believe people still complain about pixelmator. There’s so much value here it’s unreal. I’m happy to just pay £18 to NOT use Adobe software.

    Is it possible (as I have one small request) to get Aperture support. Then my workflow use will almost be complete.

  • Drew

    Pixelmator 2.0.2 is out!! YAYYYYY!!

  • Thierry

    Pixelmator is and will always be the best!