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Pixelmator 2.0 Launches on Mac App Store

Image Editing App Adds New Drawing, Retouching and Smudge Tools, Content-Aware Fill, and Support for OS X Lion

The Pixelmator Team today released Pixelmator 2.0, the latest version of its groundbreaking image editing tool that provides everything needed to create, edit, and enhance still images. Pixelmator 2.0 features new drawing and retouching tools, Content-Aware Fill, a Healing Tool, a Smudge Tool, and more. Designed from the ground up for OS X Lion, Pixelmator 2.0 now supports Full Screen, Versions and Auto Save, and is available from the Mac App Store for introductory $29.99.

“With tons of exciting new features and support for OS X Lion, this new version of Pixelmator is the easiest, most enjoyable way to experience the best of image editing,” said Saulius Dailide of the Pixelmator Team. “Pixelmator 2.0 gives everyone the tools they need to unlock their creativity and boost their productivity.”

The new drawing tools in Pixelmator allow users to add, create, combine and edit vector shapes easily. In addition to Pen and Freeform Pen tools, Pixelmator also includes pre-drawn shape tools for quickly adding triangles, lines, circles or rectangles into compositions. Fill and stroke settings for created shapes, as well as shadows, can be easily adjusted in the new Shape Settings palette. Drawing tools in Pixelmator are useful for creating buttons, icons, web page elements, illustrations or any other items for use in image compositions.

A breakthrough new Content-Aware Fill technology in Pixelmator allows users to magically get rid of unwanted elements in images, as if they never existed. By choosing either the new Healing Tool or the selection tools, a user can select wrinkles, blemishes, image damage or any other details present in images, and with just one click let Pixelmator seamlessly fill the selected area with similar nearby image content.

The new retouching tools in Pixelmator 2.0 include a Sponge Tool for adding more color or taking color away from areas of an image by painting on them; Burn and Dodge tools for naturally darkening or lightening areas of an image; a Red Eye Tool for easily—either automatically or manually—fixing the red-eye effect in images; and a new Smudge Tool for smearing paint or rubbing out blemishes or any other details in images, as realistically as using one’s fingers.

Other new features of Pixelmator 2.0 include an easier-to-use interface, a new Eyedropper Tool, a new info bar, a convenient tool options bar, a fully customizable Tools palette, a new Type Tool, a Pixel Tool, and a number of other minor improvements.

Pixelmator 2.0 is available from the Mac App Store for an introductory price of $29.99. http://www.pixelmator.com/buy/

For existing Pixelmator users who purchased the app from the Mac App Store, the new version is available as a free upgrade.


  • Saulius Dailide

    Whew – finally did it.

    Thank you so much for your patience everyone!

  • Ezra

    Congratulations guys, I’m looking forward to downloading and trying this out!

  • Ed Glasheen

    SWEET! Looks great. Very fast. Nice job…

  • Emily

    Looks fabulous!!! Thanks, everyone! You’ve done a great job!

  • Anthony

    Very good job folks. I can’t wait to get home and download it. Unfortunately I am at work, but the first thing I am doing this evening is upgrading and then playing around with the new features 🙂 Kudos, kudos, kudos!

  • Klaus Major

    Hi Pixelmator team!

    Good job, thanks!

    But to my surprise it came in english, in opposite to the last version which was localized (german in my case). Will you add this in the next time and provide an update?

  • Mateo

    Great! Can’t wait to try it!

    By the way, I’ve got a question: do you use Grand Central Dispatch? (It is not listed in the presentation page.)

  • Robbin

    Finally! Thank you Pixelmator team … it looks awesome. And here I am stuck at work (on a Windoze PC) for the next 10 hrs. Very Heavy Sigh!

  • James

    Good lord! And I’m working late tonight… can I get away with pulling a sicky mid-day?

  • Daniel

    Bravo! Can’t wait to get my hands dirty with this.

  • super_g2

    Yeah !!
    Just 2 questions :
    * localization ?
    * export to vectorize (and import of course) formats like EPS/SVG…. ?

    Thanks a lot 😉

  • Tom

    Congratulations, Pixelmator Team. I’m looking forward to downloading it after work.

  • Manu

    Beautiful work. I really was waiting for the new typing tool (and other goodies), it’s absolutely great! Thanks!

  • deejay

    Tahnks guys, good job 🙂

  • Torbjørn Vik Lunde

    Congratulations for shipping!

    And thank you for actually taking the time to polish your app, not all app developers does that.

  • Pete

    Awesome! Just quickly tried the healing tool with content-aware fill on one of my images – very impressive! Thank you for what looks like a superb update.

  • Schnipo mit Senf

    Can’t wait to get home from work to check PM2 out! Yay!!!

  • Inigo

    What about the ones who purchased the application from the first day? the ones who gave you the support from the first day? We are required to pay while the new ones are more than welcome to receive the new version free, we don’t have even a cheaper way to upgrade… bad move in my opinion.

    But grats for the new version.

  • Aveaero

    Great job! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to try out all the new features!

  • Henrik R. J.

    Dear Pixelmator team,
    Great to have the new version now for testing.

    Initial look is very positive. The info lines at the top of each window are most useful. And the improved text tool adds better typographical control.

    Now back to testing the vector tools…

    I am certain you will get an offer for a product buyout from a major IT company soon. Please fight for your independence unless they give you “an offer you can’t refuse”. Don’t want you guys waking up with horse heads in you bed 🙂

  • Joel

    No layer styles? That’s pretty much the only thing that’s still missing now and I need. But PLEASE add it! I need that feature!
    Anyways, thanks for the great update! You guys are awesome!

  • qwerty

    You can’t turn off the Stupid Lion save crap!!!!! This SUCKS big time!!!!!

  • Alexei

    Congrats to you guys. What a great app…

    Hopefully you guys do like Panic (Coda, Unison, Transmit…) and avoid a buyout (as mentioned). Don’t want to see this wonderful app become a bloated crap like a known company.

    You guys deserve a lot of success.

    Thank you.

  • Gerbal

    You guys have absolutely surprised and delighted me!!! My hats off to you all!!

  • perminator

    avoid a buyout as long as possible a la Facebook.

    @Saulius – we haven’t actually been that patient haha..

  • Torbjørn Vik Lunde

    @Joel: No layer styles… but take a look at it. It does have ways to set visuals of text and shapes. It’s not exactly the same as layer styles (more elegant in my opinion), but it might very well make you able to do what you want.

  • Duffman

    With all those reports, month being late for “perfection”, there is not even a new icon ? o_O

  • Alexei

    As mentioned Versioning sucks. I opened a image. Did a few modifications to test some tools and when I closed the image, instead of showing a “want to close document without saving” alert, it simply closes. When I go to the file, the changes are made. To revert I have to open the file (in my case with Preview) and Revert a Version.

    This should be removed.

  • Disgusted

    Henrik R. J. Says:

    “I am certain you will get an offer for a product buyout from a major IT company soon. Please fight for your independence unless they give you “an offer you can’t refuse”.”

    Oh, I hope they will get an offer you’re talking about. Pixelmator grew too big for the Dailide brothers to handle. All this release date fiasco and not developing features that the users asked for (layer styles!), while getting high on useless things like Versions in Lion (like, saving multiple iterations of a multigigabyte file)… Marketing a minor update like it was some kind of a software revolution.

    No, sorry. I’ll be better off paying 10x the money to Adobe than supporting Pixelmator in its current state. You screwed me and the rest of the paying customers when you moved your app to the Mac App Store, and now you’re trying to screw me again by trying to give me an OS X Lion tech demo instead of an improved app.

  • Duffman

    Ok, just trying few things. I don’t really see what took that much time to bring because I don’t see a lot of stuff new here. But talking again for “perfections” that delayed the project for month, first test with gradient tool:
    – few colors with a lot of change and drawing it in diagonal in Pixelmator 2.0: gradient is aliased to hell.
    – the same in photoshop: anti aliasing pixel perfect.

    Very disappointed from a single basic test, but now I know that I must use PS for professional stuff. Unhappy to have bought this stuff 2 times… 1 star rating right now.

  • pix

    Thanks pixelmator team.

    (TIP: Some tools are hidden like the pixel tool en pen tool)

  • NoCryPS

    hahahah it looks like that some PS fanboys are commenting here 🙂 Do you know what this mean?? Great work Pixelmator!!

  • Jacobs

    I wonder how I can update from version 1.6.7 which I unfortunately did not purchase over the Mac app store but from SmithMicro…

  • Tom

    I’m very impressed by the new vector drawing tools – you make what can be a complex task into a breeze. However if one could ‘create a new drawing’ or the like, where only vector drawing and text is allowed, then you could also add vector exporting. Then you could also take on Illustrator. I don’t think this would be a massive change either.

    4/5 stars. You’ve added enough to impress me (vector tools, typography), but you haven’t blown me away just yet (vector exporting).

  • Duffman

    Second pass:
    – You can’t modify built in shapes
    – You can’t subtract shapes only add
    And NOW the funny stuff, I just took a screenshot of PX 2.0 healing tool video to test if healingis working as shown, but guest what ? It’s not. The video is just FAKE. And I tried multiple times.

    Take a look at the video I made trying to do the same as their video from the same picture.

    Seriously this suck.

  • Marcel

    Where’s the upgrade option for us that did not buy from the app store?

  • Guntis

    I’m really impressed with the new version. Twice smaller, almost twice faster! 🙂
    Few missing features:
    1) layer styles. Please, add at least these: Drop shadow, inner/outer Glow, Emboss, Fill, Border.
    2) Add option to change the number of polygon edges. Default is 5, but usually I’m working with 6 or 8.
    3) Fine-tune application for large multi-layer images. I’m talking about A3 format images at 300 dpi. For small images Pixelmator is OK, but for larger images it still lags behind that other app. 🙂

  • Duffman

    “hahahah it looks like that some PS fanboys are commenting here Do you know what this mean?? Great work Pixelmator!!”

    Sure, all the people complaining just bought Pixelmator to keep Photoshop, not for trying to replace it …

  • Guntis

    “Where’s the upgrade option for us that did not buy from the app store?”
    The upgrade is to buy it from the app store. Price is lowered so that you get it for the upgrade price. Again someone who has not heard it…

  • Blue Hen

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised, the User Manual, is not updated to the new version. Some of us do use and depend on User Manuals.

    So to the Pixelmator team, it is time to mature as an entity and deliver a total product solution. Perhaps the resources spent to develop “Flapcraft” might have been better utilized in other product areas.

  • Rob

    Goodbye Fireworks, I won’t miss you.

    Well done folks.

  • PsykX

    Still a few key features missing to ditch Photoshop (noticeably Quick Layer Styles), but at $30, this application is a steal.

    It’s such a vast improvement over the previous version… Everyone, buy it !!!
    5 / 5 rating here

  • Mark

    Honestly, do people even try clicking a few things before they comment? It took all of 3 minutes to figure out how to do most of the stuff people here say is impossible.

  • rakela

    Looks and feels great !!

    Just re-installed it and will test shortly, looking forward to keep it

  • Selis

    Agh! Hasn’t showed in the Swedish Mac App Store yet °~°

  • paintboy

    This looks like a solid update and I can’t wait to try it out.

    @Duffman I suggest you at least check out their support forums for your gradient issue, and perhaps make a topic for the healing tool…

  • Leif Ottosson

    Congratulation to the new version, Pixelmator Team!

    Pixelmator is a really great image editing program and a nice piece of software for a bargain price! Well done. Now close the office and celebrate with a beer, or two. You’re well worth it!

    Unfortunately I see a lot of criticism and bashing here in the comments. Give the guys a break for Gods sake! I’m sure they’ve been working day and night the last six month to get v.2 out as fast as possible. Don’t ruin their celebrating tonight. If you really think Pixelmator sucks, then build a better image editor yourself or go and buy Photoshop.

    One of the biggest complaints for the last two years have been the lack of layer styles. If you really, really need layer styles, buy Photoshop! Pixelmator will not, in a near future, be able to replace Photoshop for a pro designer and there’s no way we will see layer styles in Pixelmator in at least a couple of years (my guess).

    And to you complaining about “no upgrade price” when buying v1.X outside the App Store. Consider the $30 price in the App Store as an upgrade price. It’s cheap! I bought v.1.0 for $79 and then I bought it again in the App Store just to be sure I would get v.2 for free. App Store is the future for Mac apps and that’s meaning “upgrade prices” are dead. Get used to it, for every major upgrade of a software we will have to buy the software again in the App Store. Good though that the software prices in the App Store are significantly lower than pre-App Store.

    Now enjoy Pixelmator v.2! 🙂

  • Ed Glasheen


    It looks like you used a .jpg copy of low quality for you video. Regardless, even Photoshop needs second and third passes to get it right. You just did one pass on a low quality copy.

    The gradient tool is interesting, I am not sure I have much use for it as most of my gradient work is in CSS3 now. For basic linear gradient, works fine for me. I do not think I would use the more elaborate styles. I do see jagged lines that are not perpendicular to the plane. Gradients that are perpendicular have much less banding in Pixelmator than Photoshop CS5.5.

    The red eye is spot on. Much better that Aperture and Photoshop. (Aperture tends to have a purple hue and Photoshop tends to be more grey.)

    No other company allows commenters to abuse it’s products. I think it is time for moderator controlled commenting on the blog. If you have a complaint, put it in the bug section.


  • Selis

    When I try to update via the “purchases” tab, Mac App Store gives me an error saying (roughly translated):
    “There are updates available for other accounts.
    If you wan’t to update this application you have to log in on the account you used to purchase it”
    …Even though I only have 1 account?

  • #Occupy Pixelmator

    After watching the comments on this blog for the past 3 months and now on release day, I have to say the sense of entitlement some of people have over a piece of software is really pretty sickening.

    Its quite obvious you have no idea what it takes to make software. How hard it is as a small shop. How much you are getting for your dollar, etc.

    Why not be grateful and thankful to the team who I bet you good money havent slept in days trying to make this product for you? Instead you create more discontent and pressure and abuse boiling in the background in the comments on that last post.

    I dunno. Its really disturbing to me. Be thankful or keep your mouth shut? If you have an issue, feature, etc. File a bug, and do it like a professional, not like an entitled brat.

  • Spiffers

    Did we wait for this? Jeez.

    1. Still No Layer Effects
    2. No Alpha Channel
    3. No Channel Control
    4. No Text On Path
    5. Editing Rotated Text Sucks
    6. No CMYK
    8. Crappy Vector Handling / Based On DrawKit

  • Leif Ottosson

    @Spiffers post 52: Why are you here? Adobe.com is just a mouse click away. It’s clear you need Photoshop to make your stuff.

  • Coil

    ok, i also payed twice for Pixelmator and i really don`t like the **** App Store, but hey, i like PM 2 !

    I`m also a Photoshop User and i payed a Lot (which really means a Lot) for it (Photoshop 6 + the Update to PS7).
    Someday i get a letter which tells me to Upgrade to PS CS NOW, or i have to buy Photoshop again.

    I also had Premiere which was canceled for the Mac Platform (never get any Money back for that) and finally i have bought Illustrator.

    There is no Chance for me to get any Upgrades, instead they want me to buy the whole ***** again.

    So i will never buy anything again from them.

    So think twice before you cry about the 30$, even when you`ve payed 60$ before.

    also it`s okay when there is no Manual or Tutorial ready at this Time, we all want to have PM2 now, and we get it today.

  • Mark Rushton

    I don’t make my living in image editing, but It’s been an essential tool for me since Photoshop 1.0… Pixelmator fits my workflow perfectly and at just the right price that I enthusiastically recommend it to everyone who is faced with the inevitable “should I upgrade to the new Photoshop” dilemma.

    This app has a long way to go, it seems, to make some people happy. But count me as a happy camper already. The Pixelmator Team is obviously talented and committed to making a good piece of Mac software. I’m comfortable in my belief that future upgrades will bring desired features.

    So far my only beef with v. 2.0 is a minor one: somehow the Invert Selection keystroke has vanished. A quick trip to System Preferences –> Keyboard –> Keyboard Shortcuts and it’s back. No harm, no foul…. 🙂

  • Leif Ottosson

    @Occupy Pixelmator post 51. I totally second your post. It’s sad to see so many negative postings here. I feel really sad for the Pixelmator Team having to read it all. They have made a great job with v.2.

  • Duffman

    “@Duffman I suggest you at least check out their support forums for your gradient issue, and perhaps make a topic for the healing tool…”

    Dude, they told us they delayed the product for multiples months in order to make it ‘perfect’ and now you are telling me that I should waste my time to help them correct something that should be already done.

    “Its quite obvious you have no idea what it takes to make software. How hard it is as a small shop. How much you are getting for your dollar, etc.”
    A “small shop” making millions of dollars. I don’t call that a small shop anymore. BTW I am a software developer …

    “It looks like you used a .jpg copy of low quality for you video. Regardless, even Photoshop needs second and third passes to get it right. You just did one pass on a low quality copy.”
    And ? I just do the same that PixelMator Team are selling on their website. It’s NOT working as they are showing *dot*.

    “No other company allows commenters to abuse it’s products. I think it is time for moderator controlled commenting on the blog.”
    Abuse what ? I told that healing is NOt working as they are showing and proving it with a video. I am not abusing anything, I proved it man. Do you want also a pict with the gradient crap ?

    Seriously, I am tired of this Teletubbies users that don’t accept real and founded criticism…

    “I`m also a Photoshop User and i payed a Lot (which really means a Lot) for it (Photoshop 6 + the Update to PS7).
    Someday i get a letter which tells me to Upgrade to PS CS NOW, or i have to buy Photoshop again.”
    And ? You are OBLIGED to buy Photoshop each new release ?
    I used an older one and the result are far better than PixelMator 2.0…

  • Duffman

    And yeah PS is far more expensive but if you are a pro, it’s juste like a day or two of work your customer are paying for …

  • ravi

    This is good news and I look forward to the upgrade. But a small editorial comment/request: could you please refrain from talking about yourself in the third person. Leave that to the megacorps like Adobe and Co.

  • Ed Glasheen


    Obviously your editing results, especially content aware tools, will vary based on Image quality. Photo editing 101.

    Your a troll.


  • Henrik R.J.

    Ongoing testing v2.0. Still a very positive experience.

    One big request still not here (several mention it in their comments); Layer Styles (at least the most basic ones)
    I dare say it is among the most used “effects” to layers together with alpha channels.

  • Stefano


    When are the other languages coming? Not just english please 😉

    The 2 icons and the + sign in the Welcome Screen are too grey, both on Snow Leopard and Lion. Color them please 😉
    Don’t tell me you did it for the Lion design “colors”, they look horrible.
    I hope you will change those icons.

  • Fede M.

    Wasn’t PM1 also supporting other languages?

  • Stefano

    @Fede M.: Yes, Pixelmator 1.6.7 supported other languages, maybe we’ll have to wait, I hope.

  • Dennis

    I appreciate the fact that you took some extra time to get things right rather than rush it out. I’m looking forward to downloading the update and trying it out tonight. Well done!

  • Joe

    Not to be dumb, but what is the deal with layer styles? I was told and I have seen projects done that totally are first class works of art and graphic design without the use of layer styles. I was also told that if you can’t do what you want to do without using layer styles you suck at design, art, or whatever else you are trying to do. Can someone please explain the benefits of layer styles and why they are so important. I really want to see both sides of the story before I believe what I am being told by folks in this field for over 15 years. Please educate!

    On a different note. P2 is amazing for what I am doing, and the only thing that would make it better is text on path, which as a developer myself I know would not be that difficult to at to the vector package you are working with. Maybe extend a class or make a protocol to get around it if it isn’t something that you can just jump in and add.

    GREAT WORK GUYS. THANKS A BUNCH! I really hope new tutorials start popping up because the ones that are around are quite old.

    Totally worth every penny! Thanks again.

  • JonathanJK

    Just came here to say thank you and to see the first comment to complain, only took till the 19th comment to happen. Things are improving.

  • Joe

    I am loving the features and the new look. My life just got easier today! Thanks a bunch guys.

  • Boxcar Matty

    It’s far from an Illustrator replacement, the vector tools are rather basic. But I feel it’s overall a solid update, nice work Pixelmator team!
    A few things that I think would be rad:
    1: Blob tool from Illustrator
    2. Snap to grid
    3. EPS support
    4. Illustrator brush support
    5. Layer styles
    6. Illustrator style live trace
    I haven’t delved to deep into PM2 yet, so if any of these are in there feel free to let me know fellow PM users.

  • Anon Cowherd

    knutbert #390 in the previous thread:

    Well, you still didn’t make any sense. Don’t just take my word for it – read what you wrote. Research? My problems? Free time? “Wonderwoman intuition”? “Oestrogen”? “the sound it makes if someone slips out or in his ass”? “the sockpuppet partygang”?

    Seriously. Your earlier message sounded exactly like a butt-hurt hamsta would, but in this one you just went off the rails.

    Besides, if an innocent by-stander was accused of being a hamsta sock-puppet, he probably wouldn’t become enraged like that. He’d probably be amused, and just shrug it off. At least that’s what a sensible person would do.

    But here we are, going through the same old motions again. People asking for Layer Styles, some complaining for no real reason, others with legitimate complaints, some sycophants doing their thing, and Saulius saying nothing as usual.

    This is getting really quite tiresome, and here _I_ am, wasting my time responding to a nonsensical message about a party in hamsta’s ass..

    Maybe Photoshop actually is worth even the ass-rape-double-price we pay for it in Finland..

  • Zimmie

    @Duffman The point is that your comparison is invalid because you are not starting from the same point they did. The original source image they used is almost certainly larger (i.e., higher pixel dimensions, which means more data for context-aware fill algorithms to work with) and not taken from a screenshot of a video (i.e., no video compression algorithms degrading the quality of the still frame). Cutting spatial resolution and starting from a lossily-compressed source both hurt this type of algorithm, sometimes substantially.

    I would love to see a comparison of the context detection in Photoshop and in Pixelmator. Take one original image and try to remove the same object, then compare what each picked for replacement data. I suspect that would be far more interesting.

  • Duffman


    Try by yourself then rather than calling others trolls …

  • paintboy

    @Duffman: Browse the forums and you’ll find a fix for your gradient issue. Yes, I get your point, but if you can’t be bothered to at least point them out in the appropriate manner then they will never get addressed will they?

    I think P2 is a good upgrade myself.

  • Beautiful Function

    @Pixelmator The update is excellent! I for one thank you for all the hard work you put into this release. Keep in mind, you’ll never satisfy everyone. Keep up the great work!

  • Aaron

    Neat software. But advertising it as having vector support is misleading due to the fact that you can’t export anything vector. Also, how does a graphics program in 2011 not have layer styles?

  • Spiffers

    @Leif Ottosson: At the moment Photoshop is a pile of crap, with lots of legacy code, held together with rubber bands and chewing gum, and with the anti mac dinosaurs at the helm in San Jose, its not going to be better soon.

    The PM team pitches Pixelmator as an alternative to Photoshop, thats why I expect more from it. But its clearly not even close to Photoshop Elements at the moment, making this yet another amateur app together with other (cr)apps like Acorn and Microsoft Paint.

    But Im requesting a refund now, swallowing my pride, and reinstalling the f*cking crap called Creative Studio.

  • Coil

    “I`m also a Photoshop User and i payed a Lot (which really means a Lot) for it (Photoshop 6 + the Update to PS7).
    Someday i get a letter which tells me to Upgrade to PS CS NOW, or i have to buy Photoshop again.”
    And ? You are OBLIGED to buy Photoshop each new release ?
    I used an older one and the result are far better than PixelMator 2.0…

    No, i`m not OBLIGED to buy photoshop, but in the “early days” (photoshop 1 -7) everybody had the chance to upgrade to the newest version, no matter which version you had at that time.
    i payed nearly 1500 € for Photoshop but only 64 € for PM.

    most of the tools i used with photoshop now i can use with PM2, except the layer Fx which i really miss.

  • Donald Perreault

    I can’t believe people are complaining about the ridiculously inexpensive price for such a high quality image editing application. It is easily worth 3 times the price without a second thought.

    You’d be an absolute loon not to buy Pixelmator 2.0 for $30 bucks.

  • Saud

    Congrats everyone. I am not buying this to use as much as I am buying it to support you guys! We really need an alternative to the dreaded Adobe Suite.

    Good Luck!

  • So Bored

    You’re missing the point:

    For some the upgrade is free. For others, even those who somewhat recently paid full price, the upgrade path is to purchase the software again.

    It’s a crappy and inconsistent treatment of loyal users.

  • Guntis

    “It’s a crappy and inconsistent treatment of loyal users.”
    No, it is not. I paid $59 for v.1.0, and $30 for free upgrade to 2.0. I got it. Where’s inconsistency? I paid, I got. And I’ve been using it one year, so it’s OK. If you don’t want to pay, use Gimp. App Store doesn’t rely on S/N, so there is no way for Pixelmator team to offer upgrade path for existing users except lowering price for a while. When v.1.0 came out no one knew there would be App Store some time later. Be happy that they lowered price. There are companies who don’t do that.

  • So Bored

    Still missing the point.

    Very few people are upset about spending money.

    It’s frustrating that some don’t have to, where the only difference is -where- they purchased the app.

    How difficult would it be right now to make the 2.0 update available from within the App’s “Check for updates” tool?

  • hamsta

    @ 51. Occupy Pixelmator – I agree with you 100 percent. Well said!

    @ 54. Coil – If this were not being sold through the Mac App Store, you would still be paying for it as it is a new version 2.x. What you paid for previously was the entire 1.x versions. Jesus, how hard is that to understand???

    @ 71. Anon Cowhead – I will, from now on, reply to your trolling in your native language… Moo. Moo. Moof!

    And last, Pixelmator. Thanks for the release. I look forward to exploring this new version.

  • So Bored

    There are two groups of people running Pixelmator prior to this announcement:

    1) Version 1.6.7 – purchased via App Store
    2) Version 1.6.7 – purchased directly from Pixelmator Team Ltd.

    Only group 1 is being offered a free upgrade.

    Be consistent.

  • hamsta

    @ 85. So Bored – So let me see if I understand you. You’re not mad about the price. You are upset about other people who got a good deal by purchasing later?

  • So Bored


    It’s disappointing when software vendors create two classes of users, for purely superficial reasons.

  • Kercal

    Hurrah! V2 downloaded and playing with it at the moment.

    Thoroughly liking some of the changes, some I’ll have to get used to. But seems a solid update of my favourite desktop art app so that’s always good news.

    Congrats team Pixelmator 🙂 I popped through the Covent Garden branch of Apple store putting the website up on Safari in your honour 🙂

  • Adam

    Are there still no alignment tools? I can’t believe Pixelmator doesn’t allow align to center, or bias to edge alignment… It’s kind of a big feature.

  • Paul

    Awesome release, congrats guys.

  • David


    I had the same error message in the Mac App Store initially when attempting to update. Apple’s support suggested deleting the current version of Pixelmator from the Applications folder and then re-downloading it. Worked for me.

  • Anton

    If you took your time to get to know the application you would know that modifying built in shapes and doing Boolean operations on shapes in general, is indeed possible. The contextual menu shows these options. So please don’t state anything not true, just because of your incompetence.

    By the way – PM2 rocks! I simply love it. I can only see two things missing at the moment: no gradients on shapes (not directly anyway) and no way to save your shapes for later like gradients (showed in your sneak peek). Still, I can’t wait to get started using it.

  • hamsta

    @ 89 So Bored – I see. Would you agree that the class of users who bought early received the benefit of using the software. While the newcomer class did not get that benefit.

  • Dave Barnes

    I am shocked.
    Clearly Pixelmator 2.0 is worth a puny $30 upgrade fee.
    I hope the company can stay in business whilst giving away the software.

  • PsykX

    After trying it all day :

    – Pixelmator 2 is not in French anymore. I believe it’ll be re-localized completely in an upcoming version. Not that I miss it, sometimes the names of the effects are more relevant in English, but it’s still a missing feature.
    – My default gradients settings are screwed, as in there is no gradient anymore, it rapidly switches from a color to another. I can fix it by changing them all though.
    – I still hate to move all the floating windows around. It could be perfect if we had one unified window UI, but meanwhile we could get around it if the windows could snap edge-to-edge.
    – As I mentioned earlier, no Quick Layer Styles are definitely a letdown, but coding this feature alone would be HUUUUGE.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, for $30, it’s an incredible application. I’ve been surprised by the new vector shapes. It’s a different approach than Photoshop, and I personally like it better.

  • text tool

    While the text tool is now usable, can you focus on better kerning control, letter spacing, word spacing, also text styling including inner, outer shadows, stroking etc.

    ATM the text tool is basic but still not up to speed

  • Jay

    Absence in gradients for shapes makes them pretty useless for me.

  • Valentin

    Guys … Congrats on the new version! Good job. But your upgrade policy totally stinks! When you moved to AppStore you said “The tran­si­tion basi­cal­ly means that if you buy Pix­el­ma­tor on the Mac App Store now for only $29, you will get the total­ly awe­some Pix­el­ma­tor 2.0 for free once it is out on the Mac App Store later this year. Yup, that’s true, and yup, it is total­ly worth it.”. Alright, technically you didn’t mislead anybody. You just omitted to say that you were going to sell Version 2.0 for $29.99. Pfff … you may find that this OK, I don’t.


  • PsykX

    Mind you that $30 is an introductory promo price for launch.
    They will probably change it back to $60 soon.

  • Leif Ottosson

    @Valentin #100: Sorry, but I don’t see the problem. You bought v.1.6.7 for $29 and now you get v.2 for free. Isn’t that a good deal? Are you upset because the people that choosed not to buy v.1.6.7 now can get v.2 for the same price as you payed initially? I don’t understand what’s the problem. Can you clearify, please?

  • kryckk

    You know what? I’m done with this ‘forum’.

    Thanks Pixelmator team for version 2 and all your hard work.

    I bought it twice and had no issue with doing so.

    I get very disheartened at some of the tit for tat trolling that goes on here.

    My effort will be learning more about the program and doing well with that.


  • Beautiful Function

    The Pixelmator folks had a choice to make:

    1. Ignore the Mac App Store and continue to sell externally.
    2. Sell on the MAS and externally.
    3. Fully embrace the Mac App Store and stop selling externally.

    They saw the future as being the MAS and I don’t blame them. Not only that, they made they’re plans known way in advance. So for those upset, this didn’t just come out of the blue. For those complaining about the price… seriously? You’re upset about having to pay $29. That price is a steal. Please, get over it. And if you can’t, move on to something else or go back to whatever you were using before hand. Either way, recognize the hard work that went into this product.

    Besides, you should submit your gripes and feature requests directly to them because you just look like whiners when you do it in a public forum. I get tired of this entitlement mentality many seem to have. Take it or leave it and move on.

    Thanks Pixelmator for the hard work and solid product.

  • Tobias

    Nice update. Does it support blending effects yet?

  • Mike

    Pixelmator 2 – excellent job 🙂

    Anyone know how I can make my image pan further than image bounds like in PM1? Unable to do this in Lion fullscreen mode. It helps for editing pixels along the edge of an image.


  • Coil

    hamsta Says:
    October 27th, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    @ 54. Coil – If this were not being sold through the Mac App Store, you would still be paying for it as it is a new version 2.x. What you paid for previously was the entire 1.x versions. Jesus, how hard is that to understand???

    never had a problem with paying for PM, it`s only that f*** app store i don`t like.

    Jesus, how hard is that to understand???

  • Gigi

    For everyone complaining about the upgrade price, it is the App store that is the issue. And really the Pixelmator team is being generous. I have 1Password, they had an upgrade (meaning buy though the App store price) at $20 briefly, I had already bought the software though their site and I was going to get the App store version but it was really buggy, many complaints on their forums. Then suddenly it was $25 from the App store with still many bug reports and mind you this is for passwords, very sensitive stuff. I did finally find the workarounds on their site to the bugs, I was going to buy through the App store and suddenly the price was $50!!! I was livid! The software was buggy, could lock me out of my passwords the new version doesn’t work on Snow Leopard at all (I have my laptop on that still as I need to upgrade the ram) What a mess. And to give them feed back I had to send a letter via Snail Mail!!! Which I did and they never responded. So really it could be much worse. The price increases for 1Password took place over weeks. Not months, I am still upset, but I haven’t found anything better so I will probably be forced to buy the software at full price some where down the road.

    So please don’t be too hard on the Pixelmator team, they are being very fatr with their upgrade prices. I am downloading the new version right now. And Congrats Pixelmator team on the release!

  • Gigi

    ^eep, that should be “fair with their upgrade prices”

  • omich

    Lion-Versioning works well once you get used to it, impressive application, sadly you dropped (at least the german) localization completely – and no hint of an update for that.

  • Jorge Vega

    Great update but with some misses.

    – Localization
    – vertorize saving format.

  • Gabriel O.

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long and things are great (specially the new text tool) BUT I have lots of problems with exporting for web – pixelmator just crashes on some files… couldn’t find anything in common yet… does anyone have the same problem?

  • dadog

    I’d just like to say a big thankyou to the team for all the hard work that went into releasing PM2.

    I don’t want to get into the slanging match – there is only one thing missing for me and that’s layer styles. Its the only reason I need to keep Photoshop – I know its easy to get similar effects by doing gaussian blurs for drop shadows but that is (in all honesty) a step backwards, especially with todays technology. Make layer styles a priority for the next release please, you’d then give a large number of designers a good reason to get rid of bloated Photoshop.

    The omission of layer styles that won’t make me spout hate against you or demand my money back; you’ve done a very good job and you should be proud of what you’ve developed.

    I look forward to delving into the new features and will keep a keen eye on this products development in the future.

  • Franco

    Actually I don’t use pixelmator very often by for what I do its perfect, I’m awaiting the italian version.
    Good job guys

  • Simon Taylor

    So close, but layer masks are not supported and many of my existing PSDs use them. Also, layer effects like drop shadow are missing. If I could load my existing PSDs, I’d probably switch.

    Very good though, love the UI and full screen mode. More usable than PS.

  • Dolleman.nl - Dolleman.nl

    […] Team, a London-based development company, announced the release a major update to its photo editing application for the Mac today. Version 2.0 of […]

  • Gary

    Sad face …
    no shadow, no inner/outer glow …

    Happy face …
    I have paid for a total of 12 copies of Pixelmator (3 for me) and 9 as complimentary “give aways” to my customers for promotion.
    While Pixelmator mays still be an update or two from satisfying those that want or need layer styles … look at how far it has come in a relatively short time.
    I am loving this update!

    Great job Team Pixelmator!

  • Ted

    Congrats to the PM team for shipping a great release. With each release, Pixelmator ticks off another bunch of features that I rely on PS for. I think the general sentiment of Layer Styles (Gradients, Inner/Outer Glows, Inner Shadows) is spot on. For the idiots complaining that a $30 app doesn’t do everything a $630 app does…. get a life! Good software takes time, and each release of PM has brought a raft of improvements, for little or no upgrade fees.

    Keep up the great work guys. Please consider beefing up Layer Styles sometime in the 2.x release cycle and I think alot of the squelch from the ingrates will subside.

  • Claudio

    Hi, I am trying out the program and I have so say that it really rocks!
    A question however: may the black interface be changed to another color? I am not pleased with black.
    Thanks for the answers!

  • PsykX

    Yeah, black isn’t the best color ever for an interface… Since it’s not neutral, it influences our work, and it hits the eye a bunch …

    Maybe a simple preference where we can change the shade of gray for the entire interface could be a great idea 🙂 We could use the official OS X gray, like in the Finder or Safari, choose a darker shade, and then we would have black…

  • David Stults

    ‘grats on the new version. Looks like you gave 2.0 many of the features that prompted me to switch to Photoshop Elements last year.

  • PsykX

    That being said, even the new website suffers from the “it’s-too-dark-to-look-attractive” syndrome… The older one was much more appealing by differentiating the content from the black background by having a dark shade of gray instead.

    The blog is the best example, it has a nice shade of gray behind it. It’s still a *little* too dark for my taste, but I will admit that it is 100 times better and I can easily get away with it !

  • Dadog

    Just one little gripe – more of an aesthetic thing – but considering you’ve revamped the interface, the only thing which lets it down is the colour picker which uses they OS grey palette instead of your charcoal grey theme!

  • Mloader

    The new stamp/clone tool is awesome. You get a preview of what you are copying right in the brush circle. At least I think that is new, don’t remember seeing that before.

  • Dan

    When can I get this for the PC?

  • Joe

    @Dan #127.

    This is a macintosh product only, and always will be. It is built from the ground up using Cocoa and that is the official Apple API’s and Frameworks for building Mac apps. It would be a nightmare to port. (I don’t want to speak for Pixelmator and the company though I doubt they have any desire to make it available for PC.)

    Okay, I helped Dan, can someone explain comment number 66 for me? I thought I could jump in and get an answer before the same 10 people bloated the comments with the same old dumb fighting points no else but them care about, but I was wrong.

  • dadog

    @Joe (post 128) – I use layer styles as a time saver – as an example, years ago before Photoshop had layer styles, to get a drop shadow you’d type your text (I recall a version where text was immediately rasterized – no ability to edit it!) and then dupe the layer, make it black, gaussian blur it and manually offset it.

    Its easy to do, doesn’t take a lot of time but having a layer style means (a) you can quickly apply one and (b) not mess around duping layers and running filters on them. Also, what happens if you need to (a) change the font (you need to delete the shadow and create a new one) or change the document resolution (layer styles will be fine but rasterized shadows could get blocky if going from 72dpi to 300dpi)?

    As for embossing – let’s just say, duping layers, applying gaussian blurs, offsetting and masking highlights and shadows is not appealing. I did it years ago and whilst it means you’re less likely to get someone with no experience applying bevels and shadows left right and centre its definitely a step backwards – its like going from streaming media back to cine film. Originally there was a lot more skilled required to get the end product (and it was appreciated more-so for it – I even remember doing paste-up, using compugraphic typesetters to output galleys of text and using letraset!) but now that applications have the ability to apply effects on the fly PM is certainly missing a very important (and profitable) trick.

    Layer styles don’t make you a better designer, in the same way that owning a brand spanking new spanner and trolley jack won’t make me a better mechanic – it just improves your workflow and gives you more flexibility in amending your creations.

    Hope that goes some way to explaining the importance of them for you!

  • Joe

    @dadog #129

    Thank you. I really think that using styles would be a better approach. I’m sold! I am an iOS and Mac developer and i can see why Pixelmator hasn’t wanted to implement them. It would be diffucult, but i am sure someone at Pixelmator is working on it, and improving the vector features as we speak. Hopefully sometime soon.

    Thanks again.

  • Jonas

    Thank you so much! Your rocking!!!! Will buy another 10 licences next week!

  • Alex

    Another thumbs up from this Pixelmator user on PM2! I think it’s one of the easiest photo editor/paint apps I’ve ever used. And it loads good and fast too.

    Not sure why people are insisting on comparing it to Photoshop – it’s totally unfair considering the price of PM compared to PS.

    Top marks for the upgrade! Looking forward to new bits and bobs when they appear.

    A happy PM owner/user in Italy.

  • Jono

    Layer Styles is needed asap, with out layer styles no one can completely drop photoshop.

    At lest just add a few like; Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Color Overlay, Gradient Overlay, and Stroke…
    I Design Web, Mac and iOS apps and i use these everyday.

    Pixelmator is just so fast compared to PhotoShop and way nicer to use but really needs layer styles.

  • Gigi

    @Joe and dadog – You don’t have to do all of that manual work, I am using Quartz filters to make a drop shadows, embossing and color overlays. Those are the things I do most with layer masks in Photoshop. Layer Masks are convenient but I used Photoshop before they even had layers (did graphics before their were computers too), so I tend to do things the longer way, but I also have more control of the effects so it doesn’t look so pre-fab. So I personally don’t miss layer styles as much as some people do.

  • Odin Dutton

    Still no layer styles. Wasn’t that meant to be a feature of 2.0? Useless for any web/mobile/ui designer without them.

  • Onur Oztaskiran

    I was this close to dragging PS app icon to my trash when I installed pixelmator 2.0.

    Amazing job guys. Ignore the brainless PS commenters, what you did within your timeframe and capacity is unreal and super awesome.

    But yeah, like many people requested, I REALLY REALLY COULD USE A LAYER STYLES feature (drop-inner shadow/glow/stroke) feature to kill PS on my mac for good.

    I want to fully switch into pixelmator so bad and your improvements on 2.0 made me almost call that decision, but the only thing missing for me is layer styles.

    I can beg & pray or donate whatever you call at least $2k for your app only for that feature alone. Just want to use PS anymore.

  • woolyninja

    Great job Pixelmator team on this 2.0 release! Installed yesterday and love it!

  • hamsta

    I have no problem using 2.0 for web/mobile/ui design.

  • Ricardo

    Hi guys! I’ve just upgraded to version 2.0… Great!!! Just one thing: I think there’s a bug when trying to re size big images…they disappear! I fully understand that you will listen to all of us, with comments and suggestions. Thanks a ton!

  • Chris

    I can’t find the brilliant Live-Preview of the Gradient-Editor. Where is it?

  • Sam

    Hi I absolutely love Pixelmator 2, I do alot of front end web development and its perfect when designing stuff myself. However, a lot of my work comes from other designers who work on PS they also use layer styles alot fo the time. If they sent me a PSD file through with some layers with layer styles attached would I be able to see th effects in the Pixelmator or would it just ignore them?

    Any help from anyone would be great, if I can at least see them it means I can finally delete PS off my system.

  • Nick

    The application is great, but it says there is a pre-drawn triangle shape and I cannot find it? Possible I need to re-install? Or maybe I’m reading it wrong and it’s suppose to be easy to create a triangle from the other shapes?

  • PsykX

    @NIck : Logic would be to create a triangle with the polygon tool and change the polygon characteristics to have only 3 sides, but I don’t know where to find the number of sides setting … :/

  • Bryan

    NO ability to convert vector path to a selection is a BIG NO SALE for me, which is hard, because I already paid for this. I will have to pick up and go back to PS. I can’t believe this feature didn’t make it in a 2.0 release.

  • Chris

    The “Export to Web”-Function is also missing.

  • Paul

    Export for Web is under the ‘Share’ menu.

  • addstoreuser


    I cant install this software i already bought. Moved the pixelmator to trash some times. Now there is the update and i want to re-install it. App Store freezes after clicking the install button. I tried it many times without any other outcome. Any tips??

  • Kercal

    @153 install the demo then update?

  • PsykX

    @Bryan : To convert a vector into a selection.
    1. Draw a shape.
    2. Right click on its layer > Convert into Pixels.
    3. Edit > Load Selection.

    You haven’t looked real hard into it, or did you ? :-/

  • addstoreuser

    @154 thanks for your help, but its not the solution. The problem is the same.

    Anymore hints from anybody?

  • hamsta

    @Nick #146 – I am not finding the triangle either. But you create a square and delete a top point. Then adjust the other top point horizontal location to create a triangle. I know, not optimal. 🙂

  • nacho

    What happened to the “hide all palettes” shortcut? Used to be “tab” and now it’s gone, it was very useful and now I have to hide each palette one by one. I also preferred to have tool options as a palette, not in a bar on the top.

  • Monkeyboy

    Didn’t there used to be a “Preview” option when exporting an image to a JPG? It seems to have vanished.

  • Anon Cowherd


    > @ 71. Anon Cowhead – I will, from now on, reply to your trolling in your native language… Moo. Moo. Moof!

    That’s nice and all, but you seem to be overlooking something here: I was talking to “knutbert”, not you. It doesn’t make sense for _you_ to respond when I talk to someone else, does it? Unless, of course, you are “knutbert” just like I suspected.


    You lose. Permanently.

  • César Figueiredo

    Thank you very much for your excellent work, but I must say two little big things about 2.0 that I don’t like.

    I miss the swatches palette and FG and BG colors in Tools palette. It was very useful having all my favorite colors integrated on the Pixelmator’s swatches palette. Now I don’t like the idea to open every time the OS X Colors to get the colors I need, especially when I’m painting.

    Visible FG and BG colors was very useful too! Swap between visible FG and BG colors in the Toos palette or another place was preferable than new 2.0 way.

    Layer styles was very appreciated too, but I believe it comes in a future version 😉

    Congratulations Pixelmator Team.

  • PsykX

    Does anybody know where the Align & Distribute tools are ?

  • b Berg

    great upgrade! congrats ^^

    love the simple vector handling. reminds me of bohemiancoding’s sketch app. btw, they have a “multiple pages and symbols” feature that is unique and rocks. that would be a great addition to a web development environment.

    i had some trouble in the 1.x versions when working with big A3 files at 300dpi – after some time the app would render rainbow-like colors in the document instead of its elements… didn’t test now.

    i do like the fact that the blog comments are not moderated. transparency. you do reach the pm folks and also get to know what other users are thinking. unfortunately some guys are not polite, but no one is perfect.
    the very fact that there is a blog, maintained by the developers, is amazing.
    try reaching ps’s devs… almost sure you can’t.

    imho black, white and gray are all neutral… but i agree that the 1.x “not so dark” ui was better.

  • hamsta

    @ Captain Non-Obvious – No, my name was mentioned in post 71. I simply defended myself. Would you agree or disagree with that? Now you see why I refuse to respond to Cowhead.

  • Bryan

    @PsykX – About no path to selection… I actually looked into it, then emailed Pixelmator support, and they explained to me this was not a feature. I will try your method (workaround), but by the very nature of converting to pixels first, I will lose some of the resolution of the vector curve. This may work for what I need. A right-click contextual “convert to path” would have been pretty simple (and needed).


  • addstoreuser

    A great update… dont let your self feel bad because of some people thinking this has to be photoshop for cheap. Its a great step ahead.

    Get on with it from version to version. I will be glad to see a 3.0 some day and be ready to pay for it.

  • Blue Hen

    This update was clearly not ready for prime time. The Save function doesn’t work under OS X Lion and there is no Help files or Manual. What is the problem with this Pixelmator team?

  • PsykX

    @Chris : File > Export. It’s not because it doesn’t have the word “Web” that it’s not what it does 😛
    You get pretty much the equivalent of what you have in Photoshop, but you don’t get the preview when you save in JPG.

    @Bryan : When you’ve finished drawing your vector in Pixelmator, it has to convert it in pixels to display it, because your monitor works in pixels. Vectors are good because you don’t lose any quality if you play around with its shape. While I get what you’re saying, I’m positive that you do not lose any “vectorial” resolution when converting to pixels and loading it as a selection, if you don’t modify, or even worse, enlarge the shape.

  • PsykX

    @Blue Hen : Save works as expected here in Lion. I can save a document on my hard drive, and then it will only save versions. Also, the Help File is definitely there in Help > Pixelmator Help. Also, you can get a bunch of tutorials on this site. The basic tutorials will only show you how the basic tools work in your Tool Palette.

  • Blue Hen

    Not the case. Sebastian has confirmed the Save function is broken in the Bugs forum. Try opening a jpg or tiff file and save in pxm format, it doesn’t work.

    The Help files do not cover version 2.0 and the URL link is broken. This bug is also reported.

    Again what is the Pixelmator team’s explanation for releasing this incomplete version. Where’s the User Manual!

  • Tauridean

    I love the way that the fill and stroke of combined vector shapes redraw on the fly as you move one shape relative to the other. Even PS CS5 can’t do this. Overall PM2 is a good foundation for the future. I am sure we’ll see many useful enhancements to the basic functionality over the coming months. I would like to see more sophisticated polygon and star editing controls. Tremendous software for the price.

  • dadog

    @Blue hen #171

    “Again what is the Pixelmator team’s explanation for releasing this incomplete version. Where’s the User Manual!”

    Probably something to do with everyone screaming about it not being released in September and threatening to start legal action.

  • Ulf

    The new pricing is awesome, thanks for that, guys.

    But, as a lot of German buyers in the German App Store are arguing, the localization should come back. My English’s fluid enough to use Pixelmator in English but, nevertheless, German simply feels more native.

    Didn’t have the chance to try the new features yet but I’m sure they’re awesome. Very well done.

  • Chris

    169. PsykX Says: “@Chris : File > Export. It’s not because it doesn’t have the word “Web” that it’s not what it does ”

    No. Paul pointed me that they have hide this Item in “Share > Export to Web”.

    “You get pretty much the equivalent of what you have in Photoshop, but you don’t get the preview when you save in JPG.”
    Who cares Photoshop? I wan’t the function Pixelmator had before.

  • Chris

    158. nacho Says: “What happened to the “hide all palettes” shortcut? Used to be “tab” and now it’s gone, it was very useful and now I have to hide each palette one by one.”

    Yes. +1
    Specially if you’re working in fullscreen.

    158. nacho Says: “I also preferred to have tool options as a palette, not in a bar on the top.”

    Yes +1
    And placing the color-field on the farest position was not senseful. It’s not ergonomic.

    162. César Figueiredo Says: “I miss the swatches palette and FG and BG colors in Tools palette.”

    Yes +1
    I miss it also.

    163. PsykX Says: “Does anybody know where the Align & Distribute tools are ?”

    Yes +1
    I can’t find it too.

    164. b Berg Says: “but i agree that the 1.x “not so dark” ui was better.”

    Yes +1
    That’s true. And they made the ui-texts so tiny, it’s not better. It’s now harder to read. It’s not ergonomic.

  • Chris

    And there are much more little but substantially things.

  • Chris

    169. PsykX Says: “@Chris : File > Export. It’s not because it doesn’t have the word “Web” that it’s not what it does …”

    No. Paul pointed me that they have hide this Item in “Share > Export to Web”.

  • Chris

    69. Boxcar Matty Says: “It’s far from an Illustrator replacement, the vector tools are rather basic. …”

    Imho it will never replace “Illustrator” because it’s a bitmap drawing application, and not a vector drawing application.

  • madesign

    Sorry but can’t find anything about if this program support plugins. Does it support plugins or i am to stupid to find something about it?
    Regards, Michael

  • PsykX

    @Chris : Oh, thanks. I’ve never seen this before. I don’t really know what’s the advantage over File > Export though, except from seeing a preview of the quality. It converts to 72 ppi maybe ? If not, they could definitely merge these options together.

  • Pavel

    No update for older users. We are not welcome anymore.

    Bye then.

    Anyway, thanks for 1.6.7. it is also great piece of software.

  • Wolfos

    @Chris: No, but it’s a Photoshop replacement. Photoshop also has basic vector tools, and now I went as far as removing Photoshop from my dock.

  • Claudius

    Great Release!!!

    But why only in one language. Come on guys. Even the smallest developer supports at least the tree common languages now.

  • Duffman

    “For @Duffman;


    The healing brush works great for me…


    Seriously, YOU are the troll here.

    You tried the healing tool on a plain black background and they “hey it’s working man”. are you kidding ?

    You must test healing tool on a complexe scene like the one with boat, multiple gradient, etc … You just removed some text and hell “yeh, healing is awesome” … It’s proving that you have no clue about graphics tools like photoshop.

    And about the fact that PM team used a bigger picture so there is more informations than mine, it doesn’t matter.
    YES I used a lower resolution (PNG), but it’s also implying that the part to “heal” is also smaller by far so it should be done correctly also. Less informations yes, but also less pixels to heal, so the ratio is the same…

  • Duffman

    “If you took your time to get to know the application you would know that modifying built in shapes and doing Boolean operations on shapes in general, is indeed possible. The contextual menu shows these options. So please don’t state anything not true, just because of your incompetence.”

    And if with all your competencies your tried the “substract from shape” you should have seen that the behaviours just suck or that there is a serious bug. When you move the shape, the substracting part will go away and you retrieve the original shape. So just shut up please.

  • Duffman

    “For the idiots complaining that a $30 app doesn’t do everything a $630 app does…. get a life! Good software takes time, and each release of PM has brought a raft of improvements, for little or no upgrade fees.”

    Agreed, and good software are not cheap then. So 30$ for Pixelmator is just proving its 21x less good than PS…

  • Chris

    @185. Wolfos

    Please read the post before. He spoke about Illustrator.

  • EGlasheen


    I was erasing you dumb ass…

  • Gigi

    @Duffman, can you just go away and play on Adobe’s site? Seems you would be happier there, getting tired of your whining. Thank You.

  • Richard

    @Pixelmator Product Management:

    Just adding another voice saying how the upgrade policy is IMO quite unfair, and will not help you with installed base satisfaction.

    I bought v1 for $70 direct from the company a year back.
    A few weeks ago I could have bought the _same_ version for $30 on the app store.

    Now I – and many others – need to pay for an upgrade that app store customers do not need to – even though I paid more for the program initially

    A perfect way to alienate your long-term most loyal customers.

    Very bad taste in my mouth, and from reading the comments, others as well. I am sure this version is worth $30, you’ve done a great job and its a great upgrade. However I’m strongly contemplating not buying it because of your policy.

  • Nick

    I know you guys are busy, but any time frame on an updated user manual?

    Also, just an FYI – the program seems to crash a bit when using the heal tool on a very small corner of the canvas – not sure it’s a huge issue, but something to keep in mind perhaps.


  • Blue Hen

    Busy! It is their job to provide a professional, complete software product, irrespective of what the consumer price is. The cowards won’t respond to these requests for updated information of the type you and many of requested.

    Potential purchasers should be well aware they are getting an incomplete product.

  • Broken Alien

    What I find so amusing is that the Pixelmator Team spent months explaining their Mac App Store position regarding upgrades and the future delivery of Pixelmator, yet there are still people jumping in screaming that they’ve been ‘robbed’. Christ. Just buy the bloody product if you want it. If you don’t want to, then please leave — you were warned far in advance.

  • Claudius

    Some comments here a completely ridiculous.

    Listen guys this is not Photoshop. I don’t know who called it “the photoshop alternative” or “photoshop killer”. It’s a great image editor that is getting better and better with every release. And it’s far from PS Elements because it’s:
    faster, has a native interface (not Flash like PS), has a small footprint on my harddrive, and I payed far less then I payed in the same period of time for PSE + updates. And some PSE updates are sometimes not really worth the money.

    And 30 bucks for this app is not really a big deal, because you can use it legaly on all you Macs.

    I bought Pixelmator two times. As version 1.0 and as version 1.6.7 in the app store and got 2.0 for free. What is wrong with you guys. Seriously!

  • Jono

    layer styles! needed asap.

    don’t add support for opening .psd if you can really open them, every .psd i have uses at lest one layer style.

  • hamsta

    +1 for 196. Broken Alien & 197. Claudius.
    Nice to see some comments that are reasonable and logical for a change.
    I for one am happy with 2.0 and eagerly await the .update.

  • Marek Zeman

    I’m sad 🙁

    I bought Pixelmator 1.6.7 from Mac App Store, then I upgraded to 2.0.
    But 2.0 has a lots of bugs and I want to switch back to 1.6.7 just for as long as the 2.x without these bugs will be released.
    I really wanted the 2.0 but I think I will wait again.

    I love Pixelmator, is easy to use, has a nice design … but … too much bugs for now 🙁

  • Marek Zeman

    Ok … I have to change my last message …

    Try this:
    – Complete delete Pixelmator 2.0 (I use “Clean My Mac” app for complete deleting)
    – Restart your Mac
    – Go to App Store and download them again (Purchased > Pixelmator [ Install ])
    – Now … a few of the bugs aren’t exist …
    — I don’t know why but some bugs disappear 🙂

    Actualy I think I will wait for 2.x but still with 2.0 🙂

  • Rafa84

    Disappointing vector tools.

  • Marc Driftmeyer

    Photoshop Elements 10 just released on the AppStore for $79. Who in their right mind would take that over Pixelmator?

    Grow up folks complaining about the policy and price transitions that have long been forewarned.

    Enjoy this software. Try working in industries where critical Engineering software can range in the thousands and tens of thousands, then come talk to me about pricing.

  • Franco

    USER MANUAL !!!!

  • Chris

    So, now I’ve tried to work with Pixelmator 2 for more than a week.

    Before i get tendonitis and headache i’ve restored Pixelmator 1.6.7 from Timemachine.

    Very sad.

  • PsykX

    Well the main problem right as you open it is the whole black interface…

  • rakela

    I have spent about a 100 dls in pixelmator. I wish I had spent
    that money on photoshop elements… yes, pixelmator is cuter.

  • hamsta

    I tried to like Acorn and it does have some nice features but I couldn’t get past the claustrophobic interface.

  • Laurent

    Hello PixelMator’s team,

    Since I am pretty sure you are working hard to fix reported bugs and improve things, is it possible to have an estimation of the first bug fix release ?

    Also would it be possible to have faster releases. I am pretty sure that releasing an update which fix at least a few things will please everyone there, even if you say that there are still bugs around but that you are working on them 🙂

    May be some bug priority list ?

    Thank you guys and good luck !

  • Gary

    Layer styles in 3.0 … maybe? … Hopefully?

    I suppose my biggest wish is for layer styles. Maybe by this time next year.


  • EGlasheen

    Just wanted to say thanks. It looks like a huge jump over 1.6. I feel the content aware is on par with Photoshop, the red eye is spot on and the rest of the new tools are great. I like how light weight the program feels as compared to Photoshop. The dark grey background is perfect.
    I can only imagine what was involved to program a version upgrade. I’m sure all of the minor bugs will be fixed in upcoming releases.
    Thanks again,

  • Dom

    Ridiculous upgrade policy.

    Allowing free upgrades for some users and not for others, with the only difference being where you bought the product is just plain wrong. Even worse when it’s those of us who supported the product at the beginning.

    This isn’t about whether the upgrade is ‘worth it’ or not, it’s a matter of principal, and I personally wouldn’t trust a company that pulls this kind of stunt with my money again.

  • Drew

    @Dom… what problem do you have with the principal?? My principal is a very nice person 😀

  • Marek Zeman

    Pixelmator 2 is really amazing software! But … the problem with gradients pissing me off! 🙁

  • Apaulio

    @Dom you had to pay for the upgrade. So did those who bought it on release of the app store version, they just got the earlier version free.

    Only difference is that you got to play with it for longer.

    It’s a change. Deal with it. Yes the price came down, hate on Nintendo, Sony, Ford and a million other companies. You dont like the app store? Fine, go with that, not a problem. Or alternatively give yourself an ulcer worrying/ranting about something pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things and bleat on in a discussion forum. Whichever. Occupy the thread if you want 🙂 Me I bought Pixelmator twice and regret it not one iota either time. You know what, I also bought Photoshop in the past, must spam their evil forums for making me pay for .0 upgrades every time… And Autodesk 3ds Max. Curse them! I had to pay for that too! Haven’t they read the thread? Tbh I do wish team pix could work out a way that owners of the boxed copy could pay the same upgrade fee for prior owners to upgrade to stop the argument. Oh wait, they have. It’s called the app store.

    (sigh, may regret rant later, but not the content 🙂 ). Maybe team Pix might have done something diff if they’d planned it all out and known just what would happen and so on. Maybe not. But get a grip. It’s dirt cheap, amazing, and you had to pay $20 for an upgrade. Keep shouting at the monitor, froth at the reply, me I’ll sit happily doodling. The end*).

  • Vova

    Congrats everyone. It’s really an alternative to the terrible Adobe.

  • Houston Gradwohl

    Well Mickey… now this is what I don’t understand, apparently tottskum want him to take less money than he’s on with us.. now all of this is pure paper/net speculation.. so WHY go to them????? I’m at a loss…

  • Sceptical User


  • Mac

    Pixelmator is great with simple and neat Mac – tailored user interface. I’m getting to love the software more and more everyday.
    One thing I would love to see in this nearly perfect app is a magnetic lasso tool. Selecting irregular shapes would be easier, especially for those with unsteady hands.

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