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On the Pixelmator 2.0 Shipping Date

We expected to ship Pixelmator 2.0 Chameleon sometime this summer. But the summer is almost gone, and the app is not out yet. Why is it still late even though we worked very hard and had zero serious technical issues?

In fact, it’s simple—Pixelmator 2.0 is late because we put our hearts into it and want it to be perfect. But it looks like perfection requires some more time.

As of today, we think we have done a great job on nearly everything we touched in Pixelmator 2.0: the look and feel of the app; the fantastic new vector, type, retouching, and many other tools; the exclusive OS X Lion support; hundreds of lovely details; and much more. But hey, we still would like to squash bugs and improve some little things that we think should be improved before the release.

I assure you that the upgrade is worth every single moment of your wait, and I kindly ask you to excuse our tardiness and allow us a few more weeks to release a totally perfect Pixelmator 2.0. After all, we do this for you and care very much about what you think of our creation.

While I am getting back to work on shipping the app as soon as possible, I hope you enjoy a short movie we made about the new Eyedropper Tool in Pixelmator 2.0.


  • William Allbrook

    Always better to wait a little longer to get it right – that’s what Apple do and it can’t be bad to follow their example. 🙂

  • Manu

    I am confident that you’ll ship a great product, and I can wait a few weeks for that!

  • Joachim Hartmann

    Still hoping for a good way to update without buying over the App-Store!

  • Ralf Brandenburg

    Ok, I understood you will not deliver as promised this summer. What you haven´t said is when you plan to deliver! Its like: we promise to deliver sometime this summer (if we don´t its not our problem, we just excuse and work on…).
    To set yourself a binding target say: We will deliver by the end of September (or October or November, its your decision)!
    But then everybody knows what to expect.

  • Uwe

    Do it right – not fast and wrong

  • Gerard

    My copy was bought before you appeared in the App store.

    What will be my upgrade path?

  • Kercal

    With the greatest amount of love and respect (and all that 🙂 ) I do tend to take your deadlines with a little bit of slippage 🙂

    That said getting the app out right is the right answer… Can’t wait, but will do because I’m looking forward to it.

  • Duffman

    I hope that it will be good quality in comparison of the actual release. Not slowdown with only few layers, bad quality export and so on.

  • stevemb

    wait, no support for snow leopard?

  • jobewan

    For me, a simple -but complete- set of retouching tooling is both fundamental and critical. Having the same minimum capabilities in this regard as PS will allow me to put PS in the rear view mirror. Without, I will be left straddling the fence between PS and Pmator, leaning on PS primarily for the lack of just two or three basic building block functions, which would be unfortunate, as it has been to date.

    Pmator is indeed a breath of fresh air, and to paraphrase one of the developer’s more sarcastic retorts to a support request, it -does- (almost) seem like magic using Pmator – sometimes. There is a difference however between being a legen in one’s own mind as opposed to the minds of others, and Pmator is very nearly there w/version 1.6, but not nearly quite.

    I would not normally be so blunt with strangers, but for the fact that I have observed a similar bluntness on the part of the developers in their communications on the support board. I feel it is important to express ideas in a manner which the recipient is most likely to draw the greatest meaning.

    I have purchased Pmator twice now: once on Amazon, after which I discovered that there would be no simple upgrade path to version 2.0. I thought about it, and decided that there is enough promise in the product to endure paying for it -again- on Apple’s App Store, in order to get that clear path to version 2.0. I have no reason to believe at this time, that 2.0 will be excellent and wonderful both to see and use, and so wish the developers every wisdom and opportunity in making it just that, and keeping it worth waiting for.

  • Fremont Wamplestick

    Really not a good sign. Spent too much time trying to defend your MAS only strategy.

  • jobewan

    CORRECTION: To the last sentence in the last paragraph of my above post:

    “I have -EVERY- reason to believe at this time, that 2.0 will be excellent and wonderful both to see and use, and so wish the developers every wisdom and opportunity in making it just that, and keeping it worth waiting for.

  • ZeoS

    Perfection is just a phantom you’ll never achieve.
    The motion is much more important.

  • Geeza

    Spend all the time you need! I hate half baked products 🙂

  • Valashtar

    I pick good and cheap; fast is not a necessity. I am, however, worried by your phrasing “exclusive OS X Lion support.” I would hope that this does not mean that Snow Leopard users will be left behind; not all of us can upgrade as fast as Apple wants to drag people to, since we have to wait for 100% app compatibility.

  • Nagan

    Can’t wait!

  • M Benjamin David

    did you say EXCLUSIVELY OSX LION? …Lion’s too new for that! What’s wrong with Snow Leopard? (or Leopard for that matter?)

    I do agree to wait until it is where you want it to be before you release it. Apple does not do anything half-arsed, and they do so well.

  • Sebastian

    Exlusive OS X Lion Support? – Wait! I had already purchased a Pixelmator license two years ago and was talked into purchasing another one from the App Store this year by your statement that there wouldn’t be any other way to upgrade. Now you’re telling me that I need an OS that wasn’t even out when you announced Pixelmator 2? Guys, what are you doing?!

  • Manu

    “the exclusive OS X Lion support” I think they mean that they’ll be the only app of that kind to actually support Lion’s features (Versions, etc.). Not that it won’t be 10.6 compatible.
    Am I wrong?

  • Lanny Heidbreder

    If they were going to tell us that Pixelmator 2 is Lion-only, it would not be in the middle of a list of features and phrased as “Exclusive Lion support!”

    Competent readers of English, on the other hand, would read that and naturally assume that it means that Pixelmator will have exclusive support for Auto-save/Versions/Resume/other Lion features.

    Now, none of that is to say that Pixelmator 2 might not BE Lion-only. But you certainly can’t come to that conclusion from anything said in the original post.

  • hamsta

    New post. ?
    App store only complaints. ?
    I bought Pixelmator twice moronic statement. ?
    Reading comprehension issues. ?
    Still missing, must has layer styles bozos.


  • Jared

    As one of the more recent complainers from the Flapcraft post, I must say that I am pleased to see some communication. And I’ll just pretend that I live in a fantasy world where these extra couple weeks are due to a last-minute decision to add CMYK support 🙂

  • Calan Davies

    Some of you oxygen thieves really should learn to read before going around littering comments all over the net with your ignorant, unfounded, incomprehensible and infantile drivel.

  • Gamrcobe

    Thanks for the update and for the hard work your team has put in! I think Pixelmator will turn a corner on this next version and never look back. I can’t wait to explore the new possibilities for what can be created with it’s new amazing, long awaited features. Pixelmator is growing up into a professional, respected application, that can get in the ring and play with the big boys. Flapcraft is proof of this and I think people will take a second look at this all too often underestimated gem. Like a kid, i am excited to just open the box and see what’s inside…

  • Mr.Mark

    I’m waiting and I love waiting for good things. So keep up the work and write less blog posts. I’m using Pixelmator 1.6 with joy and I’m sure 2.0 will be double worth the wait.
    Can’t wait for the release.!!!

  • Rob Juurlink

    “When you ship incomplete you don’t lose time polishing turds you thought were gems.”

    Luke Wroblewski

  • Sebastiaan

    Are you coordinating your launch to coincide with TextMate 2?

  • Tom

    Can’t wait. The good thing about this is that there’s still a chance to get Pixelmator at the lower price.

  • Lucas

    I’m sooo looking forward to this release. It has all the tools I need to finally kick Adobe from my Mac 🙂

  • Jeff

    Any chance you can tell us what is and is not going to be in the “Perfect” product? I am assuming that P2 will work fine in Snow Leopard but would also appreciate a clarification for the doubters.

  • Saulius Dailide

    Thanks everyone for your comments and support!

    • Snow Leopard is still fully supported (OS X Lion is highly recommended since some of the awesome new features are Lion-only)
    • No CMYK support. We think CMYK has no future – however you are very welcome to persuade us otherwise.
    • No idea about the exact shipping date – the thing is that there are still some bugs left. The good thing is that Pixelmator is feature-complete.

  • Anon Cowherd

    As always, I presume you’d be more than willing to shed some light on the status of Layer Styles, Saulius.

    No? :p What a *stunning* turn of events!


    A clueless little “hamsta” complaining about people rightfully complaining about the lack of an essential feature (and no word on WTF is going on): ?

    Oh and hamsta darling: I was even smart enough to copy & paste “?” from your post instead of looking it up on the Internet. You wouldn’t have been :p

    Just for the record, I’ve already bought Pixelmator, and I like the app. I just don’t like the bullshit way Saulius has handled various people – even professional designers – asking for Layer Styles time and time again: Silence.

    Silence, and then some more Silence. Did I mention Silence? There’s more where that came from!

    Come on! Don’t say a word about Layer Styles yet again! Avoid the subject entirely! The world being aware that you’re actually getting around to implementing it would totally destroy your business after all!

  • paintboy

    By that logic you should remove the option to print altogether seeing as most printers use CMYK ink cartridges (consumer-grade included). Is there anything wrong with trying to improve colour accuracy when printing?

    FYI, P2 sounds great. Obviously, I’m just a little frustrated for the commission of CMYK. Can’t you guys make a poll, or do an internet survey? You might find more people use it than you might think…

  • keehun

    Cut them some slack, people. Stop being internet trolls

  • Not Adobe

    Pixelmator will continue to be an indie mac toy until its developers take software development seriously. It’s a shame because pixelmator has the potential to displace several software titles and become a premiere graphic tool. But as long as the pixelmator team continue to run their shop like Allan Odgaard runs his show I doubt pixelmator will ever be much more than GIMP with a pretty interface.

    Good luck pixelmator team. You’re going to need it once the real next generation graphic apps begin to appear next year.

  • MB

    I don’t see how anyone can complain about a missing feature. If something in the software didn’t work as it was supposed to then you have a right to complain but not about things that were never included in the first place.

    I completely understand the frustration you might feel though. There are features I’d love to see in PM that may never arrive. However, giving the developers an ear bashing is never going to get you what you want.

    I welcome the announcement today but it wouldn’t surprise me if the team had to think long and hard about whether to post anything at all. Deadlines are incredibly difficult to meet in the software industry, particularly when it comes to testing and fixing bugs. For some bugs it’s just impossible to predict how long they will take to pinpoint and fix.

    In addition, any post answering one question invevitably leads to many others. It’s much easier to say nothing than to try and be communicative as the PM team clearly are trying to do.

    I have seen very few software products which have the power, grace and elegance of design that PM has. Think yourself lucky that you have it. And if you really want certain features and think you can do better, go grab a copy of XCode and give it a go – but be sure to start a forum or blog so we call all complain about what’s missing 😉

  • Michael

    Seems like hubris to pin the delay on wanting to get the product “perfect”. Sets an impossibly high bar which you can only fail to meet, as will be evidenced by version 2.01, 2.1 etc.

  • Coen

    ‘CMYK has no future’… That’s like saying cars have no future! Sure you can get from A to B on a bicycle, but come on… Time for a reality check guys! How do you think magazines are printed? And brochures? And packages? News papers? And… well, anything that’s printed??? It’s all CMYK!

    OSX got an built in Colorsync engine, come on guys…

  • Kunako

    I hope only that “small” bug with brush (when brush is bigger make in edge dirty color) will be fix up.

    I can wait seome more weeks but plees kill that bug

  • fluffy

    CMYK’s future will continue to be in the professional print world, where people are likely to actually have a budget for Photoshop. Personally I think that spot color support is way more important than CMYK support, if you really want to support printing (and if you support spot color you can also support CMYK for free).

    A few months ago I bought an HP color laser printer for home. The ONLY color space it supports is sRGB – it does all its CMYK conversion internally, and doesn’t provide any mechanism at all for the computer to send CMYK data. Like it or not, HP is a trendsetter in the printing space.

  • Smitty

    Does version 2 of Pixelmator will support 16-bit color image ?

  • hamsta

    @33 Anon Cowhead – The ? shortcut is Alt v. Now you’re even smarter! So stop stalking me. I can see you from my kitchen window! ?

    I gotta admit, I agree with #38 Michael – Unless the bugs are major, just release it and fix on 2.01. You know us users are gonna find more bugs anyways.

  • Duffman

    “• No CMYK support. We think CMYK has no future – however you are very welcome to persuade us otherwise.”
    Just lol. ok I understand now that Pixelmator teams are amateurism and that I will have to stick with Photoshop.

    Thanks for the clarification, where is the refund page please ?

  • Duffman

    I will add that the funny part is that Pixelmator is focusing on the picture retouching features but not supporting CMYK color to have the good color when printing. It’s just weird and stupid. You should have focus on web design features then…

  • hamsta

    @Duffman – you mean web design features like slicing and optimizing for web? Pixelmator has that. As for the picture retouching comment, Pixelmator is capable of much more then that. I use it to design game graphics.
    The future is digital content and Pixelmator is headed in the right direction.
    Good luck on that refund request.

  • Tom

    @38 Michael @43 hamsta – I wouldn’t like them to ship with known bugs. It’s just not nice. “The price is now $59 again, there are some new features and also new bugs. Enjoy!”. I couldn’t sleep if I were to do that.

  • Wheat Williams

    Please post some details about the new Font and Text tools. I need things like better support for kerning and tracking, and overlaying text layers and captions onto photos and illustrations, for making Web banner ads at rather small image sizes. I’m about to give up on Pixelmator and switch to either Acorn or Adobe Photoshop Elements instead. However, if you can explain to me exactly what the new Text features in Pixelmator 2 will provide, I might be willing to wait awhile longer.

  • Jared

    For myself, I handle flyers and other marketing materials for a very small shop (think <10). The company we source our printing to requires CMYK (as does every other company I have encountered–hell, our own printer is CMYK). We are using an old version of Photoshop, but with a likely move to Macs at work in the near future we will need to buy new image editing software. It would be great to use Pixelmator (which would have the added benefit of allowing me to work at home), but without CMYK, that will be hard. I'd have to convert the finalized images, which is never the optimal choice. Might as well just use Photoshop and get CMYK from the get-go.

    Really, though, it's odd that such a common request, and one that's rather fundamental to imaging, is one that's constantly refused by you guys. I know that OS X has built-in facilities for some of this stuff, but I've never looked too deeply, so it's probably more work than it seems at first glance. I do think you would be surprised by how many people would like this feature added.

    But I'm not hopeful.

    As for the person who said we shouldn't complain about missing features…what an odd statement. If PX didn't include something absolutely essential–such as undo functionality–would you say the same thing?

  • Anon Cowherd


    It’s about communication. They’ve set up this blog in order to communicate with their customers (and potential ones), but any time people ask for Layer Styles – and a *lot* of people have – they’re just silent about it.

    I once managed to squeeze out some kind of PR-damage-control kind of response out of Saulius, but he didn’t really tell us anything.

    Seriously. I can’t see how letting us know what’s up with Layer Styles could do any harm.

    I can think of two reasons why they wouldn’t want to talk about it:

    1) They’re never going to implement Layer Styles.
    2) They’re going to implement Layer Styles, but the feature will be released like 2 – 3 years from now.

    In both cases, telling us would cause some people to give up on Pixelmator. As in, telling us would cause them to lose money.

    The longer they blatantly ignore people asking about it, the more likely it is that one of those is the reason why.

    If this is the case, then it’s sleazy that they’re stringing people along. If not, then they just suck ass at communication. On second thought, I think they’ve already established the latter.

    It’s sad though. Pixelmator _is_ a great piece of software, and seems to have the potential to really disrupt the hell out of Photoshop.

    I’d much rather buy Pixelmator for even 150 euros than Photoshop for 1200 euros.

  • Duffman

    @ hamsta
    I mean layer effect to be able to create interfaces. Pixelmator hasn’t that at all.

  • Kercal

    TBH I’d like CMYK, or at least a gamut warning and snap to CYNK colours (don’t think I’ve ever used a fifth ink or chosen a pantone colour and so on) but do think it’s very useful to see what will print and what won’t. It’s not as if a better system than CMYK has come about for day to day or professional printing.

    That said: looking forward to V2 in a big way 🙂

  • Andy Dean

    I stepped out on the front porch this morning and lit up a cigarette. I took a long relaxing drag off that thing and thought to myself, ” I can’t believe them boys aint released Pixelmator 2 yet. I just stood there and smoked the rest of my marlboro and went back in my trailer and watched the Jerry Springer Show.

  • MattB

    I don’t even particularly want or need Layer Styles, and yet it sickens me* to see the brand damage being done to Pixelmator by your choosing to actively ignoring your customers repeated request for information about the possibility of that feature, whether now or in the dim and distant future.

    Why not just come right out and say that it’ll proably never happen because the core graphics library doesn’t have the chops to implement it on top of. Done. End of.

    At least then we could move on.

    * Because Pixelmator is one fine piece of software, and it bothers me no end to see that image being tarnished. And it is being – even if it doesn’t feel that way to you from the inside.

  • Lex

    Hey, I got two questions.

    1) Will you increase the price when 2.0 is released? Currently, it’s $29. I have 1.0 license purchased outside Mac App Store, and I haven’t yet decided when I’m gonna re-purchase it from MAS. If you are going to raise the price, I will get it right now, before the price change.

    2) Will you change the icon? I like current icon but something new would be really nice. 🙂

  • Bela Ujvary

    I don’t mind waiting as long as there will be layer styles in 2.0… 😉

  • Mike

    If its feature complete how about releasing regularly what we will be seeing in v2 to get us in the mood. Cant be any harm in that.
    Something a little more exciting than red eye removal and the like that I have been able to do manually and automatically for a long time. (I dont mean that not useful for some, I would just like more marketing stuff to convince those still on the fence waiting and people like me who like to be excited by the company foreplay. 😉



  • WebTread

    Thank you guys for posting an update to let us know. I’ve complained pretty heavily in the past that you have a blog and yet you let many months go by without letting us know anything. So you deserve to be commended for stepping up your communication as I check back often to see if it has been released yet.

    I look forward to using Pixelmator 2.0 with all the new features, especially the addition of Vectors. I think many of us would have bought a Vectormator product had you released one so I am glad you did the best thing by rolling that feature in to 2.0.

    While I am not an advanced user it does seem to me that if your customers are vocally asking what is up with LAYER STYLES it seems to me that you should answer them. Don’t you think? Also it seems very clear to me that CMYK is more used by your customers than you might think. Again not a feature I need but sounds like a whole lot of them do need it. You stated that you’d give them a chance to change your mind and it sounds like a lot of them are trying. Maybe as they stated you could put up a poll here on the site so we can find out what percent need it. Or just have a page asking your customers what features they most want next and let us all vote up or down the features we want to see in up coming versions. That way you will know for sure where you should focus your time.

    Any how I am very excited and can barely wait for 2.0 as Pixelmator is already a fantastic tool. I do hope for the sake of your other customers with needs that you will communicate with them more about these things and give us all a way to vote for features we’d most like next.

    Keep up the good work and keep communicating with us all.


  • Shane

    I can’t wait!

  • hamsta


  • Anon Cowherd

    >> So you deserve to be commended for stepping up your communication

    They haven’t and they don’t.

  • Guntis

    Have you thought about plugin architecture? It would be nice if you could add Photoshop or Aperture-compatible plugin architecture. So that all (at least most of all) plugins which are created for Photoshop or Aperture would work also in Pixelmator. I’m looking at Nik Color Efex Pro 4, Noise Ninja, Noiseware, and some sharpening plugins, preferably Focalblade. By the way, they consantly struggle to make Focalblade for Mac. Could you help them to make at least Pixelmator-compatible plugin? It would be amazing help for web designers!

  • Guntis

    Lex —
    1) Pixelmator 2 will be available later this month via the Mac App Store as a free upgrade for everyone who purchased any version of Pixelmator via the Mac App Store. For now, anyone who doesn’t have the app can purchase the currently available version of Pixelmator on the Mac App Store for $29 and receive a free upgrade of Pixelmator 2.0 once it is released.

  • hamsta

    I read this:

    “I’d much rather buy Pixelmator for even 150 euros than Photoshop for 1200 euros.”

    and laughed and laughed and laughed! 🙂

  • niewiesznic

    PLEASE, add CMYK to Pixelmator 2.0, so I could use it in my work!

  • Gigi

    I am new to Pixelmator, I have, however been a user of Photoshop for, well since it first came out… I must say that Pixelmator is blowing me away. Yes, maybe it doesn’t have everything Photoshop does, but COME ON, I bought it for $30 freakin’ dollars, those who are complaining please go check out Abode’s prices again and while you are at it note that Adobe is going to transition their program to the cloud so you will have the benefit of paying way more than $30 every month!!

    I am also going to purchase Aperture for its amazing photo retouching tools, that I find are better and smoother than Photoshop. With Pixelmator (already linked to Aperture) I have a wonderful work flow. (I don’t expect a $30 program to compete with retouching giants like Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture)

    To answer those questions about CMYK, I admit that is very important for me, but as was stated on the forum here, ColorSync (free on every Mac) can be used for the conversion, just as easy as Photoshop. I just did a test and imported the converted picture into InDesign (which I still need to use, no alternatives to that just yet) and it worked just fine, no warnings in the Preflight panel.

    I have never used Layer Styles, I had to look that up just to know what it was. I see it is like object styles in InDesign. I can see it being useful. But since I didn’t even know it existed, my way to import styles was to open a file that had the style I wanted and drag the layer to a new file. That works too (at least in Photoshop, haven’t tried it in Pixelmator) anyway the point is, there is always a way to do stuff. I say that as a person who used these programs before you could even HAVE layers in Photoshop, and we got by. (yes I know the “I walked a mile to school, in the snow” story!) I will say that the ability to have plugins is a good idea… perhaps in the future.

    I am really amazed at what is offered here for the price that it is and I am glad I got the program from the App store for such a steal!! So if this program isn’t your cup of tea, well you know the URL for Adobe!

  • hamsta

    Nice post Gigi.

    I just shake my head when i see these rubes complain about a $29 app’s features compared to a $1299.00 app.

  • unow

    You might be right about CMYK, that it has no future. But right now, present time, I see no way around it when working with gfx for print. Pmator makes much more sense for web design right now – an area where PS sucks.

  • Anon Cowherd


    Care to explain what you found so funny? Or were you just trolling (like I suspect)?

  • Manu

    To add to Gigi’s post, you can also use Automator to actually make batch processing.
    So, it’s true that you can’t work in CMYK in Pixelmator, but it is easy to convert your work in Mac OS X. This isn’t Windows my friends 😉

  • Nepo

    I just saw the new Eyedropper tool and it’s great! It would be great if you could hold down Option and add a bunch of colors to that bar on top for fast selection of picked colors! 😀

  • hamsta

    @ Anon Cowhead

    I don’t think you know what trolling is…

    As for the funny. Read what you wrote again and then have someone else explain it to you. I would, but I don’t have a license for remedial education.

  • jcwoll

    Did I read vector? Woohoo! It’s gonna be amazing!

  • Duffman

    “Adobe is going to transition their program to the cloud so you will have the benefit of paying way more than $30 every month!!”
    Dude, it’s great that you are happy with pixelmator for YOUR needs. But if you can replace PS with Pixelmator that easily, it only means that you should never have to use PS because you were using only 1% of all the features and optimizations of the software.

  • CrazieDuck

    As someone who has chosen to pay twice to get the upgrade path I am clearly very excited about Pixelmator 2.0.

    There is clearly a huge amount of support for Pixelmators approach to simplicity and functionality at a price which is realistic for the average person wanting to do some image manipulation. Everyone is excited about the new features, and personally I feel that the features shown on the “sneak peak” page makes the additional purchase fee well worthwhile and certainly cheaper than what Adobe offers now.

    However, I think that it would be great to hear more from the Pixelmator team on how the release is going and move away from the rather abrupt and un helpful posts in the forums. Clearly communication/marketing is something that the team thinks about a huge amount given the quality of the videos being produced and the careful crafting of messages on the main website. With such a great community rooting for a great product release I think we’d all just like to know whether things are going well, are being delayed to make things even better, or are just slipping because there are a ton of bugs.

    I agree with most of the people commenting on the latest v2.0 news that waiting a bit longer is worthwhile to make the product as good as it can be and something that the team will be proud of. All I can ask is that we get an update every couple of weeks or so even if it is to tease us a little more….

    Thanks guys for making a great product… can’t wait for v2.0 but pllleaaasseee keep us posted.

  • MetSat

    Will you guys add functions to the type tool like horizontal and vertical scaling? And also setting the tracking for selected characters, just like in Photoshop CS5?

  • Captain A**hole

    Please release Pixelmator 2.0 in 5 years from now. That way you’ll have so much fuckin’ time to get it “perfect”.

  • Gigi

    To Duffman, first I am not a dude. Second, I still use Photoshop, and even still I want to wean myself off of it. Yes, there are tons of features I am may not use as they continue to bloat it with stuff not in my workflow. Like Dreamweaver there are so many features that I don’t care to use because I have something I feel works better (for example CSSEdit is my tool for style sheets) these “features” slow the program down or cause it to crash. I continue to use Photoshop daily, but am shifting more of my photo retouching to Aperture, because I prefer it. You like Photoshop enough to continue to shell out money constantly, that is fine, but I am not paying them a monthly fee to use their program, I don’t love it that much.

    On another note, I was at the App Store and 1Password is doing the same upgrade system as Pixelmator, I bought 1Password in a bundle and now I need to buy it again in the App store to get the next upgrade, that will be the only place to get it. But I did figure that an upgrade would cost me money, $20 (1password) is not a bad price for an upgrade really. In Apple’s online store Aperture was $199, but I just got it in the App Store for $79.

  • MetSat

    “Will you guys add functions to the type tool like horizontal and vertical scaling? And also setting the tracking for selected characters, just like in Photoshop CS5?”

    Nevermind my question. I just read about the new typography features…

  • Knutbert

    I would also appreciate any detailed information about the release date. Is “End of the month” still valid or does this news here mean, that it could also be end of the year?

  • Anon Cowherd


    From Wikipedia:

    > a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response

    Close enough.

    Anyway, if you can’t explain what was supposed to be so funny about the price quote, then you’re just trolling. Or “being a dick”, if you’d rather call it that.

    Oh, and in case you didn’t know, 1200 euros is not far from what Adobe forces us Finns to pay for the basic version of Photoshop. I’ve seen the price at 1100 euros, and now it was something like 1050e for some reason. This is literally *double the price* that Americans pay. It’s outrageous.

  • hamsta

    I simply commented on another comment. How is that off topic? And how is finding something funny provoking? Don’t you like fun?

    As for the funny, i’ll try to explain it but you know what they say, if I have to explain it…

    “I’d much rather buy Pixelmator for even 150 euros than Photoshop for 1200 euros.”

    Who wouldn’t rather pay less for something then more? In this case a graphics app.
    It just looked funny to me. Sorry I have a sense of humor. 😀

    and Wikipedia? Really??? 😀

  • Anon Cowherd


    You need to realize that the 150 euros I mentioned is more than *six times* Pixelmator’s current price on the App Store.

    But your *astonishingly astute* observation that it’s logical for someone to prefer paying 150e over paying 1200e is irrelevant. The absolute numbers don’t matter, and besides, they apply to completely different, separate products too, so any comparison between those numbers doesn’t have much meaning.

    Photoshop has been deemed worth 699 USD, but that only applies if you pay using an American credit card. If your credit card happens to have been issued in Finland, you pay 1044 EUR. I’ve tried, Adobe doesn’t let me buy Photoshop for the American price with my Finnish credit card.

    Now, 699 USD is actually 508 EUR, which means that Finns (among other Europeans) are getting ass-raped with double prices, just because Adobe can. The differences in taxation don’t account for even third of this.

    The Pixelmator Team, on the other hand, do *not* ass-rape Finns with their prices. That’s pretty nice of them.

    Armed with this background information then, you just *might* be able to grasp the true point of the sentence you found so delightful.

    Here it comes.. Are you ready?

    I’d much rather pay *six times* the normal price for Pixelmator than *two times* the normal price for Photoshop. Six is a larger multiple than two, so my stance might seem a bit counter-intuitive, until you consider everything I said above, plus the fact that Pixelmator is actually a great piece of software and worthy of support.

    As for Wikipedia, its definition sure seemed good enough for you when you were cherry-picking part of it (“off-topic”) as a distraction-prop for why you wouldn’t be trolling. The key word there was “inflammatory”, which your comment was.

    The moral of the story here is that you shouldn’t expect my brain/reasoning to work like yours. It doesn’t, because I’m not dumb.

    Oh, and in case you didn’t get it, I’m implying that you are. What? -Why dumb, of course!

  • hamsta

    Wow, responding to nothing with another novel? Sorry I dozed off after the “You need to realize”. Maybe the others will find it enlightening.

    Go Pixelmator!!

  • Anon Cowherd

    Yes, the only possible way for you to “not lose” is to pretend it didn’t just happen :p

  • JanO

    I second all of you guys wanting layer styles. As an interface designer, it is absolutely essential to have layer styles in such an app. Hey Pixelmator guys, you have an almost infinite amount of people waiting to ditch both Photoshop and Fireworks to design iPhone and iPad apps in Pixelmator. Without Layer Styles, that is going to be impossible.

  • Dan

    You guys really need to work on a NEW app icon. The current one is UGLY.

  • Pawel Cichonski

    Pixelmator Team – your work is perfect. Great to see your app and great to use it. Thank you!

  • kryckk

    Ahh the Anon/hamsta show. I must say it is always enjoyable. hamsta with his amusing comments and anon with his aggressive ‘must reply to hamsta by saying the opposite’ (btw I could be exaggerating so please don’t get upset…..you know who you are 😛 )

    I think we should pitch this as a TV show!

    As for waiting a few more weeks for version 2, I’m all for it. Take you time boys and looks forward to it when it comes out!

    awaiting the next episode…… 🙂

  • hamsta


  • Allie O'Brien

    I still plan to buy PM2, I just hope its updates don’t stagnate like its release date. Although, on the bright side, if It hadn’t been for this delay I wouldn’t have discovered Acorn and Opacity.

  • Anon Cowherd


    Yeah well, you’re either hamsta’s sockpuppet/lover, or you didn’t understand he got owned (again).

    It’s not the first time I’ve suspected another name of being his sockpuppet, and your writing style is kind of similar, _and_ it would make sense for hamsta’s hurt ego to compel him to engage in some sockpuppetry.

    Also, your ‘must reply to hamsta by saying the opposite’ is not accurate, and anyone should be able to see that.

  • hamsta

    My my, someone sure is paranoid. Truth hurts I guess. Maybe try some counseling? 😀

  • hamsta

    I just threw this together as a tribute to “the Anon/Hamsta Show” suggestion by kryckk.
    Hope you like it!


  • kryckk


    Might have to change my name to sock puppet now 😛

    Or just meet up and buy you two some beers!

  • Drew

    hamsta for president!

  • Anon Cowherd

    No, seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out you two are the same person. Saulius might know, if they’re recording IP-addresses for these posts.

    In any case, you haven’t actually managed to present any arguments against anything I’ve said.


    “Truth hurts”? That you’re dumb? Yes, I guess realizing it might sting a bit.

  • hamsta

    Anon Cowhead, you don’t get it. There is no argument.
    And I only post as hamsta. Sorry to dissapoint. But I think your sock puppet is getting kinda sticky, might want to throw it in the wash. 😛

  • kryckk

    And no I am not hamsta, nor his sock puppet.

    Just sit back and enjoy mate. As hamsta says…’chill’ 🙂

  • Jonas

    Please publish Pixelmator 2 – Otherwise I’ll be force to migrate some of our developers back to Photoshop

  • Steve Jobs

    Real artists ship.

  • Aaron Parr

    I understand that you should not release something before it is ready. I’ve purchased 1.6.7 and found it full of bugs, and not just minor inconveniences, but show stopping bugs. As one of your customers I’m wondering if 1.6.7 was considered ready when you released it. Will 2.0 be the same? Why was 2.0 started before you fixed the bugs in version 1?

    My first impression with Pixelmator is disappointment. I expected working software. After all I paid for it. This was not freeware/shareware so I don’t expect it to behave like it is. Software with this many problems should be free in my opinion. I expect that Pixelmator moving forward will not be so full of holes.

    If you recognize these issues, and are turning things around for Version 2, then good for you. Stamp out those bugs. Take another few months and release a solid product. This is not art. This is a tool. And it should work.

  • Kercal

    I’m not at all disappointed with Pixelmator (although there are a couple of bugs, yes). It’s still speedy and slick and more fun to work with than the competition.

    That said: +1 for releasing V2 soon as I just want to get stuck in and play with it! 🙂

  • niewiesznic

    Completely AGREE with you, Aaron Parr (post #102) !!!

  • Chris

    It says on your website Pixelmator 2 will be released later this month. I guess that means Pixelmator 2 should be coming any day now. Right?

  • Tom

    Aaron, have you reported those bugs?

  • Mike

    Take as much time as needed. I can wait… I will be busy in zbrush as of tomorrow. (Oh I am a selfish git sometimes. ) 😀

  • stan

    perfection is mostly unachievable, so i hope you can live up to a bold promise. looking forward to it but would have preferred you to ship it early and let users find the bugs

  • Jay

    Need Pixelmator 2 for my new job that I just started. Can’t wait for vectooooors!

  • Torbjørn Vik Lunde

    @Saulius Dailide and paintboy : Many press printers these days don’t even want photos in CMYK, they want to convert them from RGB themselves (they are converted specially designed for their particular press), so I think you are probably right in that regard. I’d rather have you guys focus on more web-related stuff (such as better type tool) than on print stuff.

    And even if I’d disagree I love the fact that Pixelmator is company with opinions that don’t simply bend over to every whining. Those products that do end up trying to be everything to everybody and well… end up sucking. Keep on doing your thing. (Be careful with pre-announcing things though!)

    To the “IMPLEMENT MY PET FEATURE”-crowd: You all have your own *different* pet features that you want. Do you know what you end up with if Pixelmator would have to implement all of them? Photoshop. Pixelmator would be completely pointless if it was just like Photoshop. If you really want your pet feature this stuff, then just use Photoshop! (I use it for design at work.) Don’t complain if you find to it to be too slow, ugly or unstable — those are the consequences of adding so much stuff in one app.

  • michal

    1 question: Are there coming any more filters in Pixelmator 2?

  • Duffman

    ” Don’t complain if you find to it to be too slow, ugly or unstable — those are the consequences of adding so much stuff in one app.”
    Funny comment.

    Photoshop is by far more optimized than Pixelmator.
    Last time I opened 4 pictures at 1000×1000 with no layer at all, Pixelmator was already lagging.

    Photoshop from whom I generate all theses pictures with a lot of layer was blazing fast…

  • Dyffman

    Duffman says… I Know better!!!

  • Melkman

    -No Snow Leopard Support
    -No Update for an “old” User, that bought PM not in Appstore


    Hello Again Photoshop!

  • Jared

    Torbjørn Vik Lunde,

    There’s a flip side to that as well. You’re right in that it’s best not to implement every feature under the sun, but at the same time, if you never implement features that a significant number of users are clamoring for, you just may lose customers.

    That said, who knows how many people are requesting CMYK? I’d be satisfied with Saulius telling me, “You’re the only person who is requesting CMYK. It’s not happening. Go away.” That would be a much better answer than the tease of “if you can show us why it would be a good reason, we’ll do it”.

  • hamsta


    From what i’ve read 2.0 will have all the new features available in SL except Lion only features like auto save, full screen etc.

    As for the update to the Mac App Store, that little gem has been debunked plenty of times in previous post comments.

  • Rog

    The summer is over …. and no 2.0 Now we will hear it will be released some time in the Fall…….. The old folks at Pixelmator are loosing credibility.

    The MAS fiasco will never be debunked….. It LIVES…….in infamy.

  • tomy

    Does Pixelmator 2 will support 32-bit bmp image?

  • Nichod


    Funny I just had 3 2k x 2k images loaded into Pixelmator and I’m not having lag and I have multiple layers. Perhaps we need to troubleshoot something on your end. I’d be happy to help.

  • Nichod

    @Torbjørn Vik Lunde

    While I agree with most of what you say, especially regarding CMYK, I do feel that a feature similar to layer styles has been lacking in Pixelmator and this results in difficult often awkward workarounds being required. (ie. filters, multiple selection manipulations, additional layers)

  • Bill hornbuckle

    Not Happy. I’ve paid for it twice now and still no product for the second payment. I know about software development, I have a patent (us patent 6012018) for seismic interpretation. There is not perfect or bug free code. You are way past the creaming curve on this one and need to release the product. You are losing credibility as a vendor. No enterprise wants to depend on a company that can’t deliver their product on time. Plus, it is not good form to tell everyone how awesome it is when you wrote it yourself. Self promotion is pretty unappealing and narcissistic . Let the market judge the product. Am I looking forward to it? You bet. But I’ve lost a lot of respect for the developers and because of the above reasons I won’t be making it my workhorse for graphics…

  • Drew

    So you are not making Pixelmator your workhorse even if it might be the best product for your need only cause they slipped a release date??

    Wow ….. that is a smart business decision right there!…..

    Also…do you expect Adobe and such to tell you: ” our product is simply an update to our old existing software, nothing exiting new just a yawn update for you for XX dollars…” Every company makes nice statement on their new product…. few words come to mind “Magic!!” “the most advanced OS on the planet”…..see every company does some self promotion!!!

    @Melkman good bye …nice seeing you!

  • Jay

    Loads of trolls on this thread. Calm down, it’ll be here soon.

  • hamsta

    I wouldn’t say they are trolls. Maybe some other kind of stinky forrest creatures. 😀

    So to pass the time, what is your favorite new feature coming in 2.0 and why?

    Mine is the Pixel Tool. I used Deluxe Paint for pixel graphics back in the old days.
    Here is something I made with DPaint back in the pre-internet days.

    Runner ups include Vector & Text Tools.

  • Inkoqnito

    Just bought Pixelmator last night and freaking lovin it:) will be even better then i get vector tools:) but it sure can come soon now.

    One thing i noticed was that my imac got slower the longer i worked in pixelmator can i free up cache in pixelmator?


  • knutbert

    i hope they are coding 24/7 or even more. If not, there is no excuse for ignoring the communityin that way.

  • cybin

    Hey guys!

    It’s stated on their sneak preview page, that 2.0 will be released later this month. By today, it’s just a few days left.

    Can’t hardly wait…. 😉

  • Drew

    Yeah knutbert how dare they not talk to us… this is too much .. I am gonna buy Photoshop cause Adobe talks to me!!

    And The Pix team better not be sleeping either or else i am gonna sell my pix license altogether!!!!!!

    Damn some people are really……NUTS!

  • knutbert

    well, I would not change to ps just because of that, but nevertheless its not ok how they act. There are so many questions from the community and there isjust no reaction… For somebody who thinks he belongs to “the rest of us” thats not good in my eyes. For me thatsapart from the great product, the charme of pixelmator, its the small rebell coming from the community itself…

    and I think many people understand, that there are also some emotions coming out…

  • Duffman

    “Funny I just had 3 2k x 2k images loaded into Pixelmator and I’m not having lag and I have multiple layers. Perhaps we need to troubleshoot something on your end. I’d be happy to help.”

    Sure if you are running Pixelmator ONLY perhaps.
    On my configuration, with Xcode and some other stuff opened: PS blazing fast, pixelmator dogging slow…

  • hamsta

    @ Duffman

    Just curious how much RAM you have and how much free space you have on your main drive.

  • Tubby

    I’m seriously hoping Pixelmator 2 will be a Fireworks replacement for me. Just need the vector drawing tools, and we’re good to go!!!!

  • Anon Cowherd


    It’s easy to claim you’re not sock-puppeting when I can’t confirm it either way. I still have my doubts.

    Anyway, I took a look at your video. Pretty good for a kid with Deluxe Paint. I was curious to see some examples of your current work, so I was hoping to find a portfolio website in your YouTube profile.

    You’ve got this there: http://hamsterxstudios.com/ .. but, instead of a portfolio or something, you’ve just whipped up some placeholder website with a ready-made theme with the sole purpose of hosting that picture you drew in my honor.. The site has no other content. Now _that_ is really sad.

  • hamsta

    Anon CowHead –
    You have your doubts? Too bad cause I don’t care.

    I don’t put my work or awards up because I don’t do work for hire. Strictly self employed. Thanks for the compliment, that was hand drawn with a mouse. Took me two weeks.

    That website was taken down due to someone adding some exploits to it. I hate having to go through google to get it unlocked. That is some ego you have, it wasn’t done in your honor but for kryckk. 😀 So now that i’ve revealed that you have no idea what you are talking about, i guess that makes you the sad one.

    Have a nice day!

  • cristian

    Eilà, is there a possible date?

  • WebTread

    I guess we should be seeing Pixelmator 2.0 out later today right… At least if I’m reading this blog post correctly. No major technical issues just wanted a “few more weeks” of patience to allow for some more bug squashing. 3 weeks and two days later “Are we there yet?” Can’t wait to get my hands on the new tools and features 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a complex piece of software ship perfect but from the voicing of this post it sounds like with these 3 extra weeks it should be ready to ship today. As the old saying goes you get to a point when it’s time to shoot the inventor and go into production. It won’t be perfect but if it was good enough months ago for FlapCraft then today it should damn well be good enough for me.

  • Drew

    3 extra weeks from what?? August 31st??

    Is August 31st END OF SUMMER??

  • James

    Sorry if this repeats what’s already been said: I’ve not managed to get past all the trolling. I’ve been very disappointed with the Pixelmator team since Autumn began, especially because of this weak communication attempting to mitigate loss of custom after making the horrendous PR move of creating a paid game to test an application. I’ve waited too long for this update and so have bought Sketch for vectors. It’s buggy, but it’s available right now and serves my needs. Might I be so bold as to suggest that others on this blog check out Sketch too? It certainly covers all bases where UI design is concerned – for me.

    Pixelmator team: I’d seriously pay attention to all the negative feedback here and elsewhere on the web. Your application can survive only as long as your customer base remains loyal. You’ve set the bar; now others will attempt to raise it. They’ll also do it with your PR and business mistakes in mind.

    I want to like this product – and I am loyal – but your income relies on making better decisions in the field. Your market will go elsewhere if you keep this up, especially at this price-point.

  • Gamrcobe Studios

    It amazes me how much passion and energy get put into these comments in here, how come I don’t see this in the regular forum from you guys. Put all this energy in to more sharing of the great things you create with Pixelmator. Join us in the Flickr group and show us what you’ve got! Inspire others by just posting up something you’ve done in the Tutorials section. Help build not tear down!

    @hamsta let’s see more of your work, less back and forth in here. : )

  • Dieter

    I regret that I have bought Pixelmator a second time through des MAS in expectation of version 2. Seems to me like the developers got too much money in too short time. I should forget this never-ending-promise-story and instead using programs that really get updated such like Acorn, Graphic Converter or Photoline.

  • James

    Just to add to my previous comment. This is not a retort.

    @Gamrcobe Studios: You’re right, we should be posting examples of all the great things that can be done with Pixelmator; it’s a great application!

    I must confess that I use it more as a utility than an artist’s tool (hence my frustration with having to wait for vector capability) so you’ll not see any awe-inspiring illustration from me.

    Do you not feel, however, a small sense of sadness at being let down, though? I have recently been reading the history of Logic, formerly notator; how incredible that software was; and how many users waited through limitations of hardware in the hope that the software would one day have the platform to show its true colours. Now we have these platforms, software must move quicker, and some of the ‘magic’ that we used to feel surrounded these applications has been replaced with the desire, simply, to get things done.

    I’m glad you feel positive about Pixelmator’s future; I wish I could share your awe. However, the developers must accept the times in which they engineer.

    A million quid in such a short time can go two ways and I, for one, can see that this success has not had the most positive impact on their output. It says more about the Pixelmator team as a business that it does about the product’s capabilities. It’s okay to question a company’s decisions when it has a direct impact on the way in which people work (I was forced into Pixelmator when I couldn’t afford to upgrade CS2 to work with Lion). Acorn and Gimp are fantastic tools but, somehow, don’t have the finesse of Pixelmator.

    This is the first time I’ve felt the need to post on a developer’s blog and I do so not without caution. I don’t want to come across as a default complainer, but I had high hopes for this software and am left cold on the update front.

    I do agree, though, that @hamsta should be putting more art out on this blog!

  • Fede

    I would appreciate any kind of update, as I’m desperately waiting for V2 to give my new website the required finish…

  • PsykX

    @Fede : You should never depend on unreleased software.
    As for myself, I had to do the design of my website in a trial of Photoshop because I couldn’t stand the wait for Pixelmator 2.0

  • hamsta

    @ Gamrcobe Studios – I agree with you 100 percent. I would like to note whoever that I only reply to “people” . I do not tear down.

    As for posting my work. I will do that since you and James asked. 🙂

    Look for me in the forums!

    As for Pixelmator…(tick tock)

  • needz

    Guys, you should really check Sketch 1.2 (updated recently). It has improved a lot and is more usable now.

  • Piggy Beaumont

    Today is Sept, 29th. Where is Pixelmator 2.0???

  • Fede

    Well, I’m not depending from it, but V2 will have some tools that would perfectly match my ideas… Maybe you have not yet experienced how horrible it can be to change all graphics used in a finished website later on… I’d simply like to avoid that ;))

  • James

    @needz indeed. Very useable if a little idiosyncratic at times; the infinite canvas is a great idea. To be fair, Pixelmator 1.6.7 and Sketch 1.2 are perfect together. Now, if Bohemian release a bitmap editor…

  • seoras

    A simple idea would have been for the Pixlemator team set up an email database to update those keen to know when V2 will be released. More importantly perhaps to also give those with a previous version advance notice so they can purchase the ‘Upgrade’ (sic) from the App store, given they will be slapped with the full whack otherwise if they don’t wish to purchase now.


  • Lukas

    Just let us know that the update is finished and we just have to wait for Apple to approve it…

  • hamsta

    I haven’t tried Sketch but I use Lineform for vector. I got it for a discount at MacWorld. I don’t think they are updating it anymore tho. Another app for vector that i’ve used is the free inkscape. The only downside is that needs to load X11 to run.

  • Aaron Parr

    again. i have no problem with a release date slipping as long as when it is released it is free of show stoppers. minor bugs are no problem. but the thing should work. take your time. do it right.

  • Christopher Grant

    Looking forward to the new version! Plunked my money down and am now peering anxiously over my keyboard to see when it’s out. No rush, just looking forward to it! Many of the photographs on the linked site were edited in Lightroom and finalized in Pixelmator.

  • cloddo

    Another new and promising vector app you should check is iDraw, available on the Mac App Store. It has an iPad version too.

  • Hans

    As a customer of Pixelmator since its early days, who now paid twice, I´ve learned: never again pay for something you don´t get in real but only as a promise. Never again! Who knows if there is a Version 2 at all? Is this a great and smartly fake? Who knows? Some tiny movies aren´t a proof.. 😉

  • Spiffers

    @cloddo: iDraw stinks big time. It has no text on path, it handles text in general very bad, and its full of bugs. And they have not even considered fixing it. Dont waste your money on it.

  • MattB

    James (141) has it nailed. This is a couple of teen hackers with no business savvy, and a pile of cash earned on false pretences that has gone to their heads.

    Rather than reinvest in additional engineering resource to get 2.0 out, and accelerate ahead of the competition, they’d rather party on the proceeds while keeping loyal users swinging in the wind. Short time gain for long term pain – they’ll regret it when they grow up; but that’s far, far in the future.

  • k.

    Another promise come and gone. Now it’s just outright lies.

  • Matt L

    I love the pixelmator app it is a great tool, however, the pixelmator team needs to start talking to us or things are going to get nasty. People are getting upset and all that is needed from the team is a progress report. That will set fears to rest and encourage patience. Without that eventually someone will call the Federal Trade Commission and then everything will get worse from there.
    Come on Pixelmator team just a little communication. We don’t even need the product at this point. Just let us know where you stand.

  • WebTread

    No Matt L! In my opinion you are wrong on the “We don’t even need the product at this point” part of your message. This is starting to feel like the Netflix melt down. If only there was stock to drop to get our voices heard. We do need them to deliver period. Like yesterday.

    I think many of us can accept that programming and bug squashing can be a very involved process. No one is debating that and I’m fairly certain that none of us would even be pissed off voicing our opinions here if we didn’t love the Pixelmator product.

    You are right like many others though that the issue is one of setting expectations and not only falling short of timelines but not being vocal enough about where things are. It’s like pumping hot cheese flavored air into a thickly packed nest of hungry rats and then walking away to smoke a joint. WTF.

    Many of us paid twice for the App it’s a steal but I paid twice for the same product on the assumption that it would be here before now. What pisses me off more is that when Saulius made this post I even chimed in with praise that at least they were finally communicating. And someone said no he / they don’t. I’ve had a bone to pick before about the lack of communication from the Pixelmator Team but thought hey well they are now getting more vocal. Now I am more pissed because a few weeks is not a month.

    It’s like loving Football but your team stinks. Football = Pixelmator product and Team stinks = Pixelmator Teams communication.

    They said back in January (I believe) that they were working on 1.6.8 and 2.0 at the same time. 1.6.8 never showed up and 2.0 was used to create the graphics for an iOS app after they state that they grossed over $1 Million dollars in 20 days. Again WTF…

    And as MattB put it… Why did they not reinvest some capital into hiring more engineers to work on their bread and butter product that we have all supported. And now for a second time on the promise it would be delivered. This isn’t even like Apple pushing back a products release date because they don’t take pre-orders on products that keep getting pushed back.

    At the very least open up your yap and SPEAK to the droves of us checking for the update daily.

    Felt good to get that out lol… Now please don’t tell us your waiting to release this on Oct 4th so you can share in the headlines of Apples announcement cause that would really pull our wire.

  • Christopher Grant

    Usually I don’t like to chime in on debates or problems with applications but I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in here. I do believe most of the arguments are valid here but also feel many of us are missing a rather large and human point:

    These are two brothers making a kick-butt application from the ground up and trying to go for their first big update. They don’t have hundreds or thousands of people working for them. We should be championing them to buck the trend against larger companies dominating and give them more leash and foregiveness to occasionally fail at things, big or small.

    2 guys. Not 200. 2. Moving as fast as they have is no small feat. Give them a break if they fall flat on their face occasionally. Help them dust themselves off. Encourage them, not whip them.

    But that’s just me. I’m willing for things to occasionally go wrong. An occasional bug. An occasional feature not being there. That’s why I’m here. Otherwise I’d be using another application with more power behind it (which I had for almost 10 years).

  • Matt L

    Hi Webtread.

    I share your frustration. I am trying to knock through to the Pixelmator team that we all love the product but yanking our chain like this can A) Lose them valuable customers B) Have legal consequences with the FTC Consumer Protection Branch. Taking our money and not delivering the product on time as promised is a no-no. Nobody wants the hassle of a FTC complaint. Not the Pixelmator team and certainly not the end user. We want the great product we know is there.

  • Matt L

    Hi Chris,

    We collectively gave them a million dollars. As others have pointed out a few extra software engineers would not break the bank.

    We did give them extra leeway already. They are far past due with no comments from them.

  • Dieter

    I´d like to ask MAS-Support for return my Pixelmator-licence and refund. I hope they´ll investigate and pull some consequences to Pixelmator Team Ltd.

  • Mike

    With all the bugginess of v1.6 + no v2 as promised + no communication about why v2 is not here, I really feel like asking for my money back

  • cybin

    I think everyone understand that software development is anything but schedulable. There are issues, always.

    I’m not that frustrated as other people, but what Pixelmator Team should do is: Talk. Like the statement at the top.

    Everyone will understand that it needs time to fix problems, but according to the blog entry, there should be no ‘real’ problem. I think that’s why people getting angry/disappointed/whatever.

    So, if there are problems you guys fighting with, just drop a single line occationally about them.

    Anyway, as for my experience, I’m trying to avoid any fixed schedule as hard as I can. The work is done, when it’s done. Nothing more, nothing less. Just keep the people informed about what’s going on. And I don’t mean to write hundreds of letters or similar. Just a few words from time to time.

    I’m still looking forward to get hands on V2.0 and I know you guys will do a good job on that.

  • WebTread

    Just to clarify… It is in my nature to be vocal pro or con on an issue when I feel it’s warranted. I have heaped a great deal of justified praise onto Pixelmator in my discussions with others which is in turn praise to the small Pixelmator Team. I love the product and was super excited when I learned about the new features.

    All true. However as stated above my myself and many others… This is about communication. Period. In a different post I called them something like Amazing Mute Hermits on a hill. Then he made this post and I gave praise for communicating which I thought was fair. But here we are about 4 weeks later and no product and no word as to why from our brilliant mute hermits.

    Christopher I am all down with the small shack shop with Rock Star chops but not communicating with your customer base when you’ve set expectations is just inexcusably poor form. If you can code you can communicate. Many of us gladly supported giving them a few more weeks so it is (lol) perfect. It’s time to shoot the inventor and go into production. And yes we will forgive the few bugs they can’t find until the masses are using it. And if you are not going to put it out today just freaking let us know. You’ve ran past your few weeks just like you ran past your Summers end. It’s not the end of the world by any means but you are adults and you owe your pre-paid customers a product or an explanation as to WTF is the hang up. So that in the future I can gladly lavish praise again. Until then you suck lol…

  • WebTread

    P.S. I personally have no intention whatsoever to ask for my money back or contact the FTC consumer protection department lol. But give me what I paid for when you said you’d give it to me or tell me why it is still not in my hands yet. Thanks… The admirer of brilliant mute hermits who live on a hill. Further referred to as BMH. And hire some more code monkeys already lol.

  • Jeremy Gugenheim

    Oh crap. I wasn’t going to post but here I go. Who said “if you can program you can communicate”? I programmed for 25 years and I met very few programmers can communicate. This brilliant product transcends all the whinging. I personally haven’t seen any bugs, but I don’t doubt others have. Give the guys a break, either they’re working on it – in which case we’ll see v2 in good time – or they’re not – in which case we’re stuck with v1.6, which is pretty darn good if you ask me. We gave them a million bucks – yes, but what for? Something that might exist later? No – for something that already existed. Be happy.

    As an aside, to the whingers, be very, very careful. A lot of people whinged about the delays on the new version of the utterly brilliant MenuMachine and after a couple of years of abuse the author spilled the beans on what the delay was about. THAT shut them up very quickly.

    Please, gather your toys back in your prams, none of you will die if v2 doesn’t happen this week. Or even next. If they guys told you every week what they’d done and what they were going to do, delivery would happen no quicker and you’d be faced with missed deadlines, broken promises and disappointment just like today. Nothing would be changed.

    FTC??? Get over it.

    Rant over. Sorry everyone.

  • Matt L

    Hi Jeremy,

    Nobody here is in prams. We are all adults. Your the kind who blindly take what you are given. All of us here want what we paid for and what was promised. Go be someone else’s apologist. If you check the posts the majority of the opinions are not the kind saying we should just blindly accept. Even those sympathetic to pixelmator team are calling for some form of communication.

    People are mad. You calling everyone whiners is unwelcome. You get over yourself coming down from your high horse and judging what others should or should not get. We paid for it. We want it. There are legal remedies if we don’t.

    Go rant elsewhere.

  • Edward Glasheen

    I too am patiently awaiting the arrival of 2.0. I’m am sure it is going to be great. Since using Pixelmator I no longer use Photoshop. Photoshop was a great tool, regardless of the bloat.. 3D and movie capabilities, but I can no longer justify the annual price.
    I am a web designer / developer. I code in BBEdit, SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio. I do not do any print work. My point… do I really need any Adobe software… not for the last year!
    Pixelmator is perfect for my needs and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for every point upgrade.
    I also have to say… being a professional… I use Pixelmator for work… but it doesn’t define my work… my talent does… not some feature that I think I need. Sure it would be nice to have a smudge tool or some of the other stuff… I only would use it 10% of the time.

    My advise… stop whining about updates, this that and the other thing… it makes you look like a tool. Who cares if the projected release has been pushed back… really does it matter… if so… maybe your skill set is lacking or you have no patients…

    It would be allot more professional to use Photoshop if Pixelmator does not do it for you… than to complain about your $29 dollar application that does 90% of what you really need it to do…

  • Joe

    Now October. Pixelmator, just post an update to the last article and let people know you have problems. We will understand, well some will.

  • k.kj

    I’m afraid of something critical matters in PM2.
    What’s going on? A month is too long for fixing tiny bugs.
    Please let us know what sort of problems you have.
    Saulius hasn’t tweeted nor posted any articles since 5-7 sep.
    Rather than in anger, we are in anxiety.

  • Dave Miers

    Regarding CMYK support, I have no need to output CMYK. However what I do need is a method of converting CMYK files to RGB. Sure it will automatically be an rgb if I save it with pixelmator, but it will not be properly converted. In Photoshop you have assign profile and convert to profile, what we wind up doing is assigning a profile when we need to convert.

    Working on the web with many of my images sources coming from the clients print advertising, I find that most always those images are in CMYK mode as that’s what print professionals in advertising are using to sent to the commercial printers.

  • James

    I think the problem with the legal stuff here is we already have got what we paid for: Pixelmator 1.6.7 on the MAS with the opportunity to upgrade, for free, to 2.0 when (or if, the legal guys would argue) it’s available. That purchase has been fulfilled and so there’s no trading standards issue, really. Also, I don’t think it’s feasible to offer refunds on 1.6.7 when the product is (pretty much) as advertised.

    The issue, I think I’ve realised, is not really communication. While it’s frustrating not to hear anything, it’s that darn -promise-. That’s the killer. Why am I not complaining to Panic Inc. for not releasing Coda 2.0 after four years and not really saying much about it? It’s a great product, with very few bugs, that serves my needs well. Why am I complaining to the Pixelmator team? 1.6.7 is not what I wanted (plus it has very obvious bugs). It’s what I paid money for and got, but I -wanted- v2.0. That’s the problem…

    (thanks MattB, by the way)

  • Chris

    You people that keep up the stop whining rants- what the hell is wrong with you? Obviously people here are pissed off. You don’t want to hear people whine, but you think coming on here and posting self righteous lectures about attitudes is supposed to help matters? All that’s going to accomplish is piss people off even more than they already are. Hypocrisy. Like it or not, allot of people bought this app only because the features promised with 2.0 and the advertisement of ‘later this summer’. Then it was ‘later this month’. It’s not happening. Not so much as a word from the developers to explain why. People have different values-that’s just the way it is-everybody’s different. do you really think the pissed off people give 2 shits about what you have to say? Your not going to enlighten anybody. People feel lied to and mislead. Nothing you post about patience or how smart you are and how talented you are with pixelmator is going to change that. If you so open minded and patient then please let these people express their frustration on here and shut the fuck up.

  • hamsta

    Wow, the Pixelmator blog has transformed into the graphics comedy jam! On one side you have people SO ANGRY over $29. On the other, people trying to be rational with the angry mob. Fun stuff! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Daniel

    “Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.”

    Its the first thing I check in the mornings these days 😀

    Mostly to see if version 2 is out, though. Not that I’m unhappy with the current version at all, I’m just looking forward to having some basic vector drawing functionality built into pixelmator directly.

  • Chris

    Hamster-it doesn’t matter if it’s $29 or 29 cents. Go make a cartoon about it.

  • James

    My girlfriend is in the other room; we’re supposed to be watching a film together; I’m checking this blog for a release date.

    Now there are two people in this household who are angry with the Pixelmator team…

  • Mike

    It is, at least in the UK, still Summer time until October 30th.

    Just thought I would point out its still Summer… officially.

  • hamsta

    I’ll get right on that Chris. I hope the check for 29 cents is in the mail.

  • Mike

    Maybe if the Pixelmator team didn’t waste their time making that stupid game…..

  • kryckk


    ahh the fun of the pixelmator forums!

    Oh well, back to play with Reason!

  • Michal

    Is it no problem if it is coming later.
    We understand its take time even if its coming in 2012.
    For diablo 3 we must wait years.
    But dont promise what you not can make.

  • WebTread

    Matt L… For the love of humanity please stop with the freaking FTC stuff. As bad as they are for setting up expectation and missing deadlines neither Saulius nor any member of the Pixelmator Team has intensionally tricked us. Pixelmator v 2.0 will simply ship late much to our disappointment. I get really hot under the collar over this as any one who has read the comments knows but lawsuit come on that is over the top.

    What is a poke in the eye is letting us know they made $1 Million gross in 20 days and not hiring more engineers as far as we know, setting dates they can’t meet but worse is telling us to go play a iOS game they spent time making instead of releasing the product. Not even sure what happened to version 1.6.8 that they said was coming.

    They get an “A” for a great Mac like image editing product at a terrific price and a “D-” borderline “F” for communication skills. This is not only your product but your brand name your playing with. You really may want to spend a little more effort on how you set expectations and more effort on coming clean when your going to be late before you are late. There is no doubt you guys rocked out a great product and we expect 2.0 to be the same but please step up your social skills or hire someone to communicate for you cause you’ve really let your customers down as you can see here in the comments. Brilliant Mute Hermits… I look forward to the day I can stop saying that. Let us know what’s up. Sincerely a fan of your product.

  • WebTread

    P.S. Suggestions for renaming this blog post…

    FROM: “Let’s Talk” TO: “Let’s Wait”


  • Robin Hood

    Cut them some slack. At the moment, Pixelmator 2 is only weeks late. If it’s still not out by 2012 with no clear progress/communication, at that point I would start to worry.

    As far as hiring more engineers, you cannot just slap on some more engineers. It’s a delicate process, and good developers are very hard to find.

  • MattB

    For the apologists claiming you can’t release software to a schedule, the good folks over at Ubuntu say otherwise: http://thisisthecountdown.com/ – and that’s an entire OS.

  • cybin

    @MattB: This is just a countdown… A hundred or thousands of times the world’s countdown has been exceeded already. 😉

  • hamsta

    @ MattB



  • JonathanJK

    So much whining here, I thought I was on Macrumours.com for a second then!

  • Chris


  • hamsta

    Yup, the whine is aging nicely here, have a sip.

  • Chris

    I would rather have a sip of Mad Dog 20/20

  • Saulius Dailide

    Thank you everyone for your comments.

    I don’t want to get into details too much, but Pixelmator 2.0 is a massive upgrade and we are working very hard to bring it you ASAP.

    I am telling you – you’ll love it.

  • Mike

    Sweet 🙂 Thanks, Saulius.

  • Serkan

    the longer we have to wait, the higher our expectation…

  • Mitch Ward

    ^ This.

    I don’t mind waiting for Pixelmator 2, but I am expecting big things to come from this LONG wait! The features list looks awesome already, but I am hoping for a few surprises now. I guess we will have to wait and see!

  • RV

    Come on PXM Team!! You said a few weeks, not “some day, before the year is out”

  • arschknutscher

    @mitch: well, 20 days ovrr the date is not really long wait. For a software release date, it still would be “in time ” if it would come out now.

    but nevertheless I am also hoping for some surprises, maybe a better aperture integration for example.

    best regards

  • Anton

    Thank you so much Saulius :D. This is exactly what i think many of us wanted. Just a little anonymous communication, just to state, that you’re still here. I’m very much looking forward to the release of Pixelmator 2.0 and hope that you will start making these subtle, but nonetheless very sought after comments! I think you’ll see a lot less frustration if you do!

  • Ima Notawhiner

    Layer styles are for amateur designers who are too lazy to create their own effects using built-in tools. I suppose Photoshop sucked before layer styles were introduced? Nope, pro artists did amazing things. We are so polluted with whiny amateurs who drag and drop their way to designs.

  • ImperfectLink

    Layer styles are useful while doing 2d rendered elevations. I assign materials to each layer, brick etc and just paint. It’s then easy to do the inevitable change later (seconds). Time is money.

  • WebTread

    Obviously that’s not saying much Saulius as far as your new projected timeline for release but I suppose that is because you are learning not to set expectations which is probably the smartest thing. That being said you taking a quick moment out of your day to jump on here and give us a small token of your reassurances is pretty much what most of us were asking you for. So thank you for taking the time to communicate. I personally appreciate it as I’m sure many others are as well.

    We will be checking back daily so I hope ASAP means this week lol. Thanks again and look forward to loving v2.0 as you put it.

  • Edward Glasheen

    Cool Thanks,

    Any app devs => could there be issues with upgrading via the App Store that is causing the delay? Massive upgrade = replacing the whole app… just a thought…


  • Matt l

    PXM team should update the weblog with a new statement. Not giving a timeline but reassuring that it is on the way. Users shouldn’t have to dig through the comments to find an update from the team. However good on em for finally communicating.

    Sounds like a major upgrade though….am looking forward to it.

  • joe_04_04

    cmon PM…I have faith in you guys…

  • Joe

    @Edward Glasheen, It isn’t likely that is the hold up, as an app dev it is pretty cut and dry uploading versions to the Mac App Store. ……..

    I will check back again in a month or so to see if there is any progress with V2. Some of these people here on the comment thread are clueless, whiney, and, and just plain bored with life. Who in the hell would sit here and comment daily, weekly, or even monthly for that matter.

    The PXM team hasn’t jumped on the thread here to answer everyones questions because they are BUSY WORKING on V2. You all should be thrilled they are to busy to do a Q&A session. Shouldn’t you all be working?

    What a joke.

  • Dr Timothy Stairwell

    I would like to say, the money I paid for pixelmator 1.6 was well worth it. It’s really useful, and I find myself using it for all sorts of things. If it never got an update, it would still be great value.

    I would understand the folks here bristling with self righteous rage if they had pre-ordered v2 and didnt have it yet, but … you bought 1.6. If you really wanted to be guaranteed v2, you should have waited for v2. You didn’t buy v2, you bought 1.6, and the developers promised you a free bonus update, at half price. And you’re complaining because it’s a bit late?!?!? Have you got a big job coming up that required the specific features of pixelmator 2.0, and the deadline is looming??!?!? Every reason I can think of for people being this angry about a delayed free bonus update (apart from having the emotional age and coping skills of a 7 year old) would require you to have THE WORLDS WORST decision making skills.

    Does this incredible sense of entitlement extend to other parts of your lives? Some of these comments sound like Cartman screaming for his mother to get him some more hot pockets.

    Anyway, some of you guys really should contact the FTC, or maybe even go to Big Peoples Court and sue them – only because I think a little bit of sunlight and face-to-face human interaction would do you good.

  • Mike

    @Dr Timothy Stairwell

    I think “bristling with self righteous rage” is not accurate. I’m not certain that you can discern people’s anger levels simply by reading characters on a page. Most people here are simply expressing their disappointment, which I think is valid. The blog is titled “Let’s talk”, so people should be entitled to express how they feel (preferably wihtout the profanities) – even if it appears childish to you. They legitimately purchased the current version in anticipation of a free upgrade to v2 in accordance with how it was advertised and have not received what they understand they’ve paid for.

    “The world’s worst decision making skills”? If the price of Pixelmator were to increase starting at v2, purchasing it at its current price might in fact be a smart decision – with the added benefit of using a fun tool in the mean time.

    I recommended the software to someone who is now struggling with serious bugs that I assured them would be dealt with around “the end of summer”. I think the problem for most people who’ve complained has not been the wait as much as the absence of communication. A quick blog post or tweet along the lines of: “Sorry for the unexpected delay. We are still working hard on it” would help a lot. Though it is unfortunate that a lot of expectation was generated around a specific timeframe, people are generally understanding if status/progress updates are given at appropriate times.

    “a little bit of sunlight and face-to-face human interaction would do you good.” Agreed 🙂

  • WebTread

    @Mike i’d have a tough time saying what you articulated so well any better. I will find self amusement if nothing else by adding a bit more as I feel you may have left out a fact that may have escaped the dear Doc. And by the way… who feels so self important that they include their professional title in a blog post? I don’t see astronaughts or garbage collectors doing that.

    What Timmy or should I say Timmmay forgot to take into account is that many people voicing their thoughts here already owned Pixelmator 1.6.7 but were persuaded to repurchase the same app they already owned in the exact same incarnation because the Pixelmator team asked us to in order it from the MAS to get the upgrade. Personally I was glad Saulius finally jumped in and said something. Obviously we can only wait but a wave of legitimate customer complaints has it’s place. In all time with all people free speech has a role to play especially when it is dissent. But maybe the dear Dr. and others injecting the term whiners here only appreciate free speech as long it’s what they want to hear.

    Any how enough said… It just sounded like another self righteous posts by someone intolerant of people exercising their right to be heard. What’s most troubling is really digging in and spewing negative personal comments towards customers of Pixelmator that they don’t even know as if it is their sworn right or duty.

    “Let’s Talk” indeed.

  • Drew

    They already said “Sorry for the unexpected delay. We are still working hard on it”how many times do they have to do it?

  • Matt L

    @ Drew

    Takes about a minute or two to type a blogpost. A couple minutes every week or so to keep us happy customers hardly seems like an unreasonable request. If say 10 people (hardly a big number from their customer base) abandoned PXM because of this flap it has a ripple effect as they communicate with others. Dissatisfied customers often times find ways of communicating with potential customers especially in a world of blogs and web reviews. So the current loss also becomes a future loss as well.

    Satisfied customers = Healthy Company no one can argue that math.

  • J. Scott Anderson


    I have to agree with @Matt L. Communications is the issue here. If they have to say it daily, then so be it. I’m patient with the release because 1.6.7 does what I need it to do. However, great the product is a lack of expectation management will cause the company great problems. Whether it is just a tweet or a full blog posting, there should be more out of the PXM team so that customers and potential customers can gain some confidence that the company is responsive to their need for information.

  • Chris

    I am guilty of using profanity on this blog comment thread, and for that i apologize. That out of the way, there are two types of posters here-Those who are frustrated with Pixelmator, and those who are frustrated with those who are frustrated with Pixelmator. If users want to come on here and complain, they have the right to do that. All these people coming on here and posting rants about people complaining are only stirring up more anger and frustration. Please stop. Your not going to change any minds about the situation. Obviously we see things differently. Why can’t you just let the ones who are frustrated vent and leave it alone?

  • Chris

    “I think I’ll start drawing circles in pixelmator”- These kind of pretentious comments are exactly what i am talking about.

  • Matt L

    Steve Jobs….Rest in Peace. A great innovator who changed the whole world. 1955-2011

  • hamsta


  • Franco

    thank you Steve.

  • WebTread

    Steve Jobs – The best friend I never met in person. You changed the world as we know it and I am glad a part of you lives on in the products I touch daily. Godspeed

  • Chris

    You will forever be remembered Steve.

  • Duffman

    Thanks to your slowness, Steve will never see Pixelmator 2.0…

  • Gamrcobe

    @Duffman c’mon man that was just uncalled for, you just trying draw blood now? You have every right to be critical of the real issue here, the lack of communication, and speak your mind, but stuff like this isn’t adding to anything. Let’s keep it productive!

    @Saulis I would love to hear about it someday!

  • Anon Cowherd

    Oh Saulius, it took you all of five minutes to notice a post about Steve Jobs and reply to it.

    That means you _do_ actually see pretty much everything that’s going on in these threads, and you _do_ have time to comment.. You just don’t feel like bothering to talk to us.

    So.. Let’s Talk, shall we?

    – What is the status of PM2?
    – What are your plans for Layer Styles?
    – How do you feel about CMYK support in light of all the comments discussing it?
    – If you give us a new ETA for PM2, do we have reason to believe it?
    – Why is it an insurmountable task to keep us posted?

  • hamsta

    @ 210 Ima Notawhiner – i totally agree. Drag and drop amateurs… LMAO!

  • Drew

    @Anon Cowherd

    I think i can answer for Saulius this time 😛

    – What is the status of PM2?
    We are working hard to make it as good as possible for its primetime

    – What are your plans for Layer Styles?
    Read http://www.pixelmator.com/sneak-preview/ for a brief description on what’s new in PM2

    – How do you feel about CMYK support in light of all the comments discussing it?
    As said many time we think it is useless prove us otherwisse and we will change our minds

    – If you give us a new ETA for PM2, do we have reason to believe it?
    No new ETA is set or given for PM2

    – Why is it an insurmountable task to keep us posted?
    We are working hard to make it as good as possible for its primetime

    As for Duffman…I am shire one day we’ll hear that not only Steve saw PM2 …but it actually had some suggestion to for it that he have the PM team, after all it’s Stve perfectionism and attention to detail that made Apple what it is today, I am sure in a way Saulius is trying to do the same.

    @Anon Cowherd I think taking time to pay a tribute to the one of the greatest man of our time it is a completely different thing, your comment is definitely childish!

  • Christopher Grant

    @ Gamrcobe
    I agree with you, that was a bit much to write something like that. Unfortunately comments are beginning to go in circles.

  • cristobal

    Hmm i have bought pixelmator twice now really looking forward to this shipping now anytime soon.

    You are the dev team and you should be honest if it is not gonna make out before until next year.
    if so just rough guess an estimate a shipping date to next year and if you make it before then the better.
    Hopefully this is not going to be a similar case to TM2 (http://wiki.macromates.com/FAQ/TextMate2) which has been set to be shipping for over a couple of years now.

  • Drew

    You can hire me as P.R. if you need 😉

  • WebTread

    I’ve been been very vocal about the delay myself but accepted that it is close when Saulius came on a few days ago to let us know it will be out ASAP. We needed a vocal response from him and got it.

    Now for the sake of all that is holy can we please not throw Steve Job’s name around for the sake of trying to pressure the Pixelmator team into releasing it sooner than ASAP! Go ahead and bitch more, I did, but please leave the memory of Steve out of it.

  • Cos

    Quoting Drew – “How do you feel about CMYK support in light of all the comments discussing it?
    As said many time we think it is useless prove us otherwisse and we will change our minds.”

    Anything prepared for press printing MUST be CMYK. Simple as that. What the heck is so complicated about that answer. I don’t get it. Every designer on the face of the earth knows you have to have CMYK if you’re going to press. If it’s useless, why is it demanded for every single press job we produce? Maybe we should ask the press guys to stop asking us for it because you guys think it’s useless.

  • Drew

    To push technology forward you have to leave behind something user wants…..

    I can recall…. floppy …..bluray…..(keyboard and mice in some category) point is … as someone famous said…(Henry Ford) If i asked what people wanted we would have faster horse.

    As S.J. himself bought us people don’t know what they need! It is the forward thinking i think that drives this CMYK decision!

  • RV


  • sw

    “It is done when its done.”
    Good luck to complete PM 2.0!

  • Gigi

    As a graphic artist first (also a web designer), I do use CMYK constantly. And as a professional designer, I have to use InDesign. I can leave Photoshop behind, but not InDesign (the only option is Quark which is just as expensive) In the InDesign workflow I can output CMYK pdfs from a file even if it has RGB images placed in it. As was mentioned some times printers prefer to do the conversion themselves and also ColorSync can do the conversion. Aperture is also a RGB only workflow. That is the way things are. As with everything there is a price, use Photoshop where it is all easy, and play the high price for bloatware or use alternatives that make you work a little harder. What is not cool is whining that a much more reasonably priced program doesn’t do the fancy things that the way over priced program does. And it isn’t like the CMYK conversion is impossible for anyone unless PM is the program to do it, there are alternatives.

    What is especially not cool is whining that the PM team took a moment to comment about Steve’s passing. If some of you were my clients, I would tell you to get lost and find someone else to work with!

  • Anon Cowherd


    OK, let’s see..

    > I think i can answer for Saulius this time

    Oh? But since you are not him, and therefore can’t tell us anything we haven’t already heard, why would you?

    Did the PM team appoint you Chief Apologist?

    >> What are your plans for Layer Styles?
    > Read http://www.pixelmator.com/sneak-preview/ for a brief description on what’s new in PM2

    Why would I read a brief description of what’s new in PM2 when I already know Layer Styles will not be in it?

    Why would you think that answered my question?

    >> How do you feel about CMYK support in light of all the comments discussing it?
    > As said many time we think it is useless prove us otherwisse and we will change our minds

    That’s not what I asked either. We already knew that position, but people here have been discussing CMYK support afterwards. What does the PM team think _now_, after seeing the discussion.

    >> – If you give us a new ETA for PM2, do we have reason to believe it?
    > No new ETA is set or given for PM2

    No shit?

    Do we really need a self-appointed Chief Apologist to tell us that?

    >> – Why is it an insurmountable task to keep us posted?
    > We are working hard to make it as good as possible for its primetime

    Once again, that’s not actually an answer to my question.

    Seriously, Duff. You can’t speak for the PM team, so you shouldn’t.

    > @Anon Cowherd I think taking time to pay a tribute to the one of the greatest man of our time it is a completely different thing, your comment is definitely childish!

    What I referred to Saulius doing was saying “Oh, he saw it…”

    That’s not a tribute to Steve Jobs. That’s just a comment he had time to make, within five minutes of seeing the message he replied to.

    > Now for the sake of all that is holy can we please not throw Steve Job’s name around for the sake of trying to pressure the Pixelmator team into releasing it sooner than ASAP! Go ahead and bitch more, I did, but please leave the memory of Steve out of it.

    Please just refrain from overreacting and twisting the discussion into some kind of pointless fake controversy.

  • Anon Cowherd


    > Thank you Drew! That’s exactly what I was going to say.

    A random apologist posted a few non-replies to questions we’d actually want to know the answers to, and you congratulate him for saving you the trouble?

    That’s really fucking sad.

    You’re basically saying that all we’re going to get from you is either complete silence, or some non-answers/distractions/platitudes/PR-bullshit.

    Really, if you have some serious problems (technical/motivational/whatever), just tell us. If not, you need to have the courtesy and guts to keep us posted.

    If you don’t want to communicate, just close the damn blog.

  • PsykX

    I can’t wait for the release date just for Anon to shut up.

    Sorry, it needed to be said.

  • hamsta


  • Matt L

    @ Aaron

    I’d say that they have made clear their feature list for pm 2.0. Some may agree and some no. CMYK may fall by the wayside. Who knows. If PM choice is wrong on this then the market will let them know in results. Give them the latitude to be adventurous in their choices and I am sure we will see a great product. Innovation can be a painful process sometimes but the results are worth it.

    The only thing I’d say to pm team is they need some PR people to deal with the regular Q&A plus post updates.

  • Matt L

    Sorry that comment was for anon cowherd. I thought the name was Aaron. It’s what I get for posting without my glasses LOL.

  • Drew


    As I said.. you can hire me for PR 😉 at least i’d be the official random apologist 😀
    Aperture seems not to export in CMYK….and i don’t see many professional complaining about it…. but as i said you need to push forward, Apple made some bold decision that were criticized a lot (remember floppy???) but in the long run they ended up right, Pixelmator is a product that is trying to be “diffefrent” it’s not a photoshop wannabe it is trying in its way to push forward….at least this is my though!

    @Anon quote
    “Oh? But since you are not him, and therefore can’t tell us anything we haven’t already heard, why would you?”

    The point was not to be him, nor to tell you anything new, but to tell you that you are asking question that have already been answered a million times, that is why you won’t hear anything new, cause there’s nothing new to say for now..

  • hamsta

    @ Drew

    Some people just like to bitch and moo. 😀

  • Rafa84

    Does anyone here can suggest an app with support to vectors drawing? I am waiting for PM 2.0 but it is taking to long and my project is already behind the schedule. Thanks in advance!

  • Perm

    @drew aperture does export in CMYK. I had to do so recently.

    P.s. -please ship PM2 ASAP!

  • Anon Cowherd


    > you are asking question that have already been answered a million times

    That’s just not true. Even this thread is full of people asking for information, and Saulius providing none.

  • Ruben

    Can’t wait for Pixelmator 2! It’s so amazing, all the new tools will make this App the best app out there I ever bought. |D

    I feel bad about Steve Jobs. see you star side

  • Robert

    Now officially vaporware….. We have been scammed…….

  • WebTread

    @Robert We all know that simply is not true but many of us are waiting and truly wish it was here already as expected. Kinda like kids at Christmas or on a long car ride when Dad keeps saying we are almost there. But he said that 100 miles ago. Unfortunately some of us are holding back projects we wish to use Pixelmator v2.0 on but if in dire need could use other products.

    @Saulius Are we there yet?

  • Erik

    So what gives? I buy your app (directly from you) I’m an original version 1 customer from way way back. I RE-BUY it on the app store to appease you! REBUY! Then you don’t deliver on the promise.

    What are you going to do to appease me?

    How about give me my money back or better yet ship the product. Update us. This is getting ridiculous!


  • hamsta

    @Saulius Are we there yet? (as I kick the back of his seat)


  • Leon

    Announcing software release dates before the product is ready is a predatory business practice to begin with. I’m with you @Erik. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Gamrcobe

    Man I thought it would be out today! I want to play with some vector tools! 🙁

    Well… while we are waiting here are some tutorials to take out your frustrations on http://www.pxm-tuts.com/ Enjoy!

  • Gigi

    @Perm How does Aperture export a CMYK file? I can proof in that color space, how do I export so I don’t errors in InDesign saying that the file is RGB?

  • Gigi

    *ETA* I just tried exporting a picture from Aperture as a tiff using a CMYK profile and it worked! That is great, I use Aperture and Pixelmator in tandem linked together. It is a perfect match, the strengths and weakness of each is balanced and I only spent just over $100. Thank you for that info, makes my work flow even better now.

  • hamsta

    GOOD NEWS! I’ve heard through the grapevine that Flapcraft 2 is in production. This could explain the continued delay in releasing Pixelmator. 😉

  • knutbert

    @gamrcobe: its great to see a new pxm tutorial site rising up, thats really good news. I think the more tutorials are out there the more people will also switch, because its easier to begin with pxmif you know there are ressources to learn with…

    I hope you will also focus on the manipulization and optimization of ohtographs a little bit more than others (like your tree man tut). There are many tuts out there, but most of them tell about creating graphics and not about manipulating and optimizing photographs.

    at all, thumbs up for you guys and thanks

    best regards

    ps: are we there yet?

  • Dominik

    @Gamrcobe Thanks for the great Tutorial site

  • Broken Alien

    I’ve been reading all these comments carefully, as I’m as excited about the v2.0 release as the rest of you.

    But I have to say that the majority of people here are acting like spoilt children – crying that they haven’t got exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it, and then turning their disappointment into savage insults.

    Are we disappointed that it’s not out yet? Yeah, of course we are!

    Do we like the current version of Pixelmator? Hell yes, that’s why we’re here!

    Do we believe that the next version will be awesome? Absolutely – that’s why we’re so excited and passionate about it!

    So why has so much time and effort gone into insulting the company who is trying their best to bring us this next version? Does anyone here believe that by insulting the team, we’re spurring them on to finalise things faster? Does anyone think that trashing people is the best way to celebrate the continued development of a groundbreaking application that’s built for the masses rather than corporations? I certainly don’t.

    I can’t wait for the release of v.2.0, and I hope it comes soon. However, I certainly hope that the community of posters here aren’t representative of future Pixelmator users, because frankly I’m embarrassed at the way you’ve portrayed us. Grow up, support the team, and encourage them to release what will be a phenomenal update to our favourite graphics application.

  • Tubby

    @BrokenArrow Well said!!!

    I’ve been surprised by the negativity here.

    I’m just as excited about Pixelmator 2 as I am about iOS5. It’s hard to wait patiently, but I’d rather get a fully-baked update than something that is below expectations.

    Take your time. Make is awesome!!

  • EGlasheen

    (Broken Alien Says:) I agree!

  • PM

    Like many others I bought Pixelmator 1 as soon as it came out, then ended up re-buying it from the Mac Store as a promised discount upgrade price for Pixelmator 2.

    I will continue to wait patiently as rude words won’t help – but Pixelmator’s communications skills need improving.

    Ultimately I’ve already paid for Pixelmator 2, but when it’s time for Pixelmator 3 to come round I won’t be rushing in with my wallet.

  • Leon

    @Broken Alien- What do you mean “for the masses instead of the corporations”?

  • Broken Alien

    I was referring to the affordability and usability of Pixelmator in comparison with its more expensive competitors.

  • WebTread

    @hamsta 272… For real… I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Flapping things lol

  • Leon

    Ok. Understandable. With respect, and please don’t misunderstand, i sincerely mean with respect, I really don’t think Pixelmator in it’s current state is all that great. The only reason i paid for it on the Mac App Store is because it was advertised as being $29 for a limited time and would include a free upgrade to version 2.0, which is a massive upgrade. It has so many new features advertised. It truly puts it in another league from the current version. If i had waited to make the purchase i would have to pay $59 because that’s what the price will go back to once version 2.0 is released. To be honest, i kinda felt rushed into making the purchase. I am sort of bummed that the application is not here yet however. It advertised on the website that version 2 would be out later this summer, but it didn’t happen. Then it advertised the end of September. It didn’t happen. Then this web log read ‘a few more weeks’, but that was about six weeks ago. I’m a nice guy. I really am. I’m married, 34 years old. I live in the United States, in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have a three year old daughter and three cats. I’m sure your a nice person as well. I mean that. I totally understand software development is a complex process and i’m sure the Pixelmator team is working hard to give us an awesome app that will stand with the best of image editors, But i can’t help but to feel a little lead on because of the broken advertisements and lack of real fluid communication. That’s just the way i feel, i’m sorry, i can’t help it. Certainly you can understand why so many others feel the same way, can’t you?

  • Leon

    I’m sorry, comment 282 was for @Broken Alien 🙂

  • Drew

    Where was it adverized ad the end of September?? it originally was end of summer …and then pushed few weeks later.. so it actually only had one pushback.

    Lack of communication? …as i said many times ..theu get here and say they are working on it what else do you need them to tell you? as long as they do not have major news …there’s no point in having anyone of them come here every day to say…hey pal we are working hard on it!

  • Tauridean

    @Drew – Follow the link at the top of this page to “Pixelmator 2.0 Chameleon” it has been saying release will be this month for at least 6 weeks now. This is obviously not to be taken seriously. This statement should be updated or removed to avoid any more frustration.

  • Leon

    @Drew- Go to their website. Go to Pixelmator sneak preview section. Scroll to the bottom of the page. It says coming later this month. That was put there in early September. Drew, you must understand. Some people are just going to see this matter differently than you. That’s just the way it is man. No matter how many times you come on this weblog and defend them it will always be that way. You have a right to your opinion. I respect that. My beef if with the Pixelmator developers, not you. I truly do understand your perspective on the matter. I will not attack it. It would probably be best for you to let other customers who don’t share your point of view vent their frustrations and leave them alone. I know, right now your shaking your head because you disagree with everything your reading. And i’m sure you’ll have something snazzy to comeback with to counter my point. But the problem is, it doesn’t matter. I don’t agree with you. I don’t see this matter from your perspective, and no matter what you say, you will never change my mind. Do you understand what i’m saying?
    My beef is with Pixelmator, your beef is with people who are angry at Pixelmator. The more you come on here making post directed at angry customers, it’s probably just going to cause more arguing. That’s not what you want is it? As far as date announcements, it did say later this summer on the app store, it did say later this month on their website, and it does say a few more weeks at the top of this weblog, which was posted September 5. If i am wrong, by all means, have at it, please correct me. But Drew, i’m still going to have a beef with Pixelmator, i’m still not going to agree with your point of view. I’m sure your a great guy, And i’m almost positive your very intelligent. Anyone who has a passion for graphics software usually is. That’s cool, just please respect others opinions man, even if their different from yours.

  • Drew

    Leon I can see why people are mad, and I am not happy myself, I too want to use Pixelmator 2 and I too purchased in a “rush” for the discounted price, so i can see where you are all coming from, the pint is as someone already said that getting mad won’t make things faster, and neither will having Saulius coming here saying…we are working on it.

    Sure more communication would help, but that implies that there is something co …..communitccate!! and i am guessing there are no news, otherwise they would have told us.

    I am not defending the Pixelmator team (I am fully aware they can defend themselves) nor i think they need to be defended since hiccups happens and I am sure they are working hard on it (they said themselves many times) what I am “defending” is correct behavior, as you said we should respect others opinions, well some people should learn respect altogether, if you read many comment you’ll agree with me.

    Now yours was a comment I like, respectful, to the point, and even if expressing your opinion against mine is doing it in a positive manner this is constructive!! Some comment here are destructive.

    Am I pissed I can’t play with a new toy?? Yes as anyone here but I am also trying to be polite (like yourself)!

  • Leon

    @Drew-Well said Drew, i agree.:)

  • Jamie

    I bought Pixelmator 1.x a few weeks back thinking 2.0 was going to be released last month (mainly because the app store said it was going to be released last month).

    I’m not angry. As a former developer I understand things happen and deadlines get missed regularly in the development process. However, I need some vector illustration tools (the reason I bought Pixelmator early in anticipation of 2.0 last month). I’d hate to buy another app and then have 2.0 released a day or two later.

    Is there any way we can get some communication as to how things are going? I can put off my design projects a little longer but if it’s going to be a few more weeks, I’d rather go ahead and get another app so I can get started.


  • Chaloum

    I bought Pixelmator because the alternative is photoshop, and I’m not prepared to be skinned alive by adobe’s pricing policy.

    The deal Pixelmator offered throughout the app store was the cherry on the cake. Whilst Pixelmator 2 looks great and would have been happy to have v2 weeks ago I’m happy to wait, it’s not like I’m going to buy photoshop.

    I can’t wait for v3

  • Matt L

    @ Drew

    When I work at my job I am expected on a weekly basis to provide a weekly report on the various technical problems encountered and what I am doing to get around those problems. Easily in a week of work there is enough for me to communicate an entire multipage technical report to my bosses. We are not asking for a technical report. We are asking for a “How are things progressing?” and “Do you have an expected timeline?”

    I work in the Travel and Tourism industry and we have a concept called “Resetting the clock” If you have a situation where you are dealing with a person and then another comes up to you with another question you acknowledge them by saying “Hi, I will be right with you.” What you’ve done then is acknowledge them and they will have no problem waiting until you are done with the first person. If they feel like you haven’t acknowledged them they will eventually leave feeling like their question was not important to you. We have had mini wars on the blog mostly because nobody is “Resetting the clock” I understand you feel likely there is nothing to communicate. And perhaps there isn’t. The mini wars on this blog still happen because nobody has “Reset the clock”. Acknowledgement of PXM’s customer base even with nothing to communicate is better than the customer base sitting and coming up with theories of their own.

    I hope you are reading this and taking some of this to heart because seriously this will help you operate a better business.

  • WebTread

    @ All:

    A lot of great points have been made by people with differing opinions, mine being no more valid than anyone else’s. Even though it doesn’t always seem like it, I think most of us are civil people, so I hope we can continue to play nicely together even if we have different expectations.

    Most of us I hope can agree on the fact that we check this blog post, now perhaps often, and comment on it because we love the Pixelmator product and are eager to get our hands on the features that have been promised are coming soon if not overdue (delays happen). Some of you defenders are more patience than others here or maybe don’t have the same circumstances. As long as we don’t make personal attacks on each other I think it’s healthy for us to speak our minds.

    One ray of sunshine, iOS 5 is scheduled to drop today, so hopefully that will arrive on time as promised. It to will have many awesome new features I can’t wait to get my hands on.

    @ Saulius (NOT PM defenders):

    I hold in my heart nothing personal against you, I love your creation and admire your hard and amazing work. My only real complaint was and has been an issue of company communication (again nothing personal). Set a date… hit that date… no software product ever shipped bug free. If you have to miss a date, we can understand, regardless of our complaints most of us are grown ups.

    So that happened. Summer passed, you needed more time and most of us understood and even thanked you for making this post. However that was on September 5th and you asked for a “FEW” more weeks saying that no major issues exist. Okay so you set new expectations, two or three weeks. You’ve now passed the 6 weeks mark which the term “few” doesn’t cover. Again no personal attack on you as stuff happens but brotha please… you are overdue to ship …or… if there is still some real issue that has popped up that is going to give the product a black eye then you should say so.

    I think you owe it to us your customers to create a new blog post and reset expectations if product release is going to drag out past a few more days from today. Trust me I’ve had to do it when a software product of my own had delays and it wasn’t any fun, especially a second time but if you can’t ship in the time frame you set then it rests on your shoulders to re-communicate that properly to your customers. Especially since you gave them a time frame and they gave you their money based on those expectations.

    “Lucy you’ve got some splainen to do” lol

    Thank you for reading… with all due respect…



  • WebTread

    @ Saulius P.S. After rereading this blog post again maybe you could just tack on an Updated note to this blog post giving us an update so people checking in don’t need to read through all of this and you don’t need to write a whole new post. Just explain the issue. Or change the word “weeks” to “months” and say at the bottom you made that change due to whatever the problem is… Just a thought. Also may want to fix any other wording on the site or MAS that says end of this month so people looking aren’t confused. Communication is key since we don’t have the product that’s all we have.

  • Suhayb

    I am so excited that Pixelmator 2  is coming out soon!
    I even perchesed a new Wacom tablet, but I don’t know how to draw so I am hoping you can have sum tutorials that can help me start ?
    Pixelmator 2 is amazing

  • Chris

    Will tehre be any form of normal map cration tools, like the Nvida Normal Map filters or the NDo Plugins for Photoshop? I would like to have a alternative to photoshop with a more intuitive interface for game development.

  • Bubz

    I don’t think Steve Jobs saw Pixelmator 2.0.

  • Drew

    Ok 10.7.2 is out now all we need is some Pixelmator love!

  • Rafa84

    I just found a very nice vectors app, its called Artboard . Its is available at the Mac App Store. For those who were waiting for PM 2.0 and stuck with 1.6.7 but need to have a vectors app this may be a solution. Could not wait anymore for PM 2.0. Thanks everybody who put some pressure on the developers using this channel, although we could not persuade them. 🙂

  • Marcos

    Hey! Can you add this line on css style?!

    #slideshow-new li {
    list-style: none;


    Ps.: PM 2, pleaaaase!

  • hamsta

    I remember way back when I speculated that Team Pixelmator was waiting for the release of OS X 10.7.0 to release Pixelmator 2.0. Here we are at 10.7.2.
    Sofa King Funny!

  • Guntis

    Yah, it would be good to hear at least 1-2 sentences from the developer…

  • rednez

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    ????????? ????????????, ?? ?????? ???? ??? ??????? ?????, ??????? ??????? ????, ?? ?? ????. ?? ????????? ??? ?????? ? ??????? ???????? ? ????????? ???? ?????? 2.0, ?? ?????? 2 ?????? ? ?????? ???. ?? ???? ?????, ??? ?? ??????????.

    ? ?? ?????? ? ?????????? ??? ??? ??? ??????????? ???????? ????? ?????? ???????? ???? ?????? ??? ?????. ?? ??? ??????? ? ??? ? ?????? “censored”, ?????? ??? ?? ????????? ?? ???? ?????. Censored! ???????, ??? ???? ???? ??????, ??? ???? ??, ????????????? ????, ?? ??????? ?????????? ?? ???, ??? ???? ???? ???????? ???? ???? ??? ??????? ?????? 2.0.

    ????????????? ???? ???? ????????????!!!

  • PsykX

    Fact is, the Pixelmator team remains as silent as Apple before releasing new products.

    Does Apple keep you updated all the time with their upcoming products? Exceptions aside, nope. Why is it wrong if Saulius does it???

  • Matt L

    I’ve seen preorders of anticipated products like iPhone, iPad..etc.but usually you have to wait for a product’s release date. Usually when Apple releases a new product the product is done. For them the release date is a chance to put marketing materials in place. For those of us who already owned PXM before it went to the App Store all we bought is a discounted promise. So when deadlines get broken with no word it isn’t so much the money it is the feeling in the pit of your stomach that you may have been duped.

    I’ve looked at all the sneak previews…several times….Constantly reassuring myself that I’m going to really enjoy the product. Now the sneak previews are becoming a reminder of the product I don’t have and the reassurances from myself and others is getting unpalatable. I’m beginning to feel like the guy standing at one of those street guy’s three card monty tables. Shaking my head and thinking…..”I should have known better”

  • WebTread

    Oh no… not another one…

    @ PsykX 304

    Quote: “Does Apple keep you updated all the time with their upcoming products? Exceptions aside, nope. Why is it wrong if Saulius does it???”

    Really… Come on man…

    @ PsykX… First off Pixelmator is in no way shape or form Apple Inc.

    Yes they make an amazing software product built exclusively for Mac OS X but that is about where the comparison ends. I don’t know how much you know about Apple’s history but back when they were a fledgeling company, kinda like Pixelmator is now, and for a quite some time, they communicated a lot with their customers. In fact it was that tightly knit group of original customers that made Apple what it is today. Now as the years have gone by and they have grown into a hugely successful company they no longer foster the user groups and such that helped give them their start in the same way. But they did when they were first getting started.

    So comparing the two is like comparing Apples to Oranges and the argument is less than substantial.

    So in short… Yes! Saulius should foster his small companies devout customer base as if his business depends on it because that is exactly what Apple did in order to get where they are today. Word of mouth is pretty much all a young start up company has and ignoring it’s customer base as if it has the marketing arm of Apple is ludicrous. I don’t see the Pixelmator product being used in almost every major motion picture I see like Apple’s products…

    As Mike L pointed out as have others… Apple sets a release date and hits that date. They also don’t set a release date until they know they can hit it. Pixelmator posted End of Summer and missed it. Then posted they needed a few more weeks and have clearly missed that as well. Many of us purchased Pixelmator 1.6.7 from the MAS when we already owned it because this was the only upgrade path to get Pixelmator 2.0 and to be honest I am not the least bothered by paying the mere $29 again for such a great product. But what I bothers many of us is paying for what we already own a second time based on expectations set by the company and then have them miss that date not once but twice, and then not take the time to make a clear statement as to why the second delay. If they really want to be pro’s like Apple how about give us an exact release date and keep it.

    While Pixelmator is clearly not Apple I do believe the team really is trying to make their product the best it can be and most of us forgive them for running long. But once you set an expectation and miss it, you need to publicly address your error and reset proper expectations. And not a single word from you or any other whiners whining about whiners is going to suffice. So while you have the right to speak your mind just like the rest of us here you’re only going to reignite the flame that pisses people off. Setting two dates and missing both was not your error it was Team Pixelmator’s and they alone can reset our expectations so why you bother trying makes no sense to me.

    It’s kinda like setting a date with a girl that you’re really looking forward to going out with only she doesn’t show up. Then she sets a second date with you and she doesn’t show up again. And the kicker is she doesn’t even bother to explain why as if it’s no big deal. I don’t know maybe some of you are okay with that but I for one subscribe to giving her a piece of my mind.

    She may be hot, some say she even smells like apples, but everyone poops!

  • Tauridean

    The longer they put off releasing PXM2 the more fools like us will cough up money thinking they’ll get a Photoshop clone for next to nothing! Why should they rush? – they’ve got a good thing going.

  • donebylee


  • Theodorsius

    Hi Guys,
    I have t agree with @WebTread.
    Could you just let us know what problems you guys have and what your current estimate is to solve the issues?
    Transparency about your progress would be good and please don’t waste your time on another video.

  • hamsta


    Talk is cheap. Just put out the product when it is ready.

  • Matt L

    The only reason talk is cheap here is because the developers aren’t listening….. Thats no problem I voiced my concerns to Apple instead. I’m done with trying to communicate with a wall.

  • WebTread

    @hamsta lol… you crack me up.

    Version 2.


    @Matt L

    I can see a few problems with taking your argument to Apple. First of all they will just refund your $29, and then when PM 2 is released next week (fingers crossed) you will have to pony up $59 instead. So not sure that is really a great solution as in the end you’ll end up paying $30 more and still have to wait with the rest of us.

    Keep in mind Pixelmator on the MAS grossed over a million dollars in just 20 days, so by now it’s most likely well over three, which means Apple has made a cool million themselves. They are not going to do anything but give you a refund so you may want to reconsider.

    Kinda like being so pissed we aren’t there yet that Dad lets you out of the car then drives a half mile up the road and let’s you walk before you can get back in with the rest of us. Just a thought.

  • hamsta

    @ WebTread


    Hey, I think you may be onto something. Maybe the reason for all the angst is these people are so addicted to Pixelmator that they are not eating or sleeping. Just hitting refresh mindlessly, over and over…
    I know that would make me cranky and irrational.

  • Pawel Cichonski

    I’ll repeat after William Shatner to Star Trek fans: “Get a life people”.
    U r annoying, instead of sitting here learn oop in as3 or html5.

  • Brian

    I admit it would be nice if the Pixelmator team would at least update everyone regarding what is going on. I know we didn’t pay a lot out of pocket, but it would be considerate of the company to at least keep their paying customers informed. Not the end of the world if 2 never came out since I’ve used 1.6 enough to validate paying for it twice.

  • Randy

    This situation doesn’t inspire any faith in this company. I just bought Acorn 3 and am loving it and I wouldn’t have discovered this unless Pixelmator botched version 2.0. I might try PM 2 when it comes out, but only the piratebay version.

  • Perm

    My only gripe is that communication has been sparse AFTER missed publicized “ship dates”. Also, you should have some of the community beta PM (who have already paid) and truncate the release cycle.

  • Gerbal

    The fact that ‘Pixelmator will be available later this month via the mac app store’ is still posted on their sneak preview page makes me think these guys are kind of shitty.

  • Gerbal

    This is like going into a sit down restaurant. Your server tells you your order will be out shortly, then comes back and says about 5 more minutes. Two hours later, the manager casually drops by the table and says, “i realize it’s been 2 hours, but the only reason is because we want to make your hamburger as delicious and perfect for you as possible. Then he just walks off. When i start to complain, a few random customers from the restaurant start yelling at me saying “STOP COMPLAINING, THIS IS MY FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT! YOUR HAMBURGER WILL BE READY WHEN IT’S READY! At which point i’m afraid to ask about my order anymore, because the random customers have made me feel like an asshole, even though i am perfectly justified in my complaints.

  • Dadog

    An answer has actually been given, only it’s hidden away in the support forum, second and fourth from the *bottom* of this page: http://www.pixelmator.com/support/viewtopic.php?t=6828 – here’s the quote from Sebastiaan:

    “About the game (Flapcraft). The game was a project for testing Pixelmator 2 to its fullest potential. All graphics in the game are made using Pixelmator 2. During the making of the game the team discovered off course a lot of issues, both bugs and usability issues, that otherwise would have been released with Pixelmator 2. The hard work that is being done now is fixing the bugs and doing some cleanup. If it wasn’t for making the game graphics with Pixelmator, Pixelmator 2 would have been released earlier and the forums would be full of other complaints in stead of delay complaints.”

    “There is always light at the end of the tunnel. The problem is that we don’t get to know how long that tunnel is. Latest report from one of the developers is that they are fixing some small issues.”

  • Anon Cowherd

    @WebTread #306:

    Nice to see I’m not the only one around here with half a brain. Your message _should_ have shut the apologists up, but of course we can count on hamsta keeping on keeping on.


    That’s a pretty good analogy too :p

    It doesn’t really make sense for some people here to keep making excuses for the PM Team. It’s very simple. They have made no effort whatsoever to keep us posted, and that sucks. There’s just no way around it.

    I’ve never complained about Pixelmator’s price, quite the contrary, and I wouldn’t complain even if I’d have paid for it twice. It’s worth it. But the complete lack of communication even in the face of lots of people clamoring for information is a legitimate complaint.

  • hamsta

    LOL! #306 has nothing to do with me.
    You need some sleep Cowhead. 😛

  • Drew



    He he .. people should not take themselves so seriously..I mean c’mon it’s an app it’s not the end of the world… and as someone said you have not been robbed, ask the MAS for a refund and you’ll be free to go 😉

  • Karl

    So the whole list-style:none thing is bugging me too. could please add that to your banner. pretty please. You guys rock by the way, I like Pixelmator a lot. Projects slip, I know, but don’t let it get you down.

    Karl Oscar Weber

  • panda

    who cares if he gets a refund, ever heard of torrents….pixelmator is hacked so easily, free full versions will be up in mere days

  • Fede M.

    I wonder why people have bought PM before 2.0 was released and now say that they have been “robbed” or whatever.
    If you have purchased it in order to only use it after the update, you have taken a rather stupid decision. You could have waited for PM 2 to come out before buying it. But as you were not patient enough, you should consider that it’s your problem.

    Of course we are surely all impatiently and desperately waiting for the release of PM 2, but you can still use 1.6.7, which is working fine!

    But I have to say I’m fully understanding that the release date may be postponed – it would be nice if someone from the PM team can bring us up to date from time to time, just to avoid we may feel totally ignored.

  • Gerbal

    @Fede M. Eienstien- The offer was advertised as-*Buy now and get a discounted price of $29, which will include a FREE upgrade to version 2 once it’s released LATER THIS SUMMER. The price will then go back to $59 dollars* Many people pulled the trigger and got the discounted price, just for the free upgrade to version 2, which apparently isn’t going to arrive anytime soon.

  • Even Flow


    -> Kicks Dad’s seat again… “Are we there yet? Cause if not… we gotta stop… I really need to pee”

  • william lloyd

    I bought pixelmator 1.6 in direct response to the promotion promising the 2.0 update this summer. now that it’s basically closer to winter than summer sure gets the regrets mounting.

    pixelmator team: squeezing out an iOS game and charging for it _instead_ of meeting the summer deadline is hardly a good excuse… discovering that the thing was full of bugs and design flaws (to the tune of months of re-working) is definitely a bad sign of things to come.

    it’s time for an update, devs. wtf is going on here. maybe Apple could help debug your code or something. hire some experience. something. don’t be cheap.


  • Ron Reed

    I just wanted to drop a note here to let you guys know that I, for one, would be willing to pay a LOT more for your product as it becomes more of a serious rival for Photoshop. If you guys came up with a Quark/Indesign competitor I would be even more excited. If you came up with an Adobe ‘Muse’ competitor I would be beside myself. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see a lot more from you in the future.

  • rakela

    I accept the delay and money issue (buying software twice), but I cannot accept the delay to issue a HOTFIX to fix huge bugs.

    The selection OFF the ‘selection’ is just a disgusting bug and still not fixed !!
    I dont even understand how APPLE has this software still listed for sale. !!

    No longer waiting, Pixelmator has been canned and happy testing Photoline, very impressed so far, excellent candidate for purchase

    Will check back later, I probably re-install V2 when out and see new features ..

    Hope all turn out ok, no need to insult anyone, just get your hat, umbrella and ‘it was a pleasure’

    so long

  • R Vela


  • Boxcar Matty

    I’m not one to normally complain, but while I feel the delays are understandable and unanticipated, I’ve got to say the lack of communication and updates isn’t too cool. I, like many apparently, specifically bought 1.6 in order to have the free upgrade to 2.0, at this point the wait is getting a bit much. Regardless, you guys have a great product and I’m looking forward to the update which will hopefully be soon, and maybe you guys should think about updating your customers about the product a bit more frequently.
    Boxcar Matty

  • Dadog

    Post 319. “During the making of the game the team discovered off course a lot of issues, both bugs and usability issues, that otherwise would have been released with Pixelmator 2. The hard work that is being done now is fixing the bugs and doing some cleanup. If it wasn’t for making the game graphics with Pixelmator, Pixelmator 2 would have been released earlier and the forums would be full of other complaints in stead of delay complaints.”

  • Matt

    How about a blog update? I think that would quench a lot of complainers.

  • Bryan

    I, like many others, am very disappointed in the scant announcements made by Pixelmator with regard to the release date of 2.0. And I am rather annoyed at the bugs that exist in the current version under Lion. I would have rather you guys spent time fixing the bugs currently, than working on a game (to sell none the less). I am one of the people who already had a license, then paid *again* in the MAS. I’m not saying I’m special, but I’m saying I think that puts the onus on you guys to stick to a tight schedule, and at the least, give us updates on a regular bases. Updates such as “we are working on the last sticking put” or “our devs say we should be gold in 3 weeks.” That at least would be something to look forward to. It was bad enough the vague “summer” moniker, which turned out to be false, was all that was said. Now it’s just getting silly.

    I love Pixelmator, but please don’t turn into Adobe support. The reason I love Mac apps is because we can get the devs to reply to us, often in person, within hours. By making us guess here, only bad things come of that. I’m sure 2.0 is going to be fantastic, and for the sake of these forums and your support staff, I should hope it better be. That’s another problem of pushing back release dates. You are starting off with a bunch of disgruntled users from the start. Any bugs or problems are then magnified ten-fold. That could be a recipe for switchers. Just saying.

    Sorry to rant here. Again, I still use Pixelmator as my only image-editing app. I’m a loyal user. Please help me stay as such.


  • unofficial SAULIUS

    We are working on fixing bugs, Pixelmator 2 will be out when it is ready.

  • cybin

    Great! Thanks a lot.

    I’m looking forward to it.

    Next time, I hope you guys are a tiny bit more chatty. 😉

  • dadog

    Didn’t say a year though… 😉

  • troll

    I wonder if the pixelmator team would finally take notice if everyone who’s complaining went and down-voted the app in the mac app store? admittedly malicious, but possibly cathartic too.

  • Gerbal

    Back seat of car—–> Hey Saulius, are we there yet? Uh oh, somebody farted in the car. Oh my, it was Saulius.

  • Duffman

    The more time is passing, the more I start to think that this is a vaporware. I think they only make teasers in order to people buy Pixelmator then there will be nothing…

  • Steve van de Heuvel

    Yeah – I too am getting a little worried if this 2.0 update is ever happening. I bought the app, bought it again – and in this time have to re-install my CS3 twice because I need the text tool.

    Can we maybe get an RC or Beta version while we wait? Otherwise alot of us will be forced to go elsewhere.

  • jesse

    don’t be silly people. pixelmator IS NOT vaporware. i think the only mistake the pixelmator team made was announcing a sort of release date (well season) so when they didn’t make that date they felt the need to post an update as to why they hadn’t released yet. I’m not worried one bit. and although i have needed to re-install a few adobe apps from time to time, pixelmator 1.6 is still one of my most used apps. i also find the concept of finding bugs during the development of flapcraft really cool.

  • Stefano

    Calm down, Pixelmator 2 must be the best version ever, so it needs time. I prefer to have less bugs than a early version full of problems.
    I can’t wait to spend my iTunes Card money on Pixelmator 2 🙂

  • Gerbal

    Well, i sure am glad they had “absolutely zero technical issues” because it would be a really, really , really long wait if they ran into one technical issue.

  • Patience

    Why all the negativity? PM is obviously a small software shop that is trying to do the best to get a great software out… So they did let us know they are working on it and their shipping date has slipped… big deal… when was Windows ever released on time??? and although would have been nice to hear that – “Sorry guys… needs some more time” from PM it is obvious that this is what is happening…

  • Accountability

    Software release dates are constantly pushed back. I’m almost 100% positive the Pixelmator team was well aware of this when they advertised “Later this summer”. But they when ahead and advertised that anyway, and made a huge chunk of change based upon that advertisement.

  • Joe

    I check back in a week, and I have someone telling me to “F-off” but no Pixelmator updates.

    I can tell you all why they haven’t said anything to you.

    Because there are only like 30 of you making hundreds of comments on a blog post, and you don’t even make up 0.5% of there user base… I wouldn’t answer most of you either if I made this software.

    Okay so maybe there are 40 of you producing a bunch of posts again you don’t even scratch the surface of there audience.

    In fact maybe some of you should take a clue and just leave and stop using the product. Do you think they will lose sleep over you and your little complaints when you are not even a blimp on there radar?

    Oh wait just keep threatening and begging them to answer you. Yeah that will work.

    Well I’ll check back again next week maybe all 12 of you will be yelling at me as if I had something to do with it.

  • Gerbal

    @Joe Fuck off

  • M Benjamin David

    How about an update on your progress please?

    and I REALLY need to know that this WILL be compatible with SNOW LEOPARD.

    I really like the app! Great work!!! My only complaint is how buggy and limited the type tool is. I’m getting tired of having to quit the app and restart it when in the middle of a project because the functionality of the type tool is useless. I need to know if you guys are going to update this soon or if I have to go back to ps elements just for the type tool.


  • hamsta

    Already asked and answered. 2.0 will work with Snow Leopard.

  • Asad

    Has anyone actually heard anything from Saulius or the rest of the pixelmator team? No fb or twitter update since sept 7th. No blog post since sept 5th. I’m actually worried now about their health or the state of the team.

  • Stefano

    @Asad: the home page has changed, today Steve Jobs’ picture has gone, so, don’t worry, they are alive 🙂

  • Anon Cowherd


    #305 was the post I meant. That doesn’t directly involve you either, but if you read what I said, your “involvement” should be clear.

    Hints/key words:

    – “Apologists”
    – “Shut up”

  • Chris

    … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet?
    … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet?
    … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet?
    … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet?
    … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet?
    … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet?
    … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet? … are we there yet?

  • hamsta

    Hey Anon Cowhead,

    -“Stop bugging me”
    -“Take my poster off your wall & toss out that empty kleenex box”

  • Saulius Dailide

    Were really focused on shipping a great app and here are some great news: Pixelmator 2.0 is approved by Apple for Mac App Store.

    However, we are still working on some essential release stuff like website, tutorials, press release etc.

    Hopefuly that answers some of your questions.

  • Poxelmeter

    The end

  • WebTread


    It is always great to hear from you the developers because it keeps us in the loop. One key question though…

    You said Pixelmator 2.0 is approved by Apple for the Mac App Store… Does this mean that the Pixelmator Team is completely done with the bug squashing phase and completely ready to ship PM 2.0 as soon as the promotional material is ready?

    And lastly do you have an approximate ship date?

  • Saulius Dailide


    Yes. We are ready to ship Pixelmator 2.0 as soon as the promo stuff is ready. For now, the only thing about the shipping date I know is that unfortunately we are not going to make it this week. Even though we are working very hard and doing everything as fast as possible.

    Probably will not have time to update some website pages and some other less important stuff.

  • Fatwick

    Saulius, thanks so much for finally breaking the silence on this.

    Great to hear PM2 is so near release, but please in future consider your PR. I haven’t commented up until this point because it felt like doing so would be like typing into a black hole.

    I hate to have to say that as I understand you guys are working very hard on this and clearly the work you’re doing is brilliant, but next time seriously consider working on the communications side of things.

    With all that money you reportedly earned this year (yup, some of it’s mine – I paid for PM1 twice) you could surely spare some even for a part-timer (I would assume, though I don’t presume to know your accounts). I do this sort of work myself – just providing a human face to talk and discuss things like this with people will make you seem all the more like you really do care. The silent treatment is worse than being actively rude to people, and it is frustrating to see a small but great company almost shooting itself in the foot.

    You’re doing a great job at coding – I can’t wait for the new type tool!

  • Chris

    Let me help with your press release :


    … that should cover it.

    Now can I have the product please?

  • Duffman

    “Calm down, Pixelmator 2 must be the best version ever, so it needs time.”

    So you mean that Pixelmator 3 will be less good than Pixelmator 2 ahaha !

  • Gamrcobe


    Thanks for the update and congrats on building Pixelmator to where it is today. I know PM 2 will be amazing and I know I’ll have a stupid grin on my face when I play with the new features the first time. I can’t wait to look in every nook and cranny to find all of the small stuff too. Give your team a big hug, or some high fives, fist bumps, drinks, lol… whatever and enjoy your success!

    Thanks for being so dedicated when others give up.


  • WebTread

    @ Saulius #362

    Thank you for coming back in to clarify what exactly is going on behind the scenes. It really does make a big difference to a lot of your customers. Most of us care less about the website being perfectly up to date but do understand this is going to make a big splash on the Mac App Store so I do understand that you don’t want to look like a bunch of schleps to any new customers.

    As #363 pointed out as have many others of us in this post. Just please keep the communications open with us going forward as we are loyal if not vocal customers and our word of mouth advertising does affect Pixelmator on the whole.

    So thanks again for the clear communication, I look forward to seeing the Pixelmator 2 update on the MAS soon, hopefully on Monday. Drink lots of coffee and getter done 😀

  • Ruben

    LOL Great to hear from you Saulius! I testify to your success of Pixelmator 2! ^^

  • lucidos

    @ Saulius:

    For the next update do the promo stuff for bug fixing instead a overpriced game.

  • Mike

    @ lucidos I assume that’s some kind of joke. Developers are whoring themselves by selling games on ios etc for pitiful amounts. You would pay more for a cup of coffee that lasts a 5th of the time aand you piss down the toilet.



  • Anon Cowherd


    I’ll stop bugging you the moment you stop being a blind cheerleader and a necessary-but-missing-feature-apologist.


    It’s nice that they finally bothered to say something to us, but that’s not exactly a cause for lavishing them with praise for their communication. Let’s give them a moment to give us something to thank them for first.

  • hamsta

    @ Braindead Cowhead

    You admitted that those comments had nothing to do with me except in your fantasies.
    So stop making 2+2=5 and get a life.

    @ Others

    I’m going on Cowturd strike. See you when 2.0 comes out. 😀

  • foljs

    @Matt L

    When I work at my job I am expected on a weekly basis to provide a weekly report on the various technical problems encountered and what I am doing to get around those problems.

    “Oct 18, 2011: Burger stuck. After 2 attempts with a spatula, I successfully flipped it”.

    We don’t f*n care what you do at “your job”. You don’t run companies you happen to buy stuff from.

    We are not asking for a technical report. We are asking for a “How are things progressing?” and “Do you have an expected timeline?”

    What part of there is no f*n “expected timeline”, if there was one they would be more than happy to announce it, don’t you understand? They are working to finish all the features, but they don’t know when it will happen. Small team software development is not like the flipping burger industry or the “travel and tourism” industry.

    If you seriously need a graphics tool with the extra features 1.6 lacks this bad, go buy something else. Seeing as you use Pixelmator, a nice but limited inexpensive program and not, say, Photoshop, you ain’t a professional graphic designer anyways. You just are a spoilt little brat in need of his new shiny toy, gimme gimme gimme.

    You can design your “travel and tourism” brochures with 1.6 jus fine, or man up and buy something more expensive.

  • WebTread

    Well we can all breathe easier now that we got that out of our systems eh.

    Luckily we can all end the personal attacks here shortly as it seems this blog post will be winding down with the soon to be released Pixelmator 2 most likely to hit the MAS next week.

    I got an idea… Instead of more bashing lets all pick an exact moment we think that Pixelmator 2.0 will be released. After all Saulius was kind enough to say most likely not this week but sounds convincing enough to believe it will hit very soon now. So while I am no cheerleader of PM 2 arriving late I am like most of you a fan of this awesome tool so lets have some fun.

    My prediction is…

    @Time 10/25/11 – Noon… Apple time…

    Just post @Time as above if you care to play along… Lets have fun and play nice…

  • Matt L


    Wow are you ever a bitter individual. I do audio/video and lighting operations as well as technical repair and show operations. I do lighting design as well as MIDI programming. I use PM in conjunction with multimedia. All while doing this I travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

    Take a pill, don’t make assumptions and most of all stay polite.

    If you don’t like my ideas or thoughts feel free to disagree with any of them. However, when you make assumptions about who I am or what I do then all you really do demonstrate for all involved more about who you are and what you are made of.

    Perhaps your comments might make you fall back and do some introspection about maybe it is your own life you are disatisfied with. I’m happy with mine.

    I think I effectively took the high road on that.

    I like your bet. That would be perfect as it means I can get the update when I stop at Sydney.

  • Anon Cowherd


    Let’s get this straight.

    1) In #320 I comment that WebTread’s sensible post should have shut apologists (such as yourself) up, but apparently didn’t, because you were still at it. I mistakenly referred to post #306, when it was actually #305.
    2) In #321 you correctly pointed out that #306 had nothing to do with you.
    3) In #355 I said that #305 was the comment I meant, and correctly pointed out that even so, I had a point.

    So, let’s see..

    > You admitted that those comments had nothing to do with me except in your fantasies. So stop making 2+2=5 and get a life.

    Wow.. your lameness is overwhelming. You shouldn’t just point to the sky and claim it’s brown, it’s embarrassing if people are paying attention.


    You are a complete tool.

    Quite a few people in various positions all over the world actually _do_ have to keep others posted on what their status is. Matt L’s point was just that the PM Team might want to do the same, and that it really wouldn’t be too much to expect from them.

    Furthermore, deadlines _are_ actually set, published and met at various functional companies. That’s something that should also be within the PM Team’s capabilities.

  • Knutbert

    Wow Anon, you don’t seem to have any other problems, do you?
    I’m talking about post #377 which I now point correctly as one of the most stupid posts, I’ve ever read 😀

  • WebTread

    @Christopher Grant

    Nice one lol… looks like you’ve been watching the Price Is Right. I assume you meant a minute past noon to snake my window but since you didn’t specify an AM or a PM we must default you to the first 12:01 of the day which puts your @Time at a minute past midnight on Tuesday the 25th. Which may actually win out. Thanks for at least having fun with the game. Would be great to see others play as well but alas it looks like we may be in for more of the same.

  • pima

    Just a simple question: WHEN WILL PIXELMATOR BE RELEASED?
    (Please answer with an exact date and time, so nobody gets fooled)

  • tw

    @pima Try checking out their twitter. Apple has approved it. They are finishing up the non-app release materials. It will then be released.

  • Nicola

    yes!!! so it needs only a few hours more…!!!!!!

  • Stefano

    I have to submit a typo in the italian version 1.6.7 on Lion that I have just bought from the Mac App Store.
    Under the “Composizione” top menu, it should be: “Ruota 90° a sinistra” and not “sinsitra”.
    It’s “sinistra”.

    And 2 strings have not been translated: when you press ALT in “Pixelmator” “Quit and Keep Windows” is not translated.
    And pressing ALT in “Archivio” “Close All” is not translated in italian.

    Thank you and I can’t wait for version 2.0!

  • Kikaminda Bauls

    Think about this: Would you rather have a program that arrives quick but performs slow and sucks? Or would you be willing to wait for a complete program?

    They WILL notify us when PIX.2 comes out! Look for the red badge on the App Store icon! It’s not like they’ll NEVER tell us anything!

    I’ve never had a bug issue or nothing go wrong when I open PIX.1.6.7 on my mac. So functionality isn’t really a big deal for me.

  • WebTread


    The war of words is pretty much over if you’d read some of the more recent posts. Saulius has already made clear that the bugs are squashed and it’s ready to release. They are now finalizing all the media stuff and we should see Pixelmator 2 next week. My guess is on Tuesday at noon but of course no one knows for sure.

    Come on everyone make your own prediction just for the fun of it.

    @Time: Tuesday – 10/25/11 – Noon – Apple Time.

  • Anon Cowherd


    Wow you don’t seem to make much sense, do you?

    Earlier in this thread you were complaining about the PM Team’s lack of communication, and now you’re here sounding like hamsta’s sock-puppet, right after my previous message probably hurt his ego to some extent. Go figure!

  • pix

    Can we still hope monday?

  • KaeporaGaebora

    I have stayed away from the comments on this for a while, but can I just say something we’ve all heard one time or another? We’ll get there, when we get there! Stop complaining! It’s a waste of your time, and it produces nothing!

    I am looking forward to Pixelmator 2 as well, but I know that the Pixelmator Team is working hard on this, so why sweat it? Just relax and wait. We don’t have any other options. The Pixelmator Team has acknowledged us, so at least we know, they know, that we are frustrated and want this product!

    As for the lack of communication, I do think that could be improved, but whining like children who want a toy doesn’t help. Go for a walk, draw a picture, eat food. Be patient, we’ll get it soon.

  • knutbert


    Wow, you did an extensive research about every fuckin word in this thread. So you just proved what I said, you don’t have neither any other problems nor something else to do.

    yes I was complaining about the lack communication and still think that their communication can be improved, but it seems that it needs some extra female wonderwoman intuition to see what it has to do with my opinion about your lack of any occupation.

    at all your oestrogen broke the perfect plan (so I think world will end soon). Hamsta has 23 (evil number) sock puppets here and I am just one of them. We’re all living together in his ass having a great party. And everytime you are talking bullshit one of us has to come out to fix hamstas ego by telling you he is right. So could you just be quiet so we can have our party? Thank you so much…

    knutbert and the party crowd

  • Alex J


    I just wanted to let you know that I’m super excited about 2.0. Despite what some of the commenters in this post seem to think, 1.6.7 does a great job for day-to-day tasks and I’m sure the next release will improve even further onto this.

    So thanks for a great product, I hope you make a boatload of money (you deserve it) and that when 2.0 releases (take your time to make it as shiny as you can) – go on a well deserved vacation.

    You rock,

  • knutbert

    Sorry, I forgot:

    “pffffrtrtrrttrrffffffppffffrtiiiiiiiieeeeek” <– the sound it makes if someone slips out or in his ass. everytime you hear that, it's somebody of the sockpuppet partygang.

  • PsykX

    I hope Pixelmator 2 isn’t released before or during my exams this week and next week, or I will fail them all … Release it after please 😛

  • Alex

    I’m looking forward to Pixelmator 2 – I got the current version so I can get the free upgrade!

    I’m happy to wait to – I’d rather have a generally bug-free version than be faced with a crashing beta version released for one and all to test.

    One of the things I like most about Pixelmator is that it fires up quickly – which is just what I want so I can optimize photos for my blog, but I also like everything else Pixelmator can do and it seems to be intuitive as well. I’m also using it to create images for my Zazzle shop – mainly sorting out photographs – for which it seems great.

    Roll on version 2! I hope it surfaces by the end of October, but for the price, I don’t think I’ll be moaning even if it appears in November and if it is released in December, well, it’ll make a pretty good Christmas present!

    All the best from Italy,


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  • Ivo

    Two words: ship now

  • Leon Cims

    Even if CMYK has no future it would seem pretty easy to just stick in a short sRGB-CMYK conversion algorithm in the export stream just to quiet all the ranters in this blog (and perhaps improve print quality too).

  • Chris

    Pixelmator 2 is releasing tomorrow!

  • Gerbal

    1. Sorry i complained
    2. The site listed above this post looks awesome!
    3. You guys are awesome!
    4. Goodbye Photoshop Elements!

  • WebTread

    They must have pulled that link as I am unable to view it. Maybe it was accidentally published before they wanted it to be.

    If it does arrive tomorrow that will be awesome. It may actually release on the day I predicted after all. Either way it seems certain it will appear any time now. Maybe they will release it midnight their time but still going with…

    @Time: Tuesday 10/25/11 – Noon… Apple time… 😀

  • Mike

    Yup. Seems like they pulled it or the above folks are larking about.

  • Daniel

    Not larking around, I saw it as well but now its gone. Nevertheless, looked great 🙂
    Looking forward to it.

  • #13


  • kubricklove

    My right earlobe is beginning to tingle… maybe something that rhymes with infiltrator 2 is coming.

  • Erik

    Hey relax people. They’re just a few month “late”, they are not like Textmate 2 nor Duke Nukem Forever. It’s just a few month. This will for sure be a fantastic release and I hope they keep up the good work bringing us nice features.

  • Tom

    Um, Duke Nukem Forever has come out but it wasn’t very good.

  • Erik

    @Tom: I know, but it wasn’t exactly just a few month late.

  • godot

    @Saulius: It’s ready? So why don’t you switch the update button? Unfinished “promo stuff” is of less importance for most of us: A lot of people here have already bought Pixelmator twice. 😉

  • Gary

    I have left my App Store app open for two days now hoping to see that little red notice alerting me that an app has been updated (hoping its Pixelmator)

    I’d love to see it today, but I know how much is involved in a product launch.

    Good luck Guys!

  • Lars

    OK Pixelmator Team!
    I have now initiated a complaint to the compentent Apple Department because of your behavior……

  • Duffman

    I think we have to wait they finished to create all the new design of the website with Photoshop thanks to layer styles not implemented in Pixelmator ahaha!

    But thanks to our money they can easily afford it now.

  • WebTread

    I to have my App Store open ;D

    If it shows up on my @Time it should be here in 2 hours and 20 minutes from now.

  • Coil

    i also bought pixelmator twice and i was pissed.
    now i`m pissed again, because i really don`t care about the new website and the #+#+’* promo stuff.

    i`m not amused

  • PsykX

    @Coil : You don’t care about tutorials and hints of how to exploit the new features in Pixelmator at their best ? Ok …

  • WebTread


    Many of us share your frustration and are waiting eagerly right there with you. Besides the longer than expected wait most of the complaints here centered around a lack of company communication. However Saulius stepped that up last week when he explained the situation. And if #398 is correct along with the people that saw the web page briefly posted then we should see it arrive some time today.

    While most of us here could care less about a Press Release, web pages and the like, it is a crucially important part of doing business for any company that is releasing a major update. And I think most of us can get behind them and even help celebrate with them. After all this is a big day for not only them but us customers as well.

    So get your glasses and favorite beverages handy as all signs seem to point to any time now.


    My @Time: 12:00 Noon Today – Apple (Cupertino) Time

  • WebTread

    In fact I bet it is already in the Mac App Store with a timer set to go live the moment a preselected time arrives. I feel like a kid but keep hitting the update button every 30 minutes like it was Christmas lol.

  • donebylee

    The release of Pixelmator 2 has been cancelled because Pixlemator 3 will be the most awesomest version of Pixelmator ever….every feature you dream of and more….coming soon…………

    …..later this…..



    (Buy a new copy of Pixelmator 1.6.7 and receive a free upgrade to Pixlemator 3 when it becomes available–previous purchases not eligible for upgrade)

  • WebTread


  • Pix


    Now serieus the real problem from the team is that they promise but dont filfull it.
    So learn your lesson and dont promise more.

  • kubricklove

    No, really, my right earlobe is tingling. Any second now… And…

  • Lukas

    can’t bring myself to shutting down the computer because of Pixelmator 2 arriving…anytime soon…sonner or later…

  • Gabriel

    Sorry, so many people… what’s going on here?

  • WebTread

    Pixelmator 2.0 is rumored to drop today on the Mac App Store so we are keeping our eyes peeled. I guessed that it will arrive at Noon today Apple time which is in 15 minutes. But regardless of the exact time I have a strong feeling it will be today. If not it should be any day now.

  • Kyle

    It’s likely not coming today guys, hopefully by the end of the week.

  • Harris


  • WebTread


    Do you have any inside information or are you just speculating? At this point it’s anyones guess other wise.

  • kubricklove

    My earlobe prognostications are as accurate as Kyles’ non-earlobe prognostications. For some reason when individuals use the folksy “guys” to refer to a community, the statement is imbued with authority. Look guys, its’ true.

  • Gary

    lol … I get a kick out of some of you with your complaints. Its obvious you know nothing about doing a product launch, and more importantly making sure everything is just right.

    Your the same ones that would complain because their website did not reflect every little change in version 2.

    I mean seriously, one of you said that they filed a complaint to Apple … I can only imagine what that complaint said, “Dear Apple, Please tell the Pixelmator team to hurry up because I am a spoiled little brat and furthermore everyone should revolve around my schedule. I want a refund!”

    Geez! Anticipation is one thing, but spoiled brat, temper tantrums are another thing …

  • Gerbal

    I arrived home from work today, and found my wife in bed with another man. I caught her red handed in the act. The man she was with raised up and said “Pixelmator 2 is not here yet”. That’s when i became very angry. Come on Pixelmator Team!

  • kubricklove

    If I came home and my wife was in bed with another man, my last thought would be about the infiltrator coo release date; But that’s just me.

  • Gerbal

    Yup. thought i was going to get to use that Pixelmator smudge tool when i got home today. Instead i found another man using his smudge tool with my wife.

  • WebTread


    I agree that contacting Apple would be fruitless. As mentioned before they have probably made a Million dollars or more themselves off of the Pixelmator product on the MAS. They most likely would just laugh at an email like you described.

    I did my share of complaining early on about the lack of company communications but now they have been very clear. And a proper launch is a very big deal for the Pixelmator Team as they have been working on this for a very long time. The dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s is a pretty involved process when launching an update like this and one that is most likely going to be spot lighted on the MAS again. They may have even seeded some GM copies to some of the tech press as well. It’s not like they just had to type up a quick release note. If it doesn’t show today then a few more days of anticipation is not going to kill anyone.

  • Bianco

    Maybe it is because i’m dutch, or maybe not. At the beginning i could laugh a bit about the comments, especially the ones that complained. After a few, i brcame bored with it. Let the developers from Pixelmator do their work. It’ s a fact that the people that are complaining now about the releasedate or better said, period, are the same that complain about bugs, or feutures that ar not build in.

    Seen in that light, the Pixelmatorteam cannot do anything good. The releasedate wasnt met, they announced that, and still it is not ok.

    Get a life, it will be here when its here, and otherwise buy the very overpriced Photoshop.

  • Joe


    Where did you see this rumor? They haven’t even started the advertising and p.r. for it. Why would you think that is a strong enough rumor to bring up. These people are going to eat you alive if you are wrong.

    I wasn’t even going to get excited until next few weeks.

  • Tom

    @Bianco #437 I think your argument would be valid if Pixelmator was a game or a movie. I would never complain about such things.

    But Pixelmator is a professional tool that I want to use to do work. I have picked Pixelmator among other tools (Acorn, Photoshop) based on the features announced for 2.0. It costs time and thus money to learn a new tool. So to me personally it was actually an investment worth much more than the $29. And I’m a bit disappointed that I cannot use it today because of a press release I’m never going to read.

    Also, when exactly did the Pixelmator team stop talking about the 1.7 release? Anyone remembers? It went away very quietly.

  • #23

    @ Gerbal

    Sorry about demoing your wife. I thought you would be at your computer all day hitting refresh for Pixelmator 2.0. My bad.

  • WebTread


    Read from #398 down a bit. There was apparently a Pixelmator web page that was accidentally put on the site that a few people posting here saw. I was not one of them hence it is only a rumor. That obviously can turn out to be wrong. As far as my personal prediction of it arriving today at noon it was just a hunch. Saulius said last week that unfortunately it would not ship last week but it sounded obvious that they are very close. Apple often does releases on Tuesday and I still think there is a chance it will hit today. Maybe not till Friday. As I’ve said, at this point it’s anyone’s guess as to the exact time but I am certain it will be soon and not weeks.

  • Julie

    Lion was launched on a wednesday – FYI

  • WebTread

    lol @Julie who sure who mentioned Lion.

  • Gerbal

    @#23- Just an update. She’s now down to 550 pounds. She says to tell you she misses you.

  • Julie

    @webtrend you mentioned that apple often releases on Tuesday. I was just pointing out that one big release was done on a wednesday – Lion. LOL

  • WebTread

    @Julie it’s WebTread but close enough and yes as I recall Lion did drop on a Wednesday and if Pixelmator 2 doesn’t drop today then a Wednesday drop tomorrow would be the next best thing lol… I’m just satisfied to know that the app is complete and very close to shipping. My one and only real complaint has been addressed with the clear communication in #362 which makes it seem clear we are truly and finally close at hand.

  • PsykX

    @Tom : Dude … Do you seriously think it’s all about a press release ? O_O

    The guys in the Pixelmator team must be doing screencast videos right now to show off every new feature. They must be doing tutorials. They must be redesigning some pages of the website. They must be making new art stuff to show us what’s the potential of Pixelmator 2. All these things ARE very important promo stuff, and have nothing to do with a press release and are insanely important for a product launch. Good promo = good sales = better critics.

    You have waited maybe a whole year now. What does it change in your life to wait another day or week now ?

    Now, about the person who wrote a complaint to Apple about that, I’m deeply sorry to say that, but you FAIL at life. Apple has no power on the Pixelmator Team, what did you expect them to do? If anything, the guys at Apple must be laughing hard and the Pixelmator team should write a complaint to somebody about your impatience. Geez…

    Some people here have no clue about business and marketing and all they care about is their own selfish person :/

  • Julie

    @webtread sorry about that. I was doing it from my iPad and forgot to increase screen size lol.

    I really hope it does. Wednesday seems to be software update days as Tuesday is hardware days.
    I am totally satisfied expecially since I am still learning the cool features.

    But yes, communication is my only complaint also. To find the clues buried in twitter and comments here is not professional. But we all learn something new in each venture and grow from it.

  • Julie

    Oops @webtread sorry about that. I was doing it from my iPad and forgot to increase screen size lol.

    I really hope it does. Wednesday seems to be software update days as Tuesday is hardware days.
    I am totally satisfied expecially since I am still learning the cool features.

    But yes, communication is my only complaint also. To find the clues buried in twitter and comments here is not professional. But we all learn something new in each venture and grow from it.

  • Chris

    @ Saulius- Thank you! Awesome! I love this app!

  • rakela

    “Saulius Dailide Says:
    October 25th, 2011 at 11:38 pm
    Pixelmator 2.0 will be released tomorrow”

    fantastic !!

  • kenny

    Hopefully we will be able to access it today… but if he’s just submitting it today, it might be a few days before it gets through the MAS…

  • WebTread


    Thanks again for the continued communication. We are stoked to finally have a release date and are going to love it.

  • Erik

    @kenny It’s already approved by Apple. The waiting has been for the promo material to be finished.

  • gamrcobe

    Up late here in San diego hoping to see something soon!

  • Dominik

    Pixelmator 2.0 today? Cant wait to get it into my fingers 🙂 Heads up…

  • Tak

    Is there any way to keep old version of Pixelmator just in case if version 2.0 doesn’t work for some reason or something is broken?

  • Mark

    If you rename the current pixelmator App to for example pixelmator_1 you will probable be able to use both, not 100% sure tough…

  • Jeremy

    I was hoping to get this app before I went to school today, oh well. Just a few hours without the new awesomeness.

  • rednez

    ??????, ????????, ?? ??????? ? ????, ??? 2.0 ?????? ???????, ??????? ???????? ?????? “???????” (today), ? ?? ? ?????? ???? ??????? ?????? ??????? ???? ???????? ????????.
    ???????, ?? ?? ?????? ?? ??????, ?? ??? ?? ????? 🙂

  • needz

    rednez, ?? ??? ??? ?? ?????? 🙂 ? ???????????? ???????, ?????, ???? ???????? 🙂

  • Julie

    Btw 12n apple time is actually est / new York time. All releases are out at 12n …
    Start of the day for apple.

    Not saying that’s when… But that’s the time apple always launches something

  • Kercal

    Looking forward to updating 🙂 can’t wait to see what’s new in 2.

  • rednez

    needz, ?? ??.. ???????-?? ??? :))) ???? ??????, ???? ?????? 2.0, ?? ????? ????????? ???? ?????.

  • Saulius Dailide

    Alsmost done. Almost. Check your Mac App Store updates later this evening or early tomorrow morning. Rushing out the release – 50% of our website won’t be updated in time.

  • pix

    i hope today. Needz and Rednez keep it englisch please.

  • satla

    by the looks of it, the app store updates at midnight local time. if thats the case i guess well get it tmrw then :/ hopefully its 12 noon! 😉

  • satla

    Saulius! give it to us a little early, ah? no harm in pushing the button now! 🙂

  • perminator

    #466 best thing you’ve said all year Saulius. thanks for pulling the trigger (finally!!)

  • Saulius Dailide


    we are pulling the trigger for a few months now. 🙂 It’s not that easy to pull it rightly. 🙂

  • Gary

    #466 – “Alsmost done. Almost. Check your Mac App Store updates later this evening or early tomorrow morning. Rushing out the release – 50% of our website won’t be updated in time.”

    Don’t rush it … make sure your happy with everything first.
    Don’t let these whiners push you into releasing it early.

  • Julie

    @Gary I totally agree.. I am so psyched, but agree don’t rush it unless your are COMPLETELY happy

  • Tom

    @Saulius #466 is ‘later this evening’ UK time or EST or what?
    Cheers guv’nor.

  • kablooey

    Just to get a feel for what time zone the comments are in, this comment was posted at:

    9:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time
    12:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    5:26 PM London

  • perminator

    @saulius. 😉 thanks for all of your hard work. I have complained but didn’t realize when you said “small shop” meant really small shop…. Your work is that much more impressive based on this fact. Well done!

  • Incartapecorito

    Come on! Release it, please!

  • dadog

    Haha, that site is called ‘the loop’ – something we appear to be completely out of.

    Didn’t you know today is the new tomorrow (and tomorrow never comes)…

  • Ruben

    I understand how not easy things are going to release an amazing program, but I always keep in mind that this does reminds me of Valvesoftware being so late to release their awesome game.
    Still waiting for PM2, but at the same time I so can’t wait to use it’s vector and new painting engine it has!

  • Mike

    Nice that other sites get information before the customers. lol. You do know that word of mouth is the most powerful form of recommendation than any tech site don’t you?

    Actually I’m not talking about the release date but rather the actual look of P2 and screenshots.


  • Mike

    Actually, Thinking about it, It was always going to be tomorrow. No way is this just going to be slipped into the store in a minor spot. It had to wait till Thursday when Apple change the app of the week and other such nonsense.

    May as well head to bed as its never changed until well into the night UK time.


  • cybin

    where and how may I get such a VIP status too? 😉

  • Mike

    @cybin, Make a huge selling app on the store.


  • Baby boo

    Where is the s**t ? Waiting and waiting… I ate my nails (feet as well)

  • dadog

    And how long has it been since Panic said they were working on Coda 2? Lots of people are waiting and asking for it but at least they were smart enough not to give a date they weren’t sure they could meet – Saulius take note!

    Still looking forward to PM2 though!

  • its coming

    Yay , according to Macruors it’s out tomorrow

  • pix

    In some countries is tomorrow today. (27 OKT)

  • hamsta

    In some countries is today tomorrow. (27 OKT) 😀

  • Mike

    Or is tomorrow an ethereal timezone that happens only if you catch it looking at you.

  • Baby boo

    The problem now is ‘between B.I.G & tupac … who ruled, the, the, n***a kingdom and s**t basically’

  • hamsta

    @ Baby boo – LOL! Best comment ever!

  • Piratebay

    If you’re feeling impatient, you can already get PM2 through the right tracker if you know where to look.

  • Wyatt

    Does anyone no if I will be able to import layers from Wacom’s new Inkling pen into Pixelmator 2? Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop can but I haven’t heard anything about Pixelmator.

  • Aaron

    WOO-HOO!!!! Release tomorrow!

  • Boxcar Matty

    That’s a good question, do you have one? How are you liking it?
    I’m thinking about picking up one of the new Wacom Bamboo’s, but the Inkling is tempting too.

  • Boxcar Matty

    Does PM have Wacom tablet support?

  • jim

    Boxcar Matty

    Yes I use a intuos4, no problems

  • Fredric

    I can confirm that Pixelmator 1.6.7 have support for Wacom tablets. So I will assume that the 2.0 version dropping today will have the same.

  • Tom

    “All apps are up to date.”

    No they’re not!

  • Scott

    Okay, I give up waiting for it on MAS today.

  • taka

    It updates when? Tomorrow?

  • Jackie

    When will it be released?

  • Schnipo mit Senf

    According to the link posted in #501 it’s supposed to be released today. But as yesterday it was supposed to be released yesterday, today I’m not really believing in today’s release. @)

    P.S.: It’s always nice when you give up hope, don’t expect a thing and it happens however. xD

  • Baby boo

    Have to check piratebay, might be there before the update.

  • Pix

    In how many countries is it pixelmator 2 day?

  • Fredric

    In Asia and Europe. USA is just getting started now

  • Pawel Cichonski

    heh… some people wanted to get this before ‘going to school’. Just curious, how old are you in general? I’m 1982, developer (wanted to be an artist but… no talent & too old) 😉

  • Bela Ujvary

    Too old. 🙂 I was born in 1973 and don’t feel old yet. 😉

  • Coil

    i think we are all much older when pixelmator 2 arrives 😉

  • HélèneM

    Too old to.. 1964… but i’m a artist lol

  • horst

    Pixelmator 3 will be released tomorrow 😉

  • Pix


  • godot


  • Guru

    I have heard that it will only be a Pixelmator 1S 🙂

  • Spiffers

    It will probably be Pixelmator X Pro, and have chopped over 50% of all functions.

  • Coil

    they are now on the android market and we have to pay again …

  • its almost the day after tomorrow

    where is it

  • Coil

    “Pixelmator Updates

    Because the Pixelmator Team is so serious about improving Pixelmator, every 1.X update will be given an unusual software name.
    Next Version is called Vapormator x”

  • Marcos


  • Soren Ladegaard

    I heard that version 2.0 supports autosave and versions in OSX Lion. I hope the user is allowed to toggle that feature on/off.

    Autosave was the primary reason I downgraded back to Snow Leopard because I couldn’t turn the feature off in Pages and Keynote.

  • Rafa84

    We were dealing here with a clear case of vaporware. The developers announced PM 2.0 months ago, before summer, but clearly the were far behind schedule to finish the product and that why they are in rush. This is not even close to a “Blizzard” vaporware but it is one. The software manager must be more responsible because this kind of practice to take some commercial advantage is not a good thing to do specially for a small office. Now lets take a look on the new PM 2.0 finally.

  • ikir

    Autosave is a life saver! I think just users with slow hard drives doesn’t like it. An option to turn it off should be available! Anyway it is a killing feature!

  • gp

    I agree, apps without autosave now feel so… primitive 🙂

  • Mach

    Awesome!!!! Finally, it hits Mac App Store!!!!

  • gp

    It’s there !! go download!

  • perminator

    This is how I read some of the English as a second language posts here… Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like

  • WebTread

    Pixelmator 2.0 is officially here folks… It seems to have dropped at exactly 6am PST on Oct 27th.

    Thanks Saulius, Aidas and the rest of the Pixelmator Team.

    And I’m off to play with it… Enjoy!

  • k.kj

    Finally, PM2 has come!
    Thanks a lot, dev team.

  • AbsoluteBreeze

    Landed here in the UK! updated and all looks fantastic 🙂

    Thanks to the pixelmator team 🙂

  • Klaus Major

    Yeah, but to my surprise it came in english, in opposite to the last version which was localized (german in my case). Hope they will add this in the next time.

  • Alex Paes

    Many thanks to the team! Now on to the testing of all the new features.

  • pix

    Thanks pixelmator team.

  • lauter352


  • EGlasheen

    Just wanted to say thanks. It looks like a huge jump over 1.6. I feel the content aware is on par with Photoshop, the red eye is spot on and the rest of the new tools are great. I like how light weight the program feels as compared to Photoshop. The dark grey background is perfect.
    I can only imagine what was involved to program a version upgrade. I’m sure all of the minor bugs will be fixed in upcoming releases.
    Thanks again,