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Ready for OS X Lion (Update)

I’m very happy to let you know that while working extremely intensively on Pixelmator 2.0—codenamed Chameleon—we still managed to improve the currently available version’s compatibility with OS X Lion. Pixelmator 1.6.6 adds fixes and improvements that will help the app run smoothly on OS X Lion.

Lion is a must-have upgrade of Mac OS X. Believe me, we spent a lot of time using it, and everyone at the Pixelmator Team absolutely loves the OS X Lion.

To easily update to Pixelmator 1.6.6, simply use your Mac App Store app. For non-Mac App Store users, it is highly recommended to transition to the Mac App Store at this time. However, if not ready to transition yet, users can run the Software Update feature in Pixelmator.

High-end support for OS X Lion is coming along for Pixelmator 2.0 Chameleon. With Lion-specific features, the new version is going to totally rock on OS X Lion. If you haven’t yet noticed, we have a sneak preview website for more info about what’s coming in Pixelmator 2.0.

And finally, we thought you might be happy to take a look at the new Smudge Tool in Pixelmator 2.0. Enjoy the video!

Update (A Bump)

We had a nasty bump in the road with the release of version 1.6.6. Because of a critical bug (a crash upon launch) found in version 1.6.6 fifteen minutes after its release, we had to temporarily remove the app from the Mac App Store and from our downloads.

With the bug fixed in Pixelmator 1.6.7, everything is up and running again. I apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. It was a good lesson for us.

(It’s a pity to waste a version (1.6.6)).


  • Florian

    Great to hear! I can’t wait to use Pixelmator 2.0 finally. 😀

    One question: Do you will support Fullscreen, Autosave and Versions?

  • Tom McLaughlan

    Great news – but no sign of it on the UK App Store… 🙁

  • Matto

    I can’t see the update in the App Store…

  • Kevin

    It is not showing up on the Mac App Store yet?

  • jesse

    not showing for me either … I’m assuming that there are quite a few people using the app store right about now … so maybe updates are being delayed.

  • Joseph

    App Store seems quite slow when it comes to approving updates. 🙁 eg I’ve been waiting for over a week for the latest Bento update to appear since it was released by FileMaker.

    Wonder how long it will take Apple to get around to approving the latest Pixelmator update?

  • Morten

    None 1.6.6 in Danish Mac App Store either…

  • Drew

    Not in Italy either… thug i was expecting 2.0 to be released soon after lion….

  • Jason

    So when is 2.0 coming out?

  • MAtthew

    Just a heads up that Photoshop Elements 9 is now available in the Mac App Store, but it doesn’t seem to have Lion features yet.

  • Stefano

    Same problem as Dan

  • Christian

    Same problem here unfortunately. Reverted to 1.6.5 for the time being.

  • Matto

    Same here – cashes on the start.

  • An Observer

    Crashes like that on Snow Leopard as well. Do you guys test?

  • jesse

    yep crash on startup for me too …

  • Ben Smith

    1.6.5 seemed to work fine on Lion; I updated to .6. Crashes like everyone else. It looks like you are trying to use the Sparkle framework without installing it.

  • Mike

    Same problem as the others. Reverted back to 1.6.5 for now.


  • Chris

    Not sure if this is the cause but I’m seeing this in the crash dump every time I try to open Pixelmator.

    Dyld Error Message:
    Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle
    Referenced from: /Applications/Pixelmator.app/Contents/MacOS/Pixelmator
    Reason: image not found

  • David

    Same issue, crash every time. I deleted and reinstalled twice. 16.5 works, 16.6 won’t even load.

  • Josh

    I think it’s looking for the old software update function which doesn’t exist in the new one. As a workaround, download the sparkle framework from http://sparkle.andymatuschak.org/ and put it in the /Library/Frameworks folder. . . . and voila it will work!

  • Carl

    Same here. Installed Lion today,and after that updated Pixelmator from the App Store.
    The program worked fine under Snow, but now I get the error report.
    Trouble is, i can’t revert to the previous version, as I’m on a new mac from yesterday and haven’t had the tieme to install time machine. That’ll teach me. Now waiting for a remedial update…

  • goetz

    I love time machine! it solved the problem immediately by restoring the old version.

  • ryan

    Yup same problem. Just used Time Machine to revert to previous version. Hope they fix it soon.

  • gainsley

    yep crash crash crash!!! Hum…

  • krollian

    Same problem with the same window alert than number 11, Dan.

    Using Mac OS 10.6.8.

    Pixelmator 1.6.6 does not work. Not able to to start or run.

  • Mark Rushton

    Updated to 1.6.6 via the Mac App Store. Crashes on launch. Damn – I need this for some work I’m doing tonight 🙁

    Mac OS X 10.6.8 / Core 2 Duo (late-2008 Aluminium MacBook) / 2-gigs RAM

  • fb0r

    Same here. The new version 1.6.6 crashes immediately on start up under OS X Lion. Thanks for the sparkle framework tip Chris & Josh. Was considering rolling back to 1.6.5 with Time Machine but installing sparkle worked like a charm! 🙂


  • Chris Long

    Not interested in “installing Sparkle” — just want default Pixelmator install to WORK.
    I have to guess that THE GUYS are fixing it as we read this stuff (RIGHT, guys?) …

  • Christian

    Thanks Josh for the Sparkle hint. I just took it from another app and copied it into /Applications/Pixelmator.app/Contents/Frameworks/

    Thats a really stupid bug … but s* happens 😉

  • Tom

    Same here, crashes on start. What the hell is Sparkle still doing there if it’s an App Store exclusive? Anyway, hope you manage to resolve this quickly, looking forward to 2.0

  • Tom

    Yep, copying the Sparkle Framework to /Library/Frameworks fixes it, thanks!

  • William Allbrook

    Yup, no trace of Pixelmator at all on the App Store, so no way of getting 1.66 so no Lion upgrade for me just yet. Cmmon boys!

  • doskoi

    Crash every time when open ..
    follow tips use Sparkle.framework to fixed it.

  • Matto

    Time to launch Photoshop…

  • KMH

    ready for error?

  • Nik

    If you download the trial version, it works fine. Presumably the app store version will be updated soon — I figure it’s missing while they fix this crasher.

  • Wes

    So I’m trying to move to Pixlemator. My Old version of PS (old-school original PS CS) was PPC so it died when I installed Lion (no surprise.) I had plans to just move to Pixlemator, but can’t! It’s not in the App store, & when I download & install the trial it tells me that my trial period is over (even before it started) and I can’t by a license because it just takes be back to the App store which gives me an error. What’s up?

    Any ideas on how to get the trial to run? Or how to buy a working copy?

  • Othgood

    Crashes on launch. Bought Pixelmator before app store, bought it AGAIN when it was put on the app store and after buying it twice…this. Thinking about moving over to Adobe Elements.

  • claas

    after the update it crashes on start without an error message

    however it also does not show up in the app store anymore as well

    what is going on ???

  • Cykelero

    Wes, you just have to wait for a few days (I think). A Pixelmator update is currently waiting on Apple to approve it, and you’ll be able to buy it as soon as it is approved.

  • Want to buy but where is it?

    I am trying to look for this app on the App Store but can’t find it! I really want it, I am buying because I am impressed to see that the 2.0 update will be free for current users. I believe that’s the right thing to do. But where is the app on the MAS? I can’t find it! I hope it will be there soon… I’m almost purchasing the other competitor app that’s currently for sale. I would appreciate if someone from Pixelmator sent me a message to advise me of what’s going on. It’s ok to use the email I posted with the comment (but don’t divulge it please!)

  • Saulius Dailide


    we temporary removed Pixelmator from the Mac App Store due to a critical bug that was found right after the relese of 1.6.6. We fixed it already and in a few hours Pixelmator version 1.6.7 should be available as a Mac App Store update.

    Things happen. I am honestly sorry about this one.

  • Tim

    Thanks Saulius,

    Figured it was something like that and thanks for the update. While it was an inconvenience, worse things have certainly happened to people when transitioning to a new OS update. And it looks like, for those with a pressing need to get pixelmator working, there were some available workarounds that could be employed in the pinch. Thanks for the update and for working so quickly to get things resolved.

  • Chris Jones

    You might want to tweet about this. I just spent an hour trying to figure out why Pixelmator refused to launch on Lion and then why it disappeared from the Mac App store. Kind of a pain to dig into the comments to see if something was said.

  • Chris Long

    Chris Jones is right. We’re now at 47 comments here. This problem should have been publicly addressed as SOON as it happened. There’s no reason not to. Communication, folks — that’s all we’re asking for. Now that Saulius has addressed the issue in comment #45, I guess this thread is over. Next time: let’s not let it go to #47, ok? Thanks.

  • Aaron

    The knee-jerk reactions in here are a bit childish. Things will happen guys. I’m doubting the Pixelmator team meant to release the app with this level of issues. The issues are being addressed, and kudos from dropping from the app store. I noticed that the update that was available also stated that it shouldn’t be installed. I’m looking forward to the update, and of course 2.0, when they’re ready.

  • Aaron

    “for” dropping from the app store. **

  • Alexis

    Knee-jerk? There’s a critical bug in a “for the rest of us” image editor, and yet the official blog and twitter are still flogging the latest (buggy) version as the latest and greatest thing. I like the program and look forward to 2.0, but if you figure that (over the entire user base) hundreds if not thousands of hours have been lost to this bug, a little public humility would be nice. Of course everyone screws up – but IMO better to perform some jiujutsu on the situation rather than pridefully hope that everyone just forgets.

  • Ed

    So many “Pros” who’s tight deadline is screwed because of a buggy release due to a new OS.

    Give me a break and chill out. It will be fixed in short order.

    Oh and by the way, Angry Birds Rio is buggy too. Haven’t heard a word from that developer team. Do they even have a blog? That allows comments? Guess I’ll have to buy Angry Pigeons. I really hate to spend $999.

    Ed G.

  • William Allbrook

    Friday morning still no sign of Pixelmator on the App Store. Delaying Lion upgrade until it’s there.

  • Stephen

    ‘Delaying Lion upgrade until it’s there.’

    That’s silly… there is a fix, and super easy to do (downloand sparkle, copy the “Sparkle.framework” folder to /Users//Library/Frameworks .. and Pixelmator works fine….

    It’s not that big a deal……

  • Joe

    Does any one know if Pixelmator 2.0 will only be available to Lion users? It won’t work for Snow Leopard? I hope that isn’t the case.

  • Tony

    So I went out this weird Sparkle site, whatever that’s for…is it the 1.5 beta 6 thing we are supposed to get? Or an earlier non-beta build? And will this affect builds of Pixelmator going forward? Will we have to uninstall if Pixelmator returns to the app store? And will Pixelmator and everything recognize this third party framework, beta or not, going forward?

  • Josh

    @Tony, Sparkle is the update mechanism the non-App store version uses to update itself…. I believe the issue is that they deleted the framework from the bundle but forgot to remove the depedency on it when publishing 1.6.6 to the App Store. I’ve made a similar mistake before…. Probably in the rush to push out the update…. Any version of the Sparkle framework will do because it is just looking for it not using it.

  • Dan

    1.6.7 is in the Mac App Store now and it fixes the bug! Thanks Pixelmator team!

  • Ed

    Thanks! Works great for me too.

  • Rouven

    There’s a bug with the selection Tools! The selection frame is shown several inches to the up-right (at least under Lion). The right region is still selected…

  • Ed

    I do not have this issue. The selection tool works perfect for me in 1.6.7 in Lion.

    I am using a late 2008 Macbook Pro 2.5Ghz with Nvidia 8600 graphics (512mb ram).


  • Ofek

    Sounds awesome! But will Pixelmator 2.0 also be available on Snow Leopard?

  • hamsta

    Man, I am loving Lion. Can’t wait to run Pixelmator 2.0 on it. Hope it has layer styles so we won’t have to go thru another round of cry baby posts. 😛

  • Onur Oztaskiran

    The only 2 things preventing me from saying bye bye to stupid photoshop and start using this amazing app is the lack of layer styles and vector shape tools.

    Once these are built in, I’m sold. I can even pay double even triple the price because pixelmator is awesome!

  • Klaus Major

    Hi guys,

    thanks a lot for the fast udate to 1.6.7, works great on Lion!

    Klaus, a happy PM user 🙂

  • Conrad

    Starting a new job in September. I hope Pixelmator 2.0 is released by then. Content-aware fill/Heal and Drop Shadow are all I need to ditch PS.

    Don’t know if you’re working on this or not, BUT an adjustment layer (like Adobe After Effects) would be absolutely killer and bury PS in my opinion.

    Thanks Pixelmator team. LOVE the software, keep up the great work.

  • Don Montalvo

    I thank you. Our users thank you. The world thanks you.

  • Nick

    Can’t wait for 2.0 – I’m sure you guys will have support for Snow Leopard with 2.0 but it’d be nice if someone could confirm that.

    Also, can you give us a more specific release date on 2.0? I’ve loved pixelmator since I started using it but always wished for vector shapes…can’t wait to have them!

  • James

    Any chance of a smart object feature in 2.0?

    I use that all the time in Photoshop, as it allows me to shrink an image down (and make it bigger later) without losing quality.

    Also, if I make multiple copies of a smart object (say markers on a map)… I can change one of them, and the change applies to all of them.

    All that is basically happening, is the smart object is a separate file, stored ‘within’ the main file. This means it has its own set of layers, completely separate from the rest of the document.

    It’s probably my most used feature in Photoshop and I can’t make the switch until Pixelmator has it.

  • Jonny

    If the app store won’t let you download this Pixelmator update, saying ‘Please sign in with the account you used to purchase this app’ or similar (shows an ‘Update’ button in Purchases tab, but nothing in Updates tab), then just do this:

    1. Close App Store
    2. Drag your Pixelmator app from your Applications folder to the trash
    3. Empty trash
    4. Re-open App Store, and it’ll be there in Updates tab, ready to re-download the newest version

  • Charles Maclauchlan

    So now that I have Lion I can’t find the filter folder. Can you tell me where the .qtz files are now?

  • dp

    I do not have a Mac App Store account and will never have an account there. I’m not fond of the idea that my expensive Mac is treated as a terminal to an on-line store. I don’t wish to be Apple’s customer as a condition to buying Pixelmator and being your customer. It’s almost like an HMO for software.

    I’ve purchased 1.6.5 from your site and have been very pleased with the product but I’m concerned I will not be your customer going forward. Is it a fact that you are now selling your product exclusively through the Mac App Store? If so, thanks for all the fish.

  • hamsta

    An HMO? LMAO! You do realize that when you purchase, you are always paying some money to some other entity. Online it would be a payment processor. Offline a larger chunk goes to the retailer and middleman. You crack me up dp. ?

  • Obsidian71

    Anti Mac App Store fans are probably better off taking their tinfoil hat brigade somewhere else. Why should the Pixelmator team indulge irrational behavior? It’s ok….I re-upped my Pixelmator through the MAS and eagerly await my 2.0 version. I’ll tell you MAS haters on 1.6.x how good it is when I’ve downloaded it.

    Life is really too short to worry about things you cannot change.

  • niewiesznic

    There is serious problem with selection on 1.6.7. I have informed Pixelmator team.

  • hamsta

    I blame it on the Mac App Store.

  • Auldlad

    No problems with 1.6.7 running on Lion

  • Marlon

    Nucleus Version works fine on OS X Lion, but Full Screen is not separated like other OS X programs (Mail, iCal …) – it runs only on the desktop. Wish I wouldn’t need to open a 2nd desktop each time.
    Cut & Fill will still leave 4 dots on each end, hope this bug will be fixed with 2.0!

  • hamsta

    Marlon, Open Pixelmator. Navigate to the desktop you want Pixelmator attached to. Now go to the Pixelmator dock icon and right click. Choose options – assign – this desktop. Hope that helps.

  • Marlon

    Hamsta, thanks for your help! Works fine.

  • Apaulio

    Just checking but does 1.6.7 work ok on Snow Leopard? Haven’t upgraded either yet (in the middle of a job, dont need any issues) but there’s a couple of small glitches in 1.6.5 which grate a little and I hope ate fixed.

  • ImperfectLink

    Apaulio, I haven’t had any issues with Pixelmator 1.6.7 in SL.

  • hamsta

    What’s the hold up guys? You waiting for 10.7.1?

  • sam

    Maybe it is not about a hold up as much as it is about not having a compatible machine to update to Lion on.
    Why assume there is a hold up. I can’t update one of my machines so…
    Does anyone know if version 2.0 will or WILL NOT WORK ON SNOW LEOPARD?

  • hamsta

    Sorry sam but my comment about the hold up was referring to Pixelmator 2.0.

  • Drew

    Well..if 10.7.1 was the reason for the delay… there’s no reason to wait any longer…10.7.1 is out now!

  • Sam


    My bad I misunderstood. I agree with your comment on the hold up with 2.0 I can’t wait.

  • ImperfectLink

    End of summer is still a month away.

  • Oliwa

    I have the bug with the selection tool too, which makes it impossible to work with the actual version 🙁 Please fix it soon 🙁

  • Warren

    I have the same selection tool bug (generally all the ‘outline indicators’ are off).

    2011 MacBook Air 13″
    OS X 10.7.1
    Pixelmator 1.6.7 (App Store)

  • DaleNorth

    Please. PLEASE please please fix the selection tool bug in Lion. Pixelmator is useless with this bug —

  • JasonR

    Same Selection bug. Pixelmator is useless to me until this is fixed.

  • tomatto

    i can’t do any gradient goddammit :c!

  • Big

    The selection bug (box offset to right) seems to go away in full-screen mode and after the file is saved. Strange.

  • JJ

    I hate that I am forced to use the damn Mac app store to get the new Pixelmator. I’m not buying any more Pixelmator versions unless I can get them outside of the app-store.

  • Faith Blizzard

    I have Mac OS X version 10.5.8, so can’t use the newest version of Pixelmator. Can I still purchase the older version?


  • Gabor

    My Pixelmator is not working!
    I just purchased a retina MacBook pro with OSX lion, and Pixelmator freezes at startup. Tried to delete/reinstall, no joy. Any help please?