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Pixelmator Apple Design Award

Last week’s WWDC was totally crazy for us. The craziest thing that happened was winning the Apple Design Award. It was so unexpected and so unbelievable that even if I had wanted to do a blog post on the evening of our win, I simply couldn’t have done it. There were too many things to think of, too many words to say and too many people to thank. I had to chill out.

That Apple Design Award is very special for us. We’ve dreamed of winning it since the very beginning.

Because the award is so special, we spent few minutes to create a special web page to celebrate it. We even made it possible to see the award trophy in a 360? view and took some close-up photos so you can check it out and rejoice along with us.

Visit the Pixelmator Apple Design Award Website.


  • mo

    However pixelmator really deserves this award. You guys are doing an awesome job! keep it up!

  • Drew

    Congrats!!! and DESERVED!!!

  • ozachou


  • Manu

    Félicitations !

  • D Pauw

    Congratulations on this important and deserved recognition.

  • Fernando


  • hamsta

    Awesome! Wait…. Black iPad2??? Can we see a pic of that? 🙂

  • erv

    Deserved. Awaiting more future awesomeness in pixelmator 🙂 Congratulations 🙂

  • III

    What an honor! I’m proud for you guys; great work, looking forward to what’s next.

  • Lee

    Cute. Congrats and keep up the good work!

  • GamrcobeStudios

    Bravo! Love the video too…wait is that… Pixelmator 2 running on Lion?! Awesome! Whoohoo!

  • PsykX

    It’s the strangest shape of an award I’ve ever seen : a CUBE ! But it still looks nice and clean though.

    Looking forward to Pixelmator 2, go on with the nice work, and give use a game-changing design application. Down with Adobe, up with the Pixelmator team.

  • Ruben

    That’s crazy! Ultimate aluminum cube with apple that glows to the touch! LOL

  • hamsta

    iCube Touch – Now available in 16, 32 64 GB versions. 🙂

  • Yakobsen

    Congratulations! A well deserved award.

  • hamsta

    Come on guys, it is July 4th, give Pixelmator 2.0 it’s Independence!!! 😀

  • Drew

    My guess is that we will see Pix 2 after Lion….

  • Darren Cornwell

    Well done guys, that’s fantastic news. Huge Congratulations on an excellent piece of software.

  • Rodrigo Pérez Arzate

    Muchas Felicidades hermanos espero esto los impulse a seguir escalando y no conformarse, nuevamente muchas felicidades y disfruten el sabor de la victoria!!

  • Doda

    Congratz guys!!

    – A (very happy) Pixelmator copy owner.

  • Henry


    Couldn’t have been awarded to a finer group of developers…not to mention a hot dagger into Adobe! At least for me, when Pixelmator arrived on the seen, it did take but a few early revisions until I left PhotoShop!