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Pixelmator Team Unveils Pixelmator 2.0 Chameleon

New Features Include Drawing Tools, Content-Aware Fill, New Retouching Tools, Smudge Tool

The Pixelmator Team unveiled Pixelmator 2.0 today, a major upgrade of the groundbreaking image editing tool that provides everything needed to create, edit, and enhance still images. Pixelmator 2.0, codenamed Chameleon, features drawing tools, Content-Aware technology-based Fill, a Healing Tool, new retouching tools, a Smudge Tool, and more.

“Pixelmator makes it incredibly fun and easy for anyone to create, edit and enhance images,” said Saulius Dailide of the Pixelmator Team. “Now, with tons of new features and improvements, the next generation of Pixelmator is clearly one of the most impressive and useful apps ever built for Mac OS X.”

The new, full-featured and precise drawing tools in Pixelmator allow users to easily add, create and edit vector shapes. In addition to Pen, Freeform Pen, Convert and Path Selection tools, Pixelmator also includes pre-drawn shape tools for quickly adding triangles, lines, circles, rectangles, and even custom shapes from the new Shapes palette into compositions. Fill and stroke settings for created shapes, as well as shadows, can be easily adjusted in the new Shape Settings palette. The drawing tools are very useful for creating buttons, icons, web page elements, illustrations or any other items for use in image compositions.

A breakthrough new Content-Aware Fill technology in Pixelmator allows users to magically get rid of unwanted elements in images, as if they never existed. By using either the new Healing Tool or the selection tools, one can select wrinkles, blemishes, image damage or any other details in images, then let Pixelmator smartly and seamlessly fill the selected area with similar nearby image content.

The new retouching tools in Pixelmator include a Sponge Tool, for adding more color or taking color away from areas of an image by painting on them; Burn and Dodge tools, for naturally darkening or lightening areas of an image; and a Red Eye Tool for easily—either automatically or manually— fixing the red-eye effect in images.

The new Smudge Tool allows smearing paint, or rubbing out blemishes or any other details in images, simply by using any brush tip, as realistically as using one’s fingers.

Other new features of Pixelmator 2.0 Chameleon include a cleaner and easier-to-use interface, a new Eyedropper Tool, a new info bar, a convenient tool options bar, a fully customizable Tools palette, a new Type Tool, a Pixel Tool, and a number of minor improvements.

Pricing and Availability

Pixelmator 2.0 is a free upgrade via the Mac App Store for everyone who has purchased any version of Pixelmator via the Mac App Store. More information on Pixelmator 2.0 can be found at www.pixelmator.com/sneak-preview/

Pixelmator 2.0 will be available exclusively on the Mac App Store for $59 later this summer. For now, anyone can purchase the currently available version of Pixelmator on the Mac App Store for $29 and receive a free upgrade of Pixelmator 2.0 once it is released.


  • Rene B

    Just want to say goodbye. Pixelmator was one of my prefered tools but as I never will buy any app in the MAS I’ll leave now. I know that it’s not important for you if you loose a customer if you gain 10 new through the MAS but you support the current trend for bad and cheap software on the Mac. Loose the pros and win the gamers. Great to see such a good system going down to Windows level.

    So goodbye and thanks for the last good Pixelmator 1.6.4. As the MacOS is slowly dying now you may should watch out for all the great *nix alternatives.

  • Simon

    Wow Rene that was a heavy statement.

    On topic! Great news guys. Can’t wait to try this out – You rock!

  • Drew

    Awesome news really can’t wait for the DLoad!!!

  • Mateo

    Great job! The healing tool seems wonderful!

    And we finally get shapes!!! Yeeeeaaahhhhhh!

    Just one thing is lacking for me: layer styles. Can we hope to get it in a 2.x release?

  • omni

    Yippppiiieeeeh – this is really good news! I’m looking forward to this new major release!!!

  • Duffman

    @”I know that it’s not important for you if you loose a customer if you gain 10 new through the MAS but you support the current trend for bad and cheap software on the Mac. Loose the pros and win the gamers. ”

    Lol, yeah we saw that. We just have to take the Android phones where everything is open and software are all pirated all the times…

    And yeah, pro doesn’t care to buy on the Mac App Store. It’s even the contrary, you can now use easily your own software on multiple mac with the mess of software code.

  • Selis

    Oh wow, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight, or anytime else before the release either. I can’t wait to try it out.

    Awesome work guys!

  • Dan

    Great stuff

    I’ve been looking forward to this update

    Really happy to be using this and not the Adobe bloatware that most people seem addicted to!

  • Tom

    @Mateo – yes, layer styles please!

  • Drew

    …patiently waiting for all whiners to come out complaining about pricing…….he he…

    On a side note I am really impatient to try the pen tool!

  • Christian

    Thanks for the update … can’t wait to use it!
    We are using Pixelmator a lot for mockups and stuff.

  • Ash

    Looks awesome! Everything I wanted from the update.

  • Alex Aubert

    Woah! What a good surprise! Shapes and a better type tool, that really rocks!!

    Too bad that there is nothing about layer styles, I was waiting for them so badly… “One more thing”? 😉

  • Juan Angosto

    Only the lack of layer styles can prevent me to use it instead the big P.

  • Jonas

    We bought about 10 licences of 1.6.5 traditionally over your site, how can we upgrade to 2.0? Do we have to buy it again?

  • Arthur Bath

    This is going to make Pixelmator so much better for mockups. PRAISES BE TO SHAPES AND THE NEW TYPE TOOL.

  • Joseph

    Wow…seems I had the “misfortune” of purchasing Pixelmator via your site a year ago. 🙁

    So…for clarification…anyone who has previously purchased Pixelmator at the Mac App store gets version 2 for no charge, but those who have purchased Pixelmator at your own website must pay for v2.

    Said another way (got to repeat this as I fail to understand the logic here), you are asking me to purchase Pixelmator 1.6 again for $29 (via Mac App store) so I can get the upgrade to v2 for “Free”. Is that correct?

  • Mateo

    @ Pixelmator team

    There’s a bug in the Pixelmator 2.0 sneak preview page when using an iPhone: when I click on an image thumbmail to get the “bigger” version and then I zoom in, the image goes down. The more I zoom in the more it goes down.

    (and what about my question about layer styles? :D)

  • Per

    @Jonas & @Joseph:

    Never forget: A V2 of this caliber is an upgrade – not an update.

    Since january, Pixelmator have had the price of $29 instead of their usual price point of $59. From the beginning they have clearly stated that anyone purchasing the Mac App Store version, will get the V2 as a free upgrade.

    I look at this a very generous way of offering an upgrade mechanism in a store that unfortunately has none (yet). It is not the previous customers being punished, it is the new ones getting a free ride for which Pixelmator has picked up the tab. And when V2 finally arrives, this “promotion run” will end.

  • Josh

    Wow! Thanks! I am looking forward to this release! Any chance of some Lion love with Resume, Autosave, and Versions? (Can you even maintain a Snow Leopard version with Lion features?)


    Thanks for all the hard work! I can almost stop using Photoshop save for the Layer styles

  • Manu

    Yeah, new type tool, yeah! That’s the big one for me, I need it regularly for my work, hope it’ll be great.
    Shapes will come in handy too, nice work, can’t wait to try it!

  • WIllem Pirquin

    But… there will be CMYK support, right…?

    Actually, that’s the only feature pixelmator needs to fully replace photoshop for me.

  • Thorsten Wiediger

    Great preview. I can hardly wait. I totally support your decisions regarding the MAS, a lower price for new customers and even a free upgrade for them. I bought Pixelmator 1 from your site but took advantage of your offer at the MAS. Made totally sense to me. And I’m glad that I can support you to keep up the good work. Thanks!

  • Charles

    Halleluja! New type tool is greatly appreciated!

  • TominTulsa

    WOW I noticed there had not been an update to your “blog” in a looooong time and hoped we’d see something like this – can’t wait to try it out. Only one thing I haven’t seen – any chance we finally see a “magnetic” lasso tool. I know its silly but its the one feature I miss the most from PS.

  • Sky Winston

    I want to express how truly excited I am about the upcoming release. Your team exhibits a *real* attention to detail in the usability of your app that is without peer.

    I actually think that comparing Pixelmator to Photoshop is reductive in a way. I align far better with the UX & UI of Pixelmator.

    The best part: with the addition of vector tools, the rubicon will be breached, and designers like me can stop round tripping from PS to Illustrator and stick to the more elegant Pixelmator.

    I can’t wait.

  • Frank Petrie

    In the end, the $29 MAS purchase becomes the upgrade price. It’s a shame that Apple hasn’t worked it out that you can just have tne upgrade price, as well, instead of all this confusion.

    Great looking set, though. I’ll definitely buy it!

  • Nick

    Awesome news! Can’t wait for the full release!

  • Ed Glasheen


  • acreek

    Bought Pixelmator when it first came out. Just bought it from the MAS awesome guys this will probably replace Photoshop for me. Thanks!

    Oh and seriously release it right now. I mean c’mon. 😀

  • Wheat Williams

    Can you provide details about the new Type tool? This, for me, is the most important feature. I need kerning for letter pairs, tracking, leading, and similar typography tools, none of which Pixelmator has never had before. I need to overlay text on photographs to produce graphics for marketing and advertising copy.

  • Wheat Williams

    Hey, ReneB:

    You said, “As the MacOS is slowly dying now…”

    LOL. I’ve been on the Mac platform for 24 years and for each of those years I’ve heard reports that it’s slowly, or rapidly, dying. Guess what? It hasn’t, and it’s not.

  • Mike Schmidt

    I’ve been a loyal customer that’s been using Pixelmator for a while now, and to get V2 it will have cost me $100 total, as opposed to $29 for anyone that purchases it now? That’s disappointing. Maybe it’s time to look at acquiring a copy of Photoshop.

  • Mike Schmidt

    It’s really discouraging being a long time customer that has helped the app by spreading word of mouth about it for several years, to be one of the customers that supported Pixelmator from the start, to now be made to feel unappreciated by the company. THAT’s why people turn to piracy, not just having it somewhere other than the MAS where it’s easier to pirate.

  • Yann

    Awsome, just awsome!

    This is going to be the badass app of graphic works.
    And thanks again for your update/upgrade policy.
    You’re already earning the fruits of your very own generosity,
    as we are buying Pixelmator licenses as hell …

    Live long and prosper!

  • Michaël

    @Mike Schmidt: And you’ll spend about 5+ times your $100 for your copy of Photoshop, which is becoming uglier and buggier on Mac OS X as new versions are released.

    The Pixelmator guys don’t have a choice; they can’t offer upgrade pricing with the current Mac App Store scheme. I know the hassle of maintaining two different builds of an application for App Store and non-App Store distribution as I am a Mac app developer myself. More time is spent on bettering the app itself and adding new features by maintaining a single version. You only have to choose which distribution channel has the most visibility and seems more suited to your app. I don’t think it’s fair to bash the Pixelmator team because of the App Store’s limitations.

    If you liked Pixelmator so much that you took the time to spread the word of mouth about it for so long, don’t you find it worth it to pay $29 to get an upgrade to a much-improved version of the app?

    It’s the way Apple and many companies work if you think about it: Many times if you purchase a piece of software a certain amount of time before a new version is released, you can get a free upgrade to the new version. You just purchased the product at the right moment, much like someone could purchase a product when it’s on sale in a store. AFAIK other people don’t feel unnapreciated by a software company because they didn’t get an upgrade for free after having been a customer for a long time. And people that didn’t benefit from a time-limited sale in a store don’t feel like the company neglects them because they didn’t purchase their product while it was on sale.

    Just my ¢2.

  • Michaël

    By the way, the update looks great. Now if only we could get layer styles…

  • Rey

    Thanks for answering the cries for a path/vector tool. Now how about that CMYK?

  • Saulius Dailide

    Thank you guys so much for your warm words. I would love to answer all the questions, but I am so freakin tired today that I’d better pass doing that today.

    Still, I could not resist answering/comment these:

    1. Pixelmator 2.0 is gorgeous. For me it is the first Pixelmator release that I myself almost like 🙂 You simply got to see it – just take a good look at our screenshots and videos – notice the details.

    2. Price. We really tried to be fair for everyone. First, we tought about our customers and just after that we tought about Pixelmator when moving to the Mac App Store and setting the price; and the last thing we thought about were we ourselves. The Mac App Store is the future and we were the first ones to admit that.

    3. CMYK. We see no future in CMYK – please feel free to change our minds or to persuade us to add (or support not adding) CMYK into Pixelmator.

    I’ll try to do a blog article sometime in a few days.

  • Rey

    CMYK=Print. Like Apple, print isn’t going anywhere. Print publication delivery may evolve but there will always be a need for printed materials. Marketing materials, brochures, signage, etc… will all still be printed in good ol’ CMYK. I took a wait and see approach with Pixelmator hoping that you guys would incorporate a vector pen tool and CMYK. 1 out of 2 ain’t bad but 2 of 2 would have been better. As much as I would like a Photoshop alternative, the lack of CMYK will make print professionals like myself, stick with the big dog that is Adobe.

  • hamsta

    So much red meat… heh heh.

    @ 1. Rene B – In your manifesto post, you never say WHY you will never use the MAS. That bit of information would have made your comment make sense. Goodbye to you too!

    @ 15. Jonas – A point update 1.x to 2.0 for example is never free.

    @ 17. Joseph – You are paying $29 for the 2.0 version. If you don’t pay the $29, you still get free upgrades in the 1.x series. Simple right?

    @ 33,34 Mike Schmidt – You know what the difference is between you and people who purchase it now? You been able to use the software the whole time! Think man! You feel under appreciated? By a software company? Ok everyone in comments, let’s give Mikey a BIG HUG! 🙂

    Can’t wait to try Chameleon out. Looks great!

  • Bob F

    I understand the issue with transitioning to the MAS. Thirty bucks is a reasonable price to pay, especially since I got Pixelmator in one of the bundles. I’ve “upgraded” my 1.6.5 to the MAS 1.6.5 and await my v2 upgrade.

  • Drew


    No @drew?

    Now that’s just rude!!!

    He he.

  • fluffy

    Why is everyone acting as if this pricing strategy is new? They’ve been VERY OPEN and posted several articles about this issue ever since the app store launched! You still have a chance to buy 1.x at $29 as an “upgrade” price, which is what I did as soon as they first talked about this months ago.

    Personally I just hope that the brush setting is finally stored per-tool instead of globally, because that was the big thing keeping me from switching to PM from PS.

  • GamrcobeStudios

    I use Pixelmator exclusively for everything I do. I had certain expectations of what would come with V2 and you’ve blown me away. The amount of new tools and UI changes are genuinely exciting and I can’t imagine the work you guys have done under the hood that we don’t see! You can see the dedication and hard work in your beautiful product. There are many ideas and projects I can dust off and now accomplish with what you’ve added. Thank you for giving us your blood, sweat and tears in the form of this gorgeous, powerful force of creation. The possibilities of what Pixelmator can do have just skyrocketed and I can wait to get in it, turn the key and hit the gas.


  • hamsta

    I hope Pixelmator adds a feature that does all my work for me. Until then I will continue to use PS.

  • dags

    Finally an update/upgrade!
    Now for all those whingers. I paid for the app again in the MAS, and come on, $29 for an app like this?
    If you guys are complaining about a measly $29, thats a real shame.

    Top work guys! Can’t wait for Chameleon!

  • Henrique

    Wow, too bad that the update is only available to people who bought from the App Store. So people buying Pixelmator now will have 2.0 for $29, and the people who supported the software from the beginning will be spending an *additional* $29 to get the same.

    How is that supposed to make sense: longer time customers have to buy it again and new ones get the software at a discount?

  • hamsta

    @ Henrique – you paid to be able to use the software. The people buying it now did not get to use it. Simple. As for the price, that has to do with the Mac App Store, there is nothing Team Pixelmator can do about that.

    2.0 version with all these cool features coming and you complain about paying $29 for it? Man, people just gotta make shit up to complain about. XD

  • dags

    What he said!

  • Joey Chen

    I like your works and appreciate the attitude about the details. I am long being a fan of Pixelmator.
    Most importantly, it is your new version that pushes my mind to upgrade the OS to 10.6 asap.
    Chameleon seems great!!

  • Mario

    I don’t see Pixelmator as a application for print products. And i would also never use Photoshop for a print job! InDesign or QuarkXPress is the right app for this. So, why CMYK in Pixelmator?

  • Agos

    Looks hot. I’d love CMYK and layer styles too, but they already put A TON of new stuff, I wouldn’t dare ask for more… for now! We should just remember how may years took Adobe to implement some of those features 🙂

    (Saulius, did color management get some love, too? Please say so! 🙂

  • Unwind

    I can understand not supporting CMYK – color management profiles are actually enough to get this done with professional printing services. What I cannot understand is the lack of 16 bit/channel support in a program that gets offered as a tool to enhance still images. Competitors like PhotoLine offer even 32 bit/channel, layer-styles, liquify, RAW conversion, full vector editing (PDF import/export) and even CMYK ;). All to the same price as PM. I really hoped for at least 16 bit/channel in Pixelmator 2 because without it, it is useless to me.

  • Michael

    I have only one suggestion for Pixelmator 2.x. It would be great feature to export the results of drawing tools, i.e., text strings and shapes as separate layers over the background raster image when export the image as pdf or eps. I know that would be a great step to have only one greate app for all the graphics working in simple cases.

  • Lardlad

    Well, all the reasons for holding on to my PS license is now gone. Only thing I really needed was a pen tool, healing brush is a plus. Now if someone could come close to competing to Illustrator, I’ll be Adobe free.

  • Götz

    Hi if you need a CMYK editor then add Graphic Converter (59€). It handles CMYK and nearly everything else you might need. Exif Data could be read or altered.
    Then you walk away with 80-100€ for a solution that cost about 10% of Photoshop.

  • Anon Cowherd


    Forgot to complain about people _still_ asking for layer styles? Don’t they know it’s just a crutch for when you’re too much of a noob to do things yourself?


    Didn’t see all those people asking for layer styles, and that’s why you didn’t say anything about it?

    For what it’s worth, Pixelmator 2 looks cool, and I’ve already bought 1.6.5, and I like the app. But still.. we have some issues here.

  • ikir

    Awesome news!! Awesome software!!

    I can’t wait!

    Cmon guys i has Pixelmator 1.x license and i’ve bought it on Mac App Store too! Support Pixelmator team, upgrade to Mac App Store version, it is a cheap software and this is super cheap offer.

  • Jeppe Andersen

    What about us that bought PIxelmator through your website or MUpromo?

  • MrStep

    Non-destructive layer effects (styles & adjustment layers) are incredibly important when you want to quickly iterate looks. If Pixelmator implemented one consistent set of adjustment layers that included colors / shadows / bevels / etc., that would be even nicer than PS.

    I love Pixelmator for quick edits and 2.0 looks fantastic, but it just can’t fully fit in my work pipeline without the non-destructive layers. Sigh. And I really dislike PS… 🙁

  • Ian

    I hope Pixelmator 2.0 supports 16 bit images. I own a Epson printer that can print 16 bit TIFF images.

  • hamsta

    @ 59 Anon Cowhead – I didn’t forget. See comment 46. It may have been a little too cerebral for you, i’ll try and dumb it down next time. 🙂

  • hamsta

    @ 54 Unwind – You are comparing the features of a product that isn’t even at 2.0 to one that is up to version16!?!??? That is just crazy talk. I would never use Photoline due to it’s horrible interface.

  • Søren Ladegaard

    Now that Pixelmator 2.0 “provides everything needed to create, edit, and enhance still images” will it finally come with a drop shadow tool and a outline tool? 🙂

    ….for those quick web graphics……

  • Edward Burns

    The pricing of shareware updates/upgrades have been an ongoing issues for developers even before Pixelmator, and before the Mac App Store. It may be unpleasant for some, but them’s the breaks.

    Lets be grown ups, and call it $30 OK? The $0.99 reference is a well-used marketing gimmick. Even if MAS uses it, $29.99 is closer to $30 than $29.

  • Bela Ujvary

    Awesome news guys, but… NO layer styles?! 🙁 Without them I just can’t use Pixelmator for everyday work. I was really hoping for a nice implementation (like the one in DrawIt which is using quartz effects as layer styles). I’m hoping you just ‘forgot’ to mention this feature. You did, didn’t you?! Pleeeeease!

  • Tonio Loewald

    I’ve been watching Pixelmator since before it launched and have written several detailed head-to-head reviews of Pixelmator vs. Acorn vs. Photoline as they’ve evolved. The sneak preview led to my immediately buying a Pixelmator license through the MAS — I think we’re rapidly approaching the point where Pixelmator and Acorn do most of the things most of us need as well as or better than Photoshop in a lighter-weight package with a better UI.

    The one feature not mentioned in the sneak preview (as a preceding post mentions) is some kind of layer styles support. (Similarly, Pixelmator’s masking functionality, even in 1.6.5, leaves Acorn’s in the dust.) If this isn’t either present but not mentioned or planned then Pixelmator will lag badly behind Acorn (and Photoline).

  • Dunk

    Looks good… My requests:

    * Pleaaaase have Boolean operations on the vectors.
    * Layer Styles would be cool.

    That is all.

  • Apaulio

    Dear Publican,

    I can no longer drink this fine ale now that it is not sold in leather flagons. Thus I will drink a less interesting soft drink which is more widely known yet has less flavour and taste and has slower effects to boot.

    Sincerely yours,

    Outraged of Macville, (professional).

  • hamsta


  • PsykX

    Finally, a blog post.

    And Pixelmator 2.0 looks GREAT!!! I really can’t wait. That thing will be closer and closer to Photoshop, with a few features implemented in a better way, and the price tag is a real joke as opposed to Photoshop. Good job guys, I really want to get my hands dirty with this stuff.

    For $29, I’ve just officially bought Pixelmator from the Mac App Store, finally. I honestly couldn’t wait for the summer to come to have enough money for that…

  • Mikee

    Gosh and Tarnation, I only bought Pixelmator a few weeks ago as a retail box as it was cheaper than MAS.

  • rye

    I too purchased Pixelmator outside the Mac App Store. Don’t forget, they also sell boxed copies in the Apple Store. They’re not going to leave those users out in the cold. The $29 price paid in the MAS is the early upgrade price. When 2.0 comes out, I bet they’ll be the option to just upgrade to 2.0 from 1.x for the $29. So you can pay the $29 now and upgrade later, or just wait and pay $29 to upgrade when 2.0 hits their website.

    At least, that’s what I think will happen. Everyone comes out with a new user price ($59) and an upgrade ($29) price.

  • Yakobsen

    I think I understand the pricing issue some users are having. It feels strange to buy the same version of Pixelmator twice (once through a download, and once through the Mac App Store) to get the “free” upgrade. I’m a long-time user who just bought Pixelmator 1.6.5 again, this time through the Mac App Store, and I have to admit, it seemed weird. The MAC recognizes that you already bought the APP outside of the store, and even asks if you want to buy it again. Once you stop and think about the transitioning logic from the developers standpoint, it makes perfect sense. People are used to getting an upgrade discount if they’re previous users. They’re still getting it here, but the method is less familiar. Looking forward to using 2.0! Thanks!

  • Anon Cowherd


    Nope, all I saw in message 46 was your typical smug clueless whining, and I’m preetty sure that’s all there was to it.

    But seriously, in every single goddamn update thread Saulius posts, there are lots of people asking for layer styles, and Saulius never comments on the feature.

    It’s obviously what people want, and it’s the deciding factor for many. It just doesn’t make any sense not to implement layer styles, and it makes even less sense to not even talk about it.

    Once again, for the Nth time, even professional graphic designers have asked for the feature, so I was just curious as to whether even you, hamsta, might finally have pulled your head out of your ass (judging by your lack of whining). But of course, that would be far too much to expect from you.

    For the record, I’ve actually made some little effects in Pixelmator now, and I like the way the tools work, but that doesn’t make layer styles any less useful to me (or those who can do _much_ more than me).

    The point remains that layer styles save people _a lot_ of work. First by being easy to apply, instead of having to craft the effect by hand, and second, by being non-destructive, so that you don’t lose any work if you decide that things should look different after all.

  • dags

    Jeez, is there anyone moderating these threads? By all means make some intelligent suggestions, but getting personal against other posters is just pointless.

    Either you are going to upgrade or not. Get over it, or write to the programmers, I really don’t think this personal abuse is constructive to anyone……

  • hamsta

    No worries dags, that guy is always like that, I feel bad for the guy.
    I just can’t wait to get my paws on the new Pixel Tool. :P:P:P

  • Ab Sier

    Don’t understand the logic about the upgrade and the Appstore purchase either. Don’t want to understand it.
    Long time users have to pay extra to get v.2.0 in comparison to the buyers at the Appstore?
    Come on guys, get real…

  • RunFasta

    I just don’t understand why a bunch of people with $1000-$3000 computers are whining about a $29 upgrade. If $29 breaks the bank, you might need to consider selling your luxury computer and buying an affordable netbook.

  • An Observer

    Dear v1.x non-MAS users. You were never guaranteed an upgrade to v2.x Pixelmator. You paid for a 1.0 license and nothing more. As a good faith gesture the developers have offered an upgrade path for you at half price to 2.0 version. The MAS does not support upgrade pricing options therefore the upgrade pricing is also available to others. It’s ludicrous that people are upset that others are getting a good deal too. Get over yourself and buy it through the MAS if it has been a useful software for you and you want to upgrade to v2.0

  • Tak

    We need more preview videos! Specially about vector tools 🙂

  • OreoCookie

    Is there any word on whether 16 bit/channel support is included?

  • dags

    I’m just looking forward to the new version.


  • Kercal

    Ditto 🙂

    Lovely to see a new version in the pipeline (although we always knew it would be, news of it then), surprised to see no more interim versions but 2 has a nice ring to it 🙂

    Long wait until we see the new version though (if previous deadlines are to be taken into account 🙂 😉 ) and the anticipation won’t help. Hope we can see something like a video of the week or something to keep us amused while we’re waiting for the update dot.

  • Anon Cowherd


    He started it by implying I was stupid in comment #64. Anyway, I’ve tried to reason with him in the past, and I reiterated my points again, just in case, but this guy has a record of being smug about having his head up his ass. That’s just sad.

    I wanted to find out whether that was still the case. By now, he might actually secretly understand why layer styles are wanted and needed – he hasn’t commented on the feature itself in this thread, after all.

    I never did complain about the pricing/MAS transition though.

    Also, you might be his sock puppet.


    You know, if we dug up both of our comment histories in these threads, anyone with half a brain would see it’s not me you should feel sorry for.

    But of course, ultimately you’re just a troll anyway (or really, really dense).

  • Kercal

    Glad to see this thread is going so well and on message…

    I’m still hoping that the Layer Styles are the ‘one more thing…’ of the Pixelmator keynote.

  • hamsta

    I can’t wait to download the Keynote. Yay Pixelmator!

  • Ruben

    I’m so glad, I found pixelmator cause. This is the perfect app for Mac OSX. Now I see the sneak peek of 2.0, it’s new tools and everything. This will be the best app I ever bought! And it’s a huge replacement for PS E I’m currently using.
    Pixelmator will rock everything! Oorah!

  • Drew

    @ Saulius

    How will Pixelmator use the Fullscreen in Lion?? will it retain the button in the toolbox or will it be on the titlebar like demoed in iPhoto?

  • Kercal

    Congrats 🙂 haven’t watched the keynote yet but any inclusion is well deserved.

  • Mark

    Wow, so many people complaining. If you want Photoshop, go buy Photoshop. If you don’t think $29 is reasonable, well, that’s just ridiculous. This tool is worth double, or triple that. I already use Pixelmator WAY more then Photoshop, and it does everything I need it to. Really looking forward to the upgrade – can’t wait!!

  • Jason

    I love it! I purchased the retail box just last week, then after reading this, I purchased the App Store version to get the 2.0 upgrade. A very good deal for such a great app if you ask me…

    Question: Any chance of getting some of the most common filters/plugins as found in the Alien Skin Eye Candy suite?

    I really need my inner/outer bevel and perspective (drop) shadow. I miss these the most.

    I also like glass, chrome, drip, and water effects.

    Thanks for such a great app!

  • Jason

    Can Pixelmator use third party plugins such as Alien Skin Eye Candy 6?

  • César Figueiredo

    I’m counting hours and days for Pixelmator 2.0. i’m sure It will worth the money and I will see if I can put Ps in my back.

  • Rick

    I just can’t wait for pixelmator 2.0 and I totally support the move to Mac App Store. Just bought it from the app store last night, though I’ve bought the app about a year ago via your online store. I will gladly continue my support.

  • hamsta

    Just a heads up, the Keynote is available for download as a podcast under Apple Keynotes. It clocks in at 1:58:24 and is 1.22 GB.

  • dags

    Grats to the team for picking up the design award for mac!

  • Kercal

    Hurrah! An excellent 100th post. Well done on the win 🙂 Very pleased for you…

  • Willi

    Cool so much new features. You worked a lot. Thank you very much.

  • Manu

    Congrats for the ADA!

  • tommylee

    pixelmator is great, I try demo and I will buy it when CMYK support will be there. howgh 😀

  • Mark

    3rd screenshot on the bottom of the pixelmator 2 preview page. The shape settings dialog. Toggles and settings for stroke, shadow and fill. That’s layer effects. Turn them on or off. I don’t have pixelmator now, but if someone will tell me that that dialog can be brought up for any layer (in 2.0), in addition to the new type tool coming, I’m sold. I hope that’s not just for shapes – I hope.

  • hamsta

    I’m gonna guess that it is only for shapes. If it was software wide then it would be a bullet point on the preview page.

  • Kercal

    Yeah I noticed the layer style for vector shapes text in the original write up (“triangles, lines, circles, rectangles, and even custom shapes from the new Shapes palette into compositions. Fill and stroke settings for created shapes, as well as shadows, can be easily adjusted in the new Shape Settings palette. The drawing tools are very useful for creating buttons, icons” etc).

    It made me wonder whether layer styles could be cludged in some way (select layer pixel data, convert to vector shape, apply style and whack content to 0% opacity) or whether layer styles will be the “one more thing” for P2 as the code would be there (albeit for vector rather than pixel data).

    Anyhow, not something I’m getting too het up about. I use the other program for some things (CMYK, wave filter, polar coordinates etc) and Pixelmator for most else. If I were picking one sadly missed feature it’s the fact that kaleidoscope doesn’t tile off screen any more which has taken it from being a much used filter to one that I have to load Pixelmator 1.3 in order to use. If I had to choose one update between that and layer styles I’d go for kaleidoscope every time but hey, horses for courses.

    It does always make me smile when a reply comes in and says ‘my entire future and that of HUMANITY itself requires xxx feature and you are allying yourselves with the dreaded alien menace if u do nt agree.’ I do look forward to a day when I only have to load up one art app, and I always love seeing new Pixelmator updates. That’s enough for me, don’t think the world will explode if every ray of sunshine doesn’t land on my plate with whichever update comes next.

  • Alex Aubert

    Well I hope there will have an option to “snap to pixel” for the vector shapes. That was so painful when Photoshop didn’t have it.

    Keep up the good work guys! You’re very close (layers styles!) to finally give the world a decent alternative to fat PS.


    Please don’t forget the 16 bit color support! Very important, long overdue!

  • David Woolf

    This is completely out there, but a cool feature (if it doesn’t already exist) would be including other images into a current image that updates if you change the original. A real world example is how you can include a header and footer file into a website so that you have one file to work on. As a web designer, that would be a killer feature to have for managing projects.

  • Leddy Mountbatten

    People complaining about people complaining should consider this: imagine you purchased Pixelmator for $59.99 in good faith just before they announced going App store only. Now you’ve just blown $60 and they’ve asked you to blow another $30 on the same App. Sure, it’s not the end of the world and if you had the good fortune to luck into the App store only $30 deal, then good for you, but you’ve got to see that some people were screwed. Maybe nothing can be done for those folk as that’s just life, but stop being smug, self-righteous know it alls and sticking it up them, when in reality they have a legitimate grievance.

    Best wishes.

  • Drew

    People should really look into things before buying a product, they announced a LONG time ago they’d be going MAS only…. the only person to blame if they bought PIX from a retail shop in the last 6 months it’s themselves..

    Again if they bought Version 1 they should have expected an UPGRADE fee ANYWAY (do you get Adobe next release for free?? i highly doubt!)…

    Do you like version 1? (you bought it cause you thought it was good enough for the money!)

    Did you get ripped off?? (nope cause you knew you were buying Version 1 and not version 1 + Version 2 upgrade when you bought it)

    Do you think 29 bucks is a lot of money for an upgrade? (Well think again cause most software cost more than that …let alone updates)

    Do you feel ripped off cause others got a better deal than you did?? (Well it happens all the time doesn’t it…..promotion , bundles and such!!!!)

    Are you Angry with the developer cause they offer a better deal?? (Grow up, you bought what you bought cause you bought it was a good deal for a FAIR price and you were NEVER misled you ‘d get updates for version 2).

    People are just mad cause they bought without looking into things, and now pretend they got screwed! when no one got screwed!!

    You want privileges cause you were an early adopter?? Where you let to believe it was as such?? Did they promise you FREE version 2 upgrade?? did they promise there would not be rebates and promotions???

    Again people complain just for the heck of it!!! and they should blame themselves for not researching before spending money!

    Sorry for the long post and my bad english!

  • hamsta

    Drew – 1
    Leddy – 0


  • dags

    I think you should use tennis scoring 🙂

  • Duffman

    “I actually think that comparing Pixelmator to Photoshop is reductive in a way”
    Agreed, Photoshop is able to handle big size file with a LOT of layer, Pixemator not… Which makes it unusable for something else than amateurism.

  • Duffman

    “People should really look into things before buying a product, they announced a LONG time ago they’d be going MAS only…. the only person to blame if they bought PIX from a retail shop in the last 6 months it’s themselves..”

    Sorry but not. Pixelmator is so full of bugs that perhaps the 2.0 will be the only one usable. So all people buying 1.0 before Mac App Store are just screwed. Not to say that the team said there should be a 1.8.x version of pixelmator with a lot of improvement that should be free for 1.x owners. Now they don’t speak about this one anymore, it’s just gone.

    Thus those who bought 1.X and are obliged to rebuy their software on Mac App Store can BLAME PIXELMATOR TEAM …

  • Duffman

    “You want privileges cause you were an early adopter??”
    Perhaps for them yes. Without early adopters, they should have bankrupted long time ago…

    “Where you let to believe it was as such?? Did they promise you FREE version 2 upgrade?? did they promise there would not be rebates and promotions???”
    Not 2.0 free, but 1.8 free sure…

    Drew – 0
    Duffman – 1

  • Drew

    People who bought Version 1 did that AFTER trying a demo version (if they didn’t ..shame on them) that is designed to let user decide if the program is worthed buying…so if they did buy..it means they were HAPPY with specs / price balance and where made fully aware of the capabilities of the software (feature wise).

    They said there will be 1.6.7 if i recall correctly , and just cause they aren’t talking about it it does not means it won’t be out (and free for all 1.x buyers), this is just strategy… you do not see APPLE advertizing each 10.x.x update, but they advertize 10.x update…….little example …Since they announced 10.7 and they are not talking about other 10.6.x update it does not means Snow Leopard won’t see an update…it’s called marketing…..talk about the new version so people will get excited and upgrade….

    No one OBLIGE you to buy again version 1 from the store….you should see it as i am buyng from mas as an upgrade version 1 + 2 not rebuying version 1……. plus ..you do not like it? you are free to chiose not to buy it….again you bought v 1 cause you tried it and thought it was worthed…..now that V 2 is around the corner suddenly V1 is not good anymore?

    You bought v1 cause you liked it not cause you expected early adopter discount nor you were told you would get discount cause you are an early adopters…..

    You are complaining cause you want 1.8 free? no one said there would be v1.8 nor that there won’t be a V1.8 so wait and see how it goes before complaining..i am sure 1.6.7 will solve most of your issue

    it can be Duffman 1231423412341 Drew 0 .. but things won’t change you belive you were screwed…and you ‘ll always think that…. ..

    in Italy we say there’s no worst deaf than the one who does not want to hear!

  • Samuel


    Do you know how they feel? They feel used. Customer retention doesn’t mean anything for you? You can not just use and throw away customer.

    Poi ognuno è libero di divertirsi come meglio crede, vuoi fare l’avvocato del diavolo, fai pure.

  • Kyle

    Please please please add a foreground/background option for the gradient tool. Preset gradients are useless to me.

  • hamsta

    @ Drew, there are always gonna be people out there who feel entitled. Best just to let them grip, moan and complain.

  • hamsta

    Forgot to add…

    Duffman – 00000000*infinity-1


  • Richard

    Yes, boolean on complex shapes, and vector shapes as masks (a la Xara and many others) would make this a must have. P.s. if you mail me I promise not to tell anyone 🙂

  • Drew

    @ Samuel

    I am not the devil’s advocate.. nor I want to, fact is Customer retention is important, but as someone said.:

    “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse!”

    You do your best to please the majority of users, you’ll ALWAYS lose some , or make some unhappy, fact is you think for the best of you company and the majority of the customer.

    You see 4-5 people complaining here ……whlile there are hundreds of thousand who bought Pixelmator ….guess what.. is it 1% 2% …… well i’d be VERY very happy if only 2% of my user base was somewhat unhappy…..considering that od that 1-2% …many will complain yet still buy again cause they feel it is worthed at the end of the day…

    Once again..not being anyone’s advocate…i am sure the Pix Team can defend for themselves without needing me or any other customer to advocate for them…just saying all this bashing the price is useless and very very repetitive…

  • Samuel


    I know that is not possible to satisfy all the customers needs but I look at this situation and I think they have made a mistake.

    They should have given a simple and clear explanation from the beginning.

    Otherwise a voucher.

    Obviously, we are all human and we make mistakes.

  • Jason

    Drop Perspective Shadow and Inner/Outer Bevel. Plugins please!

  • Scott

    Keeping a vigilant eye on this software. I own v1.6 that I purchased off this site, and found it really nice.

    I eagerly await a version of this software that includes Layer Styles and a few other things that I use regularly in Photoshop.

    I’m sure the developers know that the moment they announce Layer Styles in this software, they’re going to really, I mean REALLY start pulling users away from Photoshop, including heavyweight pros.

  • Duffman

    “in Italy we say there’s no worst deaf than the one who does not want to hear!”
    I think that italians are not really the good one to teach people how they should think: you elected Berlusconi so you should just try to hide and and not speak too loud …

  • Duffman

    “I’m sure the developers know that the moment they announce Layer Styles in this software, they’re going to really, I mean REALLY start pulling users away from Photoshop, including heavyweight pros.”

    Are you kidding ? Pixelmator should already try not to be sluggish when you start to use 10 layers and/or big files, support CMYK, export in jpeg at a good level, etc … Then they will perhaps start pulling users away from something, until this, it’s just a toy for amateurism.

  • Kercal

    Paging Doctor Teeth. Mr Duffman seems http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=35108081221 be having an episode again. Please report to room 129.

    Pixelmator is many things. It’s in front in some places (speed, ui, some filters, price) and behind in others (ui in some places, some missing filters, turbo power under the hood etc).

    What it isn’t is amateur. It’s a powerful tool, made by a small team for the fraction of the dev cost of the competition which costs a fraction of the price of the competition. Big brother is 25+ years old and on it’s twelfth or so iteration, Pix is … 2 full iterations in (? How do we judge. Is each release an update or a sequel?) and 3 years old ?

    It’s not all there. Blah blah layer styles, blah cmyk, blah blah broken kaleidoscope etc. If theyre all missing in five years? Major problem. If they progress as they have? Continuation of a marvel.

    Personally I’m a professional artist and teacher. I use pix when its relevant and that’s often. Sometimes photoshop is the right answer, but I’ve been using it since 3.3 so it’s an old friend. The fact that pixelmator is almost as good is amazing. Layer styles would be cool but it’s like saying that this space shuttle can do the moon and back but it’s USELESS without fluffy dice.

    Stupid bargain photo editor with no fluffy dice. Curse you, team Pixelmator!

  • Kercal

    And no idea what happened with the Facebook group link. Odd iPod auto correct.

  • Drew


    Your comment is so out of context and irrelevant that I am not even gonna dignify it with an answer, on a side note… I find it silly that it is turning into an infant dispute, it really goes a long way showing how mature or…immature some people are.

    But i guess that’s your way of seeing and dealing with things…. you don’t like to hear the truth…so you get mad with the messenger……and above all “attack” him with something that is completely irrelevant with the issue ………WAY TO GO!!!

  • hamsta

    Kercal broke out the “Fuzzy Dice” Run for cover!!!!

  • Samuel

    @Pix. Team
    We would like more consideration.

    Your remarks are laughable.

    Ignore him. Let him in his perfect country.

  • jobewan


    I have moved from Windows to Mac recently, and in the process discovered Pixlemator. Really, -really- nice app.

    Thing is, I buy almost -all- my tech stuff from Amazon, and predictably, purchased a copy of Pixelmator from . . well . . Amazon. I am not partial to iTunes, really, and no nothing about App Store ‘cepting what I am learning as I go.

    So, am I to understand that an upgrade to 2.0 from my Amazon-purchased copy of Pixelmator will not be possible? )O;



  • dags


    Yes you are correct, the pixelmator boys explain how it all works waaaayyyy above all these comments 🙂

  • Duffman

    “It’s a powerful tool, made by a small team for the fraction of the dev cost of the competition which costs a fraction of the price of the competition.”

    For a fraction of the dev cost ? Not really if we try to estimate the price by developer for example.
    Photoshop 699$ / 100 or more people ~ 7$ per dev
    Pixelmator 60 $ / 2 to 5 employees ~ 12$ per dev

    We can try to estimate the same cost by feature if you want.

    “Big brother is 25+ years old and on it’s twelfth or so iteration, Pix is … 2 full iterations in (? How do we judge. Is each release an update or a sequel?) and 3 years old ?”

    Exactly, and you are telling us that pixelmator will catch up Photoshop or can replace it ?

    About the speed of pixelmator, try to work with big files and many layers.
    It’s not because pixelmator is launching faster than Photoshop (that one is easy when you only provide 2% of the photoshop features …) that the tool is still fast after few hours of usage… It’s when you try to use the software with big files and many layers that you see if it’s professional or not.

    “The fact that pixelmator is almost as good is amazing.”
    Almost as good as photoshop ? Excuse me but I have a serious doubt about you to be a professional artist. Or at least you are not one heavily relying an all the advanced photoshop features … You must be a professional user of Paint perhaps.

    Why I am saying that ? Because by reading a lot of comments like yours, I finaly bought Pixelmator and Drawit (another soft to ‘replace’ the big one for a fraction of the cost) and after trying to use them professionally, you just find quite easily that NO they can NOT replace any of the big tools.
    By trying to get around all the bugs performances issues and missing features, you lose so much time that adobe software is just cheap in comparison.

    Low cost + human power cost lost because of bugs, performance issues and missing features > photoshop price.

    So yeah, pixelmator IS a GOOD tool for what it is, but stop saying that it will replace photoshop, it will not and it’s far behind.

    It remembers me when I was also complaining about DrawIT lacks. The dev comes to me like I was lying. Then I come with all the bugs and missing stuff I found and exactly described them. I got some apologize from the dev as they were all true.

    The same story for each software:
    Each time I see people telling that cheap software can easily replace the powerful one and never giving any facts, relying on the nice feature list done on the marketing papers and some cool 2 minutes movies on youtube. Each time I see people saying not, they come with real facts and real world usage…

  • Drew

    You should have tried the demo before buying…. that’s why it is there…to let user decide if the program is the right tool……..

    Many people here telling you it’s a photoshop replacement are right…. because for what THEY (and read well THEY not YOU) use Photoshop Pixelmator is a replacement (not everyone uses 100% of Photoshop), and that does not means they are not professional.

  • Duffman

    BTW, my point of view is the contrary: if they can replace photoshop with pixelmator, Photoshop was overkilled for them and they should not use it. But I assume they didn’t buy it so…

    But demo, is not always sufficient to know if it will fit your needs. Sometimes it is missing some features, sometimes the testing period is too short, etc …

    I dream not having to pay Adobe for Photoshop, especially when I see the pricing in Europe despite € >>> $ but it’s not for today sadly.

  • jobewan

    Well, I managed to cancel my Amazon order b4 it shipped, and have purchased a copy from the App Store, so I should be golden for v2.0, which is frankly as close to PShop as I probably need to get, assuming there is a facility for “warping” objects.

    I am -not- a professional illustrator (pun) or graphic artist, for the record. I use PShop, now replacing it w/Pixelmator, for semi-advanced image and text production and manipulation. And for this purpose, given the surprisingly similar base capabilities of the two programs, and then mulling over the galactic differential in cost . . Pixelmator seems by far the winner in that context.

    While I love Pshop as much as software can be loved I suppose, it’s seems to me a bit like an insanely beautiful woman (in my case): someone, somewhere, amazingly, is, nontheless, sick of her nonsense. (O8

  • Kercal

    “You must be a professional user of Paint perhaps”.

    Made me genuinely lol. Thank you 🙂

  • Benito Camela

    I’m quite pissed off about 2.0 being MAS only, even though I’ve known of this fact for a long time already. Thing is, I’d be happy to pay for the upgrade once 2.0 is out, but there’s no way I’m paying $29 *in advance*. It just doesn’t make sense.

    On a side note, although I only open Pixelmator when the task at hand is not very complex —Fireworks CS5 is my workhorse—, I’ve come consistently come across a handful of annoyances and bugs, which makes the fun of using it go away quick and also makes me feel that there haven’t being enough maintenance releases for 1.x. Last version was released in February… for an app of this kind you’d expect a hotfix release every few months, but no dice.

  • Roger Jonsson

    Could we please (finally) have a curve tool that doesn’t shift the greyscale to darker! I often use it to lift graphics to bleed out in white. I never could do this with the curve tool. The brightest parts gets 253 (very light grey, but not white), even if they where full white 255 to start with. Very annoying. 🙁

    I am not too happy about the MAS thingy either. I will drop some software, but I need Pixelmator just enough to tag along. I would be happier, if I could choose myself to buy from the authors (or MAS if that had suited me).

  • Chris

    Its funny how people react about 23 Euro :and how much the writing about this topic 🙂

    Pixelmator is a great piece of software. I switched to MAS even I owned the the 1.x version (bought for 59 Euro) just because for the “free” Upgrade to 2.0

    Greatings form Heidelberg

  • David

    Quick request. As you are adding the red-eye tool would you also consider adding a green-eye tool for removing similar flash effects from photographing animals?

  • Kris

    I really hope that there will be tools for aligning layers! Was using pxm today and had to switch to photoshop for dividing my layers evenly over a certain space.

  • Sebastiaan

    Just 1 thing to add to the MAS stuff. Although I DON’T like the MAS (usability of the store itself, difficult to browse, NO return policy, no upgrade-pricing, no demo’s/trials), Buying/upgrading Pixelmator via the MAS has a big advantage; It allows you to install your software on 5 computers, so for $29, you’ll get 5 copies of Pixelmator, that’s only $6 per computer

  • Drew

    Finally some positive thinking… and i am sure we will still be able to dload a trial trough the site like we do now…

    As for return policy .. i think if you mail the Apple Team (MAS) you ll be able to get a refund (if quick and for a good reason.)

    It happened to me with a few iPhone app… decided after few hours it wasn’t what i wanted and got a refund (of course they disallowed the app from my account as expected).

  • Sean McCormack

    People aren’t reacting about the price. They’re reacting about buying the same product again. It’s a rather large GFY to the original customers that supported the product.

  • Shawn

    Ok so I’m one of those people looking to minimize using Adobe Photoshop.
    All I see here is added “smudge” which NO PRO will use and some other consumerist add-ons.

    What I want to know and want the Pixelmator team to know is what about SAVING presets in curves/levels/actions/color swatches?

    The very things that I would utilize in an 8-15 hour day editing as a photographer?

    Gradient etc look great and generally love the progress here but hopefully when 2.0 is released I’ll at least get some preset saving abilities.

    Just don’t go crazy adding bloated features- think productivity and daily use for Photographers who make up the majority of such software.

    I’m willing to support so fingers crossed!

  • Shawn

    Incidentally I’m ok about the MAS as a way to purchase – upgrade.

  • HiPhish

    Finally! All I wanted was to know what to expect from 2.0 before buying it. Now that that’s out of the way, I just bought Pixelmator from the MAS. i still don’t like the MAS, but then again, I’m probably not going to rely on Pixelmator 2.0 still being avaible in ten years from now on.

  • PsykX

    I don’t get why people are whining about paying $29 for the application even if they had bought it before.
    They should think as if they were pre-ordering version 2 instead and paying full price. Pixelmator 2 for $29 is a theft, when you’re looking at $500+ Photoshop.

  • AlexDelv

    @Sean McCormack

    People aren’t reacting about the price. They’re reacting about buying the same product again. It’s a rather large GFY to the original customers that supported the product.

    Absolutely quote!

  • Apaulio

    …especially as Word, Photoshop, Expression and many other software packages offer free updates for life/on major upgrades. I can understand why people are unhappy. We should start an online petition or something.

    That said I do agree with the easily riled on one point: it’s easy to say that pixelmator is MAS only but the reality is that the boxed version is still easily buyable and the upgrade path temporary.

    That said; it’s dirt cheap and everyone charges for upgrades on .0 releases. I cannot see why it’s become an issue.

  • Drew

    Tecnicaly you are not buying the same product…but version 2…….and as extra you get V1 on the mas with the benefit of upgrades trough the mas.

    That’s how i see it …not buying V1 again…but buying in advance V2 for a discounted price as early adopter for V2 you get a good price).

    People complaining are just jealous someone else got a better deal than them!

  • Stephen

    I hope you bring back Shadow and Highlight. If I remember correctly, the feature almost made it in 1.5 or 1.6 but got dropped because it was to slow. This is a feature I have learned to use and love from other photo manipulations programs. I always find in frustrating to open a file in Pixelmator, try to do S&H and have to take the photo to another program. i would prefer a slow S&H compared to the gymnastics I go through.

  • Morten

    So what’s up with Pixelmator 1.7 Geneva? Not that I want you, the Pixelmator Team, to postpone the launch of Pixelmator 2.0 for launching Pixelmator 1.7 first, but I’m just curious as to whether your earlier mentioned plans regarding 1.7 vs. 2.0 release has changed in the meantime? Will 1.7 Geneva be for those who didn’t do the transition offering some of the functionality of 2.0?

  • Edward

    I noticed that there is strange noise on the edges of large soft brushes in the current version. Will this be fixed in 2.0?


  • Tom P

    @Rene B. Totally agree! They lost me as a customer too … Apple will become Appnendo soon enough. While their customers pay twice the money for half the hardware. I’m using Windows again.

  • dp

    If an App Store account is a requirement you will lose me as a customer. I don’t like gatekeeper shops like MAS and won’t be opening an App Store account. McDonalds does not ask for a credit card, email address, or anything else – they take my money, give me a burger. Software should be that easy.

  • Zapa

    Great update, looking forward to it 🙂

    to dp: You say McDonalds don’t ask for your credit card or email when purchasing a burger. Even if you didn’t buy the previous Pixelmator in the app store, if purchasing online, from any website, you need to enter an email and a credit card, don’t you? I know you can get the current version in the apple store, but really.

    If thats your only excuse for dropping pixelmator, do you really need and or use it a lot? You have a mac, but making an apple account is out of the question? Its like buying a car and refusing to drive on the highway.

    Apple is trying to make it easier to get software, yes they do earn money on it, but still. Instead of googling and buying apps from 100 different webpages, with one account for each website, you can get it all at the same place, with one simple search and everything listen on one account. I don’t see why ppl is hating on MAS. If you are that paranoid about your email, make an fake email, and pay with gift cards. Problem solved.

    And to all of you bitching about not getting a free update: When a new version of OS X is released, or a new version of Adobe photoshop. Do you have to pay for a upgrade? Ofc you do, there is almost always an fee for upgrading from 1.x to 2.x versions. This app is so stupidly cheap compared to CS5 that I don’t see why anyone is complaining at all. Yes, I do have to pay some more bucks for the app, I´m glad, it means I support the Pixelmator team and that I´m contributing to making Pixelmator even better.

    – Zapa

  • Rene B.

    @dp: That’s what I think too. People just don’t realize what the MAS and all the cloud services mean. They even don’t buy the software in the store. They just pay for a limited license to use the software. Apple can decide to remove/block any software whenever they like. And than you’ve paid for nothing.
    I’ll laugh if all those users have all their stuff in those cool clouds and the next day their providers choose to switch to a pay for each MB plan (as there are already rumors that those flatrates can’t be provided in the future). And of cause you all know that you can’t install any software or open your own files without internet access if you use the MAS and clouds?
    Welcome to slavery 2.0 🙂

  • Apaulio

    Dear McDonalds,

    I purchased a burger last week in good faith. Therefore I demand your burger update this week for free because I see no need to pay for it. Similarly I have bought a drink, please refill it every day I return to your establishment which i support simply with my presence.


    Mr Sense Of Entitlement.

  • Mentalvasectomy

    I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “Wait a minute, TODAY certainly qualifies as ‘THIS summer'”.

    I’m looking forward to the new version in ways that can only compare to Christmas 1986 when I got my 8 bit Nintendo. Press build in XCode and submit to Apple, or better yet, submit to me! 🙂

    Cheers for a really nice piece of software!

  • Benjamin A. Wendelboe

    The vector support seems to be exactly what I’ve been asking (honestly it was a little annoying how difficult it was to draw a square or a circle).. Can’t wait to try the update..! Please launch now!

    Keep rocking!

  • Benjamin A. Wendelboe

    Can’t you guys take a hint..? Have a look at the stats for your site.. You’ll see that I reload this post as well as the front page several times a day.. How many days in a row do I have to do this, to make you release PXM2!?

    Pretty please..!

  • dp

    McDonalds has never asked me to sign a EULA as a condition to buy their product. I do not sign an EULA to buy a BBQ from Home Depot. I do not sign an EULA to purchase a new coat of paint for my house.

    I can buy my BBQ at any number of outlets – no gate keeper. I can buy breakfast and any number of restaurants. I can hire any painting service I wish to paint my house. It is my choice to not hand over a CC# and sign a contract in order to touch up some images.

    I like Pixelmator and use it several times a week and have looked forward to the next release – until it was put out of reach for me. I feel the same about Mac Lion and VMWare Fusion. Not going to buy them if it requires a MAS account. And I’m providing feedback to each vendor to let them know.

  • Calti

    No CYMK, no greyscale, no layers stiles… no party.
    Back to seriuos code, something you cannot even consider purchasing from the MAS, go figure ONLY from there!

  • Apaulio

    @dp. You’re right. Neither do McDonalds have a minimum standard dress code for people who eat in their restaurant, nor do they tell customers to refrain from playing loud music, or bringing their own food in or sitting in the place drinking one coffee for more than one hour and using their free wifi. On that score the wifi has no rules, you can browse what you want and have to offer no personal details or sign up to a minimum sign of conduct.

    Rules eh? When they don’t exist everything’s better.

    Out of pure interest do you buy things off Play? Amazon? Other online services? Do you buy apps on an iPhone or android device. Do you just use gift cards? I’m interested to know how far your desire to avoid an app store or online purchase is.

    You see I just can’t work out what the real issue is. Yes you have to give your cc details and yes you sign a uela. Why that means you have to stand outside and shout, I just don’t get it. Not that I care that much that said, doesn’t bother me one way or the other. It’s obviously better for Apple in terms of a business proposition and better for Pixelmator team as well. There’s been problems with old box copies, yes, and issues with bugs and features, but its never struck me as that big a deal. Hey ho, boycott it if you want.

    (diff subject: I’m working on a project at mo and haven’t uploaded Lion yet. Is it worth upgrading to 1.6.7 on Snow or not going to do me any changes?)

  • Gabriel

    Go your own way! You are doing a fantastic job! As Don Quijote said: “¿Ladran Sancho? Es que cabalgamos?

  • ZeoS

    The summer is up, what about update, guys? 😉

  • Drew

    Summer does not end August 31.

  • LaSer

    Thanks for the new version. I still miss 16bit channel/colourdepth.

  • Dave

    Truly awesome! I love everything about this program and now it’s even better. If only you could make (WYSIWYG) web page building and desktop publishing software… for the rest of us. 🙂

    Thanks Pixelmator team.

  • That Guy

    I have Pixelmator Version 2.0.2 Chameleon, but I can’t find the drawing tools for some reason?

    I’d also like to thank you for making Pixelmator, it’s the only image-editing software I use. I wanted to start using Photoshop but saw that it was REALLY expensive, so I looked around for cheaper programs that served the same purpose. I stumbled upon you guys on the Mac Apple Store, bought the app, and haven’t regretted anything ever since. Even though I am still learning the ins and outs of the program, I’m having a lot of fun with it, it’s the best $30 I’ve spent in my life. Thanks 😀

  • That Guy

    Nevermind, please disregard the question. Just noticed the little arrow to the right of the star and found the shapes.