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Pixelmator 1.6.5 is Out

So what do you do when your app is extremely profitable and receives so many positive reviews? Well, at least in our case, nothing unusual, except that we work even harder (a lot harder) since the atmosphere here among the Pixelmator Team is wonderful.

We are currently working on Pixelmator 1.7 Geneva and 2.0 simultaneously (since the two are somewhat related) and some other minor but still great Pixelmator updates.

Today, we are updating Pixelmator to 1.6.5. New in the update are two blending modes – Subtract and Divide – important bug fixes, and some other minor improvements.

While I would love to have not added these blending modes since I think there are more than enough of them in Pixelmator, we had to do it due to better Big Brother (PSD) support. So, generally, adding just two more blending modes is, in fact, a good thing – especially for those of you who know how to use these modes (send me a message or an example if you are one of those lucky ones).

Another bunch of changes in version 1.6.5 are very important bug fixes (such as the sudden disappearance of Quartz Composer filters in version 1.6.4) and some minor improvements.

The original plan was to ship the very new and awesome Crop Tool with version 1.6.5, but since the bugs were so important, we decided to focus on them instead. But don’t worry; the new Crop Tool is coming very soon – it is in test mode now, and I love what we’ve done with it so far – I honestly believe that we’ve got one of the world’s best crop tools.

For now, Pixelmator 1.6.5 is a free update for everyone who owns the app (run the update through the built-in software update or use the Mac App Store app to do that for you).

If you don’t have Pixelmator yet, go grab it while we are still running the transition to the Mac App Store and the price is as its lowest. The transitional pricing will be up until the last day of this month (February 28th).


  • Mikael

    Lovely! I bought Pixelmator from MAS a couple of weeks ago and loved the feel and basics of the program, but it was a bit buggy and the first tutorial I was trying was using Quartz which was quite frustrating. So I have high expectations for this release. Keep up the good work. And please use some of the well-earned money to enhance your presence on the forums. Communication is king. Cheers from Sweden.

  • Patrick Quirke

    I love this product, however i simply can’t use it as my full time image tool until we get importing psd text support, probably down to Adobe, as soon as this is added i will be purchasing.

  • owen-b

    Hey guys ive supported this whole transition all the way but seriously, where’s the roadmap to 2.0? What are you afraid of, people nicking your ideas? What reason is there for people to invest speculatively in 2.0 now if they aren’t entirely convinced of the apps current limitations?

  • Klaus

    Hope all that Quartz stuff will work better now, I had the first total crash on my Mac with the last Pixelmator version! I havent had something like that since years, with frozen screen, I had to restart it hard. Since that happened I have not used the Quarzt filters, will give them a try this evening and hope that I will never see a frozen screen again (last time was under System 9.x)!

  • Saulius Dailide


    we’ve got lot’s of new stuff in 2.0. Some of it may miss the 2.0 release and appear in 2.X updates. We can’t announce the 2.0 features until we are 100% sure which ones are to be released and which aren’t.

  • Guntis

    First impressions are good. Text layers stay in place after saving and reopening, etc.
    My wish for 2.0 totally new Text engine with kerning and spacing options, and layer effects. Then I’ll be 99% satisfied. (I’ll leave 1% for the Big Brother!) 🙂

  • Ryan

    Using Quartz for the first time. Works beautifully!! So glad it is in the software now. Thanks!!!!

  • Visnu

    not seeing it in the mac app store updates…

  • Matthias

    Thank you for the update. Just right in time 😉

  • HiPhish

    *sigh* It’s great how you continue supporting Pixelmator and stuff, but could you please at least announce the Pixelmator 2.0 features BEFORE the special offer ends? Or make a “plans for future releases of Pixelmator 2.x” list. Anything, but you can’t expect customers to buy an upgrade without knowing what exactly they are buying.

  • Drew


    You are paying a small fee for upgrade ….. so you can expect customer to upgrade for such a small ammount of money especially cause if you like it now….surely you’ll like it later since the base will be the same ..only improved and with more features….

    I just would like for this …. i am paying again for pixelmator …and … i need to knwo what ‘s next threads to stop , they will thell stuff when they know…exaclty as they always did and as WE always loved!

    A proud owner of Pixelmator (Owned since V1 and re owned on MAS)

  • hamsta


    Nobody is forcing you to buy the upgrade now.
    Bottom line. $29 now or $59 later.

  • Scradeley

    Still getting all Apps are up to date in the Australian App Store.

    What is the story? It just seems like I’ve paid extra to be subject to more slower release schedules? Been grappling without Quartz for too long now.

    Will someone from Pixelmator please clarify why the update is still not available in the Australian Mac App Store.

    This is just simply not good enough!

  • Drew

    @ Scradeley you should aks Apple why it is in all store except Australian… i doubt it’s Pixelmator’s fault.

    It’s Apple ‘ s store not Pixelmator… they submit the app…it’s up to Apple to deliver!

  • Racintosh

    My color picker doesn’t work properly anymore :S so when I select a color I becomes darker or lighter :S

  • Damian

    Are you guys still going to offer a demo? I think you’re making a big mistake if not. I really don’t mind plopping down .99 on the iPhone app store and gambling on apps there — but for full-priced Mac apps? Not a chance.

    I’m playing around with the Pixelmator demo even though I have Photoshop CS4 just to see if it’s something I could recommend to more novice friends of mine who want to do some layering and stuff. And I’m seeing for myself how well I could incorporate it into my own workflow. No way on earth I’d do that with $30 on the line. I just am not rich enough to throw that away if an app sucks or doesn’t do what I want.

  • Drew

    Yeah let’s also complain cause i cannot have a Lion Demo… a Final cut demo… a Logic Demo an iMovie demo……

  • Derek

    The fact that 1.7 and 2.0 are “somewhat related” intrigues me. Will we get to see 1.7 in the near future? And are you looking for beta testers? ^_^

  • hamsta

    Happy Valentines Day Pixelmator Peeps and Commenters too!

  • Jim Morris

    I guess I am one that feels like the entire transition to the App store and the $29 special for all comers – new or upgrading – leaves people who paid full price for Pixelmator 1.0 out in the cold. I paid $%9 for Pixelmator 1.x in March 2010, Now I can pay $29 for Pixelmator 1.x, in the speculation that I need the new 2.0 features. While granted, I am sure it will be something I want and like, I feel that its unfair that *I* and other faithful users will be out $59 + $29 = $88 US to move to Pixelmator 2.0, and other people who have not supported the company all this time pay $29 for the same privilege. It just feels like existing users are being punished for their support.

    I think this is what I and some of the other pre-App store users are feeling right now. Where’s the love?

  • Jim Morris

    I also feel that Damian is right when he suggests that they really need to keep a time limited trial download available on their own site. Most people are not willing to pull the trigger on a $59 or higher priced app unless they’ve tried it first. I started with the Pixelmator trial, and it was so good I registered it within a few days. The Mac App Store has no provisions for trials and demos unfortunately. You should look at how other successful Mac software vendors such as OmniGroup are handling this. They will sell through the App store, but are also going to continue supporting and selling their apps through their own website, so that they CAN offer upgrade pricing and demos.

  • Drew

    @Jim Morris

    It’s regular software circle…

    People who bought Photoshop CS 4 and Upgraded to 5 Paid more than people who bought CS5 Alone…..

    fact is you started using the software before and enjoyed before …. and you won’t be getting FREE update!

    i paid 59+29 cause i FELT it was a fair update price for v2 (and for the app store easiness) do i feel it was fair? yes do i think people who bought later got a better deal? (may be but i used Pixelmator for long time and they did not).

    Do i think 29 fee upgrade NOW is better than 59 later? of course …so le’t all joy we can update at a lower price!

  • kilbride


    People who had photoshop CS4 actually paid less because they got upgrade pricing of up to 60% off. Adobe rewarded their support by letting them pay less than people who were just starting with the software.

    Obviously I want to pay 29 instead of 59…I’m not an idiot. I just feel that as someone who has supported the software since its very beginning there should be the same reward that many other software companies provide. And this includes Mac App Store…many companies are providing refunds to customers in order to get them in.

    I think a lot of people feel like they are getting a raw deal and pushed to buy again or else “you’ll pay more” and all the while it is being presented as a “great deal”. It’s not a great deal for anyone but the people who are just buying the program since the App Store opened. For them, they get they same program that I will have to pay 88 for but for only 29.

    I think a lot of long time users feel disrespected and feel there should be a way to get in for free or for a lower price than the new people. And stop saying there is no way because there is. Other apps are doing it plenty. It’s not that you can’t…you won’t. Otherwise how can you make $1 million in 20 days…

  • hamsta

    Jim Morris – “other people who have not supported the company all this time pay $29 for the same privilege.”

    This statement by you says it all. I don’t begrudge others who get a great deal. Because it doesn’t affect me or my decision to buy at the 1.0 version. Remove the App Store from the equation and the reality is I bought at 1.0 and paid $59. When 2.0 is released I would pay for that too. Nothing has changed for me or you.

    You are not Republican are you? Just asking.

  • Jim Morris

    Not sure what politics have to do with it ‘hamsta’. I think ‘kilbride’ understands my point. I’ve bought a lot of software over a lot of years, and normally existing users are offered a special upgrade price that is less than the full cost of the software. I cannot think of many instances where this is not the case for application software upgrades. The point I was trying to make is that the transition to the App Store means there won’t be anything like that going forward (for any app sold through the App Store), and also it means that pre App Store users are penalized financially compared to App store users of Pixelmator. It just seems there should be a path for existing 1.0 users to move to the App store version without paying again for the same exact thing twice.

  • hamsta

    Jim, pretend the app store never existed. You would have bought the 1.0 and then bought the 2.0. That is a fact. With the app store you are purchasing for $29 for the entire 2.0 line of releases. You are not paying for the exact same thing twice. You are just upset because someone you don’t know is getting a break on the 1.0 version.

    As for the app store and upgrades, i’m sure that will come, i mean look how long it took to get cut n paste for ios.

  • kilbride

    Here is a good example. A popular hardware and software company release a wildly popular product that sells millions to eager customers. Soon after, the company lowers the price of this product significantly leaving those who supported the product early on feeling that the company didn’t care about them and that they had been ripped off.

    This company decided to offer a coupon to them as a show of thanks and goodwill because they realize that those people are the most important customers. This cost them a lot of money but in the end, the were stronger for it.

    Sound familiar?

  • dìDrew

    Yed sounds familiar…but you are forgetting 2 things…
    1) Pixelmator is not Apple (they do not have the same money and cannot afford such policy)

    2) Apple gave money back for an OVERPRICE issue (they priced it too high then lowered and then “refunded”) wich is a different matter…

    Go buy ANY piece of technology …then wait for the newer model to come out.. and go ask for a some moey back since the newer model is cheaper…

    Again complaining cause you enjoyed the product since day 1 makes no sense… you want the upgrade for 29 dolalr buy it from the MAS you do not want it .. you got Pix 1 long time ago and thought it was worth the money all along….

    Should we all also complain cause of macheist or similar bundle…?? do we all get screwed when a company decide it’ s time for a rebate??

  • kilbride


    1) I did not forget that Pixelmator is not Apple. I am aware that they are not the same company. And Pixelmator has $1 million in 20 days. How much of that is people rebuying?

    2) One can argue that it was overpriced or not, but that is irrelevant. They didn’t have to give the money back. They did it to retain those early adopters because they know.

    You’re missing the whole point. I like the program. I don’t mind what I spent to get it. What I mind is that going forward it is App Store only and we are not brought into the App Store for the same version. Many other companies are either offering vouchers or refunds in order to transfer licenses. But we are being told that we have to repurchase the EXACT same program within a short time with the vague offer of version 2. Why not let original owners pay the $29 when version 2 comes out? It’s called a hard sell. Make the buyer feel pressure so they go against their better judgement because of a threat of paying more later. Honestly, this seems to be either a money thing or a lack of will to do the work to bring us in. Which ever it is…fine…just don’t say you are offering me a “great deal”, it’s insulting.

  • pumpkin

    I wonder what you guys will complain about after the Pixelmator Team increases the price for 2.0 to it’s regular price.

    If you used and liked version 1.0 (I did so at least) get version 2.0 for this price as long as they offer it. Or don’t… but then please (!) don’t start complaining again once the price goes up to.

  • Drew

    Complaining about this 29 dollar thing is like complaining cause you bought it at regular price and then you saw it in a Bundle at a lower price and complained….

    Things like this HAPPENS rebates, promo, bundle will always offer better deal, now Pix could have made a 59$ MAS for version one plus a 29$ for v2 update…. or as a PROMO a 29$ for both… and people STILL complain…..

  • Bopper

    Hi guys,

    Thought I would share a story with you. I run a web design studio and my laptop blew up. Bought a new one, but Adobe CS3 photoshop wouldn;t work under Snow Leopard. So perfect time to check alternatives.

    Used pixelmator and I found myself knowing most of the keyboard shortcuts after an hour or so. Thought, “can I really do without Photoshop?” and then came the dealbreaker – no vector tools – as a web designer all I need is some shapes, rectangles and circles, but without them my flow got severly interrupted. Such a shame.

    I will still keep my copy of Pixelmator, and will push it to my clients who want to do photo editing, but thought you would like to know that you are oh-so-close to changing our studio.



  • cs

    What’s wrong with you guys? Pixelmator is great software – therefore I couldn’t care less about its price as long as its reasonable. It just doesn’t matter if the price is 9$ or 99$. Just get yourself a copy and start getting you work done. Don’t waste your valuable time by complaining about a few bucks!

  • Cara

    @ Saulius:
    INCORRECT PRICING in Euros !!!
    today, 28.Feb: 45 Euros = 60 $

    Hello Saulius,
    you wrote:
    “The transitional pricing will be up until the last day of this month (February 28th).”

    So, I find it very strange to see the price at 44,99 Eu (German MAS) which is over 60 Dollars…!

    As I’m already a (proud 😉 owner of Pixelmator and have bought it for full price I feel being treated somewhat unfair, if I should have to pay now 45Eu=60Dollars – I guess that’s not hard to understand? Is this an error on Apple’s side? Actually I wanted to buy now at the MAS and had expected a reduced pricing until today also in non-Dollar-Stores…
    I hope to hear back from you 🙂

    P.S.: Now that I write anyway, I would like to say how much I like Pixelmator that far and I’m curious to see its further development.
    P.P.S.: IMHO, I think it’s a pity, that you _exclusively_ went to the MAS, although I understand some of your thoughts for that move. But the problem described above probably wouldn’t even have occurred “in the good old days”… 😉 Take care.

  • Joe

    Was all ready to grab a copy at the discounted price on Feb 27th (as per the promise to keep the price low all month) and the price is back up to 59.99 🙁

  • Khalid

    I too was just about to purchase it, but it shows at as $59.99 on the App Store even though it’s still the 28th. Can you extend this for one more day? As someone who bought Pixelmator just before the App Store announcement I was on the fence about the purchase, but I’ve finally decided I’ll have faith in that 2.0 will be worth the $30 gamble. That is, if I can still get it for $30.

  • Jim Morris

    I also went to check the pricing on the 28th – as much as I feel like I am being treated unfairly having already paid $59 for 1.0, and the price was up to $59.99 already on the App Store on the evening of the 28th here in Central time. So now I have to take a wait and see approach to see if I upgrade at all. I am not happy with the App Store transition at all.

  • Drew

    As much as I agree with the fact that they said end of Feb….and the SHOULD have kept the price down it till the last hour of the 28th I really have to ask:

    Why do people wait till the very last second when they had plenty of time…..and then blame someone else for not buying it before?

    Now I am sure the Pix team will refund those who bought on the 28th but next time do not wait till the last second!

    @Jim Morris
    “So now I have to take a wait and see approach to see if I upgrade at all.”
    I’ll be sorry for you, Pix 1 is great …Pix 2 will be even better….not upgrading cause you waited till the last avaiable moment is hardly their fault (again i am sure they will refund people who bought the 28th), as many people stated before….people will wait till the price go up…then complain that they did not buy before…hardly Pix ‘s fault!

    I just wish there were more suggestion on features than price!

  • John Hughes

    Was just about to buy Pixelmator, only got paid yesterday, then saw the price had gone up, gutted! 🙁

    Hadn’t realised the price was going up on the 28th Feb, not sure whether to buy it now, I suppose it was a very good price before though.

    The thing that puts me off however is that at the top of this blog you brag the app is very profitable and has grossed over $1m since launching on the Mac App Store – all at the £17.99 ($29) price point – so why the need to put the price up? In my opinion it would be better to up the price when version 2 is released.

    Anyway, great app, loved the trial and especially love the way the magic wand tool tolerance works and the cleanness of the design. Anyway I’m sure I’ll cave in and buy at some point… keep up the good work!

  • Scoops

    “People who had photoshop CS4 actually paid less because they got upgrade pricing of up to 60% off. Adobe rewarded their support by letting them pay less than people who were just starting with the software.”

    Except that they had also already paid full price for CS4. If you bought CS4 and then upgraded to CS5, you paid more than someone who bought CS5 as their first version. C’est la vie.

    Of course, it’s all moot now anyway.

  • hamsta

    Sorry to hear you weren’t able to get it at the $29 price John. I ended up buying it on Feb 28th as I had heard a rumor that the price would go back to normal on March 1st.

    I bought the 1.0 version at $59 and wanted to thank Pixelmator for the $29 pricing and the awesome software. Can’t wait to see what 2.0 has in store for us.

  • SSR

    Question for the Pixelmator folks: I read that buying the sale price version at $29 would include a free upgrade to 2.0.

    However, now that the sale is over, will anyone buying it at the $59 price also get the free upgrade to 2.0? I don’t see free upgrades to 2.0 mentioned anywhere anymore…

  • David

    Because of the confusion of how to update Pixelmator that I already owned on my iMac, I delayed in downloading it from the Mac App store when it was $30. I just now determined that I would have to purchase it through the Mac App Store, but sadly the price is now $60. Had it not been for the confusion of updating paths related to the Mac App Store I would have downloaded it the instant I knew it was available. I’m really bummed about missing the intro pricing by 9 days! What are my options now?

  • Duhvid

    Because of a coma, I delayed in downloading it from the Mac App store when it was $30. I just now awoke from my coma and want to purchase it through the Mac App Store, but sadly the price is now $60. Had it not been for the coma I would have downloaded it the instant I knew it was available. I’m really bummed about missing the intro pricing by 9 days! What are my no longer in a coma options now?

  • Drew

    @ David

    So it took you 2 months t understand the update path….and you understood it 9 days after the promo was ended….wow ……really WOW!

    Wouldn’t it be WISER to ask support BEFORE that??…

    Really WOW!

    @ Duhvid
    I laughed so hard i peed a little! (Of course i changed right after….and kept laughing!)

  • Duhvid

    @ Drew

    thanks! although I would have preferred you kept peeing…. 😛

  • godot

    Hey guys, where are you? No news since Feb 8th. I’m urgently waiting for some cool stuff out of the pixelmator kitchen. “Itz it eggs, itz it bacon, itz it geneva in the makin’?”

  • Jonas

    Nothing happening with Pixelmator since February? Is everything ok with you guys?

  • Godot

    I think they have earned enough money on the AppStore so they have immediately stopped all the work and decided to go to holidays forever.

  • hamsta

    I heard they had used their new loot to buy some new technology. So they are probably hard at work trying to integrate it into Pixelmator. Something like that isn’t easy to do.

  • tomgraphiX

    I think they have some work with the switch to “Lion”.
    But a small sign of life from them is not bad. 😉

  • hamsta

    That’s it. I’m switching to GIMP.
    Syke! Bwahahahaha! 😀

  • godot

    Vladimir: “Come on, return the ball, can’t you, once in a while?”
    Estragon: “No.”

    (Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot)

  • Kilian

    Can you also have Apple fix their pricing bug in the App Store?

    Currently Pixelmator is $59.99 when I look at it in the Japanese App Store (I only have a Japanese credit card, so I’m forced to use that one) that amounts to ¥7,000 (ouch!) that would be $83.69 (double ouch!) almost 40% more!

    Gladly enough I bought my copy directly from you long ago, but if you ever come out with a paid for upgrade, make sure I can pay for it directly if it’s App Store only then it ain’t gonna happen. There ARE alternatives, you know.

  • Drew


    Start looking and trying for alternatives then…. cause they already stated they are going APP STORE ONLY!

    People should really learn to read…

  • Duffman

    Ok, so now you get millions from the AppStore where are all the cool stuff you promise everybody about ?

    Nothing thins two months now. It seems to be the first biggest robbery of the app store. They must have flet with all the money by now …

  • hamsta

    Duffman, you can always switch to GIMP. 😛
    But yeah, it would be nice to hear what those newly minted millionaires are up to. I mean beside the women, champagne and wild parties!

  • godot

    No news from the pixelmator team since two month. Hmm.
    So maybe it’s nice to hear that Acorn 3.0 ist out. With layerstyles, vector tools, etc.

  • Nero

    I check this blog/responses daily quite nervous about the future 😀 Pixelmator team, keep on!!!

  • PsykX

    Same as Nero. I’m checking the blog daily, anxiously waiting for a new release or blog entry about what’s coming next.

    It’s one of the best image editing application out there, but it still lacks a couple of basic features that really make Photoshop better. When they’re there, be sure that I uninstall this one piece of Adobe, next is Dreamweaver and Flash. My computer will be sanitized from Adobe products 🙂

  • Duffman

    “Duffman, you can always switch to GIMP.”
    If I wanna switch to GIMP I shouldn’t have bought Pixelmator after all their promises…

  • Duffman

    “It’s one of the best image editing application out there, but it still lacks a couple of basic features that really make Photoshop better.”

    You mean:
    – less bug that makes the tool usable
    – better selection tool
    – the capability to handle big file size with a lot of layers

    Yeah those things that make a real graphic software.

  • hamsta

    Hey Duff, Just kidding about the GIMP thing.

    I have a feeling the Pixelmator team will surprise us with the features in next release.

  • Drew

    Just cause they do not update for a couple of months does not means they are not working on updates…. as a matter of fact i ‘d rather have them working on updates than talking in a weblog.

    On another note nt many app update as fast as they do so people should really calm down a notch!

  • PsykX

    @Duff : Yeah, those kinds of things… Add Layer Styles to that, and better text tools obviously.
    @Drew : Making a blog entry can take up to, be generous, an hour. Pushing the release an hour away isn’t going to hurt you too much, right?

  • Drew


    No it won’t hurt me at all….but is not having a post on a blog hurt You so much?

  • Gemma

    Disappointing, this isn’t available for Windows. There are many people who use Windows, and they are being left out in the cold. Think I will stick with Photoshop.

  • hamsta

    Windows? Windows? Seriously?

  • Drew

    If you are asking about a windows version is because you obviously do not know much about Pixelmator, if you care to read some documentation on this site you’ll realize that most of the technology in Pixelmator relies in OS X engine (Quartz and such) that is NOT avaiable (obviously) in Windows.

    SO even if they wanted to port Pixelmator they would need to completely rewrite it….

    Sticking to Photoshop cause there ‘s no windows version?? sure ..You do that … cause it’s one option… (as a matter of fact Pixelmator won’t replace Photoshop for some user EVEN under OS X), but don’t get mad with them (Pix Team) is Windows does not have many of the tecnology required for Pixelmator to run on it.

  • PsykX

    @Drew : All I want really is the certainty that this software project is still alive and kicking. Just a little “Happy Easter” wouldn’t necessarily tell me what’s going on, but I’d think “hey, these guys seem to be at it these days”. There are SO many projects out there that die at a moment where you would never have thought, it’s really scary.

  • mic.b

    @PsykX Thats what I was asking for many times before. But who cares about one little uncertain fish, when there are already thousands in the net? 😉

    Happy Easter everyone!

  • Drew

    Considering the money they raised it would be silly to go banana now and close the project….usually the one who go belly up are the one who do not make money……they are not a “small” company their number compares to the one of the big boys so……would you expect Adobe to’ tell you happy Easter just to let you know they are still alive? Does apple say happy Easter?

    Now I know what u ment and I too am impatient, but I am sure a couple of months without update are quite normal and I am sure we will get some nice news soon and our patience will be rewarded.

  • Nero

    Yeah!!! I’m looking foward for next days… Me and my Mac need that present 🙂 Thanks guys.

  • Nero

    @Saulius Dailide: The best message I’ve read today! Thanks again!

  • hamsta

    I ? Saulius!!!

  • Franco

    I would like to read your post more often because I don’t consider Pixelmator like Adobe, I consider Pixelmator like a family. So, please keep us post and drop few line from time to time.

  • Koifim

    I bet they are doing something in cooperation with Apple…

  • Saulius Dailide


    I would love to update you more often guys, but the thing is that we focus really hard on what we currently do. It’s something huge. You’ll see. Totally worth waiting just a bit more 🙂

  • Mateo

    @ Saulius

    You made my day 🙂
    Is this “huge” thing related to the technology you recently bought?

    Do you have any idea of when you will publish some news about it on the blog?

  • hamsta

    I’m excited about the already mentioned improved text tool. Everything else is gravy. ^_^

  • Joe

    Thanks for the update. Please consider a new blog post so it looks like the company is still current. 🙂

  • Drew

    @ Joe
    NOT AGAIN!!!!!

    please read post 84!!!

    I would love to update you more often guys, but the thing is that we focus really hard on what we currently do. It’s something huge. You’ll see. Totally worth waiting just a bit more.

    Let’s not get this thing started once again!!!!

  • Jonas

    Just do a “Good thing needs time” post with 10 lines of text giving a glimce that keep up our hope. I can write it for you if this takes to much time 😉

  • Drew

    do they have to do it every x ammount of time… they just did it a couple of weeks ago?? how many times we need to hear :

    “Good thing needs time”

    I think we all know they are working hard.

  • hamsta


  • Kercal

    Damn, just missed out on 91st by a day.

  • hamsta

    You snooze, you lose! There is always 191st.

  • Ed

    Just because @Drew seems so easy to piss off:

    “Can you please post an update?”

  • hamsta

    Drew replies in 9…8…7…6…


  • Drew

    Just cause you are asking kindly… here I am 😀

  • tom

    Who will be the 100st???

  • hamsta

    Well played Drew. 😀

    I don’t know tom but i’m 98th!

  • Drew

    Thank you hamsta 😉

  • Drew

    And i am also 100th! do I win something?

  • tom

    Much applause!

  • hamsta

    Drew, congrats on your post (100) matching your age! >:D

  • Koifim

    7 days ’till announcement!