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Pixelmator in Steve Jobs Keynote

I am sure you watched Steve Jobs’s “Back to the Mac” keynote yesterday. It was very nice, wasn’t it? Each of them—iLife ’11, FaceTime, the Mac App Store, Mac OS X Lion (where is the version number, anyone?), and MacBook Air—are all just so awesome.

However, there was one tiny detail that directly relates to us. I am not sure if you noticed, but Pixelmator was one of the few apps that made it into the Steve Jobs keynote! Yay!

Actually it was visible multiple times in the keynote: a few times in the Mac OS X Lion screenshots when Steve spoke about the Launchpad as well as in the Craig Federighi (the guy who presented the demo of the Mac OS X Lion features) slides.

Having the Pixelmator icon in Steve Jobs’s keynote is something we dreamed of for years (see how fragile we are?). And once it finally made it there, it feels so great … so inspiring; it’s definitely a huge bonus reward for our hard work.

Also, kudos to the developers of Coda, Delicious Library, Tweetie, OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner, NetNewsWire, and, of course, Courier for also making it into the keynote. Everyone aforementioned is so worth it.


  • Andy

    yes, and some other “icons” where missing too…

  • bitonio

    Well done guys, very well deserved for your hard work accomplished so far.
    Pixelmator is doing so great right now, I can’t imagine how terrific it will be in the next months 😎

    Kudos to the team !

  • Kento

    Good job Pixelmator! It’s completely deserved.

  • Jp

    So what this means is that Pixelmator is OS X Lion (10.7) compatible. Way to stay ahead of the curve 😉

  • Kyle Lambert

    Spotted Pixelmator watching this last night… was happy for you guys!

  • Christoph

    Spotted it too – great job! Who knows, maybe Mac OS X Lion is designed with Pixelmator?

  • Max

    You’ve forgotten to mention DJay 😉
    Also congrats! I’m sure your heads must be spinning with ideas from the presentation of 10.7 (fullscreen anyone?), hehe.

  • Tomas

    With deep respect I lower my head in front of you guys… you’ve made it 😉

  • Oscar Persson

    I didn’t notice that while watching the keynote. Pretty cool.

  • Szabolcs

    Nice job, Guys! You deserved it! :-))

  • Kasuja

    I noticed one more thing.
    In this screenshot you can find apps that are the alternative for adobe software on image editing web development music production and video editing. Is this part of the anti Adobe thing thats going on?
    Apple shows us the perfect alternative in apps by otters than the big known apps from Adobe al all of them are verry good, easy to use and cheaper.

  • Pixely

    Noticed it, made me smile 🙂

  • hamsta

    Congrats! I know the feeling. Several scenes from a few of my games appeared in a South Park episode. 😀

  • Aidas


    Wow! I’m a big fan of South Park. What were the games?

  • Tom Sopwith

    props guys. well deserved. love pixelmator lots.

  • hamsta

    I can’t say the names here but the South Park episode was titled “Cancelled”.

  • Mustafa Unal

    Congratulations guys, and keep up the excellent work.

  • Lex Yu

    Hey, are you planning on putting Pixelmator into Mac App Store? I’m looking forward seeing it on Mac App Store banner.

  • ikir

    Well deserved!!! Congratulations!
    2 of my favorite app ever on any platform: PixelMator and Coda. And they’re both there 🙂

  • PsykX

    A one-single window, fullscreen Pixelmator to emphasize the direction Apple is taking with fullscreen apps and OS X 10.7 would definitely be welcome 🙂
    With snapping tools and stuff like that… This is one of the only things right now that I prefer about Photoshop.

  • kercal

    Congrats 🙂 Well deserved and hope you get a shot on the stage one day in a future presentation…