A while ago

Development Update

Two short months have passed since the amazing Pixelmator 1.6 Nucleus was released. It was truly an unexpected hit here; download stats as well as sales remain huge, and your feedback is great. We couldn’t be happier about how the latest major update of Pixelmator is doing. A good example of what I mean is the latest Pixelmator reviews—a bunch of 5-star ratings and crazy-nice comments on the MacUpdate website.

We are extremely happy that you like what we do, and this only helps us to keep doing it better.

I also wanted to let you know that we just came back from our summer vacation and we’ve got some really great stuff coming. First of all, we are starting with a minor Pixelmator update. The soon-to-be-released version 1.6.1 will include some bug fixes, a few minor improvements, and a very important remake of the Stroke feature, which we know everyone uses a lot (I’ll tell you about that once 1.6.1 is out).

Also, we finally took some time to work on things that are invisible and challenging mainly from a technological (not UI) standpoint. We fixed things that were old and unsuitable for the future. In other words, we have almost completely established an absolutely modern foundation for Pixelmator. Just a few tiny things left.

There are some other minor, but very important, updates coming to Pixelmator in October and November. If you have followed our development carefully, you will definitely notice that these updates mean something huge is coming.

Stay tuned.

P.S. If there are any problems that bother you in 1.6, there is still time to send a report to bugs@pixelmator.com. There is a good possibility that we will add that fix into 1.6.1.


  • Max

    Does the modern foundation include support for 16 bit image manipulation?

  • xfodder

    awesome! you guys received so much good feedback because the work that was put into 1.6 was truly evident, sure there are bugs but every software has its bugs and the best thing with independent development teams is that i know that everything is being done to fix those bugs … unlike some bigger companies … i love pixelmator and recommend it to everyone i know who own a mac (increasing every day) … iOS pixelmator in the future? i can only hope 😀

  • Derek

    More sophisticate type controls would be great. E.g. Line spacing, kerning etc. And shapes would also be very helpful. D ^_^

  • Matt

    Does something big coming means vectors and layer effects? 😀

  • Peter Hellberg

    Undo support would be greatly appreciated… Pixelmator just managed to thrash a few images for me due to that bug.

  • ikir

    Ah just one thing… it would be nice to have automatic layer effect like shadow on Photoshop or at least the ability to import it correctly from psd files. AFter this i can uninstall photoshop for what i need. Thanks guys!

  • xfodder

    after reading the last post i decided to use Pixelmator on some work of mine that i would usually use photoshop to do … iv’e owned Pixelmator since it was released a few years ago but i have never used it in production, mainly because i never felt it was ready … but 1.6 is close … very close. Pixelmator already does things Photoshop can’t do … in fact its for this reason i chose to use Pixelmator over Photoshop, because i knew how easy it would be for me to get the look i wanted using Pixelmator … who needs layer styles, i would love to see a cool implementation that kicks layer styles out of the picture, kinda like how drawit does it (but hopefully more stable). But before all of that i also would like better type controls as Derek posted. It would also be nice to have some sort of Actions (saved actions) repeating actions over and over isn’t fun.

  • hamsta

    The Pixelmator guys have already stated in a previous post that improved type functions are in the works.

    Can’t wait for 1.6.1. Every new version of Pixelmator is like Christmas morning! 😀

  • John

    Is native CMYK support on the To Do list for Pixelmator development? As a print pro, it’s something I must have.

  • JUN48

    I need spuit tool in color balancing.

  • Peter

    I was using Adobe photoshop elements 6, but i uninstalled it the same day i bought pixelmator, and i haven’t looked back!!
    Absolutely love pixelmator!

  • JohnJUN48

    I need and absolutely must have feature X so I can perform task Y. Complain complain grumble grumble (end of the world) grumble grumble…

  • d00d

    Fix the Undo bug. Like Peter Hellberg, I’ve had a few files broken by it. I was doing work with the pencil and when I tried to undo something, all the pixels I laid down with the pencil were being moved and shifted around.

    What a pain.

  • Patrick

    I got a bug when opening large Jpeg images from my scanner, the colours are all wrong, on Pixelmator 1.5 the bug isnt there.