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Sneak peek at Pixelmator 1.6 Nucleus


The Pixelmator crew has been hard at work for the last six months on a major update to their namesake image editor. Pixelmator 1.6 “Nucleus” will arrive next week, but Macworld got an early peek at what’s in store.

David Chartier, Macworld

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The Loop

Pixelmator will release a major new version of its image editing software on July 13, adding new features and improving on many of the existing features that have made it such a popular application.

Jim Darlymple, The Loop

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  • wayne

    exciting! pixelmator’s already fast… can’t wait for this release 🙂

  • foofoorabbit


  • ikir

    Awesome! I can’t wait!

  • Craig

    Nice update. Not sure why Facebook support has been implemented prior to other basic image processing features (e.g. layer alignments, layer effects, CMYK, etc.) Still an outstanding program and well worth the price…thanks!

  • hamsta

    I’m just so happy to have Layer Folders now. I really couldn’t use the app fully because of the pain of managing a single window of layers.

  • Max

    Congrats, I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest release! Great work, guys, obviously you’ve been hard at work during the last couple of months!

  • Kasuja

    Looks like a verry nice upgrade.
    Will there be a Vectormator anytime soon. Than we can dump the Adobe software. Pixelmator had always been à verry good substitute for Photoshop and now its even better in the things I use Photoshop for.

    I hope you guys will build a vector brother for pixelmator to make THE family complete.

  • Bork

    No Pentool??? 🙁

  • Derek

    Looking forward to the update. I second Hamsta in my appreciation of layer folders. A necessity for me and my compulsion for meticulously organised files.

    My two remaining requirements are drawing tools and better text controls such as kerning and line spacing.

    I do believe that Pixelmator is getting to a stage where I can start migrating from Photoshop.

    I also believe that Pixelmator is a prime candidate for an iPad/iPhone 4 app. ^_^

  • ThaQur

    I disagree that new and updeatd should be default. That leads to a very poor customer experience where it is in an app developer’s best interest to push out as many tiny bug fix builds as possible and force all their users to update every day. (In fact it is in their best interest to introduce new bugs on purpose with every update so they can fix them the next day)It also would massively increase Apple’s approval line forcing them to re-approve every single app over and over.