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Pixelmator: Reader's Choice Winner in the Consumer Image Editor Category

Pixelmator took the lead right out of the gate and never looked back. With a final tally of 56% of the votes cast, Pixelmator was the leader from start to finish.

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Tom Nelson, About.com


  • Izzat

    Congratulations to the Pixelmator team! This is fantastic news.

  • kercal

    Congrats Team Pix. Well deserved.

  • Joy Inc

    Congratulations. Any chance of a blog post with a sneak peek of 1.6? ^_^

    Or can I become a beta tester? Please? Pretty Please? ^_^

  • kercal

    It’s been two weeks guys. Where are the pictures of you drinking champagne out of a silver trophy?

  • hamsta

    Did u know that vectormator.com resolves to pixelmator.com? Hmmmm…..

  • Eelco de Vries

    Great. Let me tell you, there’s some lacks or bugginess here and there, but going forward you’ll be up there for professionals as well.

    Oh, and that vectormator sounds really, really good 😛 Font stuff and management, original styles implementations, lab color selections and integrating with vectormator… Those are dreams! As is though, pixelmator is so much fun to work with already 🙂