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Pixelmator Team Releases Pixelmator 1.5 Spider

Version 1.5 Adds Save for Web, Snow Leopard Support, and More

The Pixelmator Team released Pixelmator 1.5 today, an update to the revolutionary GPU-powered image editing tool that provides everything needed to create, edit, and enhance still images. Available as a free software update, Pixelmator 1.5, codenamed Spider, features Save for Web, a Slice tool, a Trim tool, Info Labels, and more.

“Pixelmator is a perfect fit for anyone who is passionate about image editing,” said Saulius Dailide of the Pixelmator Team. “And now with the breakthrough version 1.5 Spider features, Pixelmator becomes one of the world’s best tools for exporting images for the Web.”

The new Web tools in Pixelmator allow users to prepare and export images for the Web with minimal effort, whether it is an individual image or a complex page layout. Images can be optimized and saved in Web-standard JPEG, PNG, or GIF file formats with different quality settings.

The new powerful Slice tool in Pixelmator can be used to slice an image into pieces, allowing each piece of an image to be optimized and saved using its own optimization settings. Saving an optimized part of an image is as easy as dragging and dropping it onto the desktop. The file size and preview of optimized slices or images are available in nearly real-time in the Pixelmator window.

Pixelmator also comes with a useful Web Color plug-in for the Apple Color Palette, allowing Web designers to select and copy hexadecimal colors quickly to the HTML or CSS application.

The new Info Labels feature unobtrusively shows useful information depending on the tool in use such as selection, crop and slice sizes, tolerance levels for Magic Wand, Paint Bucket, and Magic Eraser, gradient angle and radius, transform dimensions, and more.

The new Trim feature allows quick and easy cropping of an image by trimming surrounding transparent pixels or background pixels in a specified color.

Other new features in Pixelmator 1.5 Spider include support for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Italian language, the Reveal All feature, and the Send To feature that allows the user to send images quickly to the Mail and iPhoto applications; improved Export, Image Size, Canvas Size, and File Info features; minor user interface changes; compatibility and performance improvements; and several bug fixes.

Pixelmator 1.5 Spider is a free update for current Pixelmator users. Download now!


  • Tomas Jakobs

    With my deep respect I want to thank you for this mastermind piece of software!!!!!
    Keep on your good work!

  • Dmitry

    Great news. So glad to see everything working again in Snow Leopard!

  • Joe Müller

    German: Einfach genial! RESPEKT! Weiters so!!!!!!

  • Ovidiu Spatacian-Tarnu

    Thank you again for a great tool. This update to Pixelmator simply blows my mind. If next update includes vector drawing features, then I will switch most of my work from Photoshop to Pixelmator.

  • René

    Yay. This looks really cool. Thanks for the update!

  • David Turnbull

    Great to see Spider has finally launched. I’m not sure if it’s powerful enough to replace my usage of Photoshop, but I’ll give it a fair chance because I do love the interface and how speedy it is.

  • Leszek

    I’m slicing, I’m slicing! 😀

  • A!e%

    Russian: ???! ??????? ?? ????????????? ??????????. ???? ?????? ????? Pixelmator!

  • Anthony

    Good job. 🙂

  • Vincent

    Would have bought it if it was in Dutch language also.

  • Mark

    Why is this not a 64bit app under Snow Leopard?

  • Lucky

    It appears anyone can find a reason not to buy Pixelmator. It’s missing this or that. They completely ignore all the work you guys have already done, without charing — for current users. You don’t see Adobe adding tons of features without charing for the new version.

    Great job! For me, Info Labels are a great addition 🙂

  • Riccardo

    Saddly I must maintain PS on my dock, but I’ve got Pixelmator singe version 1.0 and I use it for the 70% of my graphics projects. Maybe in the future I’m able to use it at 100% and move PS to the trash icon.

    The dev team has done a great job with this app.

  • David

    Brilliant! Thanks a million guys, You know what Mac software is all about

  • GJ Nilsen

    Thanks guys! Great job!
    *Standing Ovation*

  • Torsten

    I am glad Pixelmator 1.5 finally made to a release.
    We’ve bought a handful of licenses for our company to keep trying it now and then and hopefully will be able to use it productively one day. Unfortunately most of the things we need for daily use aren’t ready for prime time.

    We’d like to use PM in a Hybrid workflow with Photoshop, though that seems still far away.

    Spider looks like a promising start, although most of the features still aren’t in a professional league or feel too much like toys.

    A few examples:

    Save for web – Indexed PNG:
    There is a slider, but no numeric input of the number of colors or a preset for such (I usually need 16,32,64 colors etc.)
    There is no way to lock colors. Or to influence the bahavior of the quantization.

    So far I have found no way to snap a selection to guides. This is a constant hit or miss.
    Slices oddly enough do snap to guides.

    Text Tool:
    Text layers in psd’s get rasterized.

    PSD Import:
    Visibility of nested layers is all messed up. (Even Preview gets this right)

    These are just the first that came to my mind in the first 5 Minutes of testing – and some of them are probably features of the underlying image magick.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the tool. It’s great for painting and hobby semi-pro use. But for pixel perfect pro use it is still a bit awkward and too flashy. But then… pro users might not actually be the target audience of Pixelmator.

  • kp

    i’m generally not a complainer but… would it have been that much more work to put the x/y position (of at least the top left) of a slice in somewhere… or somehow made the edges visible on the ruler… or at least extended the vertical lines up to the top so they touch the ruler (they go down but not up)…? sometimes web graphics are all about the pixels, good or bad. locking a slice would be helpful too.

    other than that grip, 1.5 looks like a good minor upgrade.

  • tai

    PS has been off my dock since 1.4, but I still use it on occasion when I need something pixelmator is still lacking, but 95% of the time I’m in Pixelmator. 1.5 seems great so far, thanks for the good work!

  • Christian

    I look at your progress since version 1.0 and I am owning a license. But I need to agree kp and Torsten. I would like to use this tool, but I am unable to use it for pixel perfect web/application development. I think, a application called “Pixelmator” should be pixel perfect at all!

    I like the new slice feature. It can not be a hard thing to show x/y coordinates of the cursor somewhere. The ruler shows me, but not the values exactly. If you want to do some pixel perfect work, you don’t have the time to count the pixels on the ruler.

    Additionally I would like to see x/y coordinates on the slice upper left corner, and with/height information on the lower/right corner (as well as on the tool option panel). If you don’t need/like this, just give me the possibility to enable this at the preferences.

    As Torsten said, we are missing exact input of values. It cannot be hard to add a small input field, where I can add manually values.

    Hopefully see this small improvements at version 1.6.
    Is there already a codename?

  • Erwin Heiser

    Probably the best update so far guys, the app really is improving with every new version. A quick question though: how do I set matte to none when exporting png?

  • Tim

    This version is not 64 Bit? I assume this is coming soon after this release?

  • MicBoro

    Superb update guys!
    Pixelmator is one of the greatest programs on OS X, imo.
    I keep on spreading the word about its progress among my friends (mostly graphic/design students). With layer styles, vector masks and layer folders, they would jump on Pixelmator wagon in no time. I hope in few months they gonna be satisfied and will be able to share my enthusiasm 😉

  • Cyrax

    Info labels for selection tool work great when measuring the size of selection but I would also like to see the coordinates where I start from (very important for texture editing). Is there a feature that shows current coordinates of my pointer?

  • mark

    Amazing work, once again. Truly a beautiful app and joy to use. But don’t stop now, keep pushing forward so this app can compete realistically with PS. For starters:

    -Type setting tools (kerning, leading, etc. No true designer can work without these. Type is essential.)

  • Tekl

    Thanks for the long awaited update. Just to mention that the new Color Picker Plugin is conflicting with the similar plugin from Waffle software. They’re both have the exactly identical name. You can’t use them together (even not by renaming) and Pixelmator’s plugin won’t be installed, if the plugin by Waffle software is already in place. Pixelmator should warn about that. But both plugins are nearly similar, instead that the plugin by Waffle has some more options which you don’t need for pure web colors.

  • batty

    Congrats guys!
    Take a vacation. Recharge your batteries. Well Done!!!

  • Aziz Light

    Nice update. The web design features are nice. But Pixelmator is still lacking Layer Groups which is the one feature that prevents me from switching from Photoshop to anything else..

  • Ryan

    Anyone else having a problem with the toolbar. Mine wont show for for love or money. Even after i do ‘Show tools’ from the menu bar it wont show them and it continues to display ‘show tools’ in the menu bar (should change to hide tools).

    I need this for my work so any help would be appreciated (running on Snow leopard).

  • slowloris

    aaargghh…still no scroll for the brush window?

  • Tekl

    I did a quick comparison of the web export. I testet it against Photoshop CS4 and FireWorks CS4 with this file: /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Resources/DotMac.tif

    – Pixelmator is the winner for PNG24-export. Even optimizing the PNGs with ImageOptim will take Pixelmator to the first place. FireWorks produces the biggest PNG.
    – JPG comparison is difficult, as the percent values in every program results into different quality. So I testet the 100% export. Also there Pixelmator is the winner and the JPG could even be optimized by 10% with ImageOptim. The differences are much bigger than with PNG. FireWorks is the worst at this. I testet for quality differences, but they seem to be exactly identical.
    – I compared PNG8-Export with 64 colors, no dithering and non-alpha transparency. Here is FireWorks the winner and Pixelmator the looser. Photoshop has the inarguably best quality in posterizing the image.
    – For GIF I used the same settings, and I got the same results (not in size, but in differences)

    While comparing I realized that Pixelmator is far away from be a good web exporter as some essential options are missing or buggy:
    – I can’t set 32 colors for indexed GIFs or PNGs (German Gui)
    – PNG-8 does is missing a real alpha transparency option. Even with 8 Bits it’s possible to use alpha transparency.
    – JPG has no progressive option
    – There is no dithering option and the posterizing algorithm for indexed format is bad compared to Photoshop
    – JPGs can always be optimized with ImageOptim by 10,9% or more, so Pixelmator seems to store unecessary stuff inside the JPG. JPGs from PS and FW are not optimizeable like this.
    – JPG compression shows big color shifts in the preview for the color #424c57 (Screenshot with Desktop background color)

    There are also some other unfixed issues:
    – Pasting a screenshot from clipboard always looks brighter then loading a screenshot from a file. So it seems PM does not do the right color management for this task. I tried all color management settings, even no color management.
    – Transforming Text layers is still not possible
    – The brushes panel can still be bigger than the sceen and there’s no way to access the hidden controls. It should be at least have a scroll bar. Zoomable icons would also be very nice.

  • Armin

    @ Ryan

    Had the same problem (but with Leopard). Deleted the preference file in User/Library/Preferences and now it works.


  • Ryan

    @Armin – Cheers mate. Thats got it going.


  • aurelio

    @ Armin
    same problem on 10.5 here. How is the preferences file called? can’t find it here…

    this is a great update! waited for it for so long!
    I really hope the numeric input and the other mentioned features, for accurate pixel editing, will make it in next.

    Please don’t add too many new features now, just make this nice little app professional!

    Good work guys!

  • Armin

    @aurelio – Do you are searching in your *user* library?? Then you must find the file, as there is two times the word ‘pixelmator’ in it 😉 … or you never opened Pixelmator.

  • Aidas


    Some of my comments:
    – I can’t set 32 colors for indexed GIFs or PNGs (German Gui)?
    A: Colors slider works a little different than in Photoshop/Fireworks. The number of colors label shows the actual number of colors used after quantization, so even if you set the slider to 32 the quantizer might use lower number of colors.
    – PNG-8 does is missing a real alpha transparency option. Even with 8 Bits it’s possible to use alpha transparency.?
    A: I don’t quite get it. If you mean PNG alpha mask support then yes.
    – JPG has no progressive option
    A: True.
    ?- There is no dithering option and the posterizing algorithm for indexed format is bad compared to Photoshop?
    A: Dithering is missing because we’ve decided that it’s very rarely used feature. Quantization algorithm is optimized for photos. We might add more quantization methods in the future as there is no one universal quantization algorithm.
    – JPGs can always be optimized with ImageOptim by 10,9% or more, so Pixelmator seems to store unnecessary stuff inside the JPG. JPGs from PS and FW are not optimizable like this.
    A: I’ll check this but there shouldn’t be any unnecessary metadata.
    ?- JPG compression shows big color shifts in the preview for the color #424c57 (Screenshot with Desktop background color)
    A: Preview and saved files are matched to sRGB profile.

    I’d like to thank everyone for their feedback. We’re eager to hear more!

  • Frank Eves

    The last time I looked, stand alone Photoshop was priced at $699. In many countries the tax on a Photoshop purchase is more that the cost of Pixelmator. This app is a tremendous value. Thank you.

    I’m enjoying the new features in v1.5 and looking forward to what is yet to come.

  • Darken

    Woooohoooo! > Save for the Web!

  • PsykX

    Now, this is a very good update.
    Looking forward to what 1.6 will offer more to fill the gap between Photoshop and Pixelmator.
    This update did patch a big hole in Pixelmator, and it did it nicely.

  • Daniel

    Brilliant. I’m downloading know. I’m sure this update will build on what is already a great piece of software.

    I’m really happy using Pixelmator as a Photoshop replacement…

  • WacoChili

    Unlike the production ‘artists’ bitching on here who masquerade as ‘designers’ this tool was already pretty amazing and just got better. I could design and launch an entire site already (with 1.4) by throwing out my pre-conceived notions of what image editors do for web design. Now with 1.5 it will be easier. This software is responsive (read: FAST) and lightweight (read: SMALL SYSTEM FOOTPRINT)for the PRECISE reasons these production artists here are fouling the weather with their bluster – adding all the features of ps will create another crash-happy app with 200 useless features. Go have a beer boys, I’m sure you deserve it!

  • Robert

    @WacoChill I agree. I hate that some of the reviews of Pixelmator state that it’s not for professionals. To the contrary, Pixelmator can do anything Photoshop does in the hands of an experienced designer. I have been producing site designs in Pixelmator since 1.0 and sometimes there are more steps involved to accomplish an effect, but I have yet to go back to Photoshop or Fireworks because of a missing feature. Slicing is a welcome add on, but cropping and exporting worked for me as well (just more steps). Job well done by the Pixelmator team!

  • Loweded Wookie

    I started downloading it on the company network and it said it was going to be 4GB. I thought this must be the most amazing release ever.

    I decided it would be better downloading 4GB over the wireless so the proxy doesn’t get overloaded. It then displayed as 30MB. About to use it soon but I just needed it on my machine. 🙂

  • Thomas


    To dismiss all constructive criticism as people just masquerading designers is pretty naive. Perhaps your needs are more simple, and that is fine. But some of the suggestions raised here are very good ones that would bring Pixelmator closer to being a true pro level app. I think the reason so many people make requests is because they see just how very close it is to becoming that. With each release its becoming clear that it is very possible that it could, based on its feature set, be a true PS replacement.

  • Kercal

    Well done team pixelmator hope you have a well deserved break booked in. Ironically the new features aren’t really me things (I rarely do web work) but it’s always good to see the software mature, instance by instance.

    @people wanting the brush fix. Me too, natch, and this is a cludge but if you have the pallet open, swap to gradient tool and then back it’ll revert to the top of the box. If you hide it and unhide it it’ll default to the bottom. It’s kept me moderately sane over the past few months if nothing else.

    Righto, have a rest and a cool drink guys, you’ve earnt it.

  • WacoChili


    I digress, I shouldn’t be so ‘dismissive’ of criticism – you are correct. However, THE DAY OF RELEASE? This is a small team of developers (I only count 2) and to already consider NOT a ‘pro’ app? What is a ‘pro’ app anyway? One with ‘production’ level features? Not to me.

    Now, to your not-so-veiled references to my naivete and my ‘simple’ needs: I am the Creative Director of a software company and I have experience in print, broadcast, and web DESIGN. I hold an MFA which I fought hard to get on my own dime.

    I will quote Robert from a couple posts up: “…Pixelmator can do anything Photoshop does in the hands of an experienced designer”.

  • Thomas

    OK, I’ll bite…. so you, the “Creative Director” (see I can do the quotes thing too) are going to tell me Pixelmator can be used for print work? Really?

  • J Bradley

    I just wanted to say thanks to the Pixelmator Team for continuing to keep kicking a@@ release after release. Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate it every time I fire up Pixelmator.

    I remember a few years back when all the blogs said Pixelmator was just vaporware and would never reach a 1.0 release. They even said the screenshots had been built in Photshop. Well, for all the haters out there take a look at Pixelmator Spider. To this day Adobe still can not do an interface this good or easy to use and Photoshop is on version what?… 11 or 12.0 counting the CS versions? Yes, Pixelmator needs CMYK support, but damn if these guys (two?) haven’t done a great job so far. Keep up the great work.

  • DSP

    Polish: Dzi?ki za najbardziej udan? i przyst?pn? alternatyw? dla PS!!! BIG THANX for this greatest PS alternative!!!

  • WacoChili


    Good one – I stand corrected on that one…I’m not the @$$hole I most likely seem with my posts. No Pixelmator can NOT be used for print work. Really.

    Now, are you going to tell me you won’t be using Pixelmator due to it’s perceived shortcomings? Really? Incidentally, Pixelmator will NEVER replace nor even BE photoshop so that’s one we all must live with.

    By the way, you have put a smile on my face 🙂

  • Alec

    Save for Web is just what I needed. Was using Pixelmator today and cursing workflow.

    Big improvement. Thank you.

    Please keep improving the app. We are going Nodobe soon and need your help.

  • kercal


    was going to mention the cmyk limitation myself. Yes, you’re right, 9/10ths of anything professional can be done in Pixelmator as it can be in Photoshop… But that one tenth is important. Personally I’m looking forward to layer styles, wave filter and CMYK in 1.6. Also Pixelmator struggles a little when editing images greater than 3000 pixels square and, for me, that’s another limitation. BUt generally at the moment I do imagery in Pixelmator and only swap out to colour correct of if the size becomes too much.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Pixelmator fanboy and hugely impressed with what the team have managed. Photoshop in comparison feels like a clumsy port of a bloated PC program to Pixelmators mac native feel. But it’s not fully there yet, nor could it be. Every step made is that much closer to being the complete alternative but hey, don’t want the developers to be resting on their laurels too much 🙂 That one tenth is going be very cool indeed.

  • hamsta

    Here is my 2 cents: All these “Pro” people giving there missing features feedback on release day are true turds in every sense of the word. If you really need these features then contacting the developers directly would be much more productive. Posting these types of posts on release day makes it seem like you are more interested in letting people know how “Pro” you are. Please give it up already.

  • Ed Glasheen

    Great point release. I am enjoying the new features and as always love the UI.



  • ItsCosmo


    You can snap selection to guides if you ctrl-click (or right-click) on the selection and choose free transform. Should be able to snap for the original selection, I agree, but this is a decent workaround.

  • ItsCosmo


    Of course, I meant to say “transform selection”

  • kp

    jeez… an x/y coordinate for a slice that already has a width and height is “pro”?? thanks for informing me. it’s nice that the release is out but really fanboys– from “it’s almost ready” in april to now and look at the functionality that was added from an unbiased reviewer’s view point (if you can).

  • Robert

    As mentioned above about Pixelmator and print work, I have to ask why one would say Pixelmator can’t be used? It handles large resolution images (you can even set the pixels per inch for an image). Sure it doesn’t support CMYK, but either do digital cameras. So if photos turn out nice in print work why can’t one do the same with images produced from Pixelmator?

  • hamsta

    kp- Can you explain what you mean? I only see one x/y info on the edge of the selection. You can’t be referring to the ruler because they are two different coordinate systems. The ruler is fixed to the upper right corner of the image while the x/y info is fixed to the upper corner of the selection itself.

  • hamsta

    Sorry, meant to say upper left. 😀

    itsCosmo – thanks for the selection snapping tip!

  • Torsten


    Thank you for the selection tip, that is really helpful.
    However, transforming the selection just gives you a percentage of it’s former width and height. So it seems there is no way to know quickly how big the current selection is.

    My workaround right now is to cut out something into the clipboard and then use command+n to make a new image, this dialog will tell me the size of my selection.

    IMHO this is not what I’d call good usability.
    I know that I can do about 95% what I could do in other software, just more steps. But time is money and more steps sometimes cost an hour or two…

    People giving statements about missing features just try to gather information for others that might be in search for the same features. It’s not just bitching, it’s that I think some things that I must use daily are just not there.

    And considering the “pro” comments. I could design a website with pixelmater, allright. But what if I need to use a design made in Photoshop… then I start to use lots of workarounds. No editable text layers, visibility of layers scrambled,

  • bberg

    great work, guys! thanks a lot!

  • aurelio

    “Armin – Do you are searching in your *user* library?? Then you must find the file, as there is two times the word ‘pixelmator’ in it 😉 … or you never opened Pixelmator.”

    @Armin – Thanks for the quick reply!
    there’s a pixelmator folder in “User/Application Support”. If i delet the files in there nothing happens… There’s as well pixelmator file called “com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator.plist” in “User/Library/Preferences”
    If I delete this one, everything works fine :-)… only had to re-enter the license key. So it’s all sorted now!

  • kp

    i found a work around, it’s a bit silly but the only way to be accurate.

    if you need a slice of a particular width/height at a specific x,y coordinate: draw the box at the very upper left (0,0) and make it the width/height you want (pixelmator will show you the w,h as you draw the box).

    then drag the slice to the coordinate you want it, pixelmator will show you the delta x,y as you drag the box and seeing it was drawn at 0,0 the the delta will be the x,y coordinate.

    it would be sufficient to make it preference to show delta or absolute while dragging (or even better, switch back and forth by pressing option while dragging).

    but, still, the more accurate would still be an x,y display somewhere on the screen/ruler that tells you exactly where your pointer currently is when the slice tool is selected.

    sorry for ranting earlier but i really don’t think an x,y coordinate is a “pro” feature of a slice tool.

  • Adam

    Awesome release, guys! Save for web was the most anticipated addon, and here it is.
    Once you add some vector drawing like PS does, we will get full PS dropin replacement for a great price.
    Thanks for your work!

  • Matthew Campbell

    Finally the slicing tool, quite excited ! It works a ton better then photoshop

  • Aleksandras

    Great release.
    I am enjoying the new slice tool and info labels.

    Only one thing that stops me using pixelmator all the time is problems with PSD import (with nested layers).
    When do you plan to fix it?
    Is it possible to check roadmap?

  • gish

    Allright. I see some good stuff. I know that eventually it will have all the features so I’m calm about stuff like layer styles and better text tools.

    But for God’s sake! The brushes panel in terms of usability falls somewhere between -100 and 0. And I think that is not a major thing that needs hours of work 😉

  • Agustin

    @All the people complaining :

    All the features you ask will be there at some point, but for god sake, this is release 1.5 and it’s already pretty full of functions and mature for a lot of things… Give the guys a break !

    Photoshop in it’s 1.0 version didn’t had 10% of what Pixelmator already offers…

    Be patient, if software is not doing what you need, then suggest the feat. in some sort of dev support (not a blog), and use something else till the soft implements that special feature.

    I’m off to more slicing and playing with pixel…



  • Roger Jonsson

    Start coordinates…

    “74. kp Says: i found a work around”

    Thanks. I too missed start-coordinates of the slice. 1.5 just got a whole lot better without even being updated! 🙂
    Maybe we will be able to see the exact coordinates at all times in a future release. I would like that!

  • hamsta

    Torsten – you missed my point completely.

  • Stephen

    Any idea when you are going to update the Automator actions to work in Snow Leopard, I was disappointed to find that they hadn’t been updated in this release 🙁

  • Christopher

    Using Pixelmator 1.5 and liking it, no loving it 😉

    The only two main concerns I have is:
    – Grouping layers together (like in photoshop), I’m having difficulties working with blending modes becouse they affect all the underlying layers, and getting any kind good of organization of my layers when I’m designing a whole website (lots and lots of layers).

    – and i would absolutely love the ability to save just one slice, not every slice. Lets say that I’ve got a webdesing ready and i want to change just one small portion, which just affects one slice.. It would then be really nice if i could just lets say, right-click on that slice and click save this slice.

  • giuliano

    Please please, advanced type and color tools ! Then pixelmator will be the web graphic editor of choice for all webdesigner using mac…

  • Julio Gorgé

    Awesome release! I’m using it now almost daily thanks to the new features, hopefully some day I’ll be able to ditch PS completely

  • Saulius Dailide

    Hi Guys,

    Spider is the most successful Pixelmator release since 1.0. Thank you for that! It is a huge pleasure to work on Pixelmator when everyone is so happy. 🙂

  • Christopher

    @Matteo Gazzoni
    Dude, im just sittin here crying like a baby, this is AWESOME!! 😀

  • Matteo Gazzoni

    😛 It’s a great feature, one that reflects really well the user experience of Mac OS X… it could be made a little more discoverable though!

  • Vitezslav Valka

    Thank you again for 1.5. I would preffer remembering last used format instead of PXM annoying promotion when I save any file or edit any PSD file etc. The 1.4 was bad in that. The 1.5 is even worse 🙁

  • David Giestheuer

    Hello everyone,

    as i read above this is an issue – that not only me is experiencing.

    – Pasting a screenshot from clipboard always looks brighter then loading a screenshot from a file. So it seems PM does not do the right color management for this task. I tried all color management settings, even no color management.

    I’ m no expert with color management, but is there any solution for this ? Cause i really need this on a daily basis in the work.

    If there is no solution for this, has someone a link for the pixelmator version 1.4 ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Formulk

    well your big competitor just thrown down the gauntlet imho with its new major version and upgrades just a week after spider, lookin forward to next releases of pixelmator as well 🙂 the new croping tool is perfect

    (just please bring us the layer folders pretty please … they did as well you know 😉

  • 4saus

    i made all my backgrounds with pixelmator.
    And now i’m working on some that i have to share with people.
    when i export the fil to PSD it automaticly flattens it.

    is there a way to preserve the layers?

  • Greg

    Hey Guys, big up! Congratulations for the job well done! I find myself using and learning Pixelmator alot these days. I must say, I am pleased with the work I end up doing with it. And hey, thanks for the lessons, please keep them coming as they help lots!

  • jim

    good work, but… all the bugs I’ve reported are still there. Sorry, this app is still useless for me.

    Maximize the document to about 1200%, choose the smallest 1×1 pencil, no transparency. Start drawing. You’ll quickly notice your cursor is over a pixel, but the pixel is NOT YET drawn. Sometimes the curser is already on the NEXT pixel, but the previous isn’t yet drawn.
    I’m a pixelart designer, and that pixel-stuff is really crucial.

  • Grant McCall

    This is looking sweet guys. A hearty well done!

    Just need some vectors and I can hopefully (finally) kick the fireworks addiction!

  • hamsta

    @ Grant – Check out VectorDesigner, its a nice option for now. Check out their short features videos. I own LineForm but they don’t seem to care about the product. 🙁

    @ Pixelmator – A number of PS using friends have now defected to Pixelmator. Keep the improvements coming!

  • Max Howell

    Pixelmator is a stunning example of OS X software. The care, attention to detail and excellence in execution is obvious in almost every part of the application. Those of us who know it, tell our friends about it and use it whenever we can.

    It doesn’t quite replace Photoshop, but we all think it will in a few versions.

    But you need to make the sliders work for all values on their scale (you know how the slider skips 3 integer values, so you can’t specify an exact value). Input boxes are ugly, and the reason Photoshop has them is that their sliders don’t allow you to pick all values. Pixelmator’s are the same. There are other areas where your desire to be very clean in UI are detrimental. We love that. But I know it will be held against you by some. I hope you can find a good compromise. I have faith in your skills frankly.

  • mosiejczuk

    Great update! Now the #1 missing feature would be layer grouping (absolutely necessary for preparing Blu-ray menus) – I could drop Photoshop forever 😉

  • kp

    with http://www.dpreview.com/news/0909/09092301adobeelements8.asp out shortly it will probably be the end of my futile attempts at using PM to do photo touchups and minor editing. finally a decently priced, full featured (Photomerge, Scene Cleaner, etc.) photo tool for the mac.

    i never did find a simple way to take a exposure-bracket set of photos (one over exposed for shadow detail, one normal, and one under exposed for highlight detail) and merge them… easily… with PM.

    (probably just me, i know)

  • Edward J. Stembler

    Great release!

    I’m curious, do you guys have any plans to support OpenCL in a future version?

  • Brent

    I’m still finding the need to go back and forth between Pixelmator and Photoshop CS1 due to a lack of features and stability.

    CS1. Released in 2003.

    Get the next one right, guys.

  • Robert

    @Brent Just keep using CS1! CS1 is old and isn’t supported on Snow Leopard so you’re obviously not worried about new features. The rest of us will keep happily using Pixelmator!

  • hamsta

    Brent, you mean to tell me a piece of software that has been out since 2003 is more stable and has more features then a new app? Next you’ll tell me rain is wet and fire is hot!!!

  • Ale

    Congrats, the software is great! But I would really appreciate if shadows, bevel and a brush palette with pages would be added to the software. Once again CONGRATS!

  • Sebastian

    I love IT ! The best alternative to Photoshop on the Mac, Thank YOU !!

  • ZUCO

    I love this application. I’ve been using it with previous versions of Leopard Snow and it worked fine. But now it crash almost any time I try to open or save a file. I already search the web and tried many ways to fix it with no results.

    Finally I just did a fresh install of Leopard Snow, from scratch, no previous OSX overwriting. Then I installed Pixelmator alone and again the same problem…

    Some help please?


  • Martin

    I’m a seasoned PhotoShop and Fireworks user and was very impressed with the 1.5 release. Unfortunately I’m not quite ready to give up on Adobe as I feel there’s a couple of major omissions, but it’s getting there!

    Since the release of CS4, every day i’m looking for viable alternatives.

    Anyway please add the following and my wallet will be open for business!

    1. Vector drawing tools, but along the lines of Fireworks NOT PhotoShop!
    2. A web slice & optimisation tool for us web devs!

  • hamsta

    Martin – 1.5 has slice and optim.

  • Bjorn

    Pixelmator is great! When i bought my first version of Photoshop, version 2.0 in 1993, it was far behind what Pixelmator is today, but the price was far beyond. I have used Photshop since then, but now I almost never touch Photoshop for my use. Of course there are a lot of things that Photoshop can do that Pixelmator can’t, but a lot of the things Photoshop can do, I can’t. In Pixelmator I feel I have a good overview of the program, and for my needs, it’s very good.

    Pixelmator is awesome compared to the price and the target audience.

  • kercal

    Ditto to post 112. Although at the moment I’m doing a lot of work in Brushes and not using much of either Photoshop or Pixelmator…

    I miss out little chats on here though.. 🙁 Anyone want to start a 1.6 topic 🙂 🙂

  • Tom

    Great app!!!
    I don´t repent the buying.
    My wish-list: a tool to make patterns and a better brush administration.
    Great job guys, thank you very much!!!!

  • darkhomer

    It’s a very good Job
    I love your aplli
    It’s very fast
    Thank You

  • houliern


    Je participe au concours macplus.net afin de gagner une licence pour votre logiciel. Il m’a l’air excellent !

  • Pelle

    Hey guys. I’ve played with the trial, and it’s *very* good. Could use some more guides/tutorials though.
    I’ll just say what every other web dev is saying – include shapes / vector graphics, and you’ll have one more customer.

  • Godot

    Hi, it would be great to hear some news about the next steps in Pixelmator development. There has been no tweet or post on this topic since the release of 1.5.

  • hamsta

    Yeah, what Godot said! No more vacation… get to work! ;P

  • kercal

    Must admit I’m wondering how things are going at chez Pixelmator… I vaguely hope 1.6 will pop up as a surprise dl every time I reopen the program.

  • boblog

    Hope new stuff….

  • andi

    i hope they work hard on a 2.0 version. iwould be willing to pay for the upgrade. however with photoshop elements released they need a number of new features.

  • kercal

    I’m hoping we get a couple of incremental updates prior to 2.0? ( I think anyway. I do want to be wowed by a 2.0 release but some small niggles are there to be fixed first – different for everyone but layer styles, brush pallette scroll bar and zoom preview and CMYK are omissions I’d be happiest to see addressed).

    In 2… What are we missing that’s big pow moment? Animation? That’d be a cool addition. Effect lines a la Expression 3.3? Vector integration?

    Always good to see what’s next though… You’ve been quiet for a while guys. What’s cool in PixelMland?

  • hamsta

    Just stopped by to wish the geniuses at Pixelmator a Happy Holiday. ^_^

  • Kercal

    Bizarre. Was just stopping by to do that myself.

    Happy Christmas team Pixelmator 🙂 Hope 2010 is gonna be a good one for all of you (and, subsequently, for us as well 🙂 )

    Don’t be quiet too long, give us some nuggets of merryness to chill out too sometime soon…

  • jim

    Bring in the vectors please… I hate going back to CS3, or inkscape or using the trial version of lineform.

    If the vectors come in, I’ll then be able to use it full time.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas, I throughly enjoy pixelmator. I’ll lookforward to vector drawing !!!

  • hamsta

    What can I say Kercal, Great minds think alike. heh.


    Hey hey, have a nice Christmas and an Happy new year !

  • Che

    I want Windows version. WAAAAAANT.
    *thinking about DDoS with botnets and LOIC*

  • Tom

    If you want a windows version, use GIMP!
    No windows version!!!!

  • Rol

    Wondering if these guys are hard at work or not back from vacation yet… haha.

  • Ryan

    4-5 months of silence is long enough. Is this the end for pixelmator or is the delayed release of 1.5 scaring the dev team into not releasing any foresight as to what’s coming next…..

  • Godot

    I don’t think this is the end. Maybe it’s a new beginning as part of the new iLife or iWork Suite which forced them into silence.

  • Kercal

    I’m hoping that there’s a reason why team P is unusually quiet and it involves an announcement at the end of the month involving a small computer company and a keyboardless computer system. Total guess and wishful thinking on my part but the only thing that’ll make a tablet announcement at the end of the month that much more cool would be to know that two of my favourite apps: Pixelmator and Brushes are on the system.

    ((please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true… ))

  • Tak

    Would be nice to have “windows version photoshop like” background. Why should I see OSX desktop under Pixelmator windows?!?

  • hamsta

    Pixelmator “Tablet Edition” ???

  • Kercal

    Makes sense doesn’t it? They’ve been quiet since spider but making friends with Apple via the sales in the Apple stores. iWork doesn’t have an image editor yet but the tablet will be the iPhone writ large (allegedly).

    TBH I’m just wishing out loud: I’m working a LOT between Brushes and Pixelmator and, if the tablet has a decent integration of either it’ll probably be a day one purchase for me. I just want to be able to doodle straight on the screen and Pixelmator strikes me as a better way of doing that than by installing Photocludge.

    Alternatively I hope we see 1.6 soon with some of the updates that I’m sure are on the way. BUt I’d rather see a tablet version 🙂

  • zbuffer

    Pixelmator is a great piece of software and I know how much work does it take to build something with so many features because I’m a programmer too, but it needs some fixes. The ones I’ve noticed:
    1. Selection does not snap to guides
    2. No pixel perfect positioning
    3. Gradients do not use dithering which is really bad when trying to do a gradient with similar colors on a big area. I compared same gradients in Pixelmator and Photoshop to be sure it’s not only my feeling and there really is a huge difference. Your gradients have wide bands of the same color and in Photoshop all color borders are dithered to give a nice smooth feel.

  • Nicklas

    LAYER STYLES !!!!! Should be nr 1 focus on adding in, please I don´t want to use horrible bloated photoshop but layer styles is the reason Im stuck with adobe sinking ship.

    I want to use your software but as a designer Layer Styles is the number one thing I use.

    Please Add it in =)

  • Sebastian

    I Love Pixelmator ! It’s the real Photoshop alternative for Mac, i buy it, i use it and i love it !

    Thanks on all Pixelmator Team !

    Greatings, Sebastian