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Next Step (Updated)

After the remarkable Pixelmator updates of late, including Pixelmator 1.4 Sprinkle and Pixelmator 1.4.1, the new Learn website, and the new manual, I am very happy to inform you that we are working very hard to build the next major Pixelmator update: Pixelmator 1.5 Spider.

I am not able to provide any details yet due to competition and our desire to surprise you, but I can say that Spider is the largest and, based on your feedback, requests, and comments on our website and our neighbor websites as well as Twitter comments, probably the most welcome Pixelmator update since 1.0.

Pixelmator 1.5 Spider is coming in a few weeks and will be available as a free update to existing Pixelmator users.

Update: (2009/07/29) it seems it takes longer then expected to release the new version – stay tuned as we’re working hard to bring 1.5 release to life.


  • Jordi Böhme López

    Could this finally mean: Path Tool (Bezier Selection) !? Hopefully!

  • Danny Ruchtie

    Spider + web. New web slicing tools? That would be great!!

  • Mårten

    Layer Effects FTW!

  • mf


  • Marc

    info panel FTW!

  • TwiRp

    Will Pixelmator finally be able to do my homework for me? That’d be awesome. (Just kidding, but seriously…)

    Pixelmator already has most of what I need. Whatever you add in 1.5 will just make me happier (and possibly lead to the start of a cult?).

    By largest update, I hope you don’t add too much bloat.

    Good luck with your work, and I can’t wait to see it.

    Thoughts on the name… Spider, 8 legs, 8 new features? (HDR Editing (16-Bit), Slicing, Save for Web, Layer Styles, Layer Groups, Resizeable Brush and Swatches Pallets?, Improved PSD support, “Child Safe Filtering” allowing kids to edit adult images without having to worry about them seeing the content)…?

  • fluffy

    “Save for web” is a no-brainer. If that isn’t in there then I will definitely lose faith in the Pixelmator religion. 😉

    The big things I’m hoping for are layer effects (especially Stroke) and the ability to do ad-hoc gradients (FG->Transparent, FG->Background, on-the-fly shape selection) instead of having to define styles first. I use the gradient tool almost like an airbrush most of the time.

    Also, having a keyboard-friendly ‘refine selection’ tool, with sizes based on pixels instead of percentages, would be extremely helpful.

    Unfortunately, I’ve only ever seen myself making the gradient and refine selection requests, so I’m not expecting those to turn up anytime soon. I should just learn to live without them, but they’re just so gosh-darn useful for the way I do my drawings…

  • Jace

    Yay! I called it, if they release it on my birthday (may 7th) I should get a free copy.. oh wait, I already bought it.. well save for web is a great birthday present =)

  • Kercal

    Way to open the floodgates team PM 🙂

    It’s gonna be web, surely, that much seems obvious (although I could see how it might suggest vectors with the straight lines of a web). The nice comment is that they want to surprise us so maybe we’re going to see a good and new way of saving to web, cutting areas, animated gif effects? Something we haven’t seen before? That would be the coolest thing.

    Anyhow, a few short weeks! Major update? Can’t wait 🙂 Slow drip feed of hints and screenshots? Keep ’em coming…

  • Ed

    Holy Crap! Run for the hills PS.

  • Rafael

    Web graphics production features, anyone? Seems like a no-brainer.

    Hopefully we’ll see CMYK support as a bonus, although that’s likely being saved for later, unfortunately.

  • web designer singapore

    Hopefully for the 1.5 release will have some simple layer effects like drop shadow, glow, border. And also the Save to Web! 🙂

  • Kercal

    OK this is a silly suggestion but the more I think about it the more I think it would be ace and in keeping with the Spider theme*

    An organic ageing filter – kind of like brush on spider webs, dust, rust, wrinkles etc. Basically it would be like Expression’s (much missed) effect lines: draw the start side, draw the end side and choose the variation in between so things like lines, embosses, collections of dust using chosen colours etc. That would be tres useful in giving a picture some additional effects and a unique way of doing things.

    *(I was going to say a spider web generator until I realised that actually that would be dead useful 🙂 )

    That all said, 1.5 in weeks is better than strange and odd filter in months ta 🙂

  • foofoorabbit

    Kercal, the spider theme is because this release will focus on *web* features – as in world wide web.

    On another note entirely…

    I’m entirely convinced that people clamoring for the save-to-web feature and threatening not to buy Pixelmator until it was implemented will find new excuses not to buy Pixelmator. These types are the kind that want Pixelmator to evolve but only want it to evolve so they can pirate it with the features that they need.

  • Kercal

    @foofoo, yeah I guessed it’d be for web, although part of me is hoping that they pull the old switcharoo on us.

    Still, I would love to see an ageing and weathering brush tool so I’m hoping that Pixelmator 1.5.1 will be codenamed ‘Waterproof Walnut’.

  • Dave

    There are quite a few occasions when I’ve wanted to do a sunrise-type backdrop, with all the lines converging on a central point. So please just do an update to the stripes generator! If I can add effects based on the distance from the point-on-a-rope, then thats a bonus… Here’s hopin’.

  • dropbot

    Should have named this next version VENOM cause you guys are deadly to Big Brother. Keep up the awesome work!

    – Knights of Pixelmator
    – Join the Revolution

  • Joe

    I’m hoping that the ‘layer styles’ support will be in the form of non-destructive ‘stacks’ of filters able to be applied to any layer (or layer group should they be implemented). That would make it a bit more general than the fixed options you get with PS and, I think, would leverage Core Image’s capabilities quite nicely. An analogue of adjustment layers could then be accomplished simply by putting all the layers to be adjusted inside a group and attaching a filter (or stack of filters) to that group.

    Other niceties would be the ability to manipulate (and add) channels, the ability to pull in layers (or groups) as additional image inputs in filters and the ability to define progressive (and thus non-CI) filters so an industrious person could implement things like texturing algorithms (such as image analogies) although I appreciate that would be a fair amount of work. I believe that having a warp transform available (more flexible than the current ‘distort’), some on-canvas tools for accomplishing liquify-like effects and something like a patch tool and healing brush, would be useful (well, it would help with doing some photo manipulation effects).

    Irrespective of my desires, I’d like to thank the Pixelmator team for their stirling work and I look forward to seeing what Spider brings.

  • dropbot

    I like your suggestions Joe. It sounds like a nodes type screen for this would be perfect!

  • Joe

    Well, Quartz Composer is probably a better tool for producing complex flows, however ‘stacking’ filters —chaining the primary image inputs and outputs of a sequence — could probably be easily done by having the filters put into a list. Double click on a list item to bring up the parameters panel. Easier to code (use a standard Cocoa control) and easier for ‘casual’ use (although I suspect that such a stack would cover most actual uses of multiple filters/layer styles/adjustment layers).

  • foofoorabbit

    Joe, the problem is that stacking non-destructive CoreImage effects really bogs down performance quickly on computers with shitty video cards. A lot of people are already complaining about Pixelmator’s performance at applying a single CoreImage effect – destructively.

    Most people don’t understand that Pixelmator benefits from cards with tons of effect cores. They run Pixelmator on their integrated Intel GMA with shared memory and scratch their heads wondering why Pixelmator is so slow.

    Efforts to educate the ignorant is proving futile in most cases.

    In theory, non-destructive layering would make Pixelmator the most advanced image manipulator/compositor but would restrict its market to those with high end nVidia and ATI cards.

  • Joe

    I understand performance would suffer if one were doing lots of Core Image operations at once, however the use of a stack here is no different really from destructive editing. Performance would depend solely on the size of the stack being edited, and how deep the filter which has its parameters altered is in that stack. There would be no further performance penalty where you pay even if you don’t use it. This is also exactly what would be required (in theory) with layer styles, except allowing more flexibility with what effects can be applied as a layer style. I do not believe a system such as that would restrict Pixelmator’s market to those with high-end cards any more than using Core Image for destructive filtering does now (and I do not have a high-end card being on a first-gen MacBook so it isn’t in my interests to misjudge this).

  • Joe

    Hm. That was possibly a little more strident than I intended. My point was really that yes, you could slow things down with a hideously huge stack on a layer you’re actively editing. However, this isn’t a problem (I feel) because a) only the layer you’re editing needs to be recomputed, b) you can still have standard destructive filters (this is an additional mechanism not a replacement) and c) you could disable the filter stack whilst doing the editing if you wish (similar to how you can make layers invisible perhaps).

  • str1f3

    Thank you guys for not only this app but especially for the learning section as well. I’m a beginner at image editing and didn’t really know where to start. I hope you continue with providing the leaning literature and podcasts because they are extremely helpful. Thanks again

  • Namdnal Siroj

    Woohoo! Save for Web!
    I can finally dump Photoshop once and for all!
    (Presets would be great + would get you new customers since I will be telling all my clients to buy your software 😉

  • jim

    here’s what I would expect and appreciate:
    – improved performance with (layered PSD and big files in general are sooooo slow)
    – finally fix the bug where text layers are no longer editable after you save a psd and load it again!
    – GF9400M compatibility!
    – fix the drawing bug (pixel is only drawn when the cursor is 110% over it in 1200% zoom)

    this is the worst stuff. Hope it will be fixed. Save-for-web and other goodies are not that important imho, since the very basic things don’t work right yet.

  • jdobbs

    I doubt its save for web since the other apps have that. Announcing that feature would not put the team at a disadvantage. I think it will be other features though.

  • Drew

    So you mena since other app have the feature they wouldn’t implement it??

    If that’s the case then they should stop developing Pixelmator all together since 99% of the features are present on other app :P:P

  • AppleBoy

    I would like to thank devs for making such a great app. 1.4 and 1.41 have been running like a dream on my iMac : )
    Whatever you do with 1.5 please do not make it a bloatware, keep the focus on performance.

  • Joy Inc

    For me it has to be the ability to group layers into sets or folders and non-destructive layer styles. I use these everyday in my work and are the main reason i don’t use Pixelmator for most of my work. That and the need for more advanced typography controls!

  • Drew

    I’d rather have them take their time, we just got 1.4 and sonn after 1.4.1 they should take their time and make it a great update (they showed they can!).

    1.4.1 is working fine so there’s no rush ….just keep up the great work.

  • Per

    Tilt-shift filter? Pretty please?

  • armand

    a webslice feature would be soooo great! I am pretty new to webdesign with photoshop and so on… I used to code pure xhtml + css BUT now it’s time for PIXELMATOR as a supporting tool 🙂

  • dropbot

    Ok, 2 weeks have past. Where’s the beef?

  • mtax

    I just discover Pixelmator, watching some tutorials, some videos…
    I could kill my own mother and my dog to see it on Linux!
    But I guess it will never be 🙁

  • dropbot

    In my previous post it should be passed and not past. Sorry. Plus I was just kidding. Take your time guys. G’day.

  • hoochen

    Please add an info panel, so that one can make a selection and see how many pixels wide/high it is.

  • Julio

    I second #40. Had to fallback to Fireworks the other day just because of that. Surely an info window/panel wouldn’t be that difficult to add? 🙂

  • Kercal

    I’ll be happy with anything – ‘cos I is a happy person by and large.

    However a font and brush viewer ala cover flow and scroll bars on the brush pallette would make me happiest of all. Hate to say it but the brush box is overflowing and only just barely useable as a result… It’s loads of fun, but a bit haphazard.

  • dropbot

    I would be heacka surprised if a scroll bar is not added to the brush palette.

  • MimUK

    Tilt Shift lens blur filter would be great!!

  • Kercal

    Not that this is a hint but I just opened Pixelmator after a reboot and thought ‘I really hope the update version box pops up…’


    Have we had weeks yet?

  • Joy Inc

    By my reckoning 1.5 should be due any time now…. Please?! 🙂

  • Kercal

    OK. Synchronise watches and reopen Pixelmator in 5… 4… 3…

  • Formulka

    OK im so looking forward to this update 🙂

  • pirloui

    Here is a vote for optional non destructive CI layers as I have a 8800GT; and others do aswell.
    There could be a message telling people what’s up if it gets too slow for example, or ask of they want some filters deffinitly applied.

    Other, I’d really love an optional white background interface, the black one really frustrates me… (tools are black on black for instance)

  • dropbot

    hitting browser refresh three times a day. ^_^

  • Joy Inc

    Back for the second time this morning. But alas no update yet? Please let it be today! Please???!!!

  • Formulka

    pretty please 🙂

  • Alastair

    Well they said it would be out sometime in June. So they still have quite a while. I too am getting really excited to see how their slice tool will work and if you can split by guides.

  • Chris

    I would love to see 16 bit editing with layers. That would clinch it for me. I have so many “gratis” copies of Elements around, and that’s the only thing I’m missing from my workflow.

    Give me 16 bit editing and I’m yours forever.

  • dropbot

    Alastair, the post you are commenting on says 2 weeks, and was posted on April 29th. Where are you getting June from? Just curious. ^_^

    Thanks for the info Saulius, keep up the good work.

  • Alastair

    got June from @pixelmator on twitter.

  • olivernz

    Keep up the great work! Love Pixelmator & price! Keep the good stuff coming.

  • adam

    CMYK, HDRI/openEXR support, and then you can double the price

  • Kercal

    CMYK, layer styles, brush pallette viewer, increased text support, page rotator, keep the price the same, watch the competition panic a little more 🙂

    ((not that I’m expecting all that by 1.5 – don’t knock yourselves out or anything – but am looking forward to each and every update and what gets added. Every so often I wonder what the Pixelmator equiv of Pshop 3.3 will be and it makes me smile… You’re way ahead of the curve in so many ways. Anyhow: looking forward to June 🙂 )).

  • bberg

    @Joy: agreed, grouping layers into folders would be nice!

  • dropbot

    I’ve heard rumors that the next version of Pixelmator will do your taxes.

  • Kercal

    If it halves my taxes THEN they can double the price 🙂

  • Mateo

    it’s official: “Save for web” will be part of Pixelmator 1.5.
    There also will be a “slice” tool.

    Source: Aidas Twitter 😉

    @ Pixelmator team

    One of the most important feature I’m missing is layer styles. Do you plan to add this feature soon?

    And more important to me and GUI/web designers: do you plan to develop “VectorMator” (yes, a vector based image editing software, with shapes and everything needed to create GUI elements)? And do you plan to hire software engineers to develop it? 🙂

  • bear912

    Probably not for Spider, but HDR/panoramic creation is going to be very important. If I can create, process, and manipulate HDR light probes and panoramas (for rendering synthetic objects into real scenes, i.e. image-based, http://www.debevec.org/Research/IBL/) with Pixelmator, I’ll likely be compelled to leave Hugin/Cinepaint (and Photoshop, if I had it 😛 ). Applescript support for a feature like this would probably make me believe that I had somehow entered heaven.

    So, here’s your list of features for the next few releases after spider:
    *Vectors, Bezier curves, etc.
    *CMYK, layer styles, brush pallette viewer, increased text support, page rotator (quoting Kercal)


    Thanks for developing Pixelmator. It’s my image editor of choice, and I relish using it.

  • bberg

    why is it mandatory to input a name for mask-layers?
    i often just type “asdf” and get going…
    couldn’t they just be created and named “untitled mask 1”?
    pixelmator rocks. anxious to download 1.5!

  • Smon George

    Purchased and love it. But please add a better color picker. The default grey aqua OS X one clashes with the design of Pixemator. And I need a way of entering HTML #HEX codes, web development is really hard without. And I would like a quick brush size adjuster in the tool options box, to save having the whole brush designer open.
    Just my thoughts on a great product, thanks!

  • Smon George

    Ooooooh I second the suggestion of Vectormator. You could base it off Inkscape, but with a GUI that doesn’t look trash on OS X. Please?

  • bear912

    Inkscape is GPL licensed, meaning that if a theoretical “VectorMator” were based off it, that “VectorMator” would need to be GPL licensed as well, which would be lovely for some of us, but would have huge disadvantages as well (I’m a big fan of open-source software, but there are some caveats). So no Vectorinkscapermator. On the other hand, some of Inkscape’s libraries might be licensed under a more permissive license (e.g. BSD, MIT)? I’m not sure. Anyhow, excited for Spider! A better color and font picker would be pretty classy… 😀

  • Smon George

    Christopher: Thanks for that, it will come in very handy.
    bear912: Great explanation, I see why it can’t really happen. But if it were possible, I think the Pixelmator team would be perfect to do it.
    Love Pixelmator as is, will be amazing with this update.

  • Kercal

    Groovy idea for vectormator, in a way, although I’d like to see the tools rolled into Pixelmator rather than rolled out to another separated program I think.

    Anyhow! No distractions! I want to play new Pixelmator tools 🙂

  • Radu

    Ah, I’ve checked this website like crazy in the past weeks 🙂 any news on the release date?

  • Mateo

    @ Kercal, Smon George

    Please to see that some people here like the idea of Vectormator 🙂

    The reason why it should be a different program (IMO) is that it is a totally different way of handling and designing stuff: bitmap based images vs. vector based images.

    But it doesn’t mean that you can’t find workarounds to have vector tools in a bitmap based application like Pixelmator.

    The main advantage of vector based images is that everything can be resized at will without any loss. But they are not very suitable for photos.

    To sum up:
    Photo editing -> pixel based app
    Gui designing (web, desktop app etc.), drawing etc. -> vector based app

    So that’s why we should have 2 different tools for 2 different types of work, in my opinion. And that’s why Adobe has 2 products for those 2 things: PS and Illustrator (although I like PS, Illustrator is a pain in the neck to use for me, so I use PS for GUI designing).

  • Kercal


    np. I don’t dislike the idea of Vectormator per se, happy to see what Team Pix would do with such a thing from a theoretical point of view.

    But I also want 1.5 NOW!!! So: no distractions 🙂 I know it’s sunny but Back To Work!

    (@pixelteam – Sorry, I know you guys are busy and working hard. Consider me successfully teased).

    ((@Mateo again – also – if you like vector tools but not Illustrator, which I’m no huge fan of as it feels like artistry mixed with accountancy, do a search on Wikipedia for Creature House Expression 3.3 and scroll down to where it says download links. May or may not work – the Silverlight side is a bit iffey on a mac, but it’s the most beautiful and playful vector app I’ve worked with. I like using it in the same way I like using Pixelmator – both feel like playtime + it’s free. Well worth a check up on. If you’re a student you can get the sequel (Studio 2) for free using the Dreamspark program too but it’s not as good. Personally if Pixelmator team were to take Exp 3.3 as the basis and create their version I’d be delighted but by the same token would prefer vectors in Pixelmator first. I use both bitmap and vector and hate having to switch as I work)).

  • Saulius Dailide

    We want Vectormator just as much as you guys do. The only reason it is not yet available is that we think Pixelmator is not yet perfect. And by perfect I mean PERFECT in terms of performance, usability and Mac integration. Perfection requires some time and hard work.

    We’ve got lot’s of money now and would love and easily could create Vectormator or any other app out there It is just that we believe our task with Pixelmator is not yet complete.

  • Aidas

    1.5 is still in the works. We’re getting closer to the release but it’s not ready yet. It’s really important release and we hope your expectations will be met 🙂

    Idea of Vectormator has been floating for a while in our heads. We have a concept and some interesting ideas. However this doesn’t mean that we’re planning to develop it any time soon. The main reason for this is that we don’t want to divert development resources from Pixelmator.

    We’re always reading your comments and feedback – it has a huge impact on our decisions.

    Thank you,

  • Kevin

    @ Saulius & Aidas:

    Glad to hear you guys have at least thought about a Vectormator :)… I hope one day it will actually exist!

    Any idea on how long it will be until Spider comes out, either in beta or a final version?

  • Aidas

    We tend not to reveal exact release dates because things rarely go as planned. We’ve already started internal testing although not all features are implemented yet.

  • Mateo

    @ Saulius & Aidas

    Cool! So, if you actually develop Vectormator one of these days and need a software engineer, please contact me 😉

  • Greg

    Wow, now that sounds great, to me as a lover of Pixelmator! I trust you guys wont forget better management for BRUSHES! Great product you got!

  • Foofoorabbit

    If you guys ever make a 3D rendering app, you could call it TowMator. Haha, just kidding.

  • Kercal

    @Greg. Hoping so on that one too, although when it’s ready rather than a stop gap solution… Dunno if it’ll fit into the web update who knows… Can’t wait to play with 1.5 when it drops tho…

    A workaround I’ve found, if the brush pallette is huge and unwieldy and off the screen (as mine is), is a bit of a cludge but works well and has become second nature for me over the past few weeks. Generally I find the brush pallette defaults to the lower half – the last slots. Change to gradient and then back to a brush tool and it’ll be placed back at the top slots. Press apple 5 twice and it’ll go back to the lower slots so by pressing the various tools/shortcuts you can sort of scroll from one end of the pallette to the other 🙂 … Cludgey but works and I do like the brushes loads so forgive it the interface doh.

    @Saulius: perfections fine to shoot for as long as it doesn’t stop you liking the one you’re with. From an inside perspective I can well imagine that the occasional bug and slowdown or whatever that crop up in dev wind people up a wall. From an outside perspective Pixelmator is proper Amaze 🙂 And I like the choice of words (the only reason Vectormator isn’t available yet 🙂 🙂 ) so is that some sort of confirmation ;D

    @aidas sigh… so not a confirmation then 🙂 I am cry.

    Anyhow, have fun wth the work, hope it’s all coming together and we get the joyous update box in the not too distant…

  • Greg

    Hey Kercal, Thanks for the hints! I will give them a try and hope for the best. Since they worked for you, they should work for me!

    BTW, I checked your website, great work you got on there. The hyperlink should have dots though. Though it’s very easy to figure out. It’s just a “nicey”!

  • Agustin

    As a pro user in my pipeline I would ask the following things :

    – Canvas rotation (like the last sketchbook pro or Corel), for painting I cannot stress this enough.
    – Layer Styles.
    – Some kind of vector shape tool with bezier curves (like photoshop, I’m not asking Illustrator skills here).
    – Some real CMYK and other colorspace management.
    – Better color picker and color palette, the one right one not only feels out of place but is just not practical at all.
    – Better typo tool too, linked with the “vector tool maybe”.
    – Give a more common naming to some filters, not only it will make switchers to feel easyer at home but also will help people to get used to tools faster.

    That’s for now in my request list of important things… I have plenty of other, but they will come in time as the software gets more and more robust.

    thanks for this very nice piece of software I use daily on my work.

    Also to devs, you can check this link, I was second place in the Linux Contest, and all the 2D graphical assets I prepared where made inside pixelmator (and I said that also on the article when I was interviewed).




  • Agustin

    Also, if you need feedback on my pipeline and uses of pixelmator, feel free to contact me if you want.


  • Greg

    Hey Agustin, I agree with you, Pixlemator SERIOUSLY NEEDS a better typo tool too. I go with the rest of the issues raised but how could I miss the one on the typo? Thanks for bringing that up. Very important!

  • Kercal

    @augustin very groovy stuff, like it loads. And yeah, agree with all the wish list, most of those are on mine too, although personally the type tools would be higher up and the rotation lower for me (rarely use that option but agree it’s good to be there).

    Anyhow all good things come to those who wait I guess…

    @greg 🙂 dots added. FOrgot what I used when I did my original post way back when but they obviously didn’t translate. Fixed now 🙂

  • PsykX

    What I miss is “Save for web”, “Layer styles” and “Selection options” (ex: Border, Feather, etc.)
    If I have that, Photoshop is out of my iMac. 🙂

    Also, a nice addition would be the ability to create Folders in the Layers window. When I use it, it’s for small things usually so I don’t really need this option, but for professional users who do ads or something, it might be really interesting (or mandatory…!)

  • PsykX

    Oh, I almost forgot about the “Magnetic Lasso”. I rarely use it, but it could save me loads of time when needed 🙂

    I might look like I’m asking for many features at the same time, but I’d like to precise that I love Pixelmator and where it’s going. Since 1.0, I thought it was good but not awesome, it had a lot of potential, but it lacked too many features. Now it’s catching up and it’s better and better every 3-4 months!! Compared to Photoshop which is updated like every 12 months!

  • Kercal

    ((totally unrelated subject to 1.5 but I’d be intrigued to know how many times this page has been loaded, viewed and refreshed… 🙂 ))

  • Agustin

    @Greg : My pleasure… 😀

    @Kercal : I’m glad you like it, I wasn’t choosing any particular order you know, just laying around things I’m REALLY missing inside Pixelmator.

    @PsukX : You nailed it with the folders inside the layer tab, I sometimes end up with more than 200 layers with some work, and folders are MANDATORY. And no, scrolling and clicking is not an option :-/
    Selections are nice too, the feather option is indeed needed.

    Anyone knows the twitter channel from the Pixelmator team ? I would love to follow what’s going on there and also maybe post my thoughts.



  • Dove

    I’m just wishing for multiple views, so I can draw at 400-500% zoom and see the result at 100% simultaneously. This would be the killer feature for me.

  • dropbot

    I second that. Having two windows to the same image with one actual size and the other zoomed in for detail work would be awesome!

  • Joy Inc

    Is it nearly ready for release? Please Please Please! 🙂

  • Kercal

    Nearly 100 comments 🙂

    Still wanna know how many times impatient Pixelmator fans have refreshed this page… And when 1.5 is out, natch…

  • dropbot

    I wonder if this thread will break the 100 post mark. Any thoughts?

  • ItsCosmo

    Not a chance

  • hmurchison

    I think I want Pixelmator 1.5 but the 105th comment. Get to it folks

  • Kercal

    (Room) 101: Photoshop. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🙂

    Sigh. That and gardening. Last distraction before lawnmowing but 1.5 when I’m done? ’bout an hour and a half I think 🙂 would be a lovely surprise.

  • dropbot

    Oh spiiiiideeeeeer, here spider, spider, spider…
    Has anyone seen my spider?

  • Robert Agthe

    Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does whatever a Spiderpig does…
    Hopefully there are LayerFolders and FX in the Spider release 😀

  • foofoorabbit

    Aidas on Twitter says “4 more weeks”.

    Haha, just kidding. “At least 2 more weeks”…and he said that on the 3rd. Which means 1.5 won’t be released any earlier than the 17th…but could be released on the 17th. Which means 3 more days…at least.

  • Formulka

    for layer folders i would wait another month:-)

  • Rachel

    I’d like to see a smudge tool for sure!

  • dropbot

    @ foofoorabbit – I can do 3 more days… ok, I lied. ^_^

  • Agustin

    @Formulka : uhmmmm… another month ? And if we feed them with sweat cookies do you beleive they will work faster ? 😀

    This comp is killing my finger with the scrolling thing 😛

    Ok, I must get back to work, later !



  • Kercal

    I reckon it’s been done a week and a half an Aidas has 144 replies to the thread as a sweep stake answer so is withholding it until he wins. That’s my guess anyhow.

  • dropbot

    @ Agustin – I’m thinking sweat cookies will make them sick…. oh. you mean sweet?

  • Formulka

    sweat cookies thats disgusting man 😛

  • Kercal

    Sweat Cookies filter confirmed for 1.5.1 It’ll take an image, make it kind of moist and clammy and then add soggy broken biscuit crumbs.

    This thread could go some strange places prior to release.

  • dropbot

    I don’t know about you but I tend to work faster after consuming a delicious plate of sweat cookies!

  • Agustin

    typo : “sweet” in fact… yeah!

    But as dropbot said, never underestimate the power and the taste of sweat cookies ! 😀

  • Joy Inc

    Still no Update. Maybe it will be released tomorrow alongside the iPhone os 3.0 update. That would be the best day! 🙂

  • Alastair

    I would still imagine theres quite a few weeks left before 1.5. Save for web is a massive feature to put into pixelmtor. I dont expect too many other major new features either considering the scale of this feature. Also there is no sign of a beta yet, a beta normally gets sent out about 2 weeks before full release. although it was about a month before for 1.4

  • Peedeejay

    Working mainly with newspaper, I mainly edit photos in the manner of destruction. When moving from computer to printed in a newspaper about 75% of the information gets “edited” out of the picture.
    That is regarding to colour range etc.

    When adjusting levels in Ps holding down “alt” shows which part of the photo is going to be totally black or totally white. And that’s a totally absolute must have for me – trusting the screen is a total no-no.
    Therefore I would dump “The Monster App” Ps if such a tiny thing would be added.

    And if there ever will be a Vectormator… I’d cry tears of happiness.

  • Ray

    Are we getting Aperture support in 1.5? Please please do provide this support. 🙂

  • Torkjell

    Yes, we need Aperture support in 1.5!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    i am not that patient!!!!!!! how much longer?!??!?!?!?!!!?!? grrr

  • Mario

    Yeah Aperture support. We want that!

    btw. How should that support look like?

  • Agustin


    Please cool down, development is not a linear process and things can appear unexpectedly breaking things that where working, or things that seemed easyer then turn to be more difficult.

    Cool down, you all know it’s happening, so hold you pants tight… 😀


  • Dainis W. Michel

    We’ll see what the giftbox has inside! Looking forward to it. I’ve been clear about my desire for non-destructive effects/filters, as well as my desire for non-destructive text effects/filters. What I mean by that is that I can apply text effects and then edit the text. Same would go for images, why not? Make everything able to go backwards and forwards, tweaking, adjustments, opacity, etc.

    My main desire is text effects.

    We’ll see what happens when we upgrade!

    Good luck to the developers. Raw foods kick butt for energy and endurance.


  • giannis

    hdri & CMYK support please

  • dropbot

    Agustin, stay out of my tight pants. ^_^

  • Rachel

    this is sad, this page is on my top visited. 😛

  • Martin

    Pixelmator is a great program at a reasonable price with a good interface But I HATE the dark background in the manual as it is extremely hard on the eyes for us middle aged persons over 25 so a WHITE Background thats all I wish for.

  • dropbot

    @ Rachel – I would say that is sad but it is the same for me. T_T

  • Formulka

    i have given up, no more comming to this page, let the update suprise me in pixelmator:-)

  • Chen

    53 days passed… Any news? 🙂

  • Hasgarn

    I am back to Vectormator.
    I know a free app named DrawBerry that look like Pixelmator.

    Well, I think I is a great idea to contact the author of this app.
    He’ll probably be open to partnership…

  • Joy Inc

    Still no 1.5 and June is nearly over!

  • foofoorabbit

    Aidas from Twitter sez: “Still working on 1.5 Unfortunately we may miss the original June release date. We’re pretty close though”

  • Greg

    Am on the edge, waiting for the official release of spider! Any dates?

  • WimDS

    Cool down guys,

    I prefer quality over quantity/speed. Let the programmers do there (great!) work. I’m sure we will see PM 1.5 soon 🙂

  • dropbot

    Not me. I prefer speed/quality. Whatz a few bugs among friends? Aidas sez they are pretty close, OMG I’m starting to itch!

  • Joy Inc

    Okay we can wait but at least gives us a little sneak preview or tidbit to whet our appetites!

  • Kercal

    Been a hot and lovely day (first day eating after stomach bug hurrah) and even then I’m still clicking on this page to see what’s up.

    142: that’s near my guess of 144 for Aidas and the comments sweepstakes. Getting there 🙂

  • foofoorabbit

    Whoever posts last wins.

    Since this is the last post, I win.

  • Kercal

    Not so fast foofoo.

    And I get number 144 too. What did you win Aidas?

    (And can we close the thread k thnx ta 🙂 )

  • hamsta

    This is the final post before Spider is released. So that means I get the super sekret prize. Sorry.

  • Drew

    Now now hamsta I could be the last poster!

  • boblog

    Hey , I’m becoming fan, of your app….
    I have seen the development of Zbrush4, and there’s something very interesting inside of it, its the way how the whole application is sharing picture with the web, that’s really cool…., you want a women on the background of a pic, go for it search, and you will see tons of pictures where its free of right…. that’s cool, also different kind of tools with integration in 3d….. My suggestion for a 2d program can be a real integration of a web browser inside of the app, capable to browse pictures and download right away inside the Pixelmator…. Can be fun….. also can be you own personal site Flickr, pages account right away inside of it….. I think the development within and with the web can be a wining decision in ter, that no one work with it…..

    I will be there when the new version will be out !


  • beru

    any feature preview yet? or did you give up on 1.5?

  • hamsta

    “POOF!” – Shoots beru with the hamster ray of furriness. ^_^

  • Robert

    Okay, I’ll make this post number 150 just in case they are waiting for the number of posts on the thread to match the new version number. Now? Maybe? :^P

  • Kercal


    **reloads Pixelmator just in case.

    Sigh. No update window 🙁

  • mynonA

    a few weeks > 2 months 🙁 anyway keep up the good work

  • chen

    Is there a new release date?

  • dropbot

    There was never a specific release date. It gets here when it gets here

  • Godot

    But it starts getting annoying.

  • PsykX

    They said they would miss the june release date and it’d be really really close. So it can be released any time by now.

    It’s not that it’s annoying really, it’s just… that WE ALL WANT IT!!!

    Oh well, you know this is good because when it launches, we will all appreciate it even more!

  • Radu

    I agree it’s a bit annoying – still, I can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂

  • Joy Inc

    Latest Twitter Update – “1.5 status: JPEG done, GIF done, PNG in progress, interface 70% complete. Some major work left on what we call info labels (size,coords,etc)” 🙂

  • Agustin

    For the people out there saying things are getting “annoying” :

    – Your are getting this update for FREE with your already pruchased license, this means it’s pure BONUS, don’t be you the annoying one.

    – Second, as already stated, development is not a linear and constant peace… I prefer to whait more and get something stable and strong than rush it and get something unstable and disapointing, unusable on production.

    – I know that I’m being kind of hard here with those statements but posting a gazillion messages complaining “it’s not here yet” won’t help you, won’t help the rest of us and wont help neither the developpers since you are putting pressure on them. Also remember that complaining is bad press, and the developpers from pixelmator don’t need that. They have done a lovely software and you have to respect that.

    – Stop ranting and go and use the software to make some cool stuff.

    – I will stop writing this post right now and will keep on making cool stuff with pixelmator.

    Peace everyone,


  • dropbot

    Wow, sounds great! I hope the addition of ‘info labels’ is a program wide thing and not just for new Spider functionality. I would love for crop to have an info label so I can see the x/y in real-time as I adjust.

  • Virtualtaoist

    Weeeeeeeeee! Can’t wait for this update to get released, Pixelmator keeps getting better every time, the developers must know their doing things right if they have such a cult following for updates xD

  • lars

    Don’t hold your breath … When something in software development is about 70% done it can take quite a while before this is released. The last 10% are usually the hardest and after you are “done” you aren’t done, then you have to test the whole thing, fix bugs, test again and so on. For instance Firefox was longer than two month in release candidate state, e.g. it was “done” but not bug free to that extend that you could ship it. I’d estimate we’ll have to wait at least another two or three months. But don’t hesitate, software development isn’t quite a linear process, sometimes things turn out harder than originally assumed. Such is a software developers live.

  • dropbot

    Um yeah lars, interface is 70% done. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time to debug an interface. But thanks for that novel sized post anyways.

  • PsykX

    @dropbot : Yes it does. Unless they are Super Programmers, when something is done in draft version, it isn’t done and there’s a lot to do. The time you lose debugging your stuff depends on how quick you were to throw your code away. If you plan things real carefully, you won’t have a lot of trouble debugging.

  • Kercal

    also @dropbot: lars didn’t mention interface being 70% did he? Or is that a tweet that you’re referring to? Anyhow: yeah depending on the bug sometimes it can feel like forever to squash and that can be a fair percentage of dev time.

    Whether that’s the hold up with 1.5 i don’t know (A mentioned quantisation didn’t he? That’s JPG – GIF isn’t it?) but bearing in mind 1.4 shipped with a bigish class C bug I wouldn’t be unhappy with the team being determined to iron out everything post beta and ship out.

    Still loving the Pix that said… 1.5 soon?

  • dropbot

    PsykX – No, interface is not as complicated as the guts of the programming. Unless the hardest thing programmed is “Hello World”.

    Kercal – Post 159 – “interface 70% “. Com’on man, Keep Up! 😉

  • jd7

    Though more communication from the staff/developers would be helpful in more ways than one. Stating it will be done in a few weeks didn’t help the situation out.

    If the staff would put updates on the “this site” not twitter that might also be helpful with rumors and/or rants. People would like information about what is going on, what is happening and all. The fact that people are so interested in this should be a very nice clue into how much people like it!

    Well only time will tell what 1.5 will offer. I would suggest to all the ranters, calm down a bit. For the people posting about ranters, you’re not really helping to much either.

    I’ll check back in a month.


  • kp

    the product is dead, go buy something else.

    (not a rant, just a fact)

  • PsykX

    @dropbot : But after one does an interface, he has to program stuff. It’s rare that you just place objects, edit their dimensions and attributes and leave them there. When the interface will be 100% done, they’ll have to add programming behind it.

    @kp : I hope you’re sarcastic, or anti-Mac or anything, because it’ll be stronger than ever in the next few weeks or days. You didn’t go to the pixelmator’s twitter account, or did you?

  • dropbot

    @PsykX: Right, as I said, the interface itself doesn’t need much debugging. According to the devs, the interface is 70% complete. That is what I was commenting on.

  • jojo

    just Path Tool (Bezier Selection) and it’s perfect 🙂

  • Mike

    @ kp´s comment

    Nahhhh, he is just an frustrated windows user dreaming of pixelmator ;O)

  • Kercal

    Well.. It is sunny and me I’d far rather be sitting outside than in. Therefore I blame the shiny screens on the newer laptops which must be getting in the way of productivity. Am hoping for rain so they have to come inside where it’s nice and dark 🙂

  • Chris

    Few weeks == three months? Way to manage your expectations.

  • Lionhart


    Just keep us updated when you can. Most of the guys and gals posting here are just anxious but they understand the development process too. I certainly know firsthand. We need some breadcrumbs though. Chris’ sarcasm wasn’t really necessary, but the first statement pointed out something we all realize.

    Good luck,

  • Chris

    I really wasn’t being sarcastic.

    Yes, it’s hard to make things. When you say “we’re a few weeks away from release” that implies that you’re in or near the testing cycle, and have things nailed down. When it’s clear that you can’t deliver on your promise of “[it] is coming in a few weeks” it’s time to man up and say in the same blog “there are bigger issues that will delay this for some time.” Otherwise you will be made fun of. You will be told that you’re full of “claim chowder” (as Gruber would put it). People familiar with the development cycle will wonder how well the project is being managed (and if it is being managed at all).

    I wouldn’t be posting if I didn’t want this product to succeed, but no word on the blog for a quarter signals to me that you’re having significant problems. Even your reply to me is devoid of any useful information. Best of luck to you.

  • Yun

    I agree with Chris. There is a giant header above this page saying “Let’s talk”, well, talk then 🙂
    Me too thinks Pixelmator is an awesome product and that is also the reason I bought a license but please get on the PR bandwagon and sprinkle some words, positive or negative, at least we know what to expect.

  • Grappik

    I, too, have to agree with Chris and Yun. I will also add that I realize the Pixelmator Team is a small up and coming company. However, you guys have a major product with a pretty loyal following. It is time you started putting a little more effort into your public relations. Otherwise, you risk alienating your loyal customer base. And, like I said, Pixelmator Team is a small up and coming company, don’t lose the customers that are the ones promoting you.

    You risk doing that if you make an announcement about a product and then not follow up with the customers about that same product they are expressing so much interest in. As you can see, it has already turned a positive item (the excitement from the customers) into a negative item (annoyed customers feeling like they are left in the dark).

  • Agustin

    Seriously guys,

    We’ve been receiving little updates via twitter… so what’s the big deal ? that it wasn’t posted here ? Grow up please !

    I prefer the small team that works hard for the product than a lot of PR bullshit. And those who will argue they where waiting for this to happen to make that special job, I have a very straight answer : NO! You don’t plan your pipeline with what possibly be out in 2 weeks or 2 months… you plan your work with what you’ve got right now and keep on chewing, and when it’s out than Yay everyone is happy.

    Pixelmator for what it is already is a bargain, one of the best software investments I have made (and I have made a lot, some major products), so in no way I will complain because instead of 2 weeks it took 3 months. I want a finished pro tested product and that’s what it takes.

    You complain, but you obviously don’t know what is pain, go the Zbrush forums and read the Mac threads, or go to the Silo forums and see how costumers where left in the dust. Pixelmator is alive and kicking, doesn’t crash and will be updated (for FREE for existing costumers), what else could you ask ?

    Like I said, get back to work, make something amazing with pixel, and come here check time to time… you will get your fix, all of us will…



  • Joy Inc

    Whoa. This has gotten heavy. I think a group hug is in order! 🙂

  • Agustin

    Joy, I’m all for the hugs !!! 😀

    Come over here, I have nice belgian beer too to cheer out… 😉


  • kercal

    Mmmmm Belgian beer. It’s OK guys, take as long as you want: Agustin’s suggested a good distraction 🙂 Mine’s a Leffe Radiuese please ta.

  • Daniel P.

    Regarding the twitter updates, if they have indeed decided to inform the community via a microblogging service such as twitter instead of the blog on their website it might be a good idea to inform us of that. I cannot find a link on their website to their twitter page. I may have missed it but still it isn’t very prominent.

    Again – as everyone else here has said – I enjoy Pixelmator and would like to see the product succeed. And actually the very fact that anyone who posts a suggestion in this comment thread must post such disclaimers for fear of being lambasted for the well intentioned suggestion is a good illustration of how communication is breaking down.

  • dropbot

    Seriously Daniel P. hyperbolic much? Can you point out the post where someone gets “lambasted”?

  • Agustin


    You are a Pixelmator user I suppose… and if I’m right that means you are using some model of Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, etc… I mean, you are using a computer from one of the most SECRETIVE companies in the hole fricking world. You only know something about when it’s out… and it can go for a two year cycle and even more without a fricking news update.

    Now that doesn’t seems to disturb you that much, I don’t see you complaining that appel communication is broken. And I mean, Apple does have the resources to have at least 1000 people doing PR bullshit. Is communication broken ?

    Why do people think developpers owe them a step by step communication ? Do you want them to twitter or blog also when they go shopping ? drink cola ? go to the toilets ?

    Everyone knows that it will be out, that things will keep going and that pixel will grow, so stop shouting all over the place about the upcoming apocalypse… or maybe you are an Adobe Troll payed to inject fud ?

    Anyway, people tend to be arrogant and tend to think that things are owed to them when they are not !

    This thread should be closed. Be pro, design something in pixel, enjoy life and stop puting more shame on you with that kind of post.

    Sorry if I’m rude, but you are out of your place with those statements.



  • Grappik


    I was not complaining. I was offering some advice. The only person here not being “pro” is yourself. You don’t agree with statements I, or others, make. However, you have to honor that we are allowed to make them. Just because what we say is not what you want to read does not give you the right to tell us to not speak.

    You rant and rave about people that have something critical to say. You are part of the problem I was bringing up in my original comment. I, and the others, have not resorted to insults, whereas you have. So, please do not tell us to “grow up”. Sometimes the people that point out the negative things are the ones that care the most. I am sorry if you cannot appreciate this notion that has occurred all throughout history. The better artist is the one that surrounds himself with the people that will tell him his work sucks, than the one that surrounds himself with a bunch of people that always say how great his work is.

    You made the assumption that by using the term “public relations”, I was referring to “PR bullshit”. I am sorry that you feel that public relations are bullshit. I, however, feel that public relations are exactly what the term suggests, the relation a company has with the public. If you can’t look at this whole thread and see that the relation Pixelmator has with the public is showing the signs of beginning to break down, then I don’t consider you a very loyal Pixelmator user.

    Nowhere did I say that I wanted the product right this instant. I only asked for communication from the company that decided to start all this by making an announcement that they then couldn’t honor. You bring up how secretive Apple is. Pixelmator Team was not secretive. This conversation wouldn’t be happening if they had been. They made an announcement of this product. Apple does this, too. And 9 out of ten times, they are on target. They don’t make an announcement unless they are pretty sure it will happen. When they do miss a target, and they do, Apple will announce that the product is delayed until another period of time. And that target, they never miss. So, bad example.

    So, I must go to forums of other software vendors who have crappy public relations to understand how I am fortunate to get bad public relations from Pixelmator Team? This makes no sense, and I suggest you rethink it, or drop this point from your argument. So, another bad example.

    Where did I say i wanted step-by-step updates from Pixelmator Team? On the contrary, I just want an update on this blog where the announcement was made as to what the current status of the product is. One simple line would do. That is good public relations. I am sorry, again, that you feel that PR is bad for business. I can’t wait to deal with your company. (That was sarcasm, just in case you missed it) This one I will chalk up as just another bad argument.

    I am arrogant? So, let me get this straight… I am arrogant because I want a company to succeed in every way possible. So much so, that I go out of my way to share something that I see could turn into a major problem down the line? Is that really arrogant? Funny. I would only consider someone getting on here and seeing comments they don’t like and being mean to the people that made them, to be arrogant. After all, isn’t arrogance believing that only your opinion matters? And finally, I will put this one in the bullshit column.

    So, to sum it all up, you have no idea what you are talking about. You are rude, condescending, and trying to bully your way around with a bunch of made up nonsense and bullshit you know nothing about. If I were you, I would think a little more before I typed. Unlike you, I welcome your differing opinion. I just wish you could share it in a more meaningful manner.

    Thanks for reading!


  • ItsCosmo

    Grappik: 2, Agustin: 0

  • dropbot

    ItsCosmo: -1 (sorry, couldn’t resist) 😀

  • Joy Inc

    I think everyone should just calm down! Breathe in with Love……Out with Anger…..In with love….out with anger.

    I do think that the Pixelmator guys should respond to this thread however if only to calm things down! 😉

  • Agustin

    @Grappik :

    The simple fact that you answered so vigorously to my post show by itself that you feel targeted by what I wrote yesterday, and in some way it tinkles you where you don’t like it. I wasn’t targeting anyone in particular, but the hole ranting thing. I don’t have any hard feelings toward anyone here around, not even you after your reply, you have your point of view and stated it, I respect that. I have mine and I know I can be rough sometimes.

    I’m all for communication, and all for a good talk with the devs, that’s how Silo was before… We used to have weekly betas, lot of talk, suggestions, it was amazing ! Then suddenly communication was lost, and not for just some shy 3 months, but for a LOT more (I don’t even wan’t to talk about Zbrush for mac here). Everyone was in the dark, with a buggy software in our hands and no answer. After that we got a PR guy who keeps until now posting tutorials and latter a post from one of the devs telling us that they thought the software was done and that they will update it when they fell they can. At first I had your reaction, and posted a lot on communicating, on how things should be, etc.

    Then I understood something that saved me a lot of time, first the devs don’t owe you that communication. I KNOW it’s better to have it but they don’t owe you that. There comes the arrogance about demanding this and that, I don’t even allow myself to demand things from my girlfriend, how could I do it to a guy I don’t even know ? I know, we have paid for a piece of software and that gives us rights right ? But those rights tend to be confused by the costumer (I do CG art/animation for living and I can tell you, I know the other side of the fence too, you don’t realy see it until you are there). Well from my perspective Pixelmator already gave me so much for the price I paid that I don’t see why I should complain that much about a delay in the dev cycle. And second, is that all the ranting was only lost time and lost energy and was just burying things down everytime someone hitted the nail.

    So I used that time doing things, learning, working, getting things out… that’s what I call pro (I wasn’t talking about myself, that would be way to arrogant 😉 ). I was reffering to why don’t we all take a break, go out and learn, create, do things, and come back here time to time to check things and one day KABLAM !!! Spider will be here and with probably some news about future plans.

    I say, whait and see… talking ? YES, but wisely… 😉

    Already talked too much here, and I wasn’t trying to insult you or anybody, just to shake some minds up.

    @ItsCosmo :

    Now THAT was stupid. And not because I’m loosing 😉

    @Joy :

    Belgian beer my friend, belgian beer…. ouuuuuuuuu yeah !



  • Anon Cowherd


    I’m a budding Pixelmator fan, and intend to buy it as soon as I have to actually do some work with graphics. I’m really happy that I won’t have to pay €1100 for Photoshop instead 🙂

    But I agree with some of the impatient people here. It’s been a loong time since I saw this latest blog entry, which said that 1.5 would be coming out in “a few weeks”, and I’ve been checking back sometimes to see if it’s out yet.

    It’s obviously been more than a few weeks now, and I think all people are saying is that it would be appropriate to give us a new estimate on when 1.5 would be coming out.

    Someone said that one line would do, and I agree. We all understand that software development is complicated stuff, and it’s pretty damn difficult to give accurate estimates, but it should also be pretty damn easy to keep us posted about the progress.

    “Hi, we ran into some problems with X, Y, Z and we won’t be able to release 1.5 ‘on time'”.

  • kercal

    @dropbot: I’d rather drink a beer for Jesus. Hugging one seems counterproductive, not to mention messy.

    @Agustin: delays are expected in software sometimes and tbh I have no problem with it being here when it’s here. And no, the devs don’t owe us any info. But communication costs nothing and I don’t think any of us would begrudge them saying ‘this parts not working to expectations, we’ll let you know how things go when they get closer…’ Apple are secretive, yes, but that’s hardware and slightly different. Moreover their webpage has a big banner at the top which says “don’t talk” doesn’t it? 😀

    Anyhow, it’ll be here when it’s here so to that extent I’m happy to sit and wait and see what comes up. Sadly I can’t find Radieusse anywhere (always the hardest Leffe to get in the UK) so will have to sit and contemplate over something else… Have got some Erdinger in the fridge… Not the same but will have to do.

  • Grappik


    I am in agreement with you when you say that customers sometimes feel they are owed something from the developers. However, I think you’re wrong here in this thread.

    Basically, If Pixelmator Team had not made this announcement none of our conversation would be happening. They started a conversation with us, and then walked away in the middle of it. I don’t feel I am owed anything, nor do I feel a lot of the others on here do, on a regular basis. But if you are going to make an announcement, you should expect that people are going to be interested in it.

    I would not be upset if they had made no announcement, and just came out with the product. I would not have gotten involved. Because, I would not have seen the problem I saw in this thread. However, it is not good to your customers to take this route after you have already made the announcement.

    So, Pixelmator Team, make a choice. Either start conversations about your product(s), and stay involved. Or keep quiet, and only speak when things are done. You can’t have it both ways. It just doesn’t work.

  • Anon Cowherd


    You’d rather drink a beer for LORD Jesus Christ Almighty? 🙂

    I don’t really want to hurt your feelings, but since we’re on the Internet and I’m an Anonymous Cowherd, I feel obliged to ask you to consider the possibility that religion might be a silly thing..

    You can, of course, counter everything with “The LORD works in mysterious ways” or “It’s not our place to question HIS decisions”, etc, but just as an example of something to think about..

    If God is supposedly watching over us, and protecting us from harm and so forth, why do random good & innocent people get killed all over the world? Why is there so much suffering in so many places, if God, being omnipotent and all, could just.. stop/prevent it?

    – You don’t know, but you bet God has a good reason for this? :p

    Here’s an article you might want to read: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2008/05/10-reasons-you-should-never-have-a-religion/

    Be warned though, that it’s really blunt and will likely hurt your feelings.

    I apologize for this outburst, first to all of you, and if you’re actually not a particularly religious person, then to you too, kercal.

  • dropbot

    @ Anon Cowhead – kercal was responding to my joke about combining beer and hugs. I was the one who threw jesus into the mix. ^_^ (had to confess my sin) LOL

  • Anon Cowherd


    Alright, nevermind then 🙂

  • Peedeejay

    I’m so… just want this to be done and updated now. I really, really want to get rid of Adroobe PS.

    All I want to be able to do is, when adjusting levels in PS holding down “alt” shows which part of the photo is going to be all black or all white. If that “simple” feature is added… I’ll most likely be a 100% switcher.

    Maybe this is already possible in Pixelmator? ? ?

    Well, to the Pixelmator makers – keep going!

  • PsykX

    I have to agree that I’d be happy if they said :
    1. “Sorry, we know you’ve all been waiting for the update, but we’re definately missing the 1st July release date because this and this. Right now, we’re aiming for a release around mid-August or something like that”.
    2. “We really wanted Pixelmator users to get the latest out of Pixelmator, so we decided to release Spider anyway. We cut 2 major features (we won’t tell you which =D ), but we promise they’ll both be in Pixelmator 1.6 or 1.5.1. Amonst the new features though, you now have the ability to do this, this and this. I hope you all like, thanks!”

    No matter what happens between those 2 situations, this is some kind of a letdown, but it would still make me really happy somehow to have feedback, honest feedback from them.

    Anyway, I know the release is approaching at an alarming speed and I know when it’ll be released I’ll be really really happy it has everything they planned in their pipeline.

    So… Cheers to every Pixelmator user, and cheers to this magnificient developement team. I know stuff can happen and maybe you’d hope for working 1 week on something, but then you realize that it’s going to take 3!

  • Robert...

    Currently Pixelmator feature set includes this/that/other, the next version will potentially enhance those things or add new features – but who cares?

    Sitting at your computer right now, will knowing when the release will come make your current work any better or even different? Unlikely… in my opinion of course…

    There are a dozen things I’d request right now but I don’t get to choose, the product management team do… they *might* listen to me, they *might* listen to anyone – but even if they promise to deliver everything I/you/we ask for it doesn’t make any difference to my/your/our work until the product itself arrives, even if I believe there is a specific effect or workflow that can only be achieved with a planned feature…

    So please… grow up, delete the bookmark to this thread and wait until the day you launch the application and it informs you there is an update available.

    Just my two pennies…


  • dropbot

    Breaking News: Adobe has purchased Pixelmator and that is why 1.5 has been delayed for so long. That is all.

  • PsykX

    LOL That would be the end of time. Adobe will ruin every single part of Pixelmator, put a knife into it and twist, and twist, and twist, start a fire on it, turn it into ashes, and finally, smoke the ashes. Then they will be able to do their usual thinking for the upcoming features in Photoshop 🙂

    Seriously though, I think the Pixelmator team has to be much more respected than Adobe… so let’s give them a small break!

  • foofoorabbit

    Well, Adobe has a hundred people working on Photoshop. And the Pixelmator team is pretty much a 2-man team. And Photoshop is only marginally better than Pixelmator.

    For sure the Pixelmator team should be much more respected than Adobe.

  • Gerry

    It’s hilarious how much this thread is just like this one for TextMate: http://blog.macromates.com/2009/working-on-it/

    Beloved and cheap OS X app, written by a tiny team, check.
    Zealous fans, eager for even the slightest scrap of info about an update, check.
    Angry customers, calling the developers unprofessional, check.
    Invocations of religion, accusations of stupidity, personal viciousness, check check check.
    Horrible abuse of a blog comment thread to vent any any all concerns, issues, and complaints for said product because there’s no dedicated discussion forum, check!

  • Jango311

    Yo, I’ve been thinking about buying this program for some time. It’s the best program I’ve used so far (Even though it was the trail and I got to use it for like, 3 months for some odd reason), I guess I’m going to get this when I get my next pay check 😀

    Don’t really care about this 1.5 update. 1.4 is still the best program I’ve used after searching for a long time. I would be scared buying something from a “dead project” but this program is still awesome. Very user friendly 🙂

  • dropbot

    Visited the Apple store in San Francisco today and saw Pixelmator on the shelf. Awesome!

  • Agustin

    @foofoorabbit :

    Wowwwwwww, hold on your horses dude, Photoshop has been in development for YEARS, and has been the leading photo retouching software ever since, and for a good reason : it’s the best out there (for now of course). Saying those guys don’t need to be respected is pretty dumb, they builded the foundations of photo retouching on computers… and much (if not all the idea behind it) of Pixelmator is inspired from Photoshop. So, calm down, as much as I want to see Pixelmator succeed in eat Adobe cake, I have a LOT of respect for what Photoshop was and is right now.

    Adobe has become huge and slow, like every huge corporation out there… but competition is good for everyone, and sooner than later Adobe will move it’s ass from the chair and will start to inovate again. And that will make pixelmator team keep inovating too… so, lets see what happens in the next year.

    @Gerry :

    Hahahahahahahahaaaaaa… that made my day, nice nice nice post 😉 and also, Textmate is an amazing piece of software I use EVERY and I mean EVERY fricking day.

    @Jango311 :

    There is no need to be preocupied, just buy it, it’s heal yeah worth the prize… my take is, buy it now before it gets more expensive.

  • dropbot

    Agustin, actually Deluxe Paint built the foundation. Photoshop came after. Otherwise I totally agree. ^_^

  • Radu

    I don’t get why is it so hard for some developers to update their weblog (see macrabbit) – I think something like this would be enough: “It seems it takes longer then expected to release the new version – stay tuned as we’re working hard to bring 1.5 release to life.” – and close the comments on that 🙂

    P.S. You can quote me if you want.
    P.P.S. It looks bad to have your latest post dated three month ago… 🙂

  • kercal

    @dropbot Mmmm Dpaint – happy days… Although that said I remember using an art program on the Sinclair Spectrum waaaaay before Dpaint but can’t remember what it was called 🙁

  • Saulius Dailide (Pixelmator Team)

    Dear Radu,

    it seems it takes longer then expected to release the new version – stay tuned as we’re working hard to bring 1.5 release to life. 🙂

  • MacW

    @ Saulius:

    Finally a sign of life from the developer team! Thank you!

  • Lionhart

    We’re simple beings, we just need carrots 😉

  • Heiko Behrens

    Really looking forward to Spider, Pixelmator already is great value for its price but can still be improved…

  • Victor Domingos

    I am currently a GIMP user. I’m considering purchasing Pixelmator, as I appreciate some of its features, but by now there are some issues that stop me from buying. I need “save for web” with image preview and filesize calculation for optimized images for use in the web. I would like to have a custumizable user interface (similar to GIMP, or better), a history pannel and an option to change the interface color back to the normal grey… That black is way too strong. 🙂

    I have been testing Pixelmator in a MacBook Pro and I noticed it didn’t behave very well with big images (for instance 5000x5000pxl), or medium images with several layers using blending modes. I’m not very sure if it means I have a problem in my NVidia graphics card, or if it is a bug in Pixelmator… 🙁

    I’ll keep waiting for the next version. I am very curious about it.

  • Drew

    @Victor…..if you need save for the web…..why are you using 5000×5000 images????

  • dropbot

    Wow, that came out weird, with the link. Wishing for a delete post button right about now. LOL

  • Jow!!!

    I can probably tell you one of the reasons it’s being delayed. Snow Leopard. Not because they want it to be released beside it, but rather some new stuff in Quartz. However, Pixelmator has graphical errors on the UI in Snow Leopard. Give the guys a break and let them make quality software, and fix the issues that will be coming if things stay the same in SL.

  • Stefan

    Take a look at comment #175 and you can win 1 Pixelmator Licence. Deadline ist 07.08.2009.

  • bberg

    woa. a slice-tool icon on the updated post!

  • Radu

    @Saulius – 🙂

    Nice icon by the way.

  • Victor Domingos

    @Drew Well, I use my personal image editor (currently GIMP, but I am considering switching partially or almost completely to PM) to different tasks. I do lots of simple image editing for blogs, mainly with small pictures. But I also enjoy editing photos (color correction, creative editing, …), working within their original size, and using several layers. Different tasks, same app, no contradiction 😉

  • dropbot

    @bberg – thanks for saying that was the Slice Tool. For a minute I thought it was a subliminal suicide hint and the brothers were getting desperate!

  • davide

    Pixelmator is a very promising software and I was thinking to purchase it as replacement of photoshop. However, it seems that pixelmator team isn’t big enough to ensure regular updates and complete corporate communication on their web site.

  • hmurchison

    @ $59 per license do you all honestly think they have a bunch of coders working? Yes they underestimated how much time was needed. Typically it’s that last 20 % that takes a surprising amount of time. They’re putting in a lot of work for a free update. When Spider hits I’m going to buy another license and gift it. These guys have deserved it.

  • Davide

    Ok, PM is good, but lack of communication is lack of communicstion even for $0,99 applications.

  • Sam

    Well then. I bought a Pixelmator license and am not all that happy about that because there still is a whole load of work to do – and it seems not enough crew to do it. But then: I only paid $50 – how could I hope to get something like the Photoshop I had on my PC? 🙂 So, we just wait some more.

    BTW: I found a Pixelmator coupon code in the normal Twitter search – if that helps anyone 🙂

  • Victor Domingos

    Just bought a licence of Pixelmator… I didn’t like the fact that the VAT is only added to the total when we enter all the payment data!… So, the real price for this app is a little higher than what I had thought initially.

    In my country, all the prices are indicated with all taxes included, or there is visible note indicating the contrary 🙁

    Now I’ll keep waiting for the next update, as it will bring – i hope – some of the features I’m missing in current version (save for web in first place, I guess).

  • Robert

    You people realize that the reason developers don’t like to post dates when products will be released is because if they don’t meet the deadline everyone whines, just as all the posts above indicate. If they never mentioned what 1.5 will do, everyone would be happy using the current version. Comment 240 made me laugh! As if Pixelmator is a horrible product without save-to-web. I’m sorry, but you had to have used another app that had that feature in order to miss it. If so, why don’t you keep using that app? I switched from Photoshop & Fireworks for web development to Pixelmator and, yes, some things require more steps in Pixelmator but I have been able to accomplish the same affect!

  • Ed Glasheen

    To Pixelmator Team; Take your time. This app is awesome and waiting for the next release, however long it takes is worth it.


  • dropbot

    People who need to save compressed images for the web can use a program called ImageOptim http://pornel.net/imageoptim – you can save images from Pixelmator into a special folder and ImageOptim will automagically do a save for web to the images.

  • Victor Domingos

    @Robert It is not a horrible product. If it was so, I would not have bought it the same day I wrote those lines of text. I use GIMP, which has a lot more features than Pixelmator, but I like Pixelmator for not requiring X11 and for using graphics card acceleration. I’ll be using bot apps, but it would be easier and faster to have in PM a feature I use everytime, i.e. save for web (don’t need slices, just a quality preview for JPEG compression).

    @dropbot I know that little app (ImageOptim) and it is interesting and fast. However, it does not have a quality preview…

  • dropbot

    @Victor – Yeah I know. 🙁 It is just a stop gap until 1.5 comes out. Plus it is FREE! 🙂

  • T

    info panel or status bar under image with pixel size of image + x/y coords of mouse + on select the size of the box + pixel positions etc.
    like in every other draw app… THANK YOU! 😉

  • boblog

    Yop keep on going Pixelmator team, I like this app…..! !!! A little effort, on the brush panel can be cool (like a slider, pls)

  • Chet

    Can we please have blend effects between layers? like.. drop shadows for example?

  • creativevitae

    Just to say I’m really enjoying the current version of Pixelmator. I do wedding photography as a second job and the combo of Aperture and Pixelmator meets all my needs at the moment. Sure there are occasional bugs and gripes, but it manages the 21 megapixel images from my 5D with surprisingly few problems. Fast too, very fast!

    Oh and I believe in Jesus, not sure how that’s relevant – but others were mentioning their beliefs so I thought I should join in!

  • Victor Domingos

    “Oh and I believe in Jesus, not sure how that’s relevant – but others were mentioning their beliefs so I thought I should join in!”

    – That’s an interesting point 🙂

    Unfortunally, I am not able to edit such large images here. Anything larger than 16megapixels starts to generate screen noise, especially when zooming. 🙁

  • dropbot

    I think I’ll take this opportunity to confess my belief in the Easter Bunny and Santa.
    Also congrats to this thread for breaking the 250 mark. 😀

  • kp

    stop complaining. it was only $59, it got you a product for over a year and a half.

    but the product is dead, go buy something else.

  • kercal


    Thanks for the advice Doctor. What do you suggest that’s half as good for nowhere near the price?

    ((Actually the big irony about all this is that I’m not so bothered about the spider side of things as I almost never make webpages or the like and if I do I just use the rules as slice guides… That said a new Pixelmator release is always good fun to play with hence the occasional refresh of the thread…))

  • PsykX

    Ahhh, they named it Spider because of new features for the Net, and since the Net is the Internet, well…

    *suddenly feels stupid*


    *decides that stupid is not the good word ; retarded is*

  • WacoChili

    Everyone complaining here is a f**ktard! I used PM to layout, design, slice-n-dice (not the P’shop way, of course!)and deliver an entire site. Go ask your Mommys and Daddys to give you the cash for P’shop and grow a pair!

    Remember boys and girls, the true test of your skill comes when you find a way, regardless of the tools you are given to get your work done. You can’t rely on the feature set of a software package to do menial tasks 🙂

    I’m just sayin’…

  • Victor Domingos

    I keep getting more and more curious about how do you people use Pixelmator for webdesign. As kind of an outsider, I get the impression that without vector tools, it’s a bit difficult to make webdesign inside an app like PM. Am wrong? Is there any tutorial available related to webdesign?

    Ok, I understand taht for making buttons and other small elements, PM is okay. But.. for complete pages/templates…?

  • chen

    Just bought Pixelmator yesterday, look forward to the 1.5 Spider! That will be a free update? Woo!

  • bear912

    Thanks for the update on your update, guys! 😉 Take your time, and make Spider a quality update! Your work is great!

  • boblog

    Times UP !

  • bernie

    I guess it could be renamed Snow Spider, since Snow Leopard will be here soon (28th August if the rumours going round are correct, but probably 7th Sept).

    Maybe some of the delay is to ensuring the update is Snow Leopard compatible….. Hopefully Pixelmator is released before Snow Leopard 🙂

    Looking forward to both release!

  • Anonymous Cowherd

    “Update: (2009/07/29) it seems it takes longer then expected to release the new version”

    So you really did quote him! You didn’t reveal much about the status of 1.5 though.

    When you decide to do Real PR, it’s a good idea to let a literate person write it.

  • Formulk

    it works under snow leopard .. just the brush palette is all black, brushes work though

  • dropbot

    Wouldn’t that be cool if they are making it Apple Tablet compatible? We could draw on a zoomed in area on the Apple Tablet while the main monitor shows the zoomed out view. Drool!

  • Agustin

    FormulK :

    Snow Leopard isn’t even out yet… how could you know it does work on it ? Are you a developer ?


  • Formulk

    ive got my hands on a mac with latest beta which is rumored to be the release version, there are few other minor issues with pixelmator than i pointed out, but nothing huge … and overall its smoother than on 10.5

  • bernie

    The brush palette seems an odd problem. I guessed it would run OK without much change. Just joking really that the 1.5 release has run up to the OS release. Hoping it won’t delay 1.5 further.

    If support is added for Snow Leopard’s new features, I presume it might be for some of the “under the hood” technologies: Grand Central / OpenCL and 64-bit exe (which would be one up on Adobe!)

    Be cool to see it run on an Apple Tablet with multi-touch / pen 🙂

  • Jow!!!

    If you read post #229, you’ll notice that I spoke of Snow Leopard. If I have to spill it out, Snow Leopard has a few issues with application. For example, I posted a video on how to install Maya on Snow Leopard because no one else could figure it out. Expression for another example has an issue with Wacom tablets. And Finally, Houdini has an issue with Carbon, thus not allowing you to be able to get Menu items. Snow Leopard has an issue displaying Grads, Brushes, etc. So, let them get their kinks out, sit tight, and relax. It’ll come sooner than 64-bit Photoshop.

  • foofoorabbit

    Calm down Augustin.

  • Wooster

    Going off topic on our off-off topic discussion. Doesn’t the zillions of replies here remind anyone of Resexcellence?

  • dropbot

    Never heard of Resexcellence. What did it do?

  • Wooster

    Back in the System 9 Days (and early OS X I think), Resexcellence was the go to stop for graphical hacks and modifications.

    Sometime in the OSX era Resexcellence had a change of ownership. And… nothing happened. The site eventually got replace with a nice looking blog about the Resexcellence relaunch.

    At one point the developers fell off the face of the earth and the last blog entry ended up garnering thousands of replies. Without cheating and hitting the ‘Home’ or ‘End’ Keys it could take you several minutes to scroll to the bottom of the page where the latest replies are.

    I’m just thinking that the closely approaching 300 posts mark is an interesting mirror on my part.

    Of course, the two instances have little more then that in common. Resexcellence has dissolved from an excellent Mac resource site, to a Zombie blog, and more recently what I can only assume is a hacker’s playground. Pixelmator on the other hand has a competent team behind it. And with Snow Leopard around the corner, I can totally understand why we’ve got this unexpected delay.

    Remember, Pixelmator 1.1 ‘Kitten’ was dedicated practically wholly to fixing Leopard compatibility. Right now it looks like the brothers are working on giving us a two for one update. Spider, and ‘Snow Kitten’.

    Besides, what’ve we to worry about? 10.6 is right around the corner and we’ll be sufficiently distracted going ‘oooh and ahh’ and whining about how Snow Leopard broke this and that.

    =D Honestly, life doesn’t get much better then this.

  • peterfig

    Saulius – if it’s ready when will it be released to us? Thx!

  • Mike

    Hmm… could we be seeing an august 28th release? This is going to be an awesome day! Snow leopard and pixelmator !?

  • Wooster

    Maybe their waiting to time it with a high profile review like with TUAW or MacWorld or something? Or maybe Snow Leopard like Mike said, in addition.



  • lardlad

    Save for web and slices and I am buying.

  • bor

    I think Pixelmator Team wants to wait bit longer, because premiere of Snow Leopard would overshadow release of version 1.5. If I’m right, I hope it wont be more than one week 🙂

  • Formulk

    telling us its ready and not releasing it is just … cruel

  • thoiz_vd

    Come on guys, we’ve waited for such a long time. If it’s ready, give it us please.

  • Marcos Calatayud

    Uhm, next OSX, Snow Leopard, is 10.6.

    Waiting all this time… will they merge 1.5 with 1.6 and call it Snow Spider? 😛

  • dropbot

    Saulius, you naughty boy, such a TEASE!!! LOL

  • erv

    Layer styles, adjustments layers, and a lab color palette (even if there is no real lab mode – just the ability to use it as a selection).

    If those features were accounted for, I’d buy pixelmator and use ps less and less.

  • kercal

    Who doesn’t use Pshop less and less these days anyway? I mean just in terms of how long it takes to load if nothing else 🙂

    The three above issues would help me out though so vote +1 for whichever version comes after Spider. At the moment I use Photoshop as a glorified colour checker (or for the wave filter which I use a lot in my abstracts). Looking forward to the day I can uninstall though.

  • erv

    The load is horrible, no question about that one 🙂

    Good to see I’m not the only one using it for color! The incredible way pixelmator is developing makes me fantasize about a vectormator, pictormator and webtormator. 😛

  • gp

    ooooh it’s ready!! can’t wait!! 🙂

  • chen

    Oh, Snow Spider? Looks like a good name. 🙂

  • thoiz_vd

    Maybe they’re waiting for comment #300. 😀

  • mixo

    ok, let’s get to comment 300 then 🙂

  • gopher300


  • gopher300


  • Mike


  • Jacob


  • Josh


  • Jace

    300! I’m so full of win it’s insane (yeah right) so no release on my birthday, how about a present for being #300? =D

  • dropbot

    Man u guys are a buncha cheaters!!!
    Jace, u win 300 magical invisible unicorns. ^_^

  • Kilian

    This is getting pretty close to a Photoshop replacement, what’s missing for me are the following:

    Shapes and importing of vector graphics (ai, eps, svg) as such
    Slicing for the web
    Non-destructive layer styles (shouldn’t be that hard, Core Graphics can do that favourably, just look at LiveQuartz or iMaginator from Stone Design)
    Something like smart objects

    But guys you’re so getting there. For the money it’s still an incredible package. Keep on rockin!

  • foofoorabbit

    Slicing is such bullshit. It’s like you web developers are stuck in the 90s.

    With CSS2 and CSS3, you’re better off creating your elements using graphics with alpha-transparencies.

  • Tarmac

    This version release is like “Waiting for Godot”.

    Spider will come. You’ll see. Spider will be here any moment now. Just be patient, and wait, have faith. Spider will come … you’ll see … any moment now. 😉

  • kercal

    The other irony is that I don’t like spiders… So the dialog’ll probably pop up and I’ll scream and run away rather than install…

    ((coming from the fact that the past two weeks have been pretty bad for the eight legged fiend where I live and if you’ve seen the Media Molecule blog – http://www.mediamolecule.com/2009/08/25/giant-enemy-spider/ ((LOOOOVE me some LBP )) then you’ll be seeing that it ain’t just me that’s having trouble with the small furry nasties.))

    So yeah, I’m conflicted.

  • tilsammans

    “Slicing is such bullshit. It’s like you web developers are stuck in the 90s.”

    Actually, our customers are. Most of them still demand IE6 compatibility, which leaves no other option.

    Thanks for the uplifting comment though, always appreciated!

  • jeff

    tilsammans – if you think slicing is the answer to IE6 compatibility issues than i feel really really bad for your customers…. not only is slicing not the “only option”, its also a terrible choice.

    time to learn how to code properly with html and css. seriously. ie can be dealt with fairly easily if you know what your doing.

  • Godot

    Hey, Tarmac, I’m just around the corner.

  • peterfig

    I must agree that slicing is not really needed or the right approach if you’re going to create properly coded HTML / CSS sites. It’s much better, more correct and certainly cleaner to create the elements you need standalone, or as most do, simply cut up the image file yourself manually to fit what you need each element to be versus a slice grid pattern.

    But either way … I’m very much looking forward to Save for Web capabilities. I wouldn’t mind a nice vector tool so I can cut out objects, create masks etc.

  • Michael

    I’m sure pixelmator will be here very shortly after Snow Leopard is out.

  • Roland

    311 <— Good band. “I can’t wait till tomorrow” -Peter Wolf

  • Radu

    Guys, what’s wrong with slicing? You can’t use sprites all the times and who says a slice cannot be png?

  • peterfig

    I guess it depends how people use slices. If you use the slice too to individually “Save for Web” images that you manually selected that’s cool. But I’ve seen a few too many examples where someone just creates a full page PSD file, then just does a ‘grid’ type slice-job on it and creates a nasty HTML page that’s just a mess or rows and rows of square images (sometimes in tables!) ….. some of you know what I’m talkin’ about 🙂

  • Wooster


    Augh! The 90’s! I thought we were done with them! Back, back! Stay awayyyyy!

  • dropbot

    Sprites!? I haven’t heard that term since programing games on the Amiga. :O

  • Radu

    http://css-tricks.com/css-sprites/ 🙂

    eh, I’ve seen those kind of sites but to be honest, most of the designs I’ve seen lately – at least on some nice css showcase galleries are using images in a very responsible manner

  • Jace

    Wow, now that I have Snow Leopard, PS3 quits on my for a simple copy paste and I REFUSE to upgrade to CS4!

    PLEASE PixelMator, release 1.5!!!

    TGIF, I have the whole weekend to cry myself to sleep.

  • thoiz_vd

    Please, Pixelmator Team, it’s getting annoying now.

  • Riccardo

    Snow Leopard is near my MacBookPro and I don’t want to upgrade to CS4. I love Pixelmator I’ve bought it when published, but there are some features I’m waiting for (layers blendind options, layers grouping, a window like navigator). Useful things to better organize my pxm projects and daily activities.

    Please, let me uninstall CS3 ! Thanks.

  • dropbot

    Count off if you went to straight to this web page after installing Snow Leopard?

    One! 😀

  • Vincent

    Because of Snow Leopard I have to say goodbye to my ‘old’ photoshop elements.

    I need to buy another program and I like the Pixelmator demo I just downloaded.

    There is just 1 question left for me, will the new Pixelmator 1.5 version also be available in Dutch language?

  • Daniel Morrow

    @dropbot Went directly here, then to check if Awaken 5 was released. Both updates are taking a very long time, but I’m a patient man for good quality software. Oh, and, Two. 😀

  • jdobbs

    Apple to buy Pixelmator!!

  • dropbot

    From the Twitter: “Yes, info labels are coming in 1.5. Selection size info and such :)”
    Thank god the selection size info is coming. That so bugged me that it wasn’t available… it is so basic to doing anything in a graphics app.

  • dropbot

    @jdoobs – you got it partially right…

    Adobe to buy Pixelmator!


  • A.nonymous

    Just a heads up… got a peek at Spider today and it is awesome. The Pixelmator crew has done their usual excellent job in refined UI. The export dialog is excellent and includes save for web. A new slice tool sits in the tool box. I personally think they’ve outdone PS in the way slices are created and manipulated. Well worth the wait. 😀

  • Formulk

    thanks a.nonymous, now i want it even more 🙁

  • Maghoo


    Are you sure Team Pixelmator _really_ wanted you to break the news? Instead of themselves? If you are using 1.5, isn’t it under a NDC since it’s not released yet?

    I think it’s not very polite (to the developers) of you to reveal new features this way. I think they wanted to be the first to tell us about them.

  • chen

    Hi Maghoo,
    Team Pixelmator posted “1.5 teaser screenshot” on Twitter yesterday. That’s not secret. 🙂

  • Maghoo


    I’ve seen the screenshot and I agree it tells us there’s a new slice tool and a “save for web” function, but I think there’s a big difference between speculating around a screenshot and telling about new features after using a pre-release version (I assume that’s what A.nonymous have been using).

    In my opinion it’s not polite to reveal new features before the developers have had the chance to tell about them first. That’s my opinion, others might think different.

  • bobcb

    Honestly maghoo, you sound silly wagging your finger at people for disucssing stuff we already knew existed.

    And or course none of this speculation would be necessary if we got anohter update from the Pixelmator team. Come on guys, I just installed SL, bring on the 1.5!

  • Radu

    Maybe we should try to use some reverse psychology – Pixelmator team, please, Please, PLEASE, don’t release 1.5 yet. We don’t need this update at all. In fact we’re not even here. 🙂

  • Saulius Dailide


    nice one :)) I think it works.

    P.S. If everything goes well, this Thursday is the Spider day.
    P.P.S. Getting back to work. Ttyl.

  • foofoorabbit

    It’s funny how people forget that when the software is done, lots of work remains…bug fixing, documentation, website update…

  • hamta

    I agree foofoo, also the new “art” that accompanies every new release needs to be done.

  • Radu


    yohoo! good luck with everything!

  • Dave

    1.5 When ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • hamta

    @Dave – 1.5 When ????…


  • batty

    Is it Thursday yet in Europe?

    OK, I’ll go to sleep like its Christmas eve.

    Hoping to wake to a snowy day. 🙂

  • hamsta

    It was the night before Spider
    And all thru the web
    Not a Pixelmator fanboy was sleeping
    But refreshing the website instead.
    … *

    *The rest is pay-per-view! heh heh

  • Chen

    It’s afternoon of Thursday now here(GMT+8). 🙂

  • Cyrax

    Will the Info panel with coordinates finally appear? So much lacking this feature – so easy to implement and I have to use Seashore for that only. Other then that – great app!!!

  • Formulk

    anytime now 🙂

  • Saulius Dailide (Pixelmator Team)

    I am so sorry guys – we’ve run into a few problems and have to delay the release until Tuesday, September 8th. Worked very hard for a few months now and want to make sure the app is perfect and 100% ready for you to have fun with.

  • Vincent

    HA HA LOL!

  • batty

    Darn Grinch.

  • Captain Crunch

    @ Saulius Dailide:

    Gave up waiting – I switched to Photoshop. 🙂

  • Dominic

    I just hope you guys fixed the automator script .pxm to .psd file batch conversion.

  • Cyrax

    Phew… At least thank you guys for not giving it up at all 🙂

  • Agustin

    @Jackasses :

    Now that you have fast feedback you are still not happy ? meh…

    @Saulius :

    Keep on working mate, good for me, I can wait one more week, no problem here.

  • kercal


    darn it I bet you could almost taste that weekend off. Hope you have a good break organised for when the Spider does creep out of its lair. No probs from this angle too: it’ll be here when it’s here. Good luck bug squashing.

  • kercal

    + @ Captain Crunch.

    Have fun switching. I’ll stay where I am and enjoy the price difference.

  • hamsta


  • Richard

    The Spider will come out
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There will be a Spider!

    Just thinking’ about
    Clears away the cobwebs,
    And the sorrow
    ‘Til there’s none!

    When I’m stuck a day
    That’s 1.4,
    And lonely,
    I just stick out my chin
    And Grin,
    And Say,

    The Spider will come out
    So ya gotta hang on
    ‘Til tomorrow
    Come what may
    Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
    I love ya Tomorrow!
    You’re always
    A day
    A way!

    Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
    I love ya Tomorrow!
    You’re always
    A day
    A way!

    You’re always
    A day
    A way!

    You’re always
    A day
    A way!

    You’re always
    A day
    A way!

    A day
    A way!

    A day
    A way!

    A day
    A way!

    And another . . .

  • kercal

    Actually if it’s gonna descend into musical theatre, even down to the depths of Annie, then it should have been the end of the monster thread….


  • Richard

    . . . sorry for my Frustration lyrics.

    Just felt I needed to say “tomorrow” because NO Spider today.

  • kercal

    Not frustrating per se, just cold shivers from years of being in school drama rehearsals. Tomorrow and Where is Love are on the elevator music to Hell playlist. On repeat.

  • hamsta

    see, you should have let me have my End of Thread moment. 😉