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Pixelmator a great, inexpensive image editor

Pixelmator is what I imagine Apple would make if it were going to create an image editor. It has an elegant interface, it’s easy to use, it’s powerful, and it’s reasonably priced. At $59, it’s a steal for what you get.

Jim Dalrymple

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  • Kercal

    All very true. Nice review… It’s nice to see a comment piece on the software without it turning into a wish list of absent features that have taken ten years to get into the competition. Yeah there’s loads of stuff I’d like to see in Pixelmator (and I’m sure we will) but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the software as it is and celebrating how cool things are even only at V. 1.4.1. Personally it’s now my pic tool of choice and Pshop has become a glorified colour checker.

    I <3 PM 🙂 http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb274/apaulio/trees-002c.jpg

  • Drew

    People complaining about….complaint are the one that irritate me the most 😛

    True Pixelmator is an Awesome piece of SW and we all agree….otherwise we wouldn’t be here, but people have to realize that “asking” for a feature is not complaining, after all it’s the user that make a software a good software (without request there’s just so much a developer can do…..).

    People have been asking for long and the Pixelmator team has delivered so far on most request, it’s a simple model that seems to be working and seems to be making this prog better by the day.

    A review to be a complete review has to speak about pro and cons, there’s nothing wrong about pointing what need to be done, i think it’s actually what a developer wants to hear.

    And Kercal i don’t think anyone has stopped enjoying Pixelmator for a complaint on the contrary people have been amazed by the fast response that the Pixelmator team has made.

  • Kercal

    Fair enough Drew, I didn’t mention complaint in my post but you read it how you want. I appreciate what you say about a review mentioning pros and cons however the Macworld piece isn’t a review, it’s a comment piece, and one that celebrates Pixelmator for what it is, and that’s a good thing: shows the growing maturity of the package.

    Personally I worked in software design (well, games anyhow) for a decade and it always irritated me when articles dwelt on the things which weren’t there rather than the things that were but you play it how you want and get irritated with who you wish. Me, myself, it’s a lovely sunny evening and I’m going to sit and chill with a glass of Leffe and a bit more digital doodling…

  • Drew

    I am not irritated just sying (it’s not worthed getting mad)… it’s the complaining that push development forward.

    Heck if it wasn’t for complaining the next iPhone OS wouldn’t have MMS or ttheetering, what i am saying it’s just …I don’t see al this negativity more than complaints they look to me as suggestion of what’s more to be done.

  • Robin

    You are very correct there.
    I am new working with images and Pixelmator is very easy to use for a beginner like me and can’t forget cheap to price too.