February 21, 2009

Fiery Fireballs in Pixelmator 1.4

Last year I created some images using fireballs, explosion, fire and smoke. Basically I only used brushes to create that in Photoshop. Now with the release of the new Pixelmator 1.4 and its brand new Brush Engine I decided to try it and create the same image in Pixelmator.

Fábio Sasso, Abduzeedo

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  • Anderson

    Very well done, the new brushes look really good!

  • Quikboy

    Pixelmator is awesome, but I hope you guys can create a Windows version at some point. I know how Pixelmator is very tied in with OS X technologies, but perhaps a little skimping or finding some type of alternatives so it would work fine on Windows.

    It’d be handy to have Pixelmator on hand when I’m on Windows.

  • Abe

    All they’d need is a WPF rockstar. Everything could be ported to Windows.

  • Marc Driftmeyer

    Keep up the great work. Don’t even waste your time with a compromised Windows product. Just keep extending and perfecting this product on OS X. Make it more and more compelling as OS X extends it’s market share. Then you’ll see more and more Windows users moving to OS X.

    Once CMYK arrives on either Pixelmator and GIMP there will be tons of people jumping ship from Windows.

    With GIMP and Pixelmator running on OS X you have a two birds for one stone solution.

    Extend services to Aperture and other apps like Create from stone design and you help the entire community out.

  • Agustin

    On important thing, this release is excellent, I’ve been testing it and it amaze me every day.

    But one incredibly important thing for me is missing, and for everyone around who use to sketch :

    Canvas live rotation like Corel Painter !

    If you guys implement this, Pixelmator will become my only and everyday sketch tool !!! I can’t stress enough how this is soooooo important for people who draws a lot. You asign a shortcut like a sticky key, when you press it, you click and drag the canvas and you rotate it. And since Pixelmator is GPU accelerated this will be like a breeze.

    Oh and put on top of that a floating colorwheel more practical than the one MacOs come with, and some kind of color board where you can mix color and brushes to test before you paint.

    Pretty please ???? 😀

    Just my 2cents and suggestions.

    Thanks for this amazing release !


  • Ahmad

    Hi guys, it is really amazing work what you do, but I have some suggestion for you:
    If you just add the ability to resize the brushes window since it is not possible for now, when I downloaded some few brushes it became impossible to see them all on screen ( I am using macbook 13″), and you know that not all people are using big screens for photo editing.
    Thanks again for the great job you do, and sorry for my bad English 🙂

  • Che

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