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Though our blog appears to be empty for January, this doesn’t mean we haven’t been working. The Pixelmator Team factory is on a full throttle these days, and the results will soon be there for all to see. Here are the latest updates:

Update #1

I am happy to announce the release of Pixelmator 1.3.3, which incorporates minor improvements and several bug fixes. Take a look at the release notes for the full list. Though the 1.3.3 release is a small one, it fixes many of the problems that you have mentioned to us in your e-mails. In addition to this, 1.3.3 makes that terrible waiting for version 1.4 slightly easier. Download Pixelmator 1.3.3 now.

Update #2

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on Pixelmator 1.4 Sprinkle. With just a few final tests and some fine tuning, Sprinkle will be complete. Please allow us a week or two to put the finishing touches on it – I can assure you that it will be worth the wait.


  • tai

    I was very excited to see the update window pop up on pixelmator this morning, but a bit disappointed to see it wasn’t sprinkle. Two more weeks isn’t such a bad wait though. Keep up the good work!

  • Jeedee

    Keep up the good work! I love pixelmator πŸ™‚

  • Kercal

    Good to see the updates. Must admit I’ve been looking at the blog a few times recently checking to see where 1.4 is and how many hints we’re going to get prior to release πŸ™‚ 1.3 updating at the moment and again much love Pixelteam direction for a groovy piece of software…

    I’ve just done a piece of freelance work and, for the first time, spent as much time in Pixelmator as I could, only swapping when I needed the specific things like CMYK. I’m hoping that, by the time we get to 1.8 or v2 Pixelator will be my graphics tool of choice rather than the other ones.. I’d like to think that and at the rate you guys are going maybe it’ll be sooner than v2 eh?

  • Kercal

    Actually that said, apart from drawing tools, I can’t remember what’s intended to be in Sprinkle… ANy more clues and teases? And, ahem, need any beta testers πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  • b Berg

    just finished a freelance using only pixelmator and panic’s coda. those two became my fav apps the moment i met them. thanks for the great work.

  • Bedrich

    Awesome product guys. I’ve been opening Photoshop less and less these days. Thanks!

  • Ally

    Hi, I like your application, i’m thinking about using it but I’ve noticed that when I add a keyword for a photo, this keyword is not found in the “search” field of Pixelmator and either in Spotlight πŸ™
    Also, maybe I suggest to give the possibility to resize the size of the thumbnails in the browser view?
    Thanks, hope to have some answers πŸ™‚

  • Anderson

    I can’t wait for 1.4! You guys have really done an amazing job so far. I am looking forward to saving for web and slices. Maybe a pen tool in the future?

  • tai

    @Anderson, I’m already expecting that Sprinkle will allow me to replace big brother for a large chunk of what I use it for, and if we add pen tool/vector shapes to that, it would probably mean I could replace pixy’s big brother for 95% of what I use it for. Tempo has already gone a long way towards this end, and I can’t wait for the day I don’t need to give money to Adobe anymore.

  • FM Love

    Very much looking forward to this update (as always). It’s been fascinating to see how Pixelmator has gone from marginally useful to very useful in such a short time. Keep it up!

  • TwiRp

    So… It’s coming out tomorrow? I hope…? πŸ˜‰

    Just kidding. I got a tablet and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the next awesome release of Pixelmator.

  • Kercal

    Yay πŸ™‚

    Good to know the official version is downloadable from then. What are we talking, 9 am european time? πŸ˜€

  • tai

    Tomorrow! Yay! A wonderful gift to go with my new 24″ display!

  • dropbot

    Tomorrow? It came out yesterday. I think you all need to get your time machines upgraded to 2.3. ^_^

  • Drew

    Out NOW yayyyyy!!!!