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Pixelmator 1.3.2 – Select Color Tool, Japanese language, and more

Since everyone is preparing for the holidays, we are too, by releasing a small update to Pixelmator.
The headline above tells basically everything that’s new in version 1.3.2: Select Color Range Tool (Edit > Select Color), Japanese localization, lots of Type Tool polish, and some other improvements and bug fixes—see a list.

The update is not very big, but that’s because our new painting engine for Pixelmator 1.4 Sprinkle is just so amazing that we really want you to have it on Pixelmator as soon as possible (January, we hope) and that’s why we don’t have much time left for those minor updates.

Don’t forget to create a happy holiday postcard for people you love (using the app we all love, of course).

So, happy holidays everyone and talk to you next year!

P.S. Yup, the picture with this article was painted using Pixelmator 1.4 Sprinkle.


  • fluffy

    A new painting engine? Could it be that there’ll finally be subpixel-precise brushes? If so, this makes me very happy!

  • Ian

    I am most pleased with the Select Color tool. I requested it in the forums not a few days ago and it’s already here! The Pixelmator team continues to deliver.

  • Marck

    Thank you!! Great!!, Please next version add support for Italian, I don’t wait for Pixelmator 1.4 😀

  • ozachou

    Perfect Japanese!
    Thank you!!

  • Wimpus

    Nice update, thx!

    I’m curious for 1.4 :-p

  • Hasgarn

    C’est un peu dégoûté par l’usine à gaz qu’est Photoshop que je me suis intéressé aux solutions alternatives que sont Pixelmator (Beautifull app!) et Gimp (Powerfull, but ugly and very late one Mac).

    Si mes finances me le permettait, j’aurais déjà acheter Pixelamtor.
    Le mois prochain, c’est une certitude.

    Bravo, c’est un excellent travail.

  • andi

    well, i like pixelmator more and more!! can’t wait for 1.4. if it’s as good an update as Tempo was then it will be like a second X-mas! 😉

  • Andy Gongea

    How about a Windows version of Pixelmator ???
    I think there are far more users that want this application with potential buyers than Mac.

    Thanks and happy holidays!

  • MacLucio

    Hi! Are you planning to release an italian translation?

    Thanks and merry xmas!

  • Michael Ströck

    Will 1.4 have rectangular marquee selection with rounde corners?

  • hmurchison

    Sure as soon as you help whip up the thousands of lines of code including creating Core Image, Core Data, OS X UI code equivalents in Windows. Better yet while you’re on a roll why not ask the Pixelmator developers to create cold fusion and end world hunger?

    To the Pixelmator team. Looks good guys ..I like the development you’re doing and you got a cust here that will be gladly paying for a solid 2.0 release. Until then I’ll enjoy the little nuggets of advancement you’re giving us.

  • Andy Gongea


    Hey, I only asked because Pixelmator look like a pretty cool application and I think it will be popular among Win users.

  • Danijel

    Swedish language maby?! keep up the good work!!!

  • Greg


    The reason hmurchison was sarcastic is because Pixelmator relies _HEAVILY_ on a bunch of core features that are completely unique to Mac OS X. It’s all right there on the very first page of this website:

    “Pixelmator harnesses the full power of Mac OS X. It takes advantage not only of Core Image, Open GL or Automator, it also supports, ColorSync, Spotlight and many other technologies. Pixelmator was built exclusively for Mac OS X, and it shows.”

    In other words, fine, you use windows, but there is no chance what-so-ever that pixelmator can just be ported over. It would have to be written from scratch for Windows. And, why would they do that? They wouldn’t have any of the features of Mac OS X to work with. If you want Pixelmator, consider getting a Mac. Otherwise, that’s what Photoshop is around for. But personally, I can’t wait till some of these great new image editors that are exclusive to Mac OS are kicking the pants off of Photoshop. The effort that Apple has put into making Mac OS X a great platform for developers is really starting to pay off for them, and for us!


  • nori

    Very surprised because Japanese appeared suddenly (*o*)
    And Perfect!! Thank you!!

  • hmurchison


    Sorry man I shouldn’t have been so snarky. Windows users should get a chance to run Pixelmator…on their Hackintosh lol. Can’t wait to try that new painting engine.

  • Don Montalvo

    One word: WOW!

    I’m impressed. I’m going to spread the word. I have several small shops that can use this. Adobe Photoshop is long in the tooth, but has some functions I hope to see in Pixelmator (export for Web, etc.).

    I’ll purchase in a few days, once I’m done testing.


  • Panele

    Sveiki, gal planuojate isleisti versija Windows’am? :))))) Mielai nusipirkciau jusu proge, bet MACo neturiu…

  • dropbot

    Yeah, what Panele said… (i think)

  • Michel

    I use photoshop for my job (on a pc…) and I have a Mac (intel Imac 24) for the family.
    I found pixelmator, I bought the program in french and I’m happy to explain to my daughter the basics of an image.

    Just a question : how to print a huge image on a few papers (and then using scotch) to create a big poster ?
    Is it possible ?

  • Where Withal

    The app looks nice and performance seems snappy, but the feature that Photoshop fails most spectacularly on is absent entirely: shapes.

    Any plan to add shapes (circles, squares, free-form outlines, arrows)?

    Also, a one-window UI option would be nice. The floating windows all over the place prevent us from resizing, moving, and minimizing the app at once; and instead of a clean workspace we have to look at all the crap on our desktop and other apps’ windows.

  • Alex

    When will the next update come?

  • Eric

    this program rules!

  • andi

    this is in response to #22:

    i can see that some want the one window UI. however if you make the window with the pic screen size then the desktop is not so distracting and the floaters with the cool black/graphit look are quite pleasing. maybe an option for a one window or the current UI would be best. anyway, i guess the guys are busy with getting 1.4 out. I’m looking forward to sprinkle!

  • Eric Beekers

    I am using Photoshop for professional use and Photoshop elements 4 for home use. I was thinking about upgrading photoshop elements until I stumbled over this program. After 3 days I bought a licence. I removed Photoshop elements from the Mac this one is so much better. I love it. Also the integration with the rest of the mac like iPhoto is great. Please also add support for the dutch language, that would be perfect.

  • Tammy @ Von Dutch Store

    Hi, just doing some research for my Von Dutch site. Truly more information than you can imagine on the web. Not quite what I was looking for, but cool site. Have a great day.