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Pixelmator 1.3 “Tempo” Beta Reviewed

While Adobe has just made their big announcement for the CS4 package, the Pixelmator Team has been working on a new beta of their Photoshop alternative, Pixelmator 1.3 “Tempo”. Yes, they have a habit of christening their releases with code names. Gives it a little more appeal, don’t you think?

Milind Alvares

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  • Kesskisspass

    “A public beta is scheduled to be released in a day or two”…
    Really ?

  • Anderber

    Don’t listen to them, I love the floating windows!! The Iris is horrible, much easier to work the way Pixelmator is right now. Thanks for the awesome app!

  • Christian

    I think it would be cool if we could change the type of interface in preferences:
    a) Iris like interface (or have a look at DrawIt)
    b) floating windows (like now)

    Additionally I would like to see following:
    a) info window (coordinates of mouse, size of selection, etc.)
    b) non-destructive filters (like DrawIt) – should be supported by CoreImage
    c) hierachical layers
    d) selectable color depth
    e) export function for web (with compression preview)
    f) paths

  • mj1531

    I agree with Christian’s list except paths (and common vector operations) would be first in my book. Also the ability to have text follow that path (look at VectorDesigner).

  • matt

    Nice review. I think Pixelmator is great for home users. Waiting for the 1.3 beta

  • Kyle Gallant

    I haven’t had a chance to site down and try pixelmator, but I’ve been reading the reviews and I’m very interested. It looks as if you guys have created a well rounded design program, looking forward to giving it a test drive.