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Sneak preview: Pixelmator 1.3 is largest update yet

The crew behind Pixelmator, a powerful and well-integrated Mac OS X photo editor, gave us a chance to play with what they consider the largest update since they tore off 1.0’s beta badge. It features a solid batch of new tools and major updates to old ones, so we’re inclined to agree that this is a major update.

David Chartier

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  • Frank

    Hi, any possibility to download and test the beta already?

  • Lucky

    Frank, you should read the article. In the last line, it says:

    “Pixelmator 1.3 Tempo should be released to beta testers soon, and it will be a free upgrade for registered users once released to the public.”

  • Chris

    Thanks for the update!

    BTW, will smoother pressure support and easier customization of brushes and brush sizes be part of Tempo?

  • Gero

    The hue and saturation pallette looks stunning.

    I wonder if it will be a big step forward.

  • Jahfer

    Those features you mentioned would be the top things on my want list, personally. I’m hoping they’re included too.

  • Brian Pirie

    Looks like some really valuable additions.

    Is nested layers on roadmap? Currently, that’s the one and only thing holding me back from purchasing Pixelmator. It’s very much needed when doing things like website comps, creating icons, etc.

  • Max

    Hi there,
    I’ve been browsing through features and demos these minutes and have to confess that your tool looks stunningly cool. Unfortunately I’m running windows…

    so i dare to ask if there are any plans of a similar project for windows?

  • Kercal

    It’s all good news (both the Ars Technica preview and the tuaw one…) so looking forward to 1.3 with each preview… Still looking forward to CMYK and layer effects natch, but I’m happy to enjoy each new release as more toys get added.

  • josh

    Yeah… Please, please CMYK Mode!!!