May 11, 2008

Hands-on with Pixelmator 1.2's new Curves, Rulers, and more

Pixelmator is probably the most feature-packed image editor for Mac OS X this side of Adobe’s campus. Just in time for Apple’s design award deadline on Monday, a significant new Pixelmator release will continue the app’s march onto Photoshop’s turf with the addition of powerful new tools for controlling color, aligning objects, making selections, and manipulating layers.

David Chartier

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  • Maghoo

    Thanks alot for 1.2!
    New great tools and a help system that absolutely rocks! Guess I will have the help open all the time on my secondary monitor. This is how to make a great help system!

  • Kody

    So I keep downloading each release and there’s only one feature I’m looking for before buying: rounded rectangular selection.

    Oddly it looks like in this release (it may have been there before, but I just discovered it) there are great refine selection tools, but still no way to really create a rounded rect selection. But from the refine selection tools one can see rounded rect selections would be technically supported, it almost seems like the developers are going out of their way not to support it at this point.

    Look at every rectangle on this web page, what do they have in common. (Hint: they’re rounded).

    Please, I want to buy!

    Also, the rounded corners of a border created in the refine selection tool are not anti-aliased (flood fill the selection to see). I thought this might be a convoluted way to get a rounded rect. Smoothing the selection won’t work because that will smooth the straight edges as well. See what I mean about the developers going out of their way not to support rounded rects?

    (Note: If there is an obvious way to do this please point it out to me and I will take back my comments and just buy the software.)

  • Philip

    Thank you for the polygonal lasso!
    Now Pixelmator fits into my requirements.

  • Johan

    When you there is a leveling (rotating) tool like in PS Elements 5 (6) where you draw a line over the picture and it rotates to be leveled ( horizontal) with the drawn line I’ll will invest 🙂 !


  • Daniel

    Wow, the rulers and selection tools are getting there. When you get the selection-snap-to-guides feature and a easy way to tell the size of a selection, I’ll be able to replace photoshop for about 95% of what I need it for. Keep kicking butt!

  • Riccardo Pareschi

    Great App, Great Team.

    another step for this fantastic software. I think Pixelmator is a fantastic value. I’ve buy it and use it in daily basis. PS is a great piece of software but in Adobe seems to think in a Windows way rather in Osx.
    Now we have a YOUNG powerfuf application, with full Osx ntegration. Give it a change, buy it.

  • Jeffery

    Love the app so far, but it still needs a bezier tool. Creating masks and clipping paths with the polygon tool isn’t cutting it. I also second Daniel above, with regard to the snap-to functionality. Brilliant app so far…keep going!

  • Christopher

    Is a vector pen tool in the works I think this app is absolutely fantastic and would jump ship in a second if this tools was added, along with native path creation support.