March 11, 2008

Pixelmator 1.1.3: A Serious Challenger to Photoshop Elements?

I’ve been following Pixelmator’s development since I first downloaded it last summer, and I’ve found it to be both the most visually arresting graphics program I’ve ever encountered in terms of user interface aesthetics and also very capable and likable in a functional sense. The developers say their target is to make Pixelmator a Photoshop challenger – and that isn’t just hype (if they’re talking Elements rather than CS).

Charles Moore, LowEndMac

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  • Jonathan

    My problem with this review is that he seems to focus on the interface as the best part of the program. Yes the interface is pretty, but using Pixelmator to edit images has been very disappointing.

    I admit I didn’t test it enough before I paid the money for the full version. I haven’t used Photoshop Elements, but I use Photoshop CS3 daily, and Pixelmator doesn’t come close.

    It’s not fair to compare it to Photoshop, I agree. So let’s just say that I cannot use it to edit or resize an image and then reexport it. If you can’t do that with using an image editor, even a low-end one, what is the purpose?

    The reason is the export tool. Exporting an image from Pixelmator fails on every level, and is the biggest disappointment I have with the program, even when I consider the other shortcomings which I have learned to accept.

    I had hoped this would be a good program to use on my computer that wasn’t too expensive. I have to say it does not meet my expectations to the point that I regret buying it. I hope that you continue to work on it and improve it. In my opinion, you have a long way to go.

  • Marc

    I agree with Jonathan: the export tool feels very much like an after thought. I use slices and the settings a *lot* in Photoshop and would probably say it’s the only reason that keeping me from using Pixelmator all the time.

    Don’t get me wrong: I love the simple and comfortable aesthetic as well as the speed and lightness of the application. But, if the team improves the export feature, I could finally free myself of Adobe products!

  • Nik G

    Jonathan put it perfectly. Pixelmator looks great, but a nice UI doesn’t make up for program that lacks in any sort of usable functionality. I’ve been trying to get used to Pixlemator as a replacement for Photoshop (I wasn’t much of a power user), but there are so many small bugs and features that I wouldn’t consider Photoshop selling-points that it’s hard to see Pixelmator for anything but a shiny hood with a dead engine underneath.

  • Salgueiros

    working for windows vista or xp?

  • The Duck

    Hey guys, can you give us Pixelmator fanboys a clue on when the next update might hit? Please. Please. Please. ^_^

  • Saqui

    The thing that I miss… layer effects

  • CrackedButter

    I have been watching the progress of pixelmator and show the website to anybody in my circle who is interested (photography students), I’m hoping for CMYK support before I can do anything and the ability (if its possible) to import images from a scanner, I don’t know how hard that can be but I’m willing to part cash just to get anyway from Adobe.

  • kris gale

    as a challenger to photoshop cs/cs2/cs3 – it’s not fair to compare these to pixelmator. as a wonderful modern-OS substitute to those of us who have always intentionally stayed a few versions behind (photoshop 5/6/7) – YES. absolutely.

  • Shaundale

    How do you merge layers?

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