• Chris

    Wonderful update guys!! This is quickly developing into a very promising application. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Hamster Master

    Saw the mention of work on the crop tool and was hoping to see the size (h/w) and location but no such luck. Maybe next time?

  • Dermah

    There are so many points to this update. Well done, I like new features 😀

  • William Allbrook

    Pretty pleased with this update..the clone tool now works and It has probably persuaded me to not to upgrade my Photoshop.

  • Wimpus

    Nice, keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  • Kristan Kenney

    Very impressed with this update, thanks for fixing those bugs guys!

  • pinchies

    You included my feature request! (and so many fixes too)
    pixelmator +10 🙂

  • Cian

    Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to fix the whole “Running at the speed of a dead horse” bug.

    Any heads-up on how that is going?

  • iCarlos

    We need something for create soft curve lines, as paint in Windows. iTS simple but very important tool.

  • mark

    Gets better with every release. Just add polygon selection tool and cmyk and photoshop will be out of my toolbox forever.

  • quack eep

    Hi guys, this is turning into a great program 😀
    Would it be possible to make a “quick export” function that saves your choice of file type and compression that you can just hit “enter” through every time. It is a tedious task even changing the file type every time from “Pixelmator” to “PNG”.

    Also, how high up is improving PowerPC performance in your schedules? (It really kinda sucks on my G5, 9800 PRO, 2 Gig ram)

  • quack eep

    Ignore my above post, it pays to read the forums 🙂

    I’m really liking how things are layed out though, I feel more open and free to explore and be more creative 😀
    Great Job

  • Wayne

    I love the program and the progress being made!

    One suggestion, please allow us to modify the tool palette’s color scheme somehow. I have a glossy screen and mainly dark background, and some tools — like the cropping tool — are nearly invisible at times.

  • Nehemiah

    you all mostly use the core image and image units plugins right? if so for those tools that don’t use the plugins, try using the SIMD instructions in your algorithms. Of corse then the PPC performance would possibly surpass the Intell ones on doing things like transforms and compression. (AltaVec > SSE2 ) until pynren. Very Good work BTW. Sparkle is failing to open the archive,(Tiger.11 PPC) I’ll just download a new version.