January 28, 2008

Pixelmator: Image Editing for Mere Mortals and Dumb Blondes

What sets Pixelmator apart from all other apps in its class is a brilliant interface. Pants down, it is the most stunningly beautiful creative software I have ever used on any platform, and represents state of the art in Mac software design. The team behind this product are clearly at the head of the herd and raise a new bar for software developers to strive for. If there is any higher praise than that, tell me and I’ll bestow it.

Kent Pribbernow, elitist snob

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  • Tim

    “Pants down?” I think he means “hands down.”

    Anyway, I agree Pixelmator is impressive. I’m such a Pixeltard that I still have trouble with it, though. 🙁

  • Agustin

    “but are already working on some major Draftsman (version 1.2 of Pixelmator) improvements and features. I can’t wait to show you the Draftsman stuff that is in the works.”

    Where ? When ? 😀

    I’m anxious te know what is in the pipeline guys… any chance to share some love ?

    Great work people… keep it that way

  • Z

    Question is it only on the demo where is says created with Pixelmaator?

  • Daniel

    I couldn’t agree more. Pixelmator looks great, works as advertised and starts in one or two dock bounces – which is more than can be said for Photoshop.

    And yes Z, it is only the demo. The full version will allow you to save into more formats than you knew existed, and free of watermarks.

  • Adam

    I totally agree, I own photoshop but I do must of my main editing in pixelmator. Its just easier.

    Keep up the great work!

    Oh, and I think you mean hands down.

  • Pablo

    Congrats from spain ¡¡¡

    Great soft, very useful for a video editor too.

  • Tazman

    10.5.2 fixed a majority of the performance issues. Can’t wait for 1.1.3 to probably snuff out the rest. Keep up the good work, guys!

    Thanks for a decent product at a reasonable price.

  • shdwsclan

    Isn’t this software just a blatant knockoff of Photoshop 7/8….?

  • Rachel Wolinsky

    With a name like Kent Pribbernow, of course he’s an elitist snob!

  • Brad Gessler

    I really hope you guys are not solely focusing on creating a “kick ass Photoshop”; I would love to see you borrow some concepts from Fireworks, including the ability to easily add basic shapes and effectively use them for a project. I love Fireworks because they make that very straight forward; I don’t have to mess around with creating a mask and all of that business like I do in Photoshop.

    Keep up the good work!